April 10, 2019

Yesterday, Attorney General William Barr appeared in Congress, in what was supposed to be a House Appropriations Committee hearing but predictably devolved into a lot of unfounded conspiracy accusations by Democrats who can’t still can’t wrap their fevered minds around the idea that it didn’t require a Russian conspiracy to convince Americans not to make Hillary Clinton President.


The pre-hearing festivities included the hilarious spectacle of Chuck Schumer and Jerry Nadler accusing Barr of being politically biased and untrustworthy.  It then opened with the Democrats giving overheated prepared statements designed to send a thrill up the legs of MSNBC anchors by shaming and humiliating Barr. To my mind, they had the opposite effect.  Barr came across as the adult in the room, the school master forced to deal with a pack of cranky spoiled brats who’d eaten too much sugar. 


I warned these Democrats yesterday that their demand that Barr release the unredacted Muller report RIGHT NOW or else they’d stamp their widdle feet and hold their breath until they turned blue was just going to result in them being humiliated in public, and they could wait a week for that to happen again.  Of course, they didn’t listen.


Amazingly, Barr had to explain to these ostensible “lawmakers” what the law requires (you know, the law passed by Congress, whose members were demanding that he violate the law.)  He said there were four areas that require redaction: information that could reveal intelligence sources (we know how much top Democrats in DC care about protecting classified information), info that could impact other ongoing investigations, secret grand jury testimony and private information about witnesses or interviewees who were not charged with any crime.  He said there is info like that on all 400 pages of the report, all requiring careful judgement calls.  This probably sent his inquisitors scurrying to Google the meaning of the word “judgement.”  


I would write more, but the Ace of Spades blog already did an entertaining job of recapping this head-shaker of a day.  I suggest you read it to be brought up to speed quickly.  I love this part: “For some reason, Michigan Democrat Representative Brenda Lawrence told AG Barr to, get this, ‘stay woke.’”  If I were Barr, I think I would have responded, “Wake up yourself.”

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Also worth reading, particularly for those House Democrats who were so nasty to AG Barr: Roger L. Simon points out that they might want to be a bit more respectful to him because the investigation is now about to turn toward finding out who launched this expensive attempted coup based on lies and fishy/bogus evidence, not to mention how it was decided to attack Trump for phony crimes while ignoring Hillary’s real ones. That means their side will be under investigation, and Barr is the man in charge of that.



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