September 18, 2019

Democratic Presidential News Round-up For Wednesday: 

Kamala Harris shows why she should never be the nation’s chief law enforcement officer or be entrusted with defending our due process rights (also why a new Emerson poll shows her trailing even Andrew Yang in her home state of California):

And Joe Biden shows why he should never be put in charge of anything that requires math:


Tuesday was one of those rare days when having C-SPAN was worth your entire month’s cable bill.  I predict that former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski’s pantsing of Jerry Nadler and his pack of harrumphing political animals on the House Judiciary Committee will become a clip that Republicans watch over and over on YouTube, the way they still chuckle and munch popcorn while rewatching clips of media talking heads crying and looking shellshocked on Election Night 2016. 

As Lewandowski made clear, he had already talked for hours to Robert Mueller’s investigators and everything he had to say was in his woebegone report, plus this was his fourth time to go to Congress and answer the same pointless, loaded questions for hours on end.  He accused the Democrats of ignoring important issues to go on a vendetta because they can’t get over losing in 2016.  He also told them in his opening statement that “I will be as sincere in my answers as this committee is in its questions,” and I think he held to that 100%.

Here’s his must-see opening statement…

And here’s a transcript…

Nadler and his minions postured and posed as great truth-seekers doing their holy oversight function on the White House, but in truth, they’re more like tabloid reporters (or raccoons) rummaging through Trump’s garbage, scavenging for anything they can make a meal out of. All their previous accusations such as “collusion” having imploded in a two-year investigation that found no collusion, they’re now reduced to insisting Trump is guilty of endless impeachable offenses while simultaneously scrambling to try to come up with evidence of one. Lewandowski repeatedly called them on that to their faces, and it was both richly deserved and absolutely hilarious. 

A typical example of just how unserious the Democrats on this Committee are came when Rep. Hakeem Jeffries asked Lewandowski if he was Trump’s “hitman, the bag man, the lookout, or all of the above?"  Lewandowski fired back, "I think I'm the good looking man, actually."  You can call that a flippant answer, but it is exactly as serious as the question, which was the kind of low, childish, “When did you stop beating your wife?” question that should be considered a disqualification for holding an important adult position such as Congress member.  If Lewandowski had wanted to take it more seriously, I’d suggest he respond with his own question to Jeffries: “Are you really a United States Congress member or just a hit man for the DNC auditioning for CNN?”  

Another high (or low) point came when Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee launched into one of her typically unhinged anti-Trump diatribes for minutes on end, then demanded that Lewandowski answer her question.  He asked her to repeat it, since he hadn't heard her ask him a question, “it was just a rant.” 

Some Democrats are, of course, demanding that Lewandowski be held in contempt of Congress.  It would fun trying to make that charge stick, considering he testified voluntarily and answered all questions that didn’t infringe on executive privilege, such as demanding to know what he’d discussed with the President in private.  They just really didn’t like the answers he gave them. Besides, any jury watching a video of that testimony would have to agree that contempt was perhaps the only appropriate response in this case.  You know the Dems had a bad day when even a commentator on CNN admitted that Lewandowski had “owned” them. 

The latest polls show that only about 35% of Americans still want the Democrats to launch impeachment proceedings against Trump, and I’m betting a lot of those are Republicans running in 2020. One of them may even be Lewandowski, who spent a break during the hearing tweeting a website for a potential run for Senate. 

When the circus resumed, furious Democrats accused Leandowski of trying to exploit their political theater for political advantage.  Jeffries snapped, “You are not on the campaign trail yet. This is the House Judiciary Committee. Act like you know the difference."  

The appropriate response to that would have been, “Since you’re actually on the House Judiciary Committee, maybe you should all try acting like you know the difference between a hearing and a political campaign.  If you did, this particular hearing wouldn’t even exist.”



Warning: this story contains details that are not for young eyes:

Tuesday, in a move that many consider long overdue, California Democratic mega-donor Ed Buck was arrested on charges of battery and operating a drug house after a man overdosed on meth in his West Hollywood home (he survived.)  Buck is charged with allegedly injecting the man with the drugs.

This was the third incident, the first dating back to 2017 when a young black man was found naked and dead of a meth overdose in Buck’s apartment.  Eighteen months later, another young black man dies of a meth overdose there.  Prosecutors filed no charges, citing insufficient evidence.  But community activists protested that Buck was an extremely powerful, rich white man preying on young black men and injecting them with drugs as part of a sick sexual fetish, and that he got away with it because of his political connections. 

Whether it’s just a matter of stronger evidence, community anger over official inaction or the lingering stench of the Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein stories, prosecutors have finally slapped Buck with charges that could bring him nearly five years in state prison if he’s convicted.  It’s just a shame that three people had to overdose, two fatally, before prosecutors finally started pounding nails in the coffin of rich liberal privilege in Hollywood.   

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Comments 1-18 of 18

  • rodney burke

    09/19/2019 04:03 PM

    Oh Mike! If that was a knife, the committee should be bleeding all OVER the place. That statement should have widest assimilation and availability. Corey made the "committee" look like a bunch of fools. The best smack down I've seen in a long time and it needs to be done on a regular basis.

    Joe can't do math, well neither can pokey, harris should be in jail for her time as AG of CA. Who does that leave? Marianne Williamson? Yang is irrational. the rest are pure and simple communists. The choice is clear already. No dem should EVER be elected again for any reason. Sedition and treason must be considered when looking at ANY demwit.

  • Duane Davidson

    09/19/2019 02:29 PM

    Maybe it was one of your editors, but PLEASE remember, it’s “Democrat,” not “Democratic.”

  • Floyd Hale

    09/19/2019 02:03 PM

    I thought Lewwndowski was hlarious

  • amos kalicharan

    09/19/2019 11:49 AM

    I'm only reading reading about going to Somalia to check whether the person Rep Omar was married to in her first official marriage was her brother
    Why not ask them to do a DNA test

  • LTC(R) Tom Reiva

    09/19/2019 10:30 AM

    I've have NOT yet seen a Dem candidate for POTUS who could come close to defeating Trump! Even Michelle Obama would fall flat on her face!

  • Anne Turner

    09/19/2019 10:20 AM

    Nadler and his minions come off as small, hate filled pols, who have no love of country or patriotism. They only want to tear down. They do come off as not being very bright. How do we get people like this ruling us? It’s our own fault for being ill informed and spoiled. It makes me ill when I hear remarks of my DNC friends that are equally ignorant. Tell me, is their anyone more ignorant than AOC? Okay, I can live with intelligent people, that have intelligent opinions that are different than mine, but I object to being led by stupidity.

    Will the Clintons ever be held accountable for anything? If it weren’t for Bill’s protection Hil would have been in jail long ago. For some totally irrational reason people love Bill. If you believe that the AG and Bill discussed grandkids and golf on the tarmac, boy do .i have some deals for you.

    The fact that Congress can get away with wasting so much money on endless investigations that go nowhere is a crime. The money wasted over the last few years could make a dent in the deficit. The .dN.c best remember that goes around comes around. Any Dem that gets elected POTUS down the pike, better be pristine.

  • Jerry

    09/19/2019 09:34 AM

    To say Humans are flawed is one of the most understated comments made. Look at the California's Hollywood's way of doing business it appears that it is run by same sex Gendered people fit the mode or go else where to work, California's silicon valley look at the politics one way of thought or go else where to work, I visited most of California cities and Landscapes and was in awed by the their cities and the beauty of it shores and hills and valleys loved it, that was 30 years ago; today I wouldn't spend 30 seconds there Sanctuary State the streets have turned into open cesspools use; the open city as a landfill for garbage filth disease it houses the mental illness, drug addicted most of the disorders humans and animal can have; FLAWED understated by any one's imagination!!!!!!! About a month ago I wanted California's Leadership to have Trump intervene to help fix this disaster The Donald can fix things Gavin get out of the way remember you had a body builder run your state he tried to fill Donald"s suit and came up short and weak Gavin you started weak and got weaker!!!!!! Let The President withdraw all you have done and start over he will show you how to build you start at the bottom that's where you are and work your way up, you Gavin really need to leave, your way over your head go to Hollywood become an actor easy transition for you your not a real man.

  • Patrick Vye

    09/18/2019 11:30 PM

    Rev Huckabee needs to read David's lament about hiding from God too.

    Vanity of believe our Living God is so far removed and lacking in power to be able to figure out the corruption and evil of Donald Trump and Franklin Graham. Most recent is Franklin Graham's attempt to hide his corruption with Donald Trump and the $16.7M. God smiles with the ease to identify the two bankers at Wells Fargo who use fraudulent accounts to move money and hide the accounts and names on the accounts for Donald Trump. It gets worse, day by day, until Edward Graham, Franklin Graham, Merrill Littlejohn, et. al. become the first (and not the last) to be the vocal enemy against the evil that is Donald Trump and against the person of Donald Trump. You are digging a hole that gets deeper and deeper. Open your Bible and read it. Try David and his lament about where can he hide from God....Its a good start. ??

  • Carol Juliano

    09/18/2019 10:29 PM

    Thank you for being a wonderful Christian conservative that tells the truth about what is going on in our great nation. I was just informed that LGBTQ persons make up 24% of the U.S. population.
    Is that true?

  • Jimmy L Humphrey

    09/18/2019 10:04 PM

    We the People are sick and tired of all this BS waiting for the indictment when you Mr. Huckabee and others like you know. NO ONE WILL BE INDICTED

  • Maris K Hodges

    09/18/2019 09:55 PM

    I have to use this comment section because I don't know how to get a hold of anyone. I have this gut feeling that the democrats are biding their time with the election process and will pop out someone else late in the game. With what is running right now there is no way they could win. Just saw a clip of Hiliary on Tucker Carlson and I have a feeling deep inside that she might be the one who pops up. Either her or Michelle. I usually don't have these unusual feelings. Just a thought.

  • April Allison-Garlow

    09/18/2019 09:38 PM

    The best thing about Lewandowski's testimony is that it was recorded and will remain so for future generations--he was awesome!! My new hero! Do these Congresspeople know that their low IQ and lack of comprehension are being put on display every time they speak? So much for higher education!It hurts to know people from other countries can watch these hearings-what they must think!

  • Carl Smith

    09/18/2019 07:49 PM

    Thank Goodness you have kept your sense of humor! IMO this whole mess quit being funny months ago and the longer it drags on and evidence continues to vanish the only people who MIGHT wear stripes are the low hanging fruit that if the Elites are willing to attempt to overthrow the sitting POTUS are just MORONS who " BELIEVED". Trailer TRASH comes to mind. Your so ignorant you really believe these people care about anything BUT Themselves? I used to call them narcissist's.

  • Boykin Lee Harrison

    09/18/2019 07:29 PM

    If the Democrats want to impeach Mr. Trump, then why not impeach Mr. Nadler. He's the one that needs to be investigated, along with a few more of his Dem friends.

  • George Scott

    09/18/2019 07:29 PM

    I am having trouble viewing the newsletters both on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, but it is coming through fine with Firefox. I am suspecting something on this particular laptop.

    I really enjoy the newsletters, and, my wife and I enjoy watching Huckabee every Saturday evening.
    Thank you Mike for all that you do.

    George and Betty Scott
    Chetek, Wis

  • james randolph

    09/18/2019 07:04 PM

    Hey Mike -
    "...The plan, dubbed “Housing for All,” calls for spending $1.48 trillion over a decade to produce 7.4 million housing units that Sanders said would be affordable forever...."
    Since there are an estimated 20-40 million ILLEGAL ALIENS in the USA, that is not enough housing. And ....... MEXICO does not have $1.48 trillion DOLLARS ... Current exchange rate is 19.41 pesos (MXN) per dollar (USD) ... about 30 TRILLION PESOS (MXN) ...
    I am skeptical that MEXICO will be able to pay the INVOICE ...

  • Martha J Orlando

    09/18/2019 07:00 PM

    Hooray for Corey! He put them in their place, no holds barred, and with elan to boot. Governor, these constant attacks on President Trump, and all associated with him, is wearing me down, but I'll never, ever give up on supporting our great president.
    Thanks for all you do, and God bless!

  • Toni DeFronzo

    09/18/2019 06:57 PM

    You know it is shame, because you genuinely care about people! Those young dead men meant NOTHING to the powers that be, in Cali. They were not illegals and they were not Dem senators, so where is their value to the Democrats??? Sad state of affairs for our USA.