May 22, 2019

This is an interesting article on the recent Australian election and the “shocking” loss of the leftists who thought they had it in the bag.  It reinforces the concepts I wrote about several years ago in my book, “God, Guns, Grits and Gravy,” about how the “elites” of politics and media are completely out of touch with the people they seek to govern.

This article notes that immediately after realizing they lost, the Australian leftists reacted exactly the way many American Hillary supporters did: by taking to Facebook, Twitter and other outlets to rage at the voters for being stupid, mean, dumb, racist, backward, useless, embarrassing morons.  This is not how you win friends and influence people.

But I’ve realized something that might blow your mind: I think this might be the first-ever example of how social media, with its temptations to let people expose their absolute worst side with no filters, could be a good thing. 

As the article says, for years, these elites have looked down their noses at working class voters, regarding them with no more respect or empathy than a rancher does cattle.  They’ve long made their haughty disdain clear between themselves in private at cocktail parties and political meetings. 

But thanks to social media, they’ve started putting comments like “All men are scum and must die” right out in front of the entire world. I guess they never imagined that we knuckle-dragging troglodytes who didn’t go to Harvard were able to read. Or that we might not care for being called a basket of sexist, racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic deplorables. 

Well, we now know exactly what they think of us, because they were dumb enough to tell us.  And if they’re shocked when we don't vote for them and they lose more elections, then they are truly the morons.   

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McGhan doesn't testify; Democrats count on Obama judges to rule their way

First, here’s a little breaking news to serve as context: Tuesday afternoon, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office announced that a “special” meeting of House Democrats has been called for 9AM Wednesday to talk about impeaching President Trump. Gosh, they’ve never talked about that before. We now return you to our regularly scheduled commentary:

In the House Judiciary Committee, the theatrics continue long after the show should be over. When former White House counsel Don McGhan did not show up to testify on Tuesday, Jerry Nadler, predictably, started spewing fire from every orifice as he presided over a hearing that featured an empty chair. (Wow, that's never been done.) What he’s doing is trying to make the proceedings of his committee look like an impeachment hearing when it isn’t.

Everyone knew McGhan wouldn’t be there. The Office of Legal Counsel at the Department of Justice had, on Monday, sent a three-page letter to Rep. David Cipollone, chairman of the Policy and Communications Committee, outlining the reasons why a subpoena issued to the White House counsel, even a former one, is invalid. In their opinion, someone in McGhan’s position is immune from such a subpoena. Here’s an excerpt from the letter:

“Congress may not Constitutionally compel the President’s senior advisors to testify about their official duties...The Counsel to the President clearly qualifies as a senior adviser entitled to testimonial immunity.”

Nadler seems to think he’s the final authority on this. “Our subpoenas are not optional,” he decreed during the hearing.

“If he does not immediately correct his mistake,” Nadler intoned, “this committee will have no choice but to enforce the subpoena against him.”

“We will not allow the President to prevent the American people from hearing from this witness.” Claims by the White House that this witness was already allowed to speak freely with the special counsel’s office and that they’ve already turned over to Mueller more than a million documents were characterized as “stonewalling.”

Ranking Republican member Doug Collins --- who’s been in the news lately for releasing some really interesting congressional testimony relating to the FBI --- pointed out the hearing was just more political theater. “The cameras love a spectacle, and the majority love to rant against the administration,” he said. “I just am glad today to see that we don’t have chicken on the dais,” as when William Barr took a powder instead of showing up to testify last week. The idea that Barr is “chicken” to talk to those idiots is in itself idiotic.

It’s normal for Presidents to instruct their legal counsel to ignore congressional subpoenas, and over many decades, the courts have consistently sided with them. Congress is not supreme over the Executive Branch, but to hear Nadler tell it, he sure thinks it is.

Nadler is mistaken, or else just deliberately blowing smoke. This fight has happened many times before over the years. As even Obama’s White House has successfully argued, forcing presidential advisers to respond to a congressional subpoena is seen as a threat to the autonomy of the office of President and his ability to receive candid advice and counsel in carrying out his constitutional duties. In an interview with Harris Faulkner on FOX News, House Judiciary Committee member Tom McClintock of California pointed out that when President Harry Truman and his subordinates refused subpoenas to testify before Congress (this was even after Truman had left office), the courts sided with Truman.

“Jerry Nadler is not going to take this to court,” McClinton said, “because he knows if he did, he would be completely humiliated.

“He wants the grievance, not the substance.”

As I’ve recently observed, the Democrats obviously have rethought the idea of bringing in Mueller to testify. Given recent revelations concerning the special counsel and his team, Republicans would LOVE to have Mueller in the hot seat, and now Democrats realize that. So they’ve backed off having Mueller testify. They’ve put it off, and I’ll bet it never happens at all --- not before this Congress. And so now Democrats won’t be able to ask Mueller about McGhan’s special counsel testimony (McGhan testified for almost 30 hours --- talk about transparency!). They also won’t be able to just sit there and read derogatory passages from Mueller’s report.

But now Nadler gets to fume about McGhan instead. All part of the plan.

He’ll not be taking any legal steps on this till after the Congressional recess, which takes us up to early July. But until then, Democrats will be on an orchestrated media tirade.

FOX News’ Catherine Herridge pointed out an interesting double standard when it comes to congressional subpoenas: Former Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications & Speechwriting (translation: “narrative” creator) Ben Rhodes was shielded by the Obama White House, citing executive privilege, and did not testify before Congress “on a number of issues, including, specifically, the Iran deal.” His job included creating the media strategy ("narrative") for that.

(Speaking of Iran, as tensions grow there, we do have some REALLY IMPORTANT things going on in the world right now, and it would be nice if the deranged politics could be set aside for just a little while. But that won’t happen. I digress.)

Trump’s attorneys have also been fighting the push to get all the financial records from the Trump organization and even of his children, going back long before Trump was President. U.S. District Court Judge Amit Mehta denied their request for a temporary injunction, saying, “It is simply not fathomable that a Constitution that grants Congress the power to remove a President for reasons including criminal behavior would deny Congress the power to investigate him for unlawful conduct --- part or present --- even without formally opening an impeachment inquiry.”

Go back and read that quote from the judge, slowly, and think about how many doors this “reasoning” opens. It destroys any concept of privacy and justifies any witch hunt Congress wants to go on. It’s like handing a blank check to a drug addict. Can’t wait to hear what Alan Dershowitz has to say about this.

According to, a non-profit, non-partisan group that keeps track of all the money going to lobbying groups and U.S. elections, Judge Mehta donated twice to the 2012 Obama campaign, $1,000 each time. He was nominated to the DC Circuit Court by President Obama in 2014. CNN somehow failed to mention the Obama connection in its on-air bio of the judge, but GOP political strategist Andrew Surabian discovered it and had this to say:

“Now let’s play a game and imagine that the same Judge was a Trump donor & ruled in his favor here...Something tells me this would be all over CNN tonight & the talking heads would be screaming, corruption!”

Of course they would.  I suppose Congressional Democrats are now busy judge-shopping to get their subpoenas against McGhan enforced. They’ve got till Congress reconvenes in July. Can you say “appeal”?


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If Joe Biden is running for President again, is anyone surprised to see this trying to make a comeback, too?




Tweet of the Day!  Texas passed a bill inspired by the attacks on Chick-fil-A, reaffirming the First Amendment by barring government from taking “any adverse action” against any contractor, individual or business because of their religious beliefs.  Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted out a photo to drop a hint about whether he plans to sign it.



Here's the perfect follow-up to the story about the billionaire commencement speaker who announced that he was paying off the student loans of the entire Morehouse College graduating class.  This shows how that story might have gone if it followed one of the Three Great Lies, as noted by Ronald Reagan: “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help you.” 

Note to This is a Babylon Bee story, which means it’s satire.  Humor.  Not meant to be taken seriously.  In other words, you don’t need to fact-check it.

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I know I’ve said that commenting on every statement of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would be picking low-hanging fruit, but how can anyone ignore her ability to somehow find racism and colonial oppression in people growing cauliflower in a community garden?  I think this one falls under the heading of “low-hanging vegetables.”



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  • Cherylwary

    09/03/2021 03:24 AM

    Error 212 <a href=>origin is unreachable</a>

  • Amelia Little

    07/18/2019 10:20 AM

    ocasio is one of the gifts that keep on giving--giving idiotic blathering about things she knows nothing about. I'm not sure whether or not community gardens demand citizens to grow only certain things (well, they might restrict growth of marijuana plants!) but it seems rational that people partaking in these gardens would decide what they want to plant. And, she might just be surprised at what people might actually like cauliflower, and who have NOT determined that this veggie is oppressing them. Those that don't want to grow cauliflower certainly don't have to.

    She and others ignore the information about the US having the lowest emissions of CO2 of any country, and government or not, there are millions of citizens who, on their own, have done things to at least not participate in things that would make that go up. Maybe they should concentrate on those countries with high emissions and browbeat THEM about lowering them. Using THEIR money, of course, and not demand that the US provide monetary resources to do their jobs. I guess she hasn't read up on the regimes that control the countries that people are fleeing from. It certainly doesn't have anything to do with climate change, but from how their governments run the country. Well, and many are encouraged by those who finance caravans and give lessons on what to say to attain asylum. But, she and her cronies don't want anyone to be aware of this.

  • Audrey Skarness

    05/23/2019 06:22 PM

    Ranchers do have respect and empathy for their cattle.

  • Kathy Backer

    05/23/2019 03:25 PM

    I was reading your comments about Nancy Pelosi and her 9am meeting to gather all the dems to talk about impeaching President Trump. That lead me to Matthew 22:15 where the pharisees gathered together to trip up Jesus........ I guess you could say the Pharisees (Democrats)are still gathering together today but only this time to trip up Trump.....

  • Tommie Houser

    05/23/2019 03:05 PM

    Why does Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein have a picture on her cell of Iranian Leader, while walking around Washington. Is she possibly aiding Iran in their escalations of War with the U.S. along with John Kerry , Obama and others?
    Their agenda of a State of Lawlessness, Sanctuary Cities, Drugs, Deaths of Born
    and Unborn, Collusion with Russia And COUP against American Voters,
    Along with refusal to adhere to THEIR Sworn oaths of office; to serve America’s;
    not illegals more than qualify them to be investigated and JAILED.
    Get D. Feinstein ‘s And her HUSBANDS BANK RECORDS, along with Schumer’s and Pelosi’s. I have long adva I aged Martial Law but unfortunately NOW believe it is to
    Late to save America bc of among all the above ; THE SELLING of America to the
    INVASION and their quest for POWER at all costs. If the Deceased Libyan Ambassador, could speak from the grave would he say that he, still loves HRC and Obama ? Congratulations DEMOCRATS ;we’re officially a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY
    And Fundamentally TRANSFORMED. STATE OF LAWLESSNESS , Drugs and DEATH !

  • Mark Mittelstaed

    05/23/2019 11:16 AM

    I think when the congressman was referring to " chicken on the dais ", he was referencing Sc. Steve Cohen's eating a bucket of KFC at another hearing. ( Sc. = scumbag ) ;-}

  • Dusty

    05/23/2019 11:15 AM

    JOKE! This present Congress is a real crazy group of people. The View today say disgusted on not working this Pres is wrong he has a job to do. Okay as the Demos keep up this lie of collusion and obstruction. This group of women who are they to tell us what is wrong and what this Pres should do. Homeless problem how did we get this after 8 yr of Pres Obama he had charge of not having this happen. Jobs so why the homeless much is drugs. Now this homeless is Pres Trumps fault not letting millions over our borders. Made attacks on Sec Carson and he is not able to do his job when he could not answer the ridiculous questions on what Abbreviations meant . Whoopi Did give him credit on being a super neurosurgeon. How nice. Such bull hockey. Nothing ever this Pres and Republicans can do to make these total liberal women content and now put in Meghan who is backing VP Biden in spite of his crooked deals for his son? Beginning to lk like be a crook and you can be whatever? Now no longer can we have any belief in Meghan on The View per her father and the President. So okay to bring on more of Omar and Cortez and whoever in the future if we get Biden as our President really?

  • Jerry Korba

    05/23/2019 10:20 AM

    I was a dem in the 70's when it was called Labor and Farmers Party our unions always wanted the members to vote Democrat and insisted on it as time went on we endured pay cuts increase Healthcare cost to the members poor contracts moronic representation and increased favor with the corporations leading to CEO grabbing more assets from the company and less for employees thus the gap between the executive branch and the employee. The left has been a problem since then and look what they have become. They embark on the Devils work caring only for themselves just like offering Eve the poison Apple she took it now the Dems are offering socialism what did we learn from eating the apple apparently nothing. The Dems will lead us to the bottom of an economic less desirable way of life. The Devil has done a lot of work on this planet look around at the least desirable places on earth and you will see Socialism lives there.

  • Li Yu Chang

    05/23/2019 08:11 AM

    The entire notion that President Trump can be indicted for obstruction is ludicrous. There never was any collusion, just a biased hoax aimed at bringing down a legally elected president. So even if they succeeded in saying/proving he was obstructing, it would only be an 'obstruction of injustice', hardly a criminal offense. Actually, quite heroic.

  • Anita Mae Barker

    05/23/2019 05:26 AM

    NADLER/ DEMOCRATS way out of reality!

  • Sharon J Nelson

    05/23/2019 01:44 AM

    We are huge fans ... as fellow conservatives, punners and Christ followers! Love your show and your positive and SENSIBLE take in the world. Thank you and may God bless you (and Sarah)!

  • Rebecca Holstine

    05/23/2019 01:28 AM

    Today, AOC finally showed her racism. What is she saying, when she talks about the African-Americans planting only native foods? Is she saying they can't like cauliflower or avocados? Of course being a socialist liberal, she would know they as, African-Americans, would only want soul foods. Like beans, greens and tatters. Maybe a little fat back on the side. This is the trouble with socialist, the elite knows what a person wants and needs, much better than they do. You go Girl, just as soon as you get your foot out of your mouth.


    05/23/2019 12:14 AM

    Evening Mike,

    Love your website. I usually work from 7:00 am-10:00 pm so get my daily news from it. Have to contest one sentence tonight though. The sentence about how a rancher disdains his cattle. I've worked around cattle all of my life. Ranchers care for their cattle or they aren't in business for long. They're our livelihood! Keep up the good work.


    05/22/2019 10:28 PM

    Governor Huckabee..........
    Loved your show over the weekend, the Hogs for a Cause was most interesting and the fact they gave away the meat was marvelous!
    Today on the news, Michael Avenatti is all over it............and guess what, he will get to trade in his Brooks Bros. suits for new orange
    ones with matching sandels. What a dork......Then you have the dumbos Nancy and Chuckie who are not doing their jobs but still on
    the "impeachment" bad. I would love to ask them to produce the "crimes" of the President! Because they can't imeach
    without a crime, guess they have not read the Constitution!
    Thank you,
    Carmen Price
    Reno, NV

  • Lawrence E. Foster

    05/22/2019 10:09 PM

    Governor Mike,

    Regarding the left wanting to take us back to the 14 century and the black plague, there are some who would like to see Shariah law, taking us back to the 8th century. I personally think anyone who wishes to live under Shariah law should be able to do so. And I will help them pack so they can move to a country which has Shariah law, but I will nevr allow it be instituted anywhere in our country.

  • Anne Amato

    05/22/2019 08:58 PM

    Excellent column, as usual!
    With regard to AOC, however, I am still surprised that her tweets regarding abortion, conservatives, and Christians has not been challenged by any media outlet. Those who do know AOC's support of fellow Congress women's anti-Semitic verbal assaults, will probably not be surprised to know she is also apparently anti-Christian as shown in her tweets from 5/17 as follows: (Incidentally, I would like her clarification on who she regards as the "mad king").
    AOC's Tweet......
    “The GOP doesn’t care about babies at all – especially brown, black, or poor ones. If they did, they’d: – cosponsor the Green New Deal or at LEAST have a real climate plan – guarantee healthcare so ALL can get prenatal care – not stand for the death+caging of babies on our border,” she added.

    "What angers me about the GOP’s attempts to turn the United States into a far-right Christian theocracy is how dishonest they are about it. At least be forthright about your desire to subvert and dismantle our democracy into a creepy theological order led by a mad king.”

  • Gaary Stilwell

    05/22/2019 08:53 PM

    Cortez--Her green deal is full of stuff that has nothing to do with green--and that fact needs to be broadcasted. SOME of the issues are real, though, albeit misdirected at the real polluter of our world(china).
    The US has gone over the hump of pollutants entering our atmosphere, and is in definite decline.That fact, although encouraging, in my opinion is not enough. We should be calling for all the third world countries to stop the pollution NOW, as well as ourselves(even though we are leading in this endeavor).
    This, in my opinion is one of trump's most notable failures--you cannot ignore the data! The oceans of the world are approaching saturation of carbon dioxide--they are documented as being acidified(killing the coral reefs, and the attendant world fisheries food base.
    I don't really care how the media, the politicians, or the developers characterize this situation--it is happening. We on this planet are fast approaching the point of no return here(if we haven't already passed it)----yea, I get the naysayers arguments---wanna bet your children you are right? or would you rather take the conservative view and treat this as a real threat?
    When my body dies, I hope the Lord will allow me the satisfaction of watching the last tree being cut down, and the developer who did it choking to death for lack of oxygen.(I completely understand this would be something Jesus would not approve of--but it's not a whole lot different than the Red Sea crossing)

  • Lisa Ford

    05/22/2019 08:33 PM

    Dems hate the fly over crowd. We do have brains & are watching them wasting our tax dollars over & over again. They can't be trusted with anything, especially money. Are they smoking pot in their closed door meetings, cause they are talking mighty stupid. And them wanting to do away with electoral votes is so dangerous. We would be violated in our voting. How do we fight it? And more important, we need all Republicans to unite together. Especially in Washington DC. We have a wonderful & top notch President. Back him up!!!

  • Elaine Romanias

    05/22/2019 08:08 PM

    So disgusted with the rude behavior of the Dems today.....what a waste of time! President Trump should just move forward on his own and try to do what he can without them!