July 27, 2017

From the media coverage of the Trump decision on transgendered military recruits, you would think that transgender drill sergeants outnumbered the people who agree with Trump. So you might be surprised by a Rasmussen poll taken on this subject just one month ago. Even after all the pro-LGBT media coverage of the past year or so, only 23% of Americans thought allowing openly transgendered people in the military was a good idea. Just 12% of active duty troops thought it helped military readiness, while 41% thought it hurt.

Maybe we need a new term, like the “generation gap” or the “credibility gap,” to describe the gap between what people really think and what they feel comfortable saying in this current atmosphere of Twitter shame mobs. How about “the intimidation gap”? For instance: “100% of Americans think the Obama transgender military policy is a good idea, or corrected for the intimidation gap, 23%. Unless those 23% were just really, really intimidated, in which case: zero percent.”


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  • Floyd Kimmel

    08/03/2017 05:52 PM

    In my opinion the US armed forces are becoming to politically correct. The thing that really puzzles me is what after all this transgender reassignment surgery is done and a few years down the road they decide they made a mistake then what,

  • Clinton Ford

    07/31/2017 10:46 PM

    Our military should not be forced to accept anyone in their ranks that doesnt know which restroom to use or anyone who has any confusion about which gender box to check on the enlistement papers.

  • Patricia A. McMahon

    07/29/2017 09:35 PM

    The issue of transgender serving is NOT a gay rights issue to me. It is an issue of fiscal responsibility. Persons with existing medical problems are NOT qualified to enlist in the Armed Forces. Military personnel MUST BE physically and mentally fit to main readiness standards for the PRESENT and FUTURE needs of the our Country. You are not allowed to join the military in hopes of having medical services to CORRECT a problem you already have. You HAVE TO BE PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY READY NOW. The job is strenuous to begin with. Things may happen to service personnel. If you can't do the job 24/7 - 365. YOU ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO ENLIST. The military is NO PLACE for someone to join to attain transgender treatment. Sorry, this IS NOT about transgender politics. This is about spending money to keep the trained, qualified service members fit for DUTY. We are NOT a medical charity. We ARE the Force used by our Country for Defense and Protects our Allies. Yes, I am a Retired Disabled Soldier. As been said by many others: WE THE FORCE USED TO KILL OUR COUNTRY'S ENEMIES. If you are NOT already medically, physically, and mentally qualified. YOU ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR ENLISTMENT.
    Patricia A. McMahon
    Sergeant First Class, USA(Ret)

  • Wanda Chaney

    07/29/2017 03:05 PM

    I live in the darkest blue of a blue state. Some of us get shouted down so quickly that we seem to produce more radical liberal speech than thoughtful dialogue. The pearls before swine thing gets old. And just to cover my tushy - "pearls before swine" is a metaphor for putting something good before someone who doesn't recognize its worth - I would not consider a person to be a swine.

  • Elizabeth Honaker

    07/29/2017 11:52 AM

    I am 100% against social experiments in the military. Forcing normal people to accept these perverted minds through the military system is absolutely abhorrent to me and millions like me!

    I am against women in combat situations. Who can say they are really focused on defending our country if they are constantly worrying about being raped or becoming pregnant -- or even their young children at home?

    I am against gays sleeping in close proximity to moral, straight men. Many years ago, my husband was stationed at a remote Naval base where gay attacks were a constant concern. He nearly punched ME when he found me sleeping next to him the first night he was home on leave! Who can say he is focused on defending our country when he is sleep-deprived through fear of being attacked?

    I am against men who want to be women and women who want to be men serving in our military. Who can claim that they are focused on defending our country when they are worrying about their surgeries and their hormone treatments and how their uniforms fit in their "new gender"?