May 18, 2020


Thanks to the hundreds who replied to my Sunday commentary, actually a transcript of my monologue from the weekend's HUCKABEE show on TBN. I sense the awakening of a sleeping giant --- a vast number of Americans who have not been brainwashed by the media, who see through what was done during the Obama years and into the current administration to try to sabotage Trump and certain members of his team, and who have had enough of the lies. I'd like to highlight a few of these letters, including one from my own writer/researcher who posted a comment herself:

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From Laura Ainsworth:

I just had to answer your Sunday commentary. MAGNIFICENT, Governor. I agree with every word. But here's something just as scary as what these people tried to do: After reading your commentary, just as an experiment, I picked a general news outlet at random, Yahoo News, and looked to see what stories they had posted about this. I scrolled down, down, down...down...down some more...and finally found SOMETHING related to it.

The story: Jerry Nadler was going to investigate Barr's decision to drop the case against Flynn. THAT WAS IT. The media are going to ignore this travesty --- and, yes, it is the biggest political scandal in our lifetimes, perhaps ever --- and they will cover it up just as surely as they spread the intel community's lies in the first place. It will be like swimming upstream in Niagra Falls to get the story out there, even with incontrovertible evidence. I'm up for the task, though!

From the Gov:

We all need to be up for this. It's going to be a fight to be heard. Believe it or not, I was challenged by host Howard Kurtz on Sunday’s MEDIA MATTERS about whether the media really are ignoring the Mike Flynn case, as I have charged. (He was kidding, right?) “Haven’t there been plenty of stories about the President’s accusations [about the unmasking of Gen. Flynn, etc.] and the response from the Obama people?” he asked me.

"NO,” I said, “not on balance.” I tried to paint the picture of what the reaction would be if such actions had been taken by the Trump people or the Bush people against a Democrat administration, which as we all know would be screaming-at-the-sky hysterical. The story would be Page 1 EVERY SINGLE DAY. It would knock the coronavirus right off the front page. No, this has NOT been the major story it should be --- and WOULD be if Obama had been the victim. But, no, with Trump, It has been just the opposite. After years of carrying water for Brennan, Comey, and the rest, breathlessly telling lies fed to them about a made-up Russian conspiracy, the media are still lying. Still looking the other way. Still helping shape the narrative for the likes of John Brennan, Ben Rhodes, and Glenn Simpson. They should be ashamed, but they are unrepentant, proudly displaying their worthless Pulitzer Prizes.

Even when there is a story about this scandal, as with the example you give from Yahoo News in your comment above, it’s placed there to try to chip away at the facts or make light of what has happened. Why, suddenly, unmasking the names of Americans is no big deal, “business as usual.” This wasn’t about politics –- they were trying to protect us, and our sacred electoral process, against Russia! Why the FBI does this all the time. Well, let me tell you if this is what the FBI does all the time --- going around the Constitution and established procedure, launching bogus counterintelligence investigations, setting perjury traps for members of the incoming administration, withholding evidence and coercing guilty pleas, then we need to scrap the whole lot of them.

But I’ve heard from enough former law enforcement and military personnel who are mortified by what has happened to believe it most certainly is NOT “business as usual,” or at least wasn’t supposed to be. (I've included a couple of their replies among the additional comments that follow.) If the intel bureaucracy has lost its way, this is the time to get back on track --- with accountability, including criminal punishment --- and the investigation by U.S. Attorney John Durham MUST be the first step in that process.

From Rev. Charles Pollak, Captain USN (Retired):

Your comments are strong indeed, and many will criticize you for them. But I absolutely agree with you and share your assessments. I am a Naval Academy graduate and served 26.5 years after graduation, including four years in command of a nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine. I also served as the chief of the JCS office of Strategic Negotiations during the Nixon-Ford years. I have briefed the Congress and the White House on many occasions. Never once did I experience the kind of TREASON we are presently witnessing. May God help us!

From Dee Carter:

Mike, I could not agree with you more! Regardless of where the chips fall, they must fall. Regardless of what high office a person has held, the integrity and freedom of our nation should take top priority! If it means a former President (or Presidents) are tried and imprisoned, then so be it. One of them, as well as his Secretary of State, made the statement that no one is above the law. Well, let’s use that statement to flush out the deep state and return our Country to one based on honesty, integrity, freedom, and the Constitution.

From L. Cmdr. Laurie Keiski USN (Ret.)

I believe this started not in 2016 but rather in 2008. The election of either Obama or Clinton was to be the start of America’s transformation. Trump and the voters just got in the way after seeing 8 years of Obama. The attempted coup was to get things back on track.

From Beverly Barton:

Thank you, Mike, for saying what the rest of us know as well. You are a hero. Not many with a platform will even speak of this. Our country is in grave danger of political correctness, a disease far worse than coronavirus. May God be with you.

From Ralph Paulus:

Could President Richard Nixon have gotten away with Watergate if he would have had a FISA warrant from FBI and CIA? They thought the DNC was colluding with Cuba.... seems to be all similar except Obama threw up a legal smokescreen and prosecuted people after the wiretapping and no evidence of collusion.

From Sam Sayger:

I've never read a better comment on this subject. In fact of the matter, yours is the only comment that I've ever really understood and believed on the subject. Thanks so very much for your comments. Please keep it up.

From Don Crumbley:

Gov. Amen!!!!! Best Sunday sermon I have heard in many years. It is time for Lady Justice to prevail and right the wrongs in the worst political crime in our history.


Frustration continues to rise between people, mostly in blue states, who are desperate to get back to work and political leaders who keep indefinitely extending lockdown orders that were supposed to be temporary, just to “flatten the curve” of initial cases. Now, they’re talking of keeping their economies shut down until there’s a vaccine or a cure, or until there is a cure for their own insanity.

It is likely that if the lockdowns end, there will be a rise in coronavirus cases (although some of that is undoubtedly due to more testing identifying people who already carried the virus and showed no symptoms.) But it has never been feasible at any previous point in history to try to end a pandemic by ordering everyone to hide in their rooms for years until it goes away. People have to get out and work, and when they do, some will be exposed to the virus. But we are now more prepared to deal with it, we know more about treating it, and hospitals won’t be overwhelmed. We also know who is most vulnerable (the elderly and people with underlying serious health problems), so we can shelter them while the rest of us get on with life while following reasonable precautions.

But the one thing we’ve never had at any previous point in history is a highly-politicized, utterly hysterical mass media, working 24/7 to fling blame and gin up panic. For instance, when the Republican Governors of Florida and Georgia refused to go along with the never-ending lockdowns, the media painted them as crazy, mass death-dealing monsters soon have blood on their hands (I don’t think they understand how this virus works.)

Dana Milbank at the Washington Post was especially unhinged, railing that Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp had “a bold plan to turn his state into the place to die,” “America’s #1 death destination” and predicting that the “coronavirus will burn through Georgia like nothing has since William Tecumseh Sherman.”

While it’s still too soon to say we’re out of danger, and the virus could return in a second wave, as of last week, new cases in Georgia had dropped 12% from the previous week. They were also down by 14% in Florida and 10% in South Carolina. In fact, yesterday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Health Secretary Alex Azar said that while it’s still early and we need to continue monitoring and testing, the government is not seeing a spike in cases in places that have reopened. Ironically, they are still seeing spikes in some places that are closed.

Of course, this hasn’t quelled the media hysteria, although it is rather selective. For instance, Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has a much better record than New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, whose wrongheaded policies (forcing nursing homes to accept COVID-19 patients, suing to prevent other states from barring New Yorkers from visiting) are largely responsible for much of the spread and death toll. Yet DeSantis has been excoriated while Cuomo has been praised to the skies. And as the Washington Free Beacon points out, while Gov. Kemp was being savaged by the media for opening up his state’s economy, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis (D.), who did the same thing, was praised for confidently blazing his own trail in “taking the first steps toward a new normal.”

If you’re wondering what the difference is, here’s a clue: go back and look at the letter after Polis’ name.

This is why I’ve said that the politicization of the news media and rampant Trump Derangement Syndrome may be more destructive epidemics than any virus.


By “Huckabee” writer/pop culture historian, Pat Reeder 

Once again, it’s my sad duty to report the passing of three celebrities who’ve brought us many hours of entertainment in their varied fields.

Roy Horn of the magic duo Siegfried & Roy died on May 8th at 75 of complications from the coronavirus. Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller credited the team with proving that magicians could be a top headline act in Las Vegas. Siegfried and Roy were also known for their work in saving endangered white tigers and lions, some of which appeared in their shows. The duo retired in 2003 after Horn was badly injured by a tiger and suffered a stroke.

Phyllis George has also passed away in a Kentucky hospital at 70, after a long battle with a blood disorder. She was a native of Denton, Texas, and a fellow alumnus of my school, the University of North Texas, so I can personally assure you she was definitely a favorite daughter of the Lone Star State. As smart and talented as she was beautiful, she was Miss Texas 1970, Miss America 1971, and a pioneer in women’s sports broadcasting, joining “The NFL Today” in 1975. She said she got a lot of hate mail from people who thought women shouldn’t cover men’s sports, but she opened the door for a generation of female sports reporters.

Finally, as a comedy writer, I’m very sad to report that Fred Willard has died of natural causes at 86. His family said he died peacefully and was active to the end. His amazing gift for improv comedy was on display for over six decades in hundreds of TV shows and classic movies, including “Austin Powers,” “This is Spinal Tap,” both “Anchorman” movies, and Christopher Guest’s “mockumentary” films. His most famous role is as the unfiltered dog show announcer in “Best of Show” (his lines were edited down from his own ad libs), but my favorite is the hilarious but oddly touching “Waiting for Guffman.”

Willard first came to public attention as part of the Ace Trucking Company comedy team that hit TV in the ‘60s (you might remember Ray “You can call me Ray Jay” Saludo from that group.) He also co-hosted NBC’s “Real People.” But his improvisational genius really started to shine as Martin Mull’s sidekick on “Fernwood 2 Night.” In a business that lionizes youth, Willard’s stature grew throughout his 50s, 60s and 70s, as he became a sought-after actor and talk show guest/sketch comic, from "Roseanne" to “Everybody Loves Raymond” to “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to over 100 appearances on Jay Leno’s “Tonight Show.”

Willard was considered not only one of the funniest men in show business, but one of the nicest. He lost interest in performing after Mary Willard, his wife of 50 years, died in 2018. But Kimmel urged him to appear in a sketch, and the laughs and support he received brought him out of his depression, and he continued performing until the very end. Rest in peace, and thanks for the many, many, many laughs.

Here are some tributes from his fellow performers.


Kevin McCullough at has an excellent column on how the lockdown dictators have already lost the public, along with several court decisions, despite their ever-more-ironfisted attempts to force compliance (take a look at this past weekend’s photos of crowds at beaches, restaurants and even New York City bars to see how quickly their authority is breaking down – and no matter how many criminals they let out of jail, there’s still not enough room in there to lock up all the rest of us.)

The public complied as long as they believed it was for the general good. But when petty dictators started letting their love of exerting power show, creating pointless rules and enforcing them by stepping on people’s rights and bullying them while claiming it’s “for your own good,” that’s when they started losing the public. The sentiment now seems to be, “We will be responsible, and we will protect the vulnerable, but we are going back to work, so get out of our way.”

There could be a silver lining in the long run. Americans got a bitter taste of what it’s like when you give power to people who love exerting it (the #1 trait of the “progressive” left.) And the “Democratic” socialists are learning how badly it would go for them if they ever did seize power and started trying to force their agenda on Americans.

By the way, don’t think you can count on the police and the military to side with you against their fellow Americans. If New Jersey’s Governor can’t even get the cops to close down a gym, good luck convincing them to raid every house in America to take away all the guns.

It was going pretty well for the left as long as they were nudging Americans toward socialism incrementally. The frog hadn’t quite realized how much the pot was heating up. But the coronavirus crisis got them so over-excited that they cranked the burner up to Maximum Heat, and now, the frogs are out of the pan and jumping all over the place. Let’s hope the voters remember this lesson come November and send the frog-boilers packing for good.


Great commentary on the left’s exploitation of COVID-19 panic to impose their anti-freedom agenda and use it as an excuse to “literally ruin the entire world,” from the NBA to movies to kids’ soccer games. It’s by Nick Searcy, an actor so good that he continues to work in Hollywood despite writing hilariously un-PC things like this.


Since they never seem to have anything better to do, Democrats in Congress are having another of their regular hair-on-fire fits, demanding White House records and threatening more investigations and impeachment hearings, after President Trump fired State Department Inspector General (IG) Steve Linick on the recommendation of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. They accuse Trump of firing Linick because he was reportedly investigating whether Pompeo had a political appointee perform personal tasks for him. Funny, I don’t remember the Democrats being this exercised when Bill Clinton fired all the federal prosecutors. Or for that matter, wanting to impeach him after he used a political appointee to perform…ahem, “personal services” for him.

I don’t know if the firing was justified or not, but even Nancy Pelosi admitted that Trump has the power to fire members of the executive branch, before going on to piously lecture, “The President’s late-night, weekend firing of the State Department Inspector General has accelerated his dangerous pattern of retaliation against the patriotic public servants charged with conducting oversight on behalf of the American people. Inspector General Linick was punished for honorably performing his duty to protect the Constitution and our national security, as required by the law and by his oath."

Pardon my skepticism, but knowing what we now know about how some “patriotic public servants” honorably performed their oversight duty and protected the Constitution when investigating this Administration, I’d wonder how anyone could say that with a straight face, if it weren’t being said by Nancy Pelosi.

It doesn’t help that when other media outlets describe Linick as the “fourth government watchdog” fired by Trump, they don’t tell you who the other "watchdogs" were. One was Michael Atkinson, who bent the rules like a pretzel to classify third-hand gossip as a legitimate whistleblower complaint, setting off the divisive, expensive and ridiculous “Ukraine scandal” that led to the impeachment debacle. So as to whether Mr. Linick’s firing was unjustified or not, I shall withhold judgement until I know more facts.

Of course, not knowing the facts never stopped Sen. Mitt Romney from rushing to the cameras to criticize his own Party’s President. Romney immediately declared Linick’s firing to be a "threat to accountable democracy." Funny, you know what I’d consider a threat to accountable democracy? Voting to overturn a national election by impeaching a President based on an unproven allegation that’s not even an impeachable offense. But then, who’d do something that irresponsible?

I could link to Mitt’s comments on this story, but it’s more fun to show you some of his previous comments, set to music, as a reminder to his new fans in the liberal media that his much-vaunted principles are firmly set in quicksand.

P.S. Democrats: “It’s shocking, outrageous, an assault on democracy and possibly an impeachable offense for a President to fire an inspector general! Unless that President is Obama, of course…”


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  • marina verdun

    05/23/2020 04:20 AM

    great job >...i pass your emails on to several friends.i do hope they sign reading and staying informed...thank you

  • Jeanne W Osterhout

    05/20/2020 03:22 PM

    While I am deeply troubled and prayerful by many of the issues you have in your column and have written to express that, there is another issue that I feel compelled to speak out.

    It is totally unfair to classify every one over 60 years of age as "at risk" for serious complications with COVID19. I am 72 years old. I am in great health. In the past 10 years I have needed only one visit to my physician for an illness. I have no co morbidities. I have no substance abuse issues. I am not obese. I eat properly, exercise, and do excellent self care AND prior to COVID 19 followed careful procedures in places like grocery stores to prevent flu or pneumonia contraction. I am quite capable of taking reasonable precautions to protect my health.
    I object to being "classified" along with people who are "at risk". Not all people over the "magic age 60", are demented, ill, confused and incapable of self management. If anything, the restrictions have made it MORE DIFFICULT for me to maintain my health with all the "stay at home".
    To governments and others like minded. Please "protect" those who want protection. Not those who are competent and capable and HEALTHY.

  • Ruby Sleeper

    05/20/2020 10:20 AM

    God Bless you, and your news letter!! Here,l know it will be the truth,in a language l understand perfectly!! Love It!! I watch Fox cable only,,and your newsletter l read!! Im deaf,,88 years old,,retired!! I know about everythinowout our PRESIDENT,,and how deeply proud l am of him,,and his family!!

  • John Barr

    05/19/2020 06:55 PM

    I will be pleased to recommend your newsletter to a couple of friends of mine whose opinions you might like to read. I met you at Nixon Library when you were trying to unseat Obama for the office of POTUS. When I met your daughter this past fall I wanted to echo the old adage of " the apple does not fall from the tree" You and your bride have done a fine job with that young lady. I will try to be selective in any recommendations. I look forward to your articles each day. For a man of the cloth, so to speak, you are very refreshing and yet do not lose sight of the guiding light from above. Keep up the good work.......... John Barr

  • Tom Longeway

    05/19/2020 06:13 PM

    I hope the President Trump will begin taking brocolie as a cure for the virus. Then the Ds will want to ban brocolie and my wife will stop trying to get me to eat it.


  • Dee Mahan

    05/19/2020 04:22 PM

    Again, I cannot recommend your newsletter to others, as the ads and the clickbait is just too much. Some of the ads are extremely inappropriate and the ads just do not do you justice. It's quite unbecoming. I like what you have to say, and I will read and tolerate for now, but I cannot in good conscience recommend you to others. Please, please get rid of the ads and clickbait. And, by the way, I voted for you for President.
    Dee Mahan


    05/19/2020 02:36 PM

    Thanks for always being spot on with your comments and views of this horrendous episode of Obamagate. I am just an average American citizen that appreciates the country our God has allowed us to live in. We the people have never been anymore important than at this time fighting to keep this republic a nation under God and for God, but allow those who have a different religious and political outlook to also enjoy our freedoms and constitutional rights in guaranteed freedom. All the leftist and fake media and dysfunctional politicians do is spread their continual lies and citizens like me have had enough and are damn mad, I think the balloon has filled to it's limit and is about to explode and maybe that's what is needed to put our country back in order. Thanks Mike I do feel better now after venting. Jeffrey Brozek Sr. Beaver Dam, Wi.

  • Floyd Unger

    05/19/2020 01:58 PM

    Never give up. We can’t win if we do.

  • John

    05/19/2020 12:37 PM

    After reading your Evening Edition I agree 90 % with your artical.

  • Donna L. Graham

    05/19/2020 12:21 PM

    Mike, You outdo each day what you wrote the previous day! I love it! Keep up the good work.

  • Sharon Smith

    05/19/2020 11:32 AM

    So the TREASON of the Obama gang will not be prosecuted. But Trump will be impeached in 2021. Can someone please help me??? I just don’t understand.

  • Linda Carter

    05/19/2020 11:06 AM

    Will someone please tell me why again and again, why some people can get away with anything, solid proff they are guilty, and nothing is done about it.

  • Jerry Korba

    05/19/2020 10:51 AM

    What if Socialism is voted as our Nations calling card. Do the people with a large amount of wealth believe the Socialist party will not come after its wealth? How long will the party allow it to continue to let the wealthy keep its wealth? The kids today would be ok until the party runs out of resources? Socialist countries have a very indignant life style i would say its worse than the people living on government assistance we have here in the US. They tend to vote the Left's party lines are they looking to worsen their life style as if living on top of each other isn't bad enough, may be cause to become more apt to catch a virus. Living the life as a Farmer is so much healthier open environment one house 100 acres think about the heartland and its healthy lifestyle but its not for everyone being a Farmer is hard work and the need of intelligence something the Socialists wants no part of. Goverment assistance people try voting for a Conservative seek a one family dwelling and live life with dignity and become your own person instead of letting one person like Omar or Maxine Watters let you rot in your slum like condition they don't live in the slums they live off your tax dollar in luxury. I doubt many Lefties read these letters Mike we have to reach out to them with ex-Lefties working with us it only makes America great.

  • Pauline Cribbs

    05/19/2020 10:30 AM

    I always enjoy your commentaries. You are always spot on when it comes to describing how bad the democrats hate everything that's good for our country. Gob Bless you, and God Bless America.

  • Jerry Korba

    05/19/2020 09:25 AM

    The CCP is not at our doorstep it is in the House of Representatives In the mansions of the our Governors in the Senate the mayors offices and of course in the media. The war is being taken against the American people as is illustrated today with power wielding agents of the CCP. Tell me a million times how the Media hates Trump news flash the media hates and despises the American people when was the last time the Media has come out with a positive view of real American values working hard, fun loving, generous, loving their God, the new inventions our people are performing every day? The Media and the CCP embrace lockdown, misery, loss of employment, Death of the elderly they have the most history of what America is; only means weakness and thats the goal of the Media the Left and the CCP.

  • Mona Kramer

    05/19/2020 08:15 AM

    We can never shut down the country again! There has to be a better way to fight a pandemic.

    I am in Florida and see that we are opening up faster than most, but guess what! People are still self-quarantining, the restaurants are not full, Beall's, my favorite store to shop, had one person in this big store, ME!

    The Governor might consider a message to go back to their normal schedule, pay attention to what we are asked to do. Stopped being afraid. This is my 27th day not to like Dr. Fauci and the scarf doctor for placing fear in us that was founded on false speculation.

  • Vickie Fiorentino

    05/19/2020 08:03 AM

    We have a question: with this shutdown, no taxes are coming in. Everyone is getting money in the mail from the Feds and state governments; the Dems are throwing it around like candy in a pinata. question is: WHERE IS THIS MONEY COMING FROM?

  • Darlene Houston

    05/19/2020 07:27 AM

    I wanted to tell you about a dream I had Saturday night. Obama and a woman-maybe Clinton, didn’t see her face were at a site ready to break ground. Only the site was a national historic site. I was there with a large crowd praying and worshiping which made it difficult for them to proceed with their agenda. I saw bones lying on the ground which I took for the remains of those who have fought for America. After some time the Lord released us to leave and as I looked back, every shovelful of dirt Obama took out it immediately filled back in! His agenda will fail by the awesome power of Almighty God!

  • M

    05/19/2020 07:25 AM

    Mr. Trump does need to take one page from The Clinton playbook come Nov. 9
    As you pointed out, He fired all Federal Prosecutors. If Mr. Trump can, God I sometimes hate those civil service cronies and their regs. , FIRE all those still in service appointed by Obama or Clinton. Enough of this obstruction.

  • JC Holland

    05/19/2020 06:39 AM

    AG Barr now says he won't be investigating Biden or Obama based on all the facts we already know about. The GOP lead Senate only moves their lips and do nothing either.
    Unless there are charges filed now, this is just more useless noise.
    I don't see Barr as any better then Sessions was. They both have done nothing. Durham report will likely be another bombshell leading nowhere.
    Democrats will skate again. Sad!

  • Amelia Little

    05/19/2020 03:55 AM

    I have fb (and RL) friends who are always posting--wear a mask!!! Stay home!! (Preaching, actually.) But, then they have fb posts showing and they and their families dodged around the stay at home orders (giggle, giggle.) They are in the medical field--so, I'm thinking they don't think this crisis is all that serious.

    Even today, I read posts where it sounds like the people really, truely think that, if we just hunker down at home longer (how long, for pete's sake!!!) and, of course, have a miracle vaccine that this virus will be eradicated. Poof!! Gone!!! And, if there is ONE death after we start living again, it will be blood on our hands!!! These poor people. They are the ones who think there should have been a reliable test from day one, and seem to think a (mad) scientist should have been able to concoct a vaccine ready to inject us all on day two!!! These poor, brain washed delusional (IMO) people.

    I thought the black-face northup guy was rabid before this "crisis" came along, didn't dream that there could be more rabid governors, but, boy was I wrong. I also believe that these governors, along with fauci, gates and friends are the real crisis we are facing.

    Keep up the good work, Governor Huckaby!!!

  • Rick Gooden

    05/19/2020 01:18 AM

    Straight to and right on point as usual Mike,keep up your good and tireless work and may God Bless.

    P.S. Hope your wife's ankle is better.

  • Willa Luthi

    05/19/2020 12:09 AM

    Does George Soros own all the news networks but FOX, or does he own that too. This would be the only reason that there is so much Socialism trying to take over this country.

  • Carl "T" Smith

    05/18/2020 11:57 PM

    Howie Kurtz is trying to act neutral but his face is an open book. He has really worked to hide his disgust for some of the things he MUST admit as being true.
    I feel the media has gone too far down the Rabbit Hole to recover. Shame but what's worse is the Conglomerates that Ignore the low ratings? They that stupid to believe the people, after getting a short three month dose of Mini-Socialism, will continue to believe anything they say? Remember the Boy who Cried WOLF?

  • Rick Locke

    05/18/2020 11:57 PM

    Under the heading of "good news today", I was very happy to hear past President Obama endorse sleepy Joe. It reminded me that he also endorsed Hillary and we know how that turned out.