April 7, 2018


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Today's Commentary: Dan Rather attacks bad journalism -- "Huckabee" preview-- Trump reverses reviled Obama policy -- The truth about mass shooting deaths -- Michelle Obama takes a swipe at President Trump -- Additional Mike Huckabee commentaries


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As this story notes, it sounds like a late April Fool’s Day joke, but the “progressive” website The Young Turks responded to the Sinclair Broadcasting video about avoiding “fake news” with its own video on the subject, featuring (grab something solid)…Dan Rather. Despite being neither young nor Turkish, the former CBS newsman now works for the site after being let go by CBS due to “Rathergate,” a famous fake news scandal that actually bears his name. That was when he tried to kneecap George W. Bush just before the 2004 election on “60 Minutes” with alleged ROTC documents that were quickly proven to be obvious forgeries by bloggers “in their pajamas” (Rather still insists they were fake, but accurate).

Dan offers several tips on how to avoid falling for “fake news.” They include:

No news outlet is perfect, but trustworthy ones admit when they screwed up (does that mean they don’t keep insisting that proven forgeries are fake, but accurate?)

They don’t rely on just one news source (I agree; until “Roseanne” came along, conservatives had nothing to laugh at on TV if they didn’t tune in CNN and MSNBC occasionally).


Mike Huckabee

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"Huckabee" preview

By Mike Huckabee

Call the neighbors and gather the family ‘round the TV, we’ve got another jam-packed new episode of “Huckabee” coming your way tonight on TBN! On the news front, I’ll talk with Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller about how a trade war with China might affect the US and interview Oregon Judge Vance Day on how he’s facing criminal charges and the loss of his judgeship for what his defenders say was an attempt to help a disabled veteran. I’ll also talk to the man who’s been called “The World’s Greatest Athlete,” Bryan Clay, and pay a visit to the Storyteller’s Museum. Plus country superstar Jo Dee Messina will perform one of her smash hits, plus a very special new song you don't want to miss. All that and more on "Huckabee," tonight at 8 EST, 7 CST.

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Trump reverses reviled Obama policy

By Mike Huckabee

President Trump has signed an executive order reversing the Obama-era “catch and release” policy, in which apprehended illegal immigrants are released from detention on the US side of the border with an order to show up later for a court hearing into whether they can stay. It’s named after the “catch and release” policy imposed at some fishing holes because you’re just about as likely to see that person again as you are to see that fish again.


The truth about mass shooting deaths

By Mike Huckabee

We keep hearing that law-abiding gun owners who’ve never harmed anyone “have blood on their hands” because of the big rise in mass shootings, and they need to stop bitterly clinging to their guns and let liberals repeal the Second Amendment because our kids are too terrified to go to school, where they might be killed at any minute. For instance, in an op-ed in the so-called “paper of record,” the New York Times, Margaret Renkl, who is married to a teacher and has a son who’s a teacher and two kids in college, writes of her paralyzing dread every day that they’ll be killed in the classroom because "Americans are now more likely to be shot to death than to die in a car accident."

But as terrible as such shootings are, is there any truth to Ms Renkl’s claim, or any of the claims behind all this widespread fear, hysteria and finger-pointing? A nod to Jacob Sullum at for digging into the numbers. Here’s what he discovered...



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Michelle Obama takes a swipe at President Trump

By Mike Huckabee

At a women’s conference in Boston, Michelle Obama took a swipe at President Trump by saying that when her husband was in office, it “was like having the ‘good parent’ at home” who makes you eat your vegetables and go to bed on time. But "now we have the other parent…We thought it’d feel fun — maybe it feels fun for now because we can eat candy all day and stay up late and not follow the rules.”

There’s so much to unpack in that. I could ask, what about following the rule that outgoing Presidents not attack their successors, which George W. Bush was mature enough to extend to her husband? Or I could point out that Trump’s attempts to rescind her husband’s unconstitutional executive orders, root out his appointees who politicized and weaponized supposedly nonpartisan agencies, and enforce longstanding immigration laws are all efforts to “follow the rules” that were ignored for eight long years. And I didn’t even get into her claim that other nations no longer look to the US for leadership as they did under Obama, when Trump is actually reasserting US leadership after eight years of abdicating that role to the UN.

Instead, I’d rather point out what most commenters on this story completely overlooked, and that’s the way she inadvertently summed up the core of what’s wrong with the current “progressive” leftwing mindset: the belief that the free citizens of the United States are like children, and the government is our parent.

No, what makes the United States unique in history is that the citizens are the boss, and the government is our servant. The attitude that it’s the role of the President to force us to eat our vegetables and go to bed by 9 may indeed be why many people voted for Trump. If so, then it’s as good a reason as any I can think of.



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