August 11, 2020

Rep. James Clyburn declared, “I feel very strongly that (Trump) is Mussolini, Putin and Hitler.”

Note that he said this openly, with no fear of reprisals, on CNN, a national TV network that condemns everything Trump does and says 24/7/365 with no fear of reprisals – just like what would happen under Mussolini, Putin or Hitler!

The big question isn’t “Does anyone actually listen to these people?” It’s “Do these people even listen to themselves?”

If anyone does listen, they might notice that Clyburn’s “reasons” why Trump is a dictator – that he won’t support the peaceful transfer of power, doesn’t plan on having fair elections, and hopes to create an emergency as an argument for his party to be in power – describe precisely what his own party has been doing since Election Night, 2016. And even earlier, if you count Obama’s illegal plot to weaponize the intelligence agencies to spy on the political opposition and frame them as enemy agents. You know, like Stalin would have.

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  • Peg donovan

    08/11/2020 03:08 PM

    How really disturbing that a congressman would say such a thing! The democrats have really lost their minds. Fearing another loss they are willing to say anything! So sad that they are willing to do anything for POWER! That is what it is about ,not the people!

  • Tweed Scott

    08/11/2020 02:19 PM

    Still another "Poster Child" for term limits.