June 14, 2016

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Yesterday, Donald Trump gave a speech on national security that drew a very clear contrast between what he would do in regard to immigration from parts of the Muslim world in which radical jihadism thrives – a temporary halt until we can figure out a way to properly vet entrants to screen out terrorist threats -- and what Hillary Clinton would do.  You can disagree with him – liberals certainly do, and at the tops of their lungs – but there’s no disputing that it was a serious speech, and voters face a very stark choice and deserve better than attempts to distract them with ludicrous side issues and distorted allegations.

So naturally, here come the ludicrous side issues and distorted allegations.  Like a media claim that Trump implied President Obama was somehow complicit in the Orlando attack, which he clearly hadn’t.  He did imply that there might be something Obama didn’t want to say, the likely implication being that he has more sympathy to the Muslim community than to the Second Amendment.  But he didn’t say that Obama was in any way complicit in, approving of or indifferent to that horrific massacre in Florida. 

Trump was so incensed at that slander that he banned the Washington Post reporter from his campaign pool, and then the story became Trump’s temper and all the media outlets he’s banned (it is quite a lengthy list, although some, like the Huffington Post, are quite proud of their bias, attaching a “disclaimer” to every story about Trump that’s really just a list of insults, spin and innuendo the likes of which they would never attach to stories about Hillary Clinton, whose record is worthy of a disclaimer longer than a Russian novel, and even more depressing.)   

Instead of taking the bait and letting the sideshow distract us, let’s all turn our attention back to the main event – America’s future, preferably one free of terrorist violence – and examine the competing visions in the days and weeks ahead.  

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  • Laura Duffy White

    06/14/2016 03:22 PM

    Thank you, Mr. Huckabee. I hope in the weeks to come our country realizes that we have a lot to lose if we don't get this election right.

  • Barbara J Schroeder

    06/14/2016 03:08 PM

    The media needs to get off Trump's back. Tired of the bullying and I think they do this to him knowing they'll get a rise from him. Trump doesn't think before he speaks and then when he receives backlash he tries getting out of it. I've supported him from the start and he needs to let some things roll off his shoulders. We need this change so desperately but I'm so afraid he's going to lose the election by continuing all this nonsense and then its dang HILLARY which would be bad. Its not a business deal where he's working for himself and he can say or do whatever without consequences. He is suppose to be working for all the supporters that stood by him for almost a year and believe in him and the things he wants to do. He needs to tone down the rhetoric and learn to not let some things bother him so much and maybe things will get better for him and ignoring the press for awhile will make them get off this bandwagon. If he's constantly angry he will slowly lose support. This is his only chance to become POTUS..

  • James Hicks

    06/14/2016 02:45 PM

    Thank you, Mike for your insight. You were and still are MY choice for President. I do think it is a time we needed a "Pastor-in-Chief". May God bless you and keep you.