February 5, 2019

Tonight, President Trump will go to the House of Representatives (his invitation got delayed in the mail by a week) to give his State of the Union Address.  Advance word is that he will attempt to reach out to work with Democrats, which is no surprise since one of the major reasons he was elected was his reputation as a deal-maker.  But voters didn’t reckon on just how around-the-bend nutzo his opponents would be. 

They were so furious at losing an election they thought they had in the bag – and to that vulgarian Donald Trump, no less! – that they determined that they would “resist” everything he tried to do, even if it was necessary or beneficial to America, or something they had previously supported.

Those DACA recipients they claimed to care so much about?  If helping them means giving Trump something he wants in return, then let ‘em be deported.  Another couple of hundred miles of wall on the border when they’d already voted to build nearly 700 miles?  Absolutely not! They’d even shut down the government (which liberals love more than their own mothers and kale salads) to prevent Trump from the cruel, racist, xenophobic act of increasing the already-existing border fencing by 35%. 

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In fact, they now call walls “immoral!”  If that’s true, shouldn’t they be demanding we take down the walls we’ve already built?  And not just on the border, but around government buildings and their own mansions and gated communities?  Let me know when they tear down the walls around Fort Knox.   

So tonight, President Trump will walk into the lion's den and likely talk like a conciliatory deal-maker and appeal for unity and bipartisanship.  But he will also make a strong case for why the measures he’s promoting are necessary and why mindless partisan opposition is harming America.  And I predict that the Democrats will respond with mindless partisan opposition, making Trump look like the adult in the room.   

The White House has already revealed some of the people on Trump’s guest list…

As expected, they will include surviving relatives of Americans killed by criminal illegal aliens who should have been jailed or deported and blocked from returning, but were running loose due to lax border security and immigration enforcement and wrongheaded leftist “sanctuary” policies.  I expect to see a lot of camera cuts from those families to reaction shots of Nancy Pelosi trying not to look like she’s been sucking lemons – and if we don’t see those cutaways, that will be a very deliberate choice by the TV networks. 

Democrats have a choice of acting like adults or continuing their two-year-plus tantrum. The latter seems a sure thing, as some of the most radical leftists in history recently were elected to the House, and they’re bringing rabid Trump haters as their guests (I imagine they’re taking bets in Vegas on how many minutes it will take before the first one starts screaming and trying to drown out the President like a snowflake undergrad at Berkeley being exposed to a speaker with a differing opinion.)

Then again, there are still a few Democrats who don’t want to follow the Socialist firebrands over the cliff.  Will they have the guts to applaud anything Trump says, or to be willing to buck their bullheaded leader and work with him to get some needed goals accomplished?

It promises to be one of those historic, can’t-miss moments in TV history, so pop some popcorn and settle in. 

Final thought before the big show:  It will be ironic if President Trump goes down in history as the first President who was actually able to make a deal with murderous North Korean communist dictator Kim Jong-Un that ended his nuclear threats, but Nancy Pelosi was too stubborn and leftwing to talk to him. 


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  • Anita Smith

    02/05/2019 11:02 PM

    You nailed it!!!

  • James Stallter

    02/05/2019 09:59 PM

    Sorry Mike...
    I was only able to tolerate the Democratic stupidity for 25 minutes and could not Watch Pelosi another minute, so I turned it off ....

  • Eric Letts

    02/05/2019 08:50 PM

    I think it's funny in a way, every President down through the line promises to build the wall the Democrats clap and think it's a great idea, President Trump wants the wall and they sneer, and act like a baby with a full diaper. Good grief most of them are older than me, why don't they act like it? I use to be a Democrat although I did vote for Trump, I saw what the Democrats were doing, and I didn't like it. I would NEVER vote for a Democrat again, for ANY office. Everyone of them should be removed from office, and face charges.

  • Sylvia Williams

    02/05/2019 08:44 PM

    What happened to the money the veteran was collecting for the wall on Go Fund Me? I couldn’t find any up to date information. I thought this was a great idea.

  • Paul M Metzger

    02/05/2019 08:12 PM

    Even the RNC is doing their best to alienate all of Trump's supporters. They send out Polls and request for funds. Even if you are on a fixed income the barrage continues even if you gave 15 minutes prior. I have received emails threatening that Trump would be advised and displease if I did not submit more donations and right then. I have responded three times with "Stop" to further request.

    Want the government work more efficiently; hire those above 50, 60,... with years of experience and a desire to work. Four Smithsonian Team awards for my team and me based on Advanced technologies including the first AI Self healing network and much more...I cannot get a job....

  • Will B Weiser

    02/05/2019 07:10 PM

    This country sure has changed since the 50's and 60's, but we can't go back for do-overs. I really feel sorry for the younger people who no it all and will not listen to any person who has experienced many things. Sure am glad God is on his way Back (Jesus). Gonna be tough on my Grandkids and Great grandkids. Once they hit 10 they know it all, but so did I. What a mess, most people have no respect for others, me first attitude.
    Thank You
    Will B. Weiser

  • Sue Burris

    02/05/2019 06:50 PM

    Please tell President Trump that he has to stop tweeting except for announcements.
    As a devoted supporter, it is imperative that he stops the twitter feuds, twitter insults and twitter storms.
    We can't stand the tweets anymore!!!!!! He really is driving the USA insane!
    As they say in Television......he is overexposed. He is on twitter morning, noon and night.
    If he would stop, people would like him more and the country wouldn't be so divided and angry.

  • Paulette Taylor

    02/05/2019 06:07 PM

    Governor Huckabee:
    Since Nancy now wants to quote the Bible, could you direct her to Romans 13? Maybe she could share that with Chuck and the other obstructionists in the Congress. Keep up the good work.

  • Bruce Ross

    02/05/2019 05:53 PM

    As always Governor you are spot on with your commentary. It is really sad that the folks they call hillbilly, are the adults in the room.
    Bruce Ross

  • Ruby Howell

    02/05/2019 04:13 PM

    I am for President Trump. We need that wall to keep out diseases that had been defeated in the US as well as crime, drugs& human trafficking. I will be praying the whole time.

  • David Colonna

    02/05/2019 03:06 PM

    I am not like one of your fans demanding you answer my question because I know your very busy trying to save our country from the evil empire the liberal Democrats. However, Can you explain to me why Chuck Schumer would blatantly lie about Donald Trump being a Hypocrite and divider when it was Obama, Nancy and Chuckie ole boy who actually divide America and constantly lie to the American people? It truly is heart wrenching to see how mean spirited the liberal Democrats are.

  • Terry VanHouten

    02/05/2019 02:30 PM

    As you well know Nancy and Chuck have already decided that nothing the President says tonight will have any influence on them continuing on their march to impede any hint of accomplishment by Donald Trump. They have only one priority and are focused on only that regardless of who gets hurt or what the cost is to our country. The greatest threat to our nation is the Democratic Party and their mindless fixation on "getting back" at Trump for defeating their shoe-in during the last election.

  • John Alpers

    02/05/2019 02:26 PM

    I am having a REAL hard time supporting any of our so-called leaders. They ALL are acting like children. I'm losing faith in the President daily. He creates much of the dysfunctional behavior we are seeing. What is the answer?
    Im beginning to believe we need a total, complete and thorough change.

  • Teddy Woodward

    02/05/2019 02:05 PM

    There's gonna be a HOT TIME in the OLD TOWN TONIGHT! A few thoughts on what INFORMED Americans OUGHT to be THINKING ABOUT as our OWN politicians prepare to GO AFTER President Trump tonight, and the MASSIVE DISRESPECT he HAS and WILL BE SHOWN tonight. As they sit on their hands FUMING that it's NOT Hillary up there and acting like a NASTY LITTLE BUNCH of KINDERGARTNERS, except for a FEW new faces, this is the SAME BUNCH of PATHETIC LOSERS (except for ALL OF THE TAXPAYER MONEY THEY HAVE ALL STOLEN) who, when Benjamin Netanyahu spoke, gave him SEVENTEEN STANDING OVATIONS. Democrats AND Republicans. ALL OF THEM. SEVENTEEN STANDING OVATIONS. Now tonight they are getting ready to VERBALLY SPIT in the FACE of the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES EN MASSE. I am SO ASHAMED. WHOSE SIDE ARE THEY ON? To treat the prime minister of a TINY country of 8 million people like a CONQUERING HERO, and the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES like a FOUL MOUTHED, SEX CRAZED INHUMAN PARIAH, as far as I AM concerned, is NOTHING SHORT OF TREASON. How and WHY do we let this GO ON? SHAME on US! And as for North Korea, maybe they have a LITTLE TROUBLE forgetting the period from 1950-1953 when America killed 50% of the North Korean population, not to mention COUNTLESS Chinese, and bombed North Korea, as military men like to say, BACK TO THE STONE AGE. It is a MIRACLE that they have TRUSTED President Trump to the degree they have, and if he weren't SURROUNDED by CONVICTED WAR CRIMINALS like Elliott Abrams and MORONIC MONSTERS like John Bolton, there's NO TELLING how much good he could REALLY DO. Here's the part MOST Americans don't understand. WAR is a FOR PROFIT BUSINESS in America. There is a GREAT BOOK by TWO TIME Medal of Honor winner Major General Smedley Butler called "WAR IS A RACKET". READ IT, America. HOW BAD would WAR HAVE TO BE before we Americans say "NO MORE". Leave Venezuela ALONE, and PLEASE DON'T TRY and tell me it's NOT because of their LARGEST OIL RESERVES on the planet that we are suddenly SO INTERESTED in bringing them "DEMOCRACY". BS!!! If it's OK for America to say WHO IS PRESIDENT of Venezuela, how about if the Chinese tell US they don't want Trump, but Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as president? The shoe DOESN'T LOOK SO GOOD on the OTHER FOOT, HUH? We Americans need to learn to pay LESS ATTENTION TO FOOTBALL, etc, and MORE ATTENTION to the DEADLY CONSEQUENCES of the BARBARIC ACTIONS of our WAR CRIMINAL" government" if we want to SURVIVE the 21st century. The rest of the world has had ENOUGH AMERICAN AGGRESSION. TW

  • Dorothy Gilder

    02/05/2019 01:59 PM

    Gov. Huckabee, First I want to compliment you on raising that brave girl that stands before swine. She does a great job. I would like to suggest to someone that we keep semi-trailers at the border and when a truck intends to haul into our country, the merchandise is transferred from the trailer of origin to one of our choice. While this would cost us money, it would save in the long run and perhaps deter some of the shipments. It surely would keep those with hidden compartments from entering
    Dottie Gilder

  • Rebecca Overton

    02/05/2019 01:53 PM

    My ONLY hope is that he builds the wall as tight as a ships hull via law already on the books.

  • Clay Beiser

    02/05/2019 12:57 PM

    Absolutely loved your comment Mr. Governor. More power to conservatism.

  • T Meyers

    02/05/2019 12:52 PM

    I really believe that members of Congress who refuse to show up,much less refuse to work with our duly elected President, need to be removed from office. They are there because they were put forward to work for WE THE PEOPLE and as long as they refuse to do this they are worthless to us and should be removed

  • Dawn Street

    02/05/2019 12:30 PM

    I would hope that no one carrying a protest sign will be allowed to enter the chamber and will be escorted away quickly. If people begin throwing the temper tantrums, yelling and screaming and refusing to observe quiet respect and order I hope the Capital Police escort them out of the chamber as quickly as possible. If they refuse to walk out quietly on their own, carry them out. I want to be able to hear the speech and I do not want to hear them.

  • Jennifer Blackman

    02/05/2019 12:24 PM

    Thank you for speaking wisdom and truth. You nailed it when you said President Trump is walking into a lions den tonight....I am praying for him.

  • Gladys Trickett

    02/05/2019 12:10 PM

    My prayers are with President Trump tonight... I know God will be with him.... He's God's Man in This Hour Of AMERICA'S NEED...GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP AND GIVE HIM WISDOM AND COURAGE AS HE GOES INTO THE LIONS DEN TONIGHT...

  • Jerry Korba

    02/05/2019 12:04 PM

    Thanks Mike for keeping my thoughts civil when you put pen to paper. It is maddening when I listen to the same garbage Schummer Pelosi and the rest of the puppet show spew. I do think a lot of people hate our President but really do not know why. The above mentioned has a lot to do with it the people that buy into this garbage look to see our country fail and they are proud to do so. When do the parties stop fighting with each other and start to do what we need, the GOP is on defense and the Dems or what ever u want to call it continue to fight our country's well being. Coon, (Flakes double)was able to utter a few words today about the FBI investigation into Judge K which found nothing wrong with the Judge: and the Lt Gov of Virginia how are they similar. Please can you explain what Susan Collins was trying to say. all I got from her was let the Congress have due process. What decade will that point get finished? Coon, Collins ,and the rest of your gold brick friends what have you done in the last 15 years. Really our President is trying to fix all your do nothing and that is what you have done nothing and YOU still want nothing done. Get out of the way let a worker continue to work!!! We are starting to see gold with the work our President is doing no thanks to you. Get back on your hammock and vote yes to what needs to be done. Collect your paycheck but do something vote yes to the Presidents proposals and go back to the hammock. Thank you you finally have done what you were elected to do.......Please do not speak in public you insult most people's intelligence. Pelosi you may want to wear a mask tonite your sour look offends me and so does your policies........

  • Lisa Ford

    02/05/2019 11:55 AM

    Maybe democrats will make such fools of themselves, that a lot of voters will get disgusted with their party & jump from the sinking ship. They could vote for Starbucks man. Fracture their party so badly, that on election day it will look like a high school team playing the Patriots. And the winning team will wear their MAGA hats proudly.

  • Steven Moore

    02/05/2019 11:52 AM

    I don't get my fellow colleagues in the law - anyone with any sense sees the mainstream media as completely biased and President Trump doing an incredible job economically and politically.

  • Catherine Jones

    02/05/2019 11:52 AM

    Will be watching the State of Union Address! Praying that the hateful group won’t destroy the Address for those of us who care more about our Country that a political power position. I wish those who have so much hate for our elected President would leave our Country for a socialist country that seems to be more fitting to their thinking. ????