The G-20 Meeting

July 7, 2017 |

President Trump is in Hamburg, Germany, today for a G20 meeting, where his expected talk with Vladimir Putin will be the focus of most of the media attention. But first, all the leaders had to get to the meeting place, past thousands of rioters, protesters and anti-capitalism activists who organize their attacks on capitalism using their iPhones. At last count, 111 police officers had been injured while trying to contain the violence, which included attacks on police, vandalism and setting cars on fire. It was so dangerous, Melania Trump wasn’t even allowed to leave her guest house for a planned event.

I found it interesting that in stories leading up to this meeting, much was made of Hamburg’s history as a center for protesters and malcontents of all sorts, and that the scheduling of this summit had to take into the account the dangers and the need for extreme security measures. Which begs the question: Who in the Sam Hill decided to hold it in Hamburg?! There are 20 nations in the G20; surely, there was a city in one of them that wasn’t famous for violent protests.

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Then again, if it was Germany’s turn to hold the G20, then considering the recent situation, perhaps any city would have been just as risky. It’s almost comically ironic that one of the news stories gleefully broadcast yesterday by the anti-Trump US media was that German Chancellor Angela Merkel was going to do some personal lobbying of President Trump, to try to get him to see how wrong he is want to defend America’s borders and not let the nation be overrun with people who hate American culture and refuse to obey the law. I have a feeling that her words about how wonderful open borders and tolerance of lawlessness are probably won’t have as much of an impact on his thinking as the facts that it wasn’t even safe enough in Germany for his wife to leave the guest house and the entire time they were talking, he could smell the smoke from the burning Volkswagens.

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