November 6, 2018 |

Today is an unusual election because, generally, voters prefer to vote for something rather than just against.  But pollsters claim the Democrats are fired up to vote, and “against” is all that their Party is running on.  They’ve made a few vague mentions of “health care,” but the only plan anyone has advanced is “Medicare For All,” and even a  few of their most leftwing leaders who have a slight grasp of math know that’s a budget-exploding, choice-destroying disaster that will never happen. 

No, Americans are being asked (or rather, bullied, shamed and ordered) to put the Democrats back in power for no clearly-stated reason other than that they hate-hate-hate Donald Trump soooo much and are so brain-meltingly furious that we do not give them the power that they thought was theirs by Divine right in 2016, they’ll tear the country apart. 


They want us to ignore the roaring economy, the boom in jobs, rising wages, crushing of ISIS, renegotiated trade deals and North Korea dismantling its nukes, and instead vote against the man responsible for it all by putting them back into power.  Vote against Trump because…


He’s a Nazi!  In fact, he’s literally Hitler! (Even though he’s the strongest ally of Israel ever to sit in the White House and his daughter and grandchildren are Jewish.)

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He refuses to repudiate racists and anti-Semites! (Even though he has done so repeatedly, saying there’s no place for such lowlifes in our society and calling for the death penalty for the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter.)


He's a Putin Puppet! (Even though he's been tougher on Russia than Obama; and after wasting millions of tax dollars investigating Trump, the only candidate who's been shown to have colluded with Russians to influence the 2016 election is Hillary Clinton.)


He's a misogynist! (Even though he was known for hiring women for important jobs in his businesses and has appointed more women to top-level jobs than any other President in history.)


He’s a wannabe dictator who targets the media! (Even though real dictators torture and behead journalists or send them to concentration camps, whereas Trump mocks them for their bias on Twitter.)


He’s a racist!  (Even though he was honored by the NAACP for his support and never called a racist before he ran for President as a Republican; he’s taken actions such as prison reform and pardons that even Obama wouldn’t touch; and he points proudly to presiding over the lowest black and Hispanic unemployment rates on record.) 


He’s an Islamophobe who tried to ban Muslims from coming to America! (Even though the mislabeled “Muslim ban” was aimed at nations that were known hotbeds of terrorism with no way of vetting emigrants, and the list of nations banned included non-Muslim nations and didn’t include dozens of majority Muslim nations.) 


He hurls mean, ugly personal insults at political opponents!  (You mean like when people on your side called him a "fascist" and "con man" and held up a bloody replica of his severed head; depicted his wife as a gold digger or a stripper; and suggested that his 11-year-old son was mentally disabled?)


Well, that pretty much covers the 2018 Democratic platform.  Everything they do pro-actively support (socialism, higher taxes, heavy regulation, open borders, even more open bathrooms, banning guns, abolishing ICE, endless investigations and impeachment, ending due process rights for men accused of sex crimes, etc.) they’re trying desperately not to talk about because they know most Americans would never vote for any of that if they talked about what they really wanted to do.


And so, they’re running against Trump.  Against, against, against!  Resist, resist, resist!!  And what legitimate gripe do they have, aside from the fact that he beat them when they thought he couldn’t? 

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Well, he does send out some pretty crude tweets on occasion.  I admit I cringe at some of those.  But is that enough to convince Americans to swap peace, strength, prosperity, secure borders and the return of the American Dream for a Congress run by a bunch of angry, vengeance-crazed leftist loons?  Do they think we’re crazy, too?


If you are, then vote for the Democrats, since being “pro-insanity” seems to be the only positive plank in their platform.  But if you’re not crazy, then stop reading this and get to the polls right now to vote Republican!  Remember, the only poll that counts is the one where you cast a ballot.  And if you don't vote, then you're saying to them, "Go ahead, kill all the progress we've made since 2016.  I'm not gonna do anything to stop you."  



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  • Donna K. Corley

    11/07/2018 10:06 PM

    Hi Mike, what are we to do? How can we change the minds of the Democrate voters? I love President Trump, sometimes I really wish he wouldn't say some of the things he says, but that is one reason I voted for him in 2016. Bless his heart he has to fight everyday for one thing or another, feel sorry for him because he really doesn't have to fight for this country and he could just walk away, but I pray for him and so hope that God can turn our country around with his leadership, so wish you could be on his Cabinet and help him through so much of this. Love in Jesus to you and our President

  • Bob Heinze

    11/06/2018 06:31 PM

    Gov Huckabee like your various guests appearances on fox.

    I’ve sent the below to multiple politicians (whitehouse, both of my us senators and 3-4 other senators, my us representative plus a couple of others) and never hear back except they sign you up requesting donations.

    Maybe with you contacts you can get through.

    Tax suggestion is like corporate repatriation except for individuals with 401k/IRA’s allowing them to convert to a Roth IRA at fed rate @ 10%. This would bring in hundreds of billions in government revenue paying for wall, defense and decreasing government debt. Would allow individual taxpayer to keep more of their money for new business, increase in their business and allow them to pass down to kids grandkids. Even if it was restricted to 60 or 65 and over for incentive for ones younger to save and invest. Basically speeds up revenue to government otherwise someone in my situation will only convert x amount over next 10-20 years to eliminate excessively high tax rates.

    By the way heard on fox business today that one investment company had 150,000 accounts that had over 1,000,000 in 401k’s and another 150,000 plus over 1,000,000 in ira’s. That was only one company. If you have 300,000 plus at 1,000,000 plus that is at least 300 billion if not 500 billion or more. Multiple by another 20 investment companies you are talking 10 trillion. At 10% tax rate government would get over 1 trillion. Am sure there are more than 20 large investment companies and those accounts probably average more than 1,5 million. Seems like a win win.

    Appreciate a response back even if you think I’m crazy. If you need more of an explanation let me know.

    Bob Heinze
    Celina, TX 75009
    [email protected]

  • Juanita Melanson

    11/06/2018 06:03 PM

    A lifelong Republican, I love my country, and it’s citizens. I believe there are more Democrats that feel the way I do than people realize, and those citizens are going to join the #redwave today. They might not #walkaway forever, but they will today—to save our country.

  • Adrian Rehak

    11/06/2018 04:28 PM

    Everything you said is 100% right on. I don't like the name calling. No one is ever convinced to change their position when the one trying to convince is calling him/her names. Of course, in some cases that wouldn't happen anyway. However, others who see the name calling may be irritated by it and pushed the opposite direction. Not good PR.

  • Wanda ONeil

    11/06/2018 04:18 PM

    Thank You. Your time and effort are important to me. I agree with you 100 % in reference to the "Against" purposes of the Democrats. I have a hard time understanding how so many can be so naive. Yes , I have VOTED .....RED ALL THE WAY ! Now we wait and Hope and Pray that the Dems screwed up on their cheating , and LOSE Big Time . How does a party lose a rigged election ? SMH ( shaking my head ) at the Demoncrats Daily . <3