May 21, 2019

Dick Morris has an op-ed arguing that the strict anti-abortion laws just passed in states such as Alabama and Georgia are harming the pro-life movement by giving Democrats a rallying point to inflame their base and get voters to the polls.

He says the nation was already moving in a more pro-life direction, and was repulsed by the heartless late-term abortion bills in states such as New York.  But these state anti-abortion laws, even though they’re purely symbolic unless or until Roe v. Wade is overturned, create a distraction that allows the media and leftist politicians and activists to change the subject from science and their own cruelty to “men trying to control women’s bodies.” It’s a nonsense charge (there are slightly more women than men who identify as pro-life; and their concern is protecting babies, not oppressing women), but one that’s very effective with their supporters.

Morris says that when the opposition is committing suicide, it’s best just to give them enough rope (not the best metaphor for the pro-life side, but he only means it figuratively.)

I’m not sure that whether the states passed anti-abortion laws or not, it would have made much difference to the pro-abortion forces’ reactions.  They could sense public sentiment swinging against their position, and they can’t defend it scientifically, since science has been more and more on the pro-life side.  So it was inevitable that even if the pro-life side hadn’t responded at all, they would have soon turned to deliberately inflaming emotions.  I warned last week, when the Alabama bill passed, that even though it wouldn’t go into effect, it would spark a lot of political theater (it even has costumes: those ludicrous “Handmaid’s Tale” outfits that are kept hanging in the closet, ready to be pulled out for any occasion.) 

If Roe v. Wade is ever challenged, it will have to be by a state wanting to change abortion laws. Personally, I think it’s best to stand up for what you think is right, and if people attack you for it, then just respond to them.

But I’ll let you respond in the comments: do you think it’s a tactical error to pass very restrictive abortion laws (including punishments for doctors and no exceptions for rape or incest) to ensure they end up in the Supreme Court because it might spark a backlash that helps the opposition distract from the real issue (protecting innocent life in the womb)?  Should the states have waited until President Trump appointed another conservative to the SCOTUS? Or pass less restrictive limits to avoid giving an issue to the other side?  Or would there have been just as much of an overboard, distracting reaction to any limits on abortion?  Feel free to voice your opinion below.  


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  • shelley Rubinstein

    05/23/2019 01:36 PM

    I agree with Mr. Moon!

  • Patti Post

    05/23/2019 08:57 AM

    Thank you very much Mike for your help in fighting for what is right. God is so very proud of you.
    I agree with everything you say because no matter what it is all about defending the widows and orphans and the poor and needy which includes unborn babies that are beautiful lives created by God just like you and me.
    Well done good and faithful servant!!! May God continue to bless you abundantly.
    Thank you. Your friend Patti

  • John Wildfong

    05/23/2019 08:00 AM

    My family and I are Pro-Life. I do not think the abortion issue can be solved by legislation. To be for abortion one must have a very dark and cold heart and severed conscience, just like the Nazi's of WWII and the terrorist of today. The hearts of people have to be changed to see all life, all people as valuable. We (meaning humans) are all image bearers and that is the root reason the fight is so strong against life. Remember we fight not against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities. The battle is for hearts, minds, souls and lives. We must remember the Pro-Life stance is a heart issue. If we (and I do) want to stop abortion we need to take practical steps to make it less appealing to the women who are having abortions. Put our time, talents and money in to things that support women and babies. Show actual love to these women, who quite frankly we probably just looking for love when they got pregnant in the first place. Show these ladies love, mercy and grace by meeting their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Show women we are advocate for them and for their choice to choose life. If the Pro-Life crowd gets out there, we can get this done. We can, with God's guidance, make abortion the most unappealing option out there. The decision to have an abortion, right now anyway, doesn't belong to the government, it's still in the hands of the people. And I believe that is where and how this battle can be won. Perhaps if the gruesome details of the "procedure" need to be made completely public. Movies like "Gosnell" and "Unplanned" need to be shown to all pro-choice legislators let them see what they are signing on to. And if they have any glimmer of conscience, and seed of the Holy Spirit in them they would not be for abortion. Yes, I'm in favor of Pro-Life legislation, I think it shows that we're still a descent nation to live in, it gives hope. Also, I hear so much about the decline in population in American and how we can't pay for programs... I wonder how many of these issues would have never come up if the over 60 million people had not been aborted. Hmmm... so sad the world will never know.

  • Mike Smith

    05/22/2019 11:17 PM

    Emotions have no place in politics, if you wish to have the power to effect change. The GOP has a very bad habit of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

  • Doug Moon

    05/22/2019 06:13 PM

    I read Dick Morris's editorial, and I personally don't subscribe to his theory. As you posited, the left, having no science to fall back on in this discussion, has no other option but to ramp up their emotional ranting and make even more outrageous demands for "women's rights" . It is inevitable. The states like Alabama and Missouri that are taking a stand for life not only have the moral high ground, but science itself to support them. And the simple truth is that it is not a radical position; life IS precious, and worthy to be defended. It is the idea that some lives are more important than others that is hard to defend--at least in this nation. At least so far...

  • John McKin

    05/22/2019 11:29 AM

    The question on abortion is not a tactical question. If you took all the atrocities committed throughout history and rolled them into one package, they would not equal this crime against humanity we call abortion. On the question of are these laws to strict. In the case of rape can someone please tell me what the baby did? Catch the rapist and lock him away for life. Why the focus on the innocent child? She did nothing wrong. On the issue of Incest...If it was rape, the same logic applies and if not then the mother and father should be prosecuted, but why kill a helpless baby for this? Finally on the issue of life of the Mother. I would say this. If a father and his 2 year old daughter were walking down a path hand-in-hand and a Mountain Lion jumped out. Could he legally drop the child's hand and flee to safety to save his own life?

  • Emma Gifford

    05/22/2019 10:55 AM

    The left will have a tantrum no matter what the people do if it's in opposition to what they want. It's the only way they know how to handle any opponents.

  • Mary S Zoch

    05/22/2019 10:10 AM

    It's very sad that babies' lives have been made the subject of political fodder. If the strict laws save the life of one baby, it's worth the effort regardless of the democrats' railing. Haven't we learned that they're going to rail against anyone who doesn't agree with any of their radical ideas? I believe they find the most extreme ideas to push their agendas and it eventually becomes the norm. Maybe the same will happen with strict abortions laws. At least people know that someone is willing to stand against abortion for what it is - murder - and we don't have to just sit by and helplessly watch it happen. We can support those who have stepped up to make a change, and I do.

  • David Bradley

    05/22/2019 09:35 AM

    We need to stop thinking in terms of the "political game" with positioning and timing, and simply stand up for what is right. I don't blame Morris for his opinion, because he lives within the political game system. But if enough states stood up, the game would be over!!

  • Sheri Nolen

    05/22/2019 12:48 AM

    Abortion is murder plain and simple! And the Bible says murder is a sin! I believe women who want abortions are too lazy to buy contraceptives, i think even WalMart carries contraceptives, instead they want to kill a baby that never asked the 'parents' to connect! There have been so many abortedly murdered that have actually lived. Truth be told it cant be good for the woman either. Around 46 years ago i went to school with a friend who endwd up pregnant. Her father wanted her to have an abortion. My friend asked me what i thought. Before i could give her mt answer i wanted to arm myself with the facts so i reserched abortions. They are actually still done the same way and not only are the ways murderous but the also torture the baby! If someone came up to you abortion wanters and threw battery acid all over you then you would know how one method feel for your innocent baby. I hope and pray the magnificent President Donald ztrump signs an executive order banning, abolishing and ending all abortions in every state in America. He should also make every doctor, nurse and midwife that gives or assists in abortions a prison term and aloss of his or her liscense.

  • Patricia Frances Adams

    05/22/2019 12:04 AM

    Personally I believe we should go to all lengths possible legally to save these precious babies from being murdered????....God gave us free will but some strict guidelines with consequences never hurt! I know that if somebody wants to get an abortion they will go to all lengths available to get one but maybe with stricter guidelines/consequences for all involved in place it may help folk lean towards better choices in their personal lives... as in abstinence or stricter birth control! .....I’m praying for finances to start many bigger than the enemies ‘killing fields’ namely Planned Parenthood alternative homes to provide safe home all through the country for mums to stay for duration of pregnancy and beyond with full prenatal /birth and after care provided for Mum&baby for as long as needed and/or until Mum is back working & can afford to settle safely elsewhere....also working alongside Christian Adoption counseling for estranged families over said pregnancy ????towards reconciliation in event Mum chooses to keep baby to prayerfully have family support......counseling also for rape/incest pregnancies so Mums have opportunity to heal and hopefully choose to carry baby to term with choice to keep or go adoption route???? Big order I know but we serve a BIG GOD...... 541-921-9128 (suggestions) ????Greatly appreciated....thank you kindly for your time in reading....God bless you&family??

  • George Curl

    05/21/2019 10:02 PM

    I'm very much Pro-Life and see these laws as a step towards SCOTUS passing judgement on Roe v Wade. Regardless of the out come, I believe it will be be the final word. If Roe v Wade is upheld or struck down at least the final word will be written.

  • William Schlumpf

    05/21/2019 09:54 PM

    It may be a tactical error, but if so, the problem is not with the legislation but the electorate. Turning a blind eye to the murder of innocent human beings cannot be condoned irrespective of the political ramifications.

  • Ed Gehringer

    05/21/2019 09:36 PM

    I would have a hard time voting AGAINST any of these abortion bans, because if they went into effect, they would save lives. But the Supreme Court is more likely to chip away at Roe v. Wade than to overturn it on their first opportunity. So I think it is probably better tactically to ban abortion except in the "hard" cases, and then let the public see that that's not the end of the world; then the hysterics would calm down a bit and we could make further progress on the issue. That's the way gay-marriage advocates worked (except that they were not on the side of the angels).

  • Perry Pierce

    05/21/2019 09:24 PM

    Mike, if you read this comment it will surprise me as I cannot financially support your efforts. I believe the states that have passed abortion laws such as "heartbeat" law are ABSOLUTLY correct and hopefully the rest of the States will follow along this path. Our country needs to get back to God believing standards and His leading . Hope this helps you. God Bless you and your voice for conservative ideas.

  • Gerald Garrison

    05/21/2019 09:15 PM

    I personally feel the new overly strict abortion laws just passed were a definite tactical mistake and fed directly into the hands of the liberal Democrats. I would have much rather let them hang themselves.

  • Buck O. Jones

    05/21/2019 08:58 PM

    I believe people should stand up for what they think is right. Kudo's to Alabama/Georgia.

  • Gayle Bolto

    05/21/2019 07:21 PM

    As strategically cunning as the Democrats are, I believe they purposely had the Virginia Governor make the infanticide comment in order to gin up a response from the pro-life side, so they would then have another call to action cry. As always the Democrats meticulously incite evil anger to cover up their other devious causes like selling fetal baby parts. Historically the Republicans have not be very good at deflecting the Democrats anger crusades. They wanted Roe vs Wade to be an active talking point for the next election. We played right into their hands and now they have it. We would have be wise to have waited until Trump had won it all and then strategically dropped the hammer.

  • Eva Shaw

    05/21/2019 06:33 PM

    Remember the pendulum? It has to swing all the way over to come to a moderate agreement. Sit tight.
    Things will work out and hardhearted people will begin to understand.

  • Cathy Wentz

    05/21/2019 06:32 PM

    I am frankly torn on strategy. As a woman, I abhor abortion and think it's murder! I realize that the strategy of these states' anti-abortion laws is to force a re-visitation of Roe v. Wade in the Supreme Court. However, I think it's so important that we pro-lifers work harder on winning hearts to have mercy on unborn babies. I saw the movie "Unplanned" and it broke my heart and yet gave me hope that people's minds and hearts could be changed if they are confronted by the facts as Abby Johnson was.

  • Thomas Dickerson

    05/21/2019 06:29 PM

    Jesus did not care if he offended people, especially those that we're doing evil, and, abortion, at any level, is evil. And, we're not even getting getting into sexual immorality, which also evil, and is the main reason why we're having these abortions. Standing up for God, and his Commandments, is always the right thing to do.

  • Clare Murphy

    05/21/2019 05:38 PM

    I absolutely am afraid this was the wrong timing for the pro life movement to initiate a no exceptions position at this time. Yes, pro choice was already winning this battle for the pro life movement.
    Now the issue has been given new strength since most Americans support pro life, yet acknowledge some rare exceptions may be considered.

  • Anne Odendhal

    05/21/2019 05:35 PM

    Those in favor of protecting and defending human life can do no right . We must contend, facing opposition as all who've been in the right side of history have done. If I heard him correctly last night on his show, I was saddened to hear Sean Hannity say he is okay with legalized child killing for rape and incest. Does Hannity know about folks like Ethel Waters? It should be obvious to anyone with a conscience that we do not kill victims for the crime of their oppressor or parents...not to mention that abortion after rape means two violent assaults on a woman.

  • Rodney Kohlin

    05/21/2019 05:35 PM

    I agree with Mr Morris and others such as Pat Robertson that have expressed feelings that, politically, passage by Alabama and even Georgia of their bill may hurt the cause of those trying to get the most pro-life bill possible that will endure. However, not all states' citizens, thankfully, operate on a politics 24/7, and sometimes I think they feel it is just necessary to do the right thing.

  • Beth Hay

    05/21/2019 05:18 PM

    "All that is necessary for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing" (Edmund Burke). For decades good men did nothing, or at least not nearly enough to fight this evil. Staying inside the church buildings and preaching about it was not enough. Putting feet to faith is always the best solution and it is working now. Created Equal from Ohio is doing an excellent job of changing hearts and minds by taking jumbotrons to college campuses and other places showing actual abortions. People have been lied to about "blobs of tissue" and needing to protect women who have been raped and are victims of incest (even though the abortion gives the rapist and molester a pass by destroying the evidence and they go on to rape and molest again). We, as Christians have been silent and accommodating for too long, trying not to stir the pot or get involved in social issues for fear of alienating those whom we want to evangelize. Some Christians even bought the lie, saying they "personally" are pro-life, but believe a woman should have the right to choose. Here is a not-so-Christian response--Bull! Matthew 25:34-46 talks about inheriting the kingdom by giving of ourselves to those in need: "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me"(v. 40) or forfeiting the kingdom by withholding goodness: "Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me. And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal" (vv. 45-46). Stop wimping out Christians! If we don't act now, when will we?