January 13, 2019

There’s a growing debate in conservative circles over whether Republicans are devoting too much time and attention to refuting the factually-challenged but “morally right” proclamations of “Democratic” Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  She complains of being picked on, but then, when you run to Twitter and TV cameras every day to make outrageous statements about wanting to turn America into Sweden through massive tax increases and government expansion backed by math that looks like someone sat on a calculator, you have to expect people to respond less than respectfully. 

Some Republicans are concerned that responding to every jaw-dropping bit of babble from a loose cannon freshman Congress member gives her too much attention and importance, while allowing the really powerful Democrats like Nancy Pelosi to avoid the scrutiny they deserve and let the very real damage they’re inflicting slide under the radar.  But others argue that responding is vital because AOC is such a media darling, she’s gaining a dangerous amount of influence among young people in the same way that her fellow attractive radical, Che Guevara’s, face is on the T-shirts of many students who don’t have a clue about the horrors that flowed from people actually taking his leftist politics seriously.

I can understand the arguments on all sides, but I’d toss another point into the mix: I salute her for providing Republicans and Americans in general a valuable service by exposing what the rising radical leftwing of the Democratic Party really believes. 

She’s too inexperienced to have that built-in filter that so many slick professional politicians do, the one that prevents them from telling Americans their true beliefs. So while cautious Democrats mouth platitudes about, say, being all in favor of border security, in theory (while refusing to support anything that provides it), she just blurts out what she (and, I suspect, many others in her Party) really think: socialism is great, taxes should be jacked up to the sky, America needs to become Sweden, and this latest stunner:

“…The women and children on the border seeking refuge and opportunity in the U.S. with nothing but the shirt on their backs are acting more American than any person who seeks to keep them out ever will be.”

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I for one thank her for summing up perfectly the attitude among many Democrats that only she is honest (or at least, unpolished) enough to lay it right out there:  They honestly think that people who are trying to enter the US illegally are better Americans than actual American citizens who believe that people should respect our immigration laws. So of course, it would be a good thing to overwhelm the current voting population of US citizens with millions of illegal immigrants.  Explains a lot, doesn't it?

Frankly, not since Hillary Clinton stood up on national TV and declared that she considers a huge percentage of Americans to be a basket of irredeemable, racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic deplorables has any Democrat been quite so honest about what that party’s leaders really think of everyday Americans.  When Hillary accidentally blurted out her honest beliefs, it was considered a shocking one-time gaffe.  With AOC, it’s like a fire hydrant that nobody can turn off. 

Republicans need to walk a careful line between giving her so much attention that it elevates her importance and not downplaying or ignoring what she has to say.  Make no mistake: what she’s spouting might be crazy, but it’s what the leftists who want to seize power at every level of government truly believe.  We owe her our gratitude for exposing it, and Americans ignore it at their peril. 




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  • Linda Olds

    01/17/2019 09:37 AM

    The problem is not only AO-C, but the people who voted for her too. A part of our population is voting for anyone who will promise them free everything, especially if that person is young and attractive.

  • Nancy Bretz

    01/15/2019 04:07 PM

    Just before AOC became legit, FOX'S financial news showed a panel of people discussing her. One was a young CEO (his company has something to do with buildings in DC) explaining that he was helping her to obtain an apartment in DC because she (whining) could not afford it. The youngest member of Congress "deserves my help." He also mentioned that if she preferred something "more luxurious", he would discuss it with her. Why have we not seen this program or this CEO again? Surely many of us who saw the program heard this guy say this. Sounds like news to me! The Socialist needs a Capitalist to pay for her apartment!

  • Rosalie Gilliland

    01/15/2019 03:40 PM

    It's unfortunate that so many Conservatives are giving AOC the platform she so badly wants. It only rewards and emboldens her. It's hard to believe that the same caring and passionate Liberals of the sixties and seventies who fought for racial equality and to end the Vietnam war, have now morphed into some of the most hateful human beings on the planet.

  • judy hannon

    01/14/2019 05:25 PM

    It is to bad that young people are so uneducated that they can't see thru this idiot she is foolish and needs to catch up on what makes America a great country and it is not socialism. Sweeden does not even like it anymore.

  • rodney Burke

    01/14/2019 04:50 PM

    what is scary, is we aren't paying enough attention to those who can IMPLEMENT the scary things she espouses. Of course, I think you and I will agree, those who CAN implement what she believes should be in jail or GITMO and not in congress. I think AOC should be carefully documented to see how consistently she says the same thing. And then there needs to be a place to present what dimwits believe which is nothing more than communism. That is the dangerous part.

  • Carl Moore

    01/14/2019 04:37 PM

    I say I hope she keeps showing us by far the best comedy on tv.

  • Linda Olds

    01/14/2019 10:25 AM

    Too many voters are voting on likeability, bringing in 'politicians' like A O-C who are too ignorant to know that they're ignorant! In the past, new members of Congress took time to learn their job, but those like A O-C are too arrogant...and they may be right in thinking that they don't need common sense, experience, or cooperation with others anymore.
    Even experienced politicians are trying to be like her. I almost felt sorry for Elizabeth Warren, trying to look natural and 'cool', filming herself drinking a beer!
    President Trump is the most honest politician out there, even though he's called the 'lying-est' president. He exaggerates, and is careless with numbers, but unlike him, the others care only about the polls. I just hope that there are enough voters who appreciate him.

  • Jerry Korba

    01/14/2019 09:58 AM

    The time has passed for the Democrat organization it used to be the party of Labor and the Farmer I was a member I watch its demise start when the Labor Unions started to lose it influence we watched in horror as contracts with corporations ended with little or no benefits and even loss of benefits to workers while this is going on the migration of cheap labor poured into our country. This leads me to believe that huge corporations are demanding that we keep our borders open. Look at some giants like Bloomberg, Soros ,and most of these people with great wealth are backing what is turning into a Socialist/Communist party. I have called Pelosi, Schumer and the band of Anti American policies scumbags ect. names do not bother them results matter to the people that are pulling their strings. These weak and cowardly politicians are not changing if they do they will be replaced by a far left elitist; Do not look for these puppets to change the agenda if they do you will see a different puppet at the bottom of the string. The same people will continue to make the puppet sing and dance; One ? have you ever see chuckie talk with out a written statement in front of him he is only the mouth piece he has done what he is ordered to do. A few years back he was to secure the border Obama and the rest of the group talked border security; How did that turn out? If a Socialist or Communist candidate should win the White House Bye Bye America hope You enjoy Putin as your Sect. Of State.

  • Marlene Helfrick

    01/14/2019 09:15 AM

    Why is it there is no public outcry about another caravan forming in Honduras? Are Pelosi and Schumer waiting for it to storm our borders and invade us in numbers too large to stop? Are they that desparate for illegal votes and low wage slaves?

  • Larry Arneson

    01/14/2019 08:32 AM

    Your analysis feels right and also believe President Trump speaks without a filter. The difference being President Trump is looking out for American's and our security. I do appreciate both their honesty which provides voters something more than partisan talking points. It's almost a free for all debate without actually being in the same location with each other.

  • James R Howard

    01/14/2019 05:35 AM

    I cannot imagine anyone who is a critical thinker taking her seriously. She is only seeking fame and fortune like most life long politicians and she will become another Nancy P after many years in government service. If the voting sheep continue to folk for people like her to serve in government service, they will get what they deserve. History repeats itself doesn't it? Look at the corrupt credit/debt based currency system we are saddled with. The government spending is and has been out of control since the Federal Reserve came into existence and now we are in a financial mess that will take us down.

  • Diann Bell

    01/14/2019 12:03 AM

    Thank you for great overview of aoc & other radical democrats are spouting since barely taking office. I was going to ignore her, but you’re right, it’s important to listen so we know as conservative Republicans what we’re up against.

  • Nancy L Sprague

    01/13/2019 10:27 PM

    I completely agree with you Governor! But I would just say that personally, I am disgusted that anyone in our country would grow up and go to our schools, would come out with this type of ideology. This is the same however you slice it, socialism, Communism, Marxism and many lives were given in the ugly name thereof. World Wars fought over for such thought. Hasn't she ever heard of the definition of insanity?!
    Love you Gov Huck! I was one of those who voted for you way back, btw:))

  • Doris Lofton

    01/13/2019 10:17 PM

    My thoughts exactly.

  • Kevin Cook

    01/13/2019 09:56 PM

    The Bimbo Bartender is a perfect example of Democrat politicians who have never accomplished anything in their lives and the Bimbo Bartender serves as a sober reminder why we should not allow her any credibility, why local political groups need a better screening process and why the federal and state government needs neutered

  • Diane Tompkins

    01/13/2019 09:49 PM

    Thank you for your insight on this.
    God Bless America??

  • Pius Arinze Has

    01/13/2019 08:33 PM

    I see AMERICA becoming a socialist State in the nearest future. When that happens, there will be a massive collapse that they may never survive from.
    Only conservatives can Stop this, but they seem to be all about talks on social media and blogs like this, but actually do nothing compared to what the Liberal 'dumb' AOCs do in advancing their very outrageous socialist ideas. This was why the Republicans were rigged out of the house. Senate and White House will be next.
    Am a serious follower of American politics since Trump, in 2015. Check out my featured Article on why border wall is not immoral here:
    It's a secure site, not bugged by ads.

  • Norman

    01/13/2019 07:25 PM

    She is just a reflection of what our universities & colleges are teaching our young people.

  • Rebecca Overton

    01/13/2019 06:38 PM

    Occasional-Cortex is a ridiculous joke Mike who has earned no respect whatsoever. I truly hope she is ridiculed out of our Congress. There is not one shred of concern or caring for her from anyone I know. If the Lord has room for her, that's up to HIM.

  • Zoe Moseley

    01/13/2019 06:14 PM

    Agreed! We should not give her a platform! It is sad and quiet honestly frightening what the newly elected Democrats are saying and believe! She along with others are a disgrace to the people's house!!! Of course she has the freedom of speech however you have to be intelligent enough to know what to say and how to say it. As an American citizen I was not happy when President Obama was in office but always respected the office of the Presidency! I would hope an elected official would too... otherwise you do not deserve to serve ! I pray this Country continues to prosper and I will continue to pray for President Trump and all leaders ..yes even her! God Bless the USA!

  • Douglas Morgan

    01/13/2019 05:12 PM

    Governor, there is an adage that " a drunken man's words are a sober man's thoughts." This is an analogy of the democrat party and leftist republicans. The uninhibited Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the drunk leftist exposing the sober soul of the democrat party.

  • Wendy Sotak

    01/13/2019 04:11 PM

    Yes, scary how much media attention is given to AOC. I believe we should stop focusing on her...maybe it will help extinguish the spread of her anti American ideas.

  • Kay Kunter

    01/13/2019 04:10 PM

    I would not discount the influence that she can exert. But I think we need to report the errors in what she is espousing. At this time in our society I do not think we can take what she says too lightly. Some are not alert to what she is trying to do. And the young are very susceptible to her arguments.

  • Gretchen Grant

    01/13/2019 04:05 PM

    Not being from NY I'd never heard of AOC before she started popping us on social media spouting hogwash on a daily basis. She is the product of our liberal socialist school systems and why more and more parents are choosing home schooling or Christian schools. Anyway, less is more. She needs far less exposure as her head is swelling every time she is in front of the camera. Look at the way she relishes her new found attention. Yes, she is too naive (at the moment) to realize she is letting the cat out of the far left bag. Tired of her already.

  • Wiley Brooks

    01/13/2019 03:59 PM

    I lean toward those who say we shouldn't give her prominence by publicizing everything she mutters. However, she's ignorant and dangerous and we can ill afford to ignore her message. There's millions of Americans that are just as ignorant and dangerous and agree with her. They are the one's we must concentrate our efforts on. We need resources, organization and a plan to educate the uneducated on the history, evils and failures of socialism. It's a battle that must be won. It must be fought in homes, in our public schools, colleges and in the media.