March 4, 2019

Stop the presses! Call the kids! Wake the neighbors!  This is real, major, four-alarm news!

We've finally found a Democrat who is NOT running for President in 2020!


Saturday afternoon, President Trump gave a speech for the record books, talking to a CPAC crowd for two hours and two minutes.  He often went “off-script” - that's when we get the comments that make Trump supporters cheer and his critics’ heads explode.  Like the moment when the crowd roared with laughter as he mocked the “Green New Deal” replacing oil and gas with sources like wind energy: “Darling, is the wind blowing today? I'd like to watch television, darling.”

“Saturday Night Live” made fun of Trump’s speech, but the truth is, he was much funnier ad libbing than “SNL” has been in years.  Incidentally, does anyone else think it’s odd that liberals believe claims that Trump is so dumb or Alzheimer’s-ridden that he can’t even form a coherent sentence in a White House meeting, yet he can stand in front of thousands of people and ad-lib a two-hour speech? 

This link has some quotes from the speech…

But if you have a spare two hours, there are lot less entertaining ways you could spend it than to watch the entire thing.  Some of them won Oscars last week…


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During his CPAC speech, President Trump announced that he will sign a (long-overdue) executive order protecting free speech on America’s college campuses.  He was joined on stage by Hayden Williams, the young man recently punched in the face by a leftist thug on the UC-Berkeley campus for daring to man a table for a conservative student group. 

Trump said, “He took a hard punch in the face for all of us,” and we can never allow that to happen again.  Before the media pull the “Trump is inciting violence on campus” hysterics, allow me to quote former Obama deputy chief of staff Jim Messina to fellow Democrats: “If you get hit, we will punch back twice as hard.”

Universities used to be laboratories of free speech where students could be exposed to a wide variety of ideas, debate them and learn how to think critically and separate truth from nonsense.  This is why the left made it a multi-generational mission to take over higher education and insure that only their side was allowed to be heard: because it doesn’t stand up to intellectual scrutiny, so they have to shout or beat down anyone who speaks up against it. 

I’m certain the college administrators will do everything in their power to ignore Trump’s order or run to a liberal federal judge to get it overturned.  But a reminder: colleges are under state control, and they’re also desperate to keep donations and tuition money coming in.  Americans who are fed up with leftwing totalitarianism on campus have the power to contact their state officials to demand reform and accountability, to withhold donations and to send their kids to schools where lives aren’t ruined and faces punched in if a student dares to commit the unpardonable crime of having a non-leftist-approved thought.  

These schools may preach pure socialism, but their Achilles heel is money. Withhold it until they fold. As the humorist A. Whitney Brown said about the collapse of the USSR, “Who ever imagined that the fatal flaw of communism would be that there’s no money in it?”

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Here’s one of the more narrative-shattering moments of the CPAC conference: the founder of Black Guns Matter, Maj Toure, explained that the urban minority community is actually conservative in most of their beliefs, but they don’t trust conservatives because liberals have done such a good job of demonizing them and conservatives haven’t done enough to reach out to them and disprove that narrative.

I can vouch for that from personal experience.  When I became Governor of Arkansas, I wanted to serve all the state’s people and work with the African-American community to improve conditions in their neighborhoods.  So I reached out to black civic and church leaders to let them know I wanted to hear their concerns and find common ground to help.  There were a lot of long-ingrained suspicions to overcome, but I eventually convinced them that I was sincere, and we worked together to make some positive changes.  I’m proud to say that when I ran for reelection, I got a larger share of the black vote than any Republican since Reconstruction. 

Right now, the left is attempting to gain power by sowing division and suspicion among any and all identity groups.  They seek to elevate themselves by tearing Americans apart.  Republicans need to call out the poison of identity politics for what it is and concentrate on what we all share as Americans.  For instance, under President Trump’s policies, unemployment for all ethnic groups is at or near all-time lows.  That’s something that should be trumpeted by the GOP 24/7. 

JFK said, “A rising tide lifts all boats,” and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “We may have come on different ships, but we’re all in the same boat now.”  Voters should be reminded that both of those things are as true as ever, but only the Republicans still believe in them. 



President Trump said that the House hearing to let convicted liar Michael Cohen fill the Congressional Record with scurrilous accusations against Trump (for which he offered no evidence and even contradicted his own testimony) might have contributed to him having to walk away from the denuclearization talks with North Korea.

Naturally, those comments were met with mockery and derision by the mainstream media, but that means nothing, since everything Trump does is met by them by mockery and derision (except for things that are undeniably positive, like the stunning job growth since he took office.  That’s handled by either ignoring it or implausibly crediting Obama for it.)

I suspect there must be a laminated workplace poster in about 95% of American newsrooms that reads thusly:

“How to Handle News About President Trump

1.  If it’s bad, lead with it.

2.  If it’s good, ignore it.

3.  If he says anything, mock and nitpick it.” 

This replaced the old posters about how to handle stories on Obama, where the first two were the opposite and the third was, “Whatever he says, call it brilliant.” 

Since I don’t have to follow the standard media rules and can actually look honestly at what Trump says, let’s examine his claim to see if there’s any validity to it

First of all, was it necessary to schedule the hearing on the very day Trump was in Vietnam, trying to get Kim Jong Un to give up his nukes?  Well, Cohen wasn’t scheduled to go to prison for two weeks.  The case is still under investigation and he was barred from showing any new evidence, even if he had any.  So no, there was no reason to undermine the President while he was on an extremely important mission for America and the world.  We used to have an unwritten rule that you don’t attack your own leader when he’s on foreign soil, but apparently, no rules of decent or patriotic conduct apply anymore, at least not on the left.

The Democrats made it clear in advance that they were fishing for ways to embarrass Trump and try to find any excuse to impeach him.  So I think it’s fair to say that they ranked partisan politics above doing what was best for America, as well as Japan and other neighboring nations endangered by a nuclear North Korea. 

Now, did the hearing have any bearing on Trump walking away?  It’s obvious that the North Korean regime watches what’s happening in the US very closely.  They saw that they were negotiating with a President whose political enemies were attacking them with everything they had to try to remove him.  Offhand, I can think of two reactions they might have had. 

They might have suspected Trump was weakened and desperate to get a deal for some positive headlines.  Or they might have been reticent to cooperate for fear that any deal they signed would be DOA in a Congress that hates him, or null and void if he were forced out of office.  Both of those reactions would have made them less likely to yield to Trump’s demands, which forced him to walk away. 

So yes: it’s entirely possible that the talks were fatally undermined by the mindless partisanship of the Democratic Party.  I’m sure some will say I’m being unfair if I suggest that their priorities are opposing Trump first and American security second.  To which I would respond, “Say, didn’t they used to be in favor of a border wall before Trump embraced it?”  They also used to be against a nuclear North Korea, but considering that danger worsened for 20 years until Trump came along and finally tried to do something about it, maybe it’s just another pro-American stance to which they paid lip service and never really meant it. 

But I will point out three good things about Trump having to walk away: He sent a message to Kim that he will not be rolled, no matter what his political opponents do, so Kim has to agree to a deal Trump will accept or deal with sanctions.  He also sent a message to the Chinese that he’s willing to walk away from a trade deal if it’s not in America’s interests regardless of partisan criticism.  And the whole embarrassing mess sent a loud and clear message to American voters about the priorities of the two parties.  In 2020, you will have to pick between the party that is trying to take nuclear weapons away from North Korea and the party that was willing to ruin that effort just to go nuclear on Donald Trump.  The choice is yours. 



Because Congress and the White House have no real issues or problems to deal with, New York Rep. Jerry Nadler, now in charge of the House Judiciary Committee, announced plans to barrage the White House and Justice Department with demands for documents to prove that President Trump obstructed the Mueller investigation.  You know, the one that’s still going on unimpeded after two years and about $20 million of taxpayer money with no end in sight, the one for which rabid partisans were hired and only fired after they were proven to have violated the law and lied to Congress, the one overseen by people with blatant conflicts of interests for which federal regulations required them to recuse themselves and yet they remained in place for years.  

Sounds as if Trump did almost as lousy a job of obstructing that investigation as Jerry Nadler plans to do running the Judiciary Committee.

Of course, Nadler also has many other gripes, like apparently thinking it’s an impeachable offense for Trump to criticize the media that constantly attacks him and runs fake news stories about him. I’ll get back to you on that as soon as I reread the Constitution to see if there’s anything in it about the First Amendment right to freedom of speech not applying to Presidents that Jerry Nadler doesn’t like.


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One reason I’m generally opposed to special counsels – especially those like the Mueller investigation that have no end date, budget or clearly-defined investigative limits – is because, frankly, we have too many laws.  It’s been said that everyone unknowingly violates 10 laws before breakfast; and if prosecutors aren’t reined in, they can railroad anyone into prison through selective prosecution. 

For instance, it’s been amazing to see Hillary Clinton get away with smashing federal laws and regulations like an HGTV host with a sledgehammer on demo day; meanwhile, Democrats demand endless hearings, investigations, prison time and impeachment for anyone associated with Trump who ever jaywalked on a day with a “y” in it.  Leftists demand strict adherence to every arcane federal rule and regulation from their opponents, with no forgiveness for honest mistakes or simply not knowing some piddling issue might be a violation.  Meanwhile, they feel free to ignore such rules, assuming they exist only to rein in the bad behavior of bad people (their opponents) and surely not to impede the good intentions of good people (them.) 

Unfortunately for them, Republicans are fed up with being held to rigid standards that Democrats ignore.  Some of our newly-minted far-left Congress members who railed about holding Trump’s people “accountable” are suddenly discovering that there are a lot of federal laws, rules and regulations that they never imagined existed, or if so, that would ever apply to them.  

For instance, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has little tolerance for anyone who disagrees with her radical politics, but she thinks she’s under unfair scrutiny when watchdogs look into her housing arrangements, her boyfriend’s salary, and now, the question of whether an out-of-state PAC provided over eight times more services to her campaign than is allowed by the FEC.

And she’s hardly the only self-righteous leftist firebrand who points out the speck in other people’s eyes while allegedly ignoring the telephone pole in her own:

Are some of these questions picky or motivated by partisanship?  Maybe, but so what?  Welcome to our world.  Besides, this is of special importance since so many of the freshman Democratic class embrace socialism, one of the fatal flaws of which is that it greatly rewards corrupt government officials.  Some of these people haven’t been in office long enough to warm their chairs yet, and they’re already dreaming of remaking America and spending trillions of dollars, all while displaying questionable ethics regarding public money and financial regulations.  This is how Venezuela got a class of billionaires who just happened to be relatives and underlings of Hugo Chavez.  

Judging from their angry response to inquiries about their finances, our new leftist Fearless Leaders don’t like it when the rules they’ve weaponized against Republicans get turned on them.  The New York Post story includes this quote from Tom Anderson of the watchdog group, the Government Integrity Project at the National Legal and Policy Center in Virginia, who sums it up in a nutshell:   

“They believe their cause is so great that they don’t have to play by the rules. They believe that they are above campaign finance law.”

They are in for a rude awakening.  Republicans have had enough of weaponized laws and selective, partisan prosecutions.  It’s time to put the blindfold back on Lady Justice and make the laws apply equally to all.  I can’t think of a better way to get Democrats to finally agree with Republicans that we need fewer federal laws and regulations than to start strictly enforcing them on Democrats as well.

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Minor news you probably won’t hear because there are so many important anti-Trump rumors and another dozen sexy new socialists entering the presidential race to cover: Since Trump took office, the number of Americans on food stamps has dropped by over 3.8 million to its lowest level since before the 2009 recession.

Part of that is due to states being allowed after 2013 to require that applicants for food stamps work, attend school, volunteer, or take job training.  If this story does get any coverage, I suspect that’s the negative angle the media will focus on, but good luck convincing most Americans that it’s a negative thing.



Fun Fact: While “The Star-Spangled Banner” was written in 1814, it only became the official US anthem on March 3, 1931.  That means Sunday marked the National Anthem’s 88th anniversary.  Just as Super Bowl Sunday marked the second anniversary of some Americans thinking it’s brave not to stand up and show respect when it’s played.




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  • Cynthia H. Coppersmith

    03/05/2019 09:54 PM

    Thank you Mike, for giving the real news about the investigation of our President. Such witch hunting is a disgrace to our Nation. Not only is it a disgrace what Congress is doing but what they are not doing which is their constitutional duty to represent the people that elected them.

  • Carl Smith

    03/05/2019 08:24 PM

    Great commentaries as usual. Education and the Universities USED to be the laboratories for Learning HOW to Learn and THINK. Then Academia fell in Love with the Marx, Trotsky Lenin ideology and it has reared it's ugly head in what used to be a doubting, Investigating media to an enabling arm of the NEW DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST PARTY. From Lenin; Give me four years to teach the children and the message I will have sown will never be uprooted.. It seems the Children are the Media and the Democrats following the path to Communism.
    I'm sure you remember the theme a few years back about educating our black youth--A MIND IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WASTE-- how did America manage to waste 150 million minds?

  • Amelia Little

    03/05/2019 02:33 PM

    Great newsletter!! (As usual.) So, I haven't read or heard anything about ocasio's take on those demanding tax returns from Donald Trump, but I figure she's probably gung-ho--if she's stopped her own crowing long enough to know what the rest of the democrats are up to. BUT, oh, poor little me!!! How DARE anyone question my finances or use of campaign money, etc etc etc. I guess she can use the "I didn't know" excuse that hilary used about the servers (after her 30+ years on politics, some as governor's wife, 8 as First Lady, and however many as senator. Seems after 30 years she would have had a clue, or at least would have required some of her staff attend inservice meetings (that I understood were held) to learn some of the basics of computer/email use in government offices. OR, maybe they attended but she ignored what they told her. BTW--has it always been a "rule" that the President has to submit his tax returns--and from how far back? (Maybe one of those good ol' boy rules?) AND, should he have to since obama never had to submit his actual birth certificate to prove he is US born.
    You forgot to add to the msm coverage of obama--everything negative (for 8 full years) was always GWB's fault.
    One thing that has been wrong for years is the "there has to be a law for everything" mindset. We don't need a federal law about cleaning our driveways after a snow storm--but if there isn't one yet, I am sure there are people who don't like how their neighbors clear their driveways (or don't) who are pushing for one. Some stuff is just common sense, some stuff is--you live your life, I'll live mine and we'll both mind our own business. So much of Congress time is dealt with issues that should be dealt with at the state and even local level. One size does NOT fit all in every instance--what works in LA or Chicago isn't necessarily what works or is good for the Midwest and Great Plains and other areas.

  • Jerry koba

    03/05/2019 10:07 AM

    Today's comment relates to the media. on vacation and we are guests of my inlaws woke a little early and had fox news on and the wife says u better turn that off our host is a trump hater I had to ask why he's a liar. Dear they all lie that's what they do just look at the policies.thats what matters. So she changes the channel to CBS I say they are not pro conservative why do u think this is a honest news outlet I thought I was watching a butterfly leave its cocoon anyway getting the perspective of what I thought a good person she is. how they think of our country, her father helped save it thru being in the navy for 4 ww2 years why law and order and all the good things we have now and want to build on because she thinks trump is a liar is mind boggling. I stopped the discussion it has taken months of showing my wife the good of the country with a LIAR IN Charge. Hey stupid it's the policies!!!!

  • Barney Flint

    03/05/2019 09:29 AM

    Mike, as usual, your commentary is spot on. I still cannot understand how a federal judge can countermand a directive, order etc made by the President. With that power, the President can be made basically, useless other than filling a chair in the white house. I for one am really tired of these judges stopping important decisions made by President Trump. I do not recall that ever happening during the disaster that was the previous presidents tenure. I will not use his name since he was a great divider-in-chief and continues to be so along with his failed successor-to-be. I thank the good Lord Trump won the presidency. Now if Shillary would just crawl back under her rock but she won't so we will have to endure her babblings at least until the 2020 election is over with. I am still expecting her to announce any day now that she is running again even though she claims that she is not.

  • Vickie Fiorentino

    03/05/2019 07:51 AM

    So, sir, how do WE THE PEOPLE, get congress to indict HILTLERY? She needs to be brought up on charges...lying to the American Public regarding Benghazi, Play fo Pay, Russian Uraniumn deal...the illegal server and hendering the hearings by smashing the blackberries, and computers, erasing data, etc...WHY IS SHE NOT in prison yet?

  • Laura Corbino

    03/05/2019 07:23 AM

    Jerry Nadler is going to do what the Muellar investigation and Obama couldn't do- cause an uprising in the Nation. The Democrats act like a bunch of spoiled kids who can't get their way. Also, with all this nonsense, is Congress get any real work done?

  • James Schroeder

    03/05/2019 03:15 AM

    A few days ago you wrote about switching political parties. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Donald Trump a registered Democrat years ago?

  • Rafael A Salaz

    03/05/2019 12:07 AM

    Today the Democrats started another big investigation on President Trump. It includes his whole life history . This is plain harassment in its prime form. These people are getting paid big money to do their job for the country not to be spending time and tax money in this none sense . Where is the the authority to put a stop to this ? I don't think anyone cares about knowing more of these findings, I don't. It is plain to see now that they don't like Trump and they are willing to make fools of them selfs and take the country down with them .

  • Jo Gonzalez

    03/04/2019 11:58 PM

    The people on "The List' could take a hint ,from a long gone First Lady, may she rest in peace with Ronnie, Nancy Reagan said "Just Say No". Well, this means, these people will have to pull up their pants, get off their duffs, and grow a pair, but we're waiting. Tell Nadler "To Go Pound Sand" or any way you choose to word it. Abuse of Power??? These people are writing the book!! In the meantime we can try and help Rand Paul try & find his mind, he's lost it. Jo in Texas


    03/04/2019 11:55 PM

    First, why can't we as citizens enforce adherence by Congressman to there oath of office under penalty law, Second, isn't an official attempt by a sworn Congressman to institute a Socialist government a violation of there sworn oath to support and defend the Constitution of America ? It doesn't pass the smell test of Americanism to this old Patriot! Thanks much for making the only decent program to watch on the TV, (my opinion). Good luck, and God Bless You All. Your partner in Liberty, Doug B.

  • Nellie Williams

    03/04/2019 11:23 PM

    Hey Gov Huckabee, what happened in Congress today? Was that legal? Can a witness just say to Congress, "I don't want to sware to God that I'm telling the truth", and the Chairman says, okay nobody has to swear to tell the truth any more. No oath on the Bible, no swearing to God to tell the truth? And this the same chairman that will be handling the impeachment hearings. Don't they have to vote on something as important as this? I've been stating, Wake up America before it is too late! How do we as private citizens have any control when Congress just does what it wants? Help!

  • Paul Kern

    03/04/2019 09:08 PM

    I read and appreciate all the real news you send out. I am very concerned and in prayer as God's Word commands. Where I live I hear very little about this. It says" judgement must begin at the house of God" How many of us take His Word seriously
    Continue with the work you and a few like you do. I fear we may become another Venezuela if the Church doesn't respond. Knowledge of the real world and prayer needed. Pray that God raises up more prophetic voices like Bonhoffer and others who have stood for God and sounded a clear clarion call.

  • Paul Kern

    03/04/2019 09:08 PM

    I read and appreciate all the real news you send out. I am very concerned and in prayer as God's Word commands. Where I live I hear very little about this. It says" judgement must begin at the house of God" How many of us take His Word seriously
    Continue with the work you and a few like you do. I fear we may become another Venezuela if the Church doesn't respond. Knowledge of the real world and prayer needed. Pray that God raises up more prophetic voices like Bonhoffer and others who have stood for God and sounded a clear clarion call.

  • Merle Douglas

    03/04/2019 08:46 PM

    With all the many diversions instigated by the Democrats, when do Hillary, et al., go on trial headed by Republicans for their crimes? Is there a statute of time on their crimes? Thanks

  • Kay Scyphers

    03/04/2019 08:12 PM

    Love your commentaries and your spot-on analysis. Keep on doing what you do!

  • Aline Oary

    03/04/2019 08:09 PM

    He was forced to walk away because the Secret Service nad the Vietnamese Protection Unit to the to leaders, found out at the last minute a plan to assassinate both him and Kim Jung Un. They were running to the limos to protect them and get in the limos. Another Illuminati plan. We barely escaped with the President's life and Mike Pompeos. That is found on the "dark side". If the summit had been finished, it would have worked. To keep it hidden, they had to say something else. Think false flag. The illuminati "deep state"" is working overtime to get us into another war. They are really unhappy the money machine is slowing and grinding to a halt.

  • James G Coyle

    03/04/2019 07:53 PM

    Mike, thanks so much for your daily column. I live in NJ and when they speak of Governor Phil (pothead) Murphy declaring a state of emergency because of the snow, I remind them that his whole 4 year term is a state of emergency for the conservative! All of my kids have gone/ are going to Liberty University, where conservative speech is always welcome! Praise Jesus our Lord!

  • Lt Col James C Hyde, USAF (Ret)

    03/04/2019 07:37 PM

    Governor, I have only one question. I have never heard it answered nor have I ever heard it discussed or even asked. I understand how the FISA court operates, in that it is not one judge, but eleven District Judges, selected on a rotational basis by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. If the FISA court was to learn that a decision made by the court was tainted, as in the approval to collect intelligence against a candidate for elected office, then why has the court failed to vacate the order as well as tossing out any and all information collected or not collected? I would imagine that as in any court of law, information gathered illegally by a prosecutor, causes that information to be tainted and the individual (s) would be held in contempt of the court if it was shown to have been done with malice of fore thought? If, as in the case of President Trump, the documents presented to the court have been shown to be suspect at the least and possibly manufactured for the sole purpose of denying a lawfully elected official the ability to govern this nation, then why would the Chief Justice not reconvene that court for the purpose of answering that question? If the court was manipulated, then why have they not examined the evidence that led them to make that decision.


  • Linda Furlong

    03/04/2019 07:36 PM

    Nadler, Schiff, Waters & whoever else are going to have hearings going after President are wasting more of the taxpayers money. Look at how much money Mueller has spent trying to prove collusion which is not a crime. They need to be made accountable. I'm so disgusted with these self righteous dems.

  • Barney Flint

    03/04/2019 07:30 PM

    Mike, I enjoy your commentary so much. You appear to have the pulse on all the news that us conservatives need to hear. I am 72 but ready and willing to "go to the wall" against the muslim's and socialists trying their best to overrun the usa. The oath I took when I joined the military has not yet been revoked that I will defend the USA against all enemies foreign and domestic.

  • Omer Causey

    03/04/2019 07:11 PM

    As I was watching President Trump's CPAC speech, Lee Greenwood's "Proud to be an American" began playing and the crowd went wild. My cellphone "rang" at the same time and the idea struck me that 30 million or so Trump supporters having a "Proud to be an American" ringtone on their phones would be an incredible and public show of patriotic solidarity. I found a free ringtone for download at:

    If you think this idea has merit, please let your audience know.

    Thanks for the terrific content coming from your newsletter.

  • Barbara Bagenstos

    03/04/2019 07:10 PM

    I think POTUS should refuse to honor any ruling by any Ca., judges rulingsas long as Ca., maintines their unlawfulstance of a sanctuary state and therefore disregarding the law of the land. I also think that rep. From Mn., needs to realize she is in America, and she is to represent her American people, NOT Muslims,so she does need to respect Israel, we do. She is a big. Mistake!

  • william fuhrer

    03/04/2019 07:09 PM

    Couldn't President Trump get Jerry Nadler as a racist since 90% of abortions done in his district are black?

  • Joan Chambers

    03/04/2019 06:48 PM

    Dear Mike,
    Would you considerate having Brandon Strata on your show on some Saturday.
    His talk with Levin was great.
    Thanks and God Bless