Evening Edition - January 16

January 16, 2020 |

Must-Read Story! Actor/screenwriter Vince Vaughn (one of Hollywood’s rare outspoken Libertarians) is getting the usual blowback from the Twitter hive mind who want to “cancel” him for the unforgivable sin of being seen shaking the President’s hand at a football game and speaking to him and the First Lady cordially for less than a minute. You see, because some deranged basement dwellers with social media accounts HATE-HATE-HATE Trump with the blazing heat of a thousand suns, we’re all supposed to act as if that’s normal and the only acceptable view or else be banished to the cornfield.

(For the record: I’ve spoken cordially to Trump and shaken his hand a number of times, and I’m not worried about being “canceled.”  In fact, my TV ratings are up 25% from a year ago, and they were pretty darn good then.)

I’m fairly certain Vince Vaughn isn’t going to be intimidated either, if this anecdote from an Iraq veteran is any indication.  The vet recalls the day Vaughn visited the camp to entertain the troops.  Note: this wasn’t just any USO stop.  This was a front-line camp in the “Triangle of Death,” where there were daily casualties from snipers and mortar fire (Vaughn’s helicopter came under mortar fire when he was landing.) It was so incredibly dangerous that no entertainer ever dared to visit the troops there.  Well, nobody except Vince Vaughn.  Read it all, then try to imagine him being afraid of what some keyboard warriors might say about him on Twitter. 



In Virginia, where Democrats are trying to use their narrow control of the legislature and governor’s seat to cram decades worth of leftist wish list items, from the ERA to radical pro-abortion and anti-gun laws, down the public’s throats, the people are organizing open revolt.  Gov. Ralph Northam is so terrified of what he’s unleashed, he declared a state of emergency and banned legal gun owners from carrying guns on the grounds of the state house during an upcoming rally to defend Second Amendment rights, a move some organizers are calling unconstitutional.

Meanwhile, sensing a growth opportunity, West Virginia is offering to accept Virginia counties that want to secede. 


This could be the perfect solution. Ninety percent of Virginia could join West Virginia and start a huge new state called “Real Virginia” with lots of GOP House members.  Then all the people who wanted Virginia to be in the control of radical leftist proponents of post-birth abortion and gun confiscation could stay in the Washington suburbs and form their own tiny state called "Left Virginia." (That's politically left, not like "the people who left Virginia.") Lump it in with Washington, and D.C. could finally have the statehood status it’s long been lobbying for.  It would even make Rhode Island feel better because it would no longer be the smallest state. 

One condition: "Left Virginia" can't have any Senators until it proves it can be responsible. That should take at least a hundred years.


I’ve often said that one of the worst mistakes our generation made was in letting the education system be taken over by leftists.  The poison fruit of that mistake can now be seen in surveys showing that young people have been indoctrinated to believe socialism is a great system where people “care” about each other, and capitalism and free markets are evil, greedy and harmful.

But one young man who thankfully was not infected is Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA.  He’s discovered two simple questions to ask young people that can shatter their allegiance to socialism in 15 seconds flat.  This is definitely worth reading, if you ever talk to anyone under 50.




Why banning guns will never stop violence:  At a Tampa, Florida, Walmart where legal gun owners are banned from carrying weapons, a sharp-eyed security guard noticed a woman had filled her basket with an assortment of items readily available on the store shelves that could be easily assembled into an IED nail bomb lit by a shoelace for a fuse. 

I expect liberals to respond to this by demanding a ban on “MacGyver” reruns.





I always tell people not to take any polls seriously until the election is much closer.  But this is a poll that isn’t meant to be taken seriously (it’s not even real), yet I think it’s probably the most believable poll I’ve heard in months.




War On Sanity Update: New Hampshire is the latest state to consider a law restricting girls’ school sports to those who were born female, in response to rising outrage about biological male students who “identify” as female winning all the girls’ trophies and scholarships. 


To women who still believe that the Democratic Party protects or cares about women’s rights, note that a similar bill was introduced in the US House by a Republican Congress member. It didn’t get a single Democratic vote.


To those who continue to insist that “identifying” as the opposite sex means you are the opposite sex, I’ll pass along a joke I heard last week about a driver who was stopped for driving alone in the car pool lane.  He told the cop that his preferred pronoun was “they.”

Hey, the cop had to let “them” go, right?

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  • Phyllis Lambert

    01/20/2020 08:28 PM

    Thank you so much for teaching and entertaining us at the same time. You're the best!

  • Gaye Harris

    01/18/2020 04:33 PM

    I think you and Sarah have a close connection to President Trump. Please tell him he should stop having such a foul mouth. I watched the LSU football players at the White House while the President honored them. He said 'Son of a b----' referring to himself and I just cringed! Does he realize he called his Mother a 'b----'? Please relay that just because there were a bunch of burly football players behind them, that he doesn't need to try to talk on their level. I really don't think that's their level anyway...as I'm aware of LOTS of football players who are clean-talking, moral, wonderful young men. One was proudly displaying a beautiful cross around his neck. In fact the ball players didn't even laugh at his 's of a b' comment! I'm concerned some staunch Christians may not vote for him because of his crass talking. They won't vote for the Democrat but they just won't vote for him unless he cleans up his language. We also wish he wouldn't use the 'hell' word so much either. Tell him to visualize his Mother and Dad in the front row watching so proudly as their son, the President of the Untied States, speaks to thousands of appreciative adoring Americans! I continue to be so appreciative of you and Sarah because you love our country as much as I do.

  • JoAnn Levy

    01/17/2020 10:18 PM

    Thank you for your story on Virginia 90% seceding to West Virginia and calling it "Real Virginia" I loved it!! Fantastic idea and I back it totally. I live in Illinois and could never vote for it, but, I love the idea all the same.

  • Michael

    01/17/2020 07:51 PM

    You are so right Governor when you say to watch the state of Virginia. But not only for the Democrats anti-gun agenda. I am not sure how the Democrats gained control of both the House & the Senate, plus the Governor's office. Was it a lack of Republican voters? Were all the rural counties just outnumbered by the Democrat liberals from the major cities? Whatever it was I hope it is a wake up call for all the red States or swing States. California, Illinois, much of the northeast States, plus New York are probably a lost cause as too many liberals vote for Democrats, then wonder why their states are going down the hill of decline! I hope that before the 2020 elections sleeping giant will wake up, the Patriots, the Republicans, Independents & anyone who doesn't want to see country destroyed by Democrats, vote Republican, so there are no more states like Virginia, New York, California, etc.

  • rodney burke

    01/17/2020 03:10 PM

    well if VA is a test. then the citziens are going to be FORCED to test the constitution of the state and the uS. Northam needs a good spanking in every way. Citziens need to come fully armed and tell him where to go and how soon to get there. Yes, the state MUST be taken back from the communists in the VA legislature. There is no long an option. and Mik Bloomberg needs to be VERY harshly told to shut up and stay out of VA's business. Democracy vs communism" on FB is real. This is what the next election comes down to and the left is no longer hiding it's contempt for every thing the rest of us believe in. Time to take the gloves off.

  • Michael Garrett

    01/17/2020 02:14 PM

    What all those polls never reveal is how many they are polling, where the poll was conducted (in Democratic hotbeds of liberalism?), the age group of those polled and what questions were asked of their subjects. Until they release that information, I don't take any of them seriously. What I do take seriously is the size of the crowds at Trump's rallies and the size of the crowds at any liberal Democratic Presidential candidate and the excitement and passion level from the crowd. And when Bernie or Elizabeth are speaking, is anybody really listening or believing or have they turned their hearing aids.
    Michael Garrett
    Trinidad, Colo. 81082

  • Jerry Korba

    01/17/2020 01:55 PM

    Dumb Dummer and Dumbest Mayor and Governors on our coast need to make laws that puts every one in a different box. Check box if your White Black Brown Red Yellow Then check box if your heritage is from a different country Religious belief Democrat Republican so on now they want to know your income bracket so one can commit a crime and be released to commit another crime if your low income makes sense no tax return on file commit crimes don't bother to show up for court plead low income dress like your low income get out of jail free. Get a speeding ticket or moving vehicle violation tell the Judge your low income and get fine reduced or dismissed. That should help reduce crime why wouldn't a smart person think of that another good job by Dumb Dummer and Dummest make America worse. Keep electing these Morons.

  • amos kalicharan

    01/17/2020 11:11 AM

    You forgot to mention that Hilliary also came under fire when she visited the troops
    I think she must have dreamt that

  • Jerry Korba

    01/17/2020 10:25 AM

    Has the country had enough of the Media ramming this Impeachment Farce down the publics throat. The coverage is non stop I doubt if much of the country cares anymore. After watching taxpayer money swirl down the toilet with the march of the Zombies to the Senate people might be better off watching some reruns from the past. The misuse of taxpayer money used to finance stoping the reelection of our current President is so horrific in many ways. The people that support this Impeachment understand the taxpayer funded Farce will not lower your taxable income rate it will probably increase it. First you are fools to go along with this hoax please don't drag me into your pit of stupidity. Family that support this mess takes away your family budget making it harder to make ends meet Democrats have kids these hoaxes cost a lot of money millions of dollars that could be used for the citizens use. With government workers wages paid every day does the public really think it is worth funding these hoaxes that will end up with nothing? Each day this goes on it costs the citizens millions a day. These people get paid just for breathing. Wake up stop this nonsense.

  • Penny Arp

    01/17/2020 08:33 AM

    I enjoy being able to read actual facts and common sense. Good job , Sir!!!

  • Lynn Miller

    01/17/2020 07:42 AM

    All VIRGINIANS know this: Not only is Blackface KKK Born Alive killer Northan dismantling 2A with his new Democrat legislature, they are passing election law changes. It won't be popular vote electing VA governors in the future, will be how the congressional districts roll, either democrat or republican that elects the governor... gerrymandering will make sure there won't be a republican congressional district left. State legislature and Mr. BlackfaceKKK are also changing the term for governor from 4 to 8 years so VIRGINIANS will be stuck with BLACKFACEKKK types for twice as long before we can exercise our right to vote for the next governor. What is happening in VIRGINIA is an acceleration of what happened in CA from over 60 years...to just one election that may end up being fatal to freedom in VIRGINIA. Pray for us. Democrats doing this right now in the VA state house campaigned a few months past claiming they would work across the aisle. THEY NEVER DO! Why do people keep electing democrats who promise one thing campaigning and then do the very things they promised they won't do.

    A friend in 2018 who was a pricinct worker in a rural (republic) district said they had a "good turnout." Only 42% of registered voters voted. NEGLIGENCE got us here first with the WACKO Pelosi's crowd in DC and now in the Virginia state house too.

  • marvin lagle

    01/17/2020 05:57 AM

    i love your emails on the impeachment or should i say circus keep them coming and i hope sarah gets to be governor.

  • Penny Harrison

    01/17/2020 02:44 AM

    Thank you for linking Charlie Kirk’s post. I “shared” it on my FB page!
    Also I pre-ordered Sarah’s book- Awesome!

  • DeEtte Moon

    01/17/2020 02:07 AM

    I was unable to see Charlie Kirk's two questions to ask young people about why they prefer socialism. Please tell me what they are.

  • Jerry Korba

    01/17/2020 01:11 AM

    The walking dead showed up on the news this evening I watched them walk from the House to the Senate they had to be led by a guy carrying a blood donation bag. Point proven the people from the Left had the brains carved out or drugged,. These people are void of dignity as they have taken millions of taxpayers money over the years why should they care what people say about them they do integrate with the taxpayer they dress up 100 times a year walk around eat drink visit the restroom talk a bit or sleep in the chairs all while getting large amounts of money. If you had to listen to some of the worse speakers Schiff Pelosi Schumer or any of the other readers I see why guns are not allowed. The Impeachment is a farce brought to by a farce the Democratic/Socialist mob. Can I please get my Social Security Benefit taxed by the Feds back it is very hard to see these zombies get my money. MAGA Deport 170 in office Democrats a day one plane full a day then KAG. Just like our lakes and rivers clean up the pollution.

  • Kathy Thornbrough

    01/17/2020 12:19 AM

    I AM SO SICK of the House leadership and their ridiculous impeachment scheme. Not to mention their self-righteousness. When will it end? Makes ne want to throw up. I do have a question. If the house has finished their investigation and has delivered the articles to the Senate why are they continuing to try to add to it after the fact and why is it acceptable? It shows they aren't as confident as they act I suppose. I pray for Mitch NcConnells leadership.

  • valerie brannan

    01/17/2020 12:08 AM

    In response to" Real Virginia" formation, I propose the remaining portion be named "What's Left Virginia"! Love you Gov Huckabee!!

  • B. Palmer

    01/17/2020 12:00 AM

    Gov Huckabee,

    Thank you for covering the Virginia gun confiscation issue. Very few in the media are even mentioning it, including President Trump who should hold a rally there to support the gun owners & hopefully turn the state back to "red" soon! He supports the protestors in Hong Kong & in Iran so he NEEDS to support the protestors in Virginia. I know he's been "a wee bit busy" & I support him & am furious over the lying Left's treatment of him since day one & hate this phony impeachment sham, but his ban of bump stocks & his push for "red flag laws" didn't reflect his pro-second amendment stance AT ALL!

    I don't know why it's so difficult for people to understand the meaning of "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED"! It wasn't just a suggestion by our Founders! It means that absolutely NOTHING or NOBODY can take that God-given right away from any American citizen...EVER! Every single "law" for any kind of background check, license to carry, registration, regulation, modification, restriction of the people's right to bear arms is nullified & voided by the Constitution. They aren't worth the paper on which they're written!

    The Left, since O'Dumbo was "elected", has been intentionally pushing, instigating & agitating legal, pro-second amendment gun owners hoping they'll retaliate so they can say "See! We TOLD you those gun nuts were crazy" & that's what they're doing in Virginia & everybody with one functioning brain cell knows it! If those Leftard freaks pass those unconstitutional laws, it's going to be a civil war & I hope that Gov Northam is the only one in Virginia who's willing to knock on the first door to try to confiscate the first weapon from a legal Virginia gun owner!

  • Ellen J Benischek

    01/16/2020 11:45 PM

    Mr. Huckabee, would you got to my Facebook and click on Dianne Feinstein's picture. I have tried
    & tried to reprint it or send it and I just can't do it. It's a youtube. I don't know how I did it but I can't do it again. If you can't get it to show you the picture will you go to the web & just type
    in California Mafia Pelosi Getty youtube & it will pop right up. I don't know why no one has seen this or mentioned it while she's making a fool out of President Trump!!! I want her to get her's too.
    My Facebook is Ellen Benischek & the picture is right on the front page. PLEEEEASE!
    God Bless

  • Steve

    01/16/2020 10:26 PM

    I am all for 90% of Virginia joining up with W Virginia.
    However I live in Southern Illinois and we have dibs on any seceding to be done and joining forces with another state. #Southern IL 1st!
    On another note if the two spoiled Brits don't want to live in the U. S. until Trump is out as President, then I would approve of a Constitutional Amendment to allow indefinite terms for the President of the United States. I would even vote for him after he dies or after I die whichever occurs first!

  • Jasper McClellan

    01/16/2020 10:22 PM

    The way heard it was, the cop then said, "Well how many tickets do Y`all want?"

  • Carol Denardo

    01/16/2020 10:01 PM

    Can't someone propose a law banning godless, feckless and liberal democrats? That is the answer to all our problems.

  • Mary Tomlin

    01/16/2020 08:47 PM

    Bernie Sanders said he would rather be in Iowa than doing his duty in the Senate. If the Senate drags this trial out, the Democratic contenders will really love Nancy Pelosi for dragging it out in the House. They shouldn't be campaigning on the taxpayer dime anyway.

  • Margot R Quinn

    01/16/2020 08:33 PM

    Dear Gov. Huckabee,
    I continually enjoy your daily e-mail. Was very glad, yesterday to receive note of your daughter's book coming out in the fall.
    She is a lovely , intelligent young lady....! My compliments to you and Mrs. Huckabee......"Fruit doesn't fall far from the tree!!!
    Margot Quinn, Scottsdale, AZ

  • Brigittte Howells

    01/16/2020 08:29 PM

    So funny! I am a woman / female and still managed in a male-dominated world. What is wrong with these idiots today?