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June 6, 2019 |


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Today's Commentary ---  The "plague" of leftism, Part II...and a petition to sign!  --- RIP Linda Collins-Smith -- ICYMI: NYC District Attorney sending Manafort to RIKERS ISLAND ---- BETTER SIT DOWN...THE GOV. AND AOC AGREE ON SOMETHING -- Anniversaries --- Expensive wreck   -- Hollywood Hillary --- Evening Edition -- Daily Verse


Sean Hannity presented an update Wednesday on the homeless problem in major cities with far-left leadership, featuring Los Angeles this time, and I returned to the show to talk further about it along with fellow FOX News contributor Emily Compagno. The response to my newsletter commentary from a few days ago about the leftist “plague” has been huge, and the topic is just too important to drop.

Wednesday’s segment started with a man-on-the-street interview montage with FOX News reporter Lawrence Jones asking LA residents what they thought about the problem. Most of them blamed the mayor –- who “makes a lot of promises” –- and city government for not handling the problem, which obviously stems mostly from mental health and drug issues. One woman who might be assumed from her T-shirt to be an advocate for the homeless said there were about 30,000 (!) nearby in a small area of “Skid Row.”

Jones included shocking video evidence of the extent of the problem in downtown LA --- block after block of sidewalks made completely impassable by filthy, rat-infested, ramshackle tents. Not that anyone would want to set foot on these sidewalks. Never mind the risk of assault or a needle stick; just the smell would knock you down, and trust me, you do not want to be down there.


With gratitude,

Mike Huckabee

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RIP Linda Collins-Smith

By Mike Huckabee

I was stunned to learn of the murder of a former Arkansas State Senator, Linda Collins-Smith, in her home this week.  She was a staunch and reliable conservative, pro-life voice in the AR Legislature.  She entered the legislature after I left office, so I didn’t serve with her, but knew her and respected her.  I’m praying for her family and hoping the police will be able to identify and arrest the person who did this horrible crime.


ICYMI: NYC District Attorney sending Manafort to RIKERS ISLAND

By Mike Huckabee

Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort is being made an example of.

According to FOX News, New York City District Attorney Cy Vance, Jr., requested a New York State judge to order Manfort, 69, transferred to Rikers Island. That judge has so ordered.


Rikers Island is where they send high-profile violent offenders like serial killers and mob bosses. The “Son Of Sam” killer, David Berkowitz, was sent there, as well as Mark David Chapman, John Lennon’s killer. This seems to have come about because a New York grand jury charged Manafort in March with additional financial crimes. (Charged, not convicted, as Manafort has not yet had a trial.) Vance, a Democrat, said at that time that “no one is beyond the law in New York.”

If Manafort is found guilty of these crimes, the President cannot pardon him or commute his sentence, as these are state offenses.




By Mike Huckabee

You know what they say: Even a broken clock is right twice a day. It’s hard to believe this, but I actually agree with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on something. She and some other left-wing activists agree with me that the treatment of Paul Manafort is an abuse of government power.

Here’s what AOC tweeted on Tuesday: “Paul Manafort is being sent to solitary confinement in my district – Rikers Island. A prison sentence is not a license for gov torture and human rights violations. That’s what solitary confinement is. Manafort should be released, along with all people being held in solitary. 

Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King tweeted this: “I see people excited to see Paul Manafort sent to Rikers Island and put in solitary confinement. 1. Rikers Island should be closed down. 2. Solitary confinement should be ended. We must be so principled in our calls for reform that we want them even for our enemies.”



Commentary continues below advertisement -----------------------AnniversariesBy Mike Huckabee

With today’s 75th anniversary ceremonies for D-Day getting so much press, it would be easy to overlook the June 3-4 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square demonstrations and massacre in Beijing, China. This is what China hopes the world will do.  Indeed, the government has worked very hard over the years to try to memory-hole that entire atrocity by clamping down on any information about what happened, and how many innocent people it happened to.

In a way, Tiananmen Square is much like D-Day, only the bad guys won.  A group of brave young freedom fighters, many still of student age, risking their lives to stand up against a brutal, violent totalitarian regime. They faced head-on a military armed with machine guns and heavy artillery, but unlike the soldiers of D-Day, they didn’t even have rifles.  All they had was incredible courage and the hope that the government leaders commanding that military would have either enough basic human decency or fear of worldwide condemnation to order their troops to stand down.  Tragically, neither was the case. 


----------------------------Expensive wreckBy Mike HuckabeeComedian Tracy Morgan bought a $2 million Bugatti Veyron supercar in New York City and 30 minutes later, less than half a mile from the dealership, he had a car wreck.  Fortunately, neither car was badly damaged.  It was just a fender-bender, so to fix it, I estimate labor should run about $200 and parts, about $250,000.’s my question: if it takes 30 minutes to go less than half a mile, why do you need a car with a top speed of 268 mph?  In New York City traffic, you could get there faster on a skateboard.  Plus you wouldn't have to pay Mayor DeBlasio's "congestion pricing" traffic tolls. ------------------------------Hollywood HillaryBy Mike Huckabee

If a liberal politician gets famous enough, he or she never has to worry about being voted out of office because friendly liberal Hollywood studios and New York book publishers will always be there to offer fat contracts to continue supporting them in the lavish style to which they’ve become accustomed, all at stockholder expense.  And so, it’s reported that “unnamed studios” are in talks with Hillary and Chelsea Clinton about forming a production company to create film and TV projects.  Because they have such a fantastic track record in that highly-competitive field.

Well, even if they have zero experience at coming up with stories that would make great movies, they can always let other people pitch ideas to them.  In fact, they’ve already had a great idea for a movie plot come in over the transom, but I doubt that Hillary will greenlight it.


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  • Walt malesa

    06/06/2019 11:46 PM

    Any truth that San Francisco is adopting their own version of the green new deal but under the name of the “brown new deal” due to the volume of human fecal matter on the streets.

  • George Tompkins

    06/06/2019 06:56 PM

    I really enjoy your insightful comments,keep up the good work.

  • Jane Mitchell

    06/06/2019 06:37 PM

    Seems that all too often I get this message: "Something has gone wrong…
    It seems you clicked on a bad link and stumbled upon our 404 page" when I click on links in your newsletter. Any explanation you can think of?

  • sue burris

    06/06/2019 05:31 PM

    Outrageous that Trump is all in for gay month. He can ignore it......there is no need to endorse it.
    Also.....the State Dept. is promoting it and Trump says he intends to seek decriminalization for the gay behavior. Why is he sabotaging his election and jumping into the endorsement?
    We cannot give him a pass on this.
    He needs to avoid this clash with people of faith or people will stay home and not vote for him. This will not stand with people of faith.

  • Sarah Menne

    06/06/2019 04:47 PM

    The Fox link to the death/murder of former Senator Linda Collins-Smith remains invalid with a "404" warning. I could find info on other sites, but not on Fox. Her murder seems strange, especially since she just went through a divorce (or was it a filing for one?) only last October. Paul Manafort is not being treated fairly. It's as though they can't get Trump so they're punishing Manafort instead. It's refreshing that AOC agrees that Rikers is NOT a place for Manafort. It still brings tears and terrible memories when I recall Tiananmen Square and all the innocent ones murdered by their own country on that fateful day. China should be forced to remember; that date should NEVER be forgotten, nor should those brave souls who stood for freedom ever be forgotten.

  • Gloria Grace Prosper

    06/06/2019 02:23 PM

    I am almost 79 years old. I hope to live long enough to see Bill and Hillary Clinton held accountable for even a few of their heinous crimes.