Left Behind: Seattle

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August 22, 2019

Fox News is doing a series of investigative reports on the tragic failures of leadership in major cities that have been under Democratic rule for decades.  They’ve already examined what's gone wrong in L.A., San Francisco and Portland, Oregon, and today, they focus the microscope on Seattle, which might be the most liberal city in America.

Like San Francisco, Seattle is a study in contrasts so sharp, we haven’t seen their like since the days of lords and serfs.  Tech billionaires like Bill Gates live in unimaginable splendor while longtime residents are dismayed, scared and heartbroken to see their neighborhoods inundated with drug addicts and dealers, mentally ill homeless people, needles, crime and garbage. 

City leaders have proven themselves incapable of dealing with it.  They now spend enough money on the homeless problem to just give each homeless person $100,000 a year, but it’s only getting worse. The latest bright idea, a “compassion campaign,” simply ignores “minor crimes” (like theft and assault!), which naturally encourages more lawlessness. At a tense townhall recently, the angry crowd erupted when a city council member told a woman worried about crime to “call 911.”  One resident told the politicians that the cops told them they couldn’t do their jobs until “we vote you all out.” 

So the good news is, they now know the solution.  They just have to come together and do it. 


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  • Marie M Dahl

    08/23/2019 09:48 PM

    I think they should move all these homeless people and their junk into the areas where the elite live. I say round 'em up and move 'em out. I'd chip in for bus fare.