Louisiana governor credits Trump

August 31, 2017 |

Your mom always told you that when you got a scrape, you mustn’t pick at it, because then it would get infected. The anti-Trump media has taken this advice to heart, but in reverse, in that whenever Trump responds to any event, every conceivable aspect of his response will be picked at and picked at, obsessively and compulsively, in the hope of actually creating a festering sore where there is none. This at a time that is supposed to be for healing.

But listen to someone who is actually having to deal with the catastrophic flooding –- the Democratic governor of Louisiana –- and hear what he has to say about Trump’s response to their needs. He managed to say it on CNN, no less, and deserves some credit himself for keeping the conversation refreshingly non-political. Now, as the Gulf Coast gets ready for a long period of drying out, it would be nice if that pack of deranged “journalists” who populate CNN and other outlets would, for once, dry up.


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