November 4, 2019

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Latest target of gun control activists: Jersey Mike’s sub sandwich chain, which is being threatened with a boycott. Generally, because they allow customers who openly carry weapons, but more specifically because of a photo that went viral on the Internet of one unidentified customer improperly (I’d say “idiotically”) carrying his weapon.

Three points:

1. I don’t get why Jersey Mike’s is responsible for this, or why every other customer who knows how to carry properly is expected to pay for it. It seems to me that the proper response would have been to point out the customer to the nearest law enforcement officer. For all we know, that might have happened; you can’t tell from one photo.

2. A call to boycott Jersey Mike’s Subs by gun control-supporting liberals is just likely to spark more patronage from gun owners, who probably buy more sub sandwiches anyway (I assume liberals prefer eating lunch at California Jason’s Kale Kollective.)

3. I hope by now this guy has learned his lesson about not carrying a gun this way, either from all the attention on the Internet, or more likely from having shot himself in the rump roast.

With gratitude,

Mike Huckabee

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Fading Away

By Mike Huckabee

So much for the idea that being young, charismatic and photogenic was the key to winning the Democratic Presidential nomination: First, “Beto” O’Rourke packed up his skateboard and dropped out, and now, Kamala Harris looks like the next bowling pin that’s beginning to wobble. Guess accusing your own primary voters of being sexists and racists for not supporting you isn’t any better a strategy than threatening to take away everyone’s guns and religious freedom.

Harris, whose early momentum quickly faded along with her poll numbers, has laid off most of her staff in New Hampshire, the first state to hold a primary, and closed most of her campaign offices there. But she insists she’s not down for the count: she told Fox News, “I’m all in on Iowa, and I feel good about it.”

If anyone believes that Kamala Harris feels good about being in Iowa, “Beto” has a used skateboard he’d like to sell you. (You’ll have to buy your own helmet; I suspect he never wore one of those.)


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I wanted to make sure you also read these comments:

Here’s a headline that’s long overdue, and I hope we start seeing a lot more of them: An Antifa thug in Oregon who bashed a man’s head open by attacking him from behind with a baton while he was trying to help another person being attacked was unmasked, identified and sentenced to nearly six years in prison. He also assaulted an officer while trying to escape.

As the story at the link notes, the defendant’s attorney “attacked the nearly six-year sentence, calling it ‘one of the harshest sentences I've seen for someone with no criminal background and young age.’" He admitted that his client had made ‘a really terrible decision’ and acknowledged that he'd been captured on camera, "but he claimed that at least two other people hit Kelly with batons, as well.”

My response: Then find the other two and let his client have two cellmates (to their credit, that’s what local prosecutors say they’re working on.) And his client is 24 years old. Exactly how much older does he need to become before he realizes that it’s unacceptable to put on a mask and club innocent people over the head because he doesn’t agree with somebody’s political views, not even necessarily those of the person he’s clubbing?

For too long, officials in leftist cities have turned a blind eye to the blatantly un-American violence of Antifa, which claims that it’s okay to “punch fascists,” then defines “fascists” as “anyone we disagree with.” It’s long past time that they were made to understand that in America, it’s not okay to commit violence against any person for expressing any political belief, and that if you think it is, then you are the fascist.


If you think we can elect Bernie Sanders President and moderate Democrats in Congress will act as a firewall against some of his more destructive socialist ideas, guess again. If they all don’t bow down before socialism, he’ll go to their states and destroy them and replace them with more socialists.

“Wow, Huckabee, where do you get these wild and crazy right-wing conspiracy theories?!”

Um...from Bernie Sanders...


Bible Verse of the Day (KJV)

"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart;
and lean not unto thine own understanding.
In all thy ways acknowledge him,
and he shall direct thy paths."

- Proverbs 3:5-6

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Comments 1-11 of 11

  • Kerry Trosdahl

    11/05/2019 09:39 AM

    The gun in his pants is in a ( in the waistband holster) and is perfectly protected firearm. The holster is covering the trigger to protect from accidental discharge. Also the firearm is held in the holster so it will be hard to get out of the holster by someone other then the carrier .. totally bogus !!

  • Doug Morgan

    11/04/2019 10:47 PM

    Haven't cared much for Jersey Mike's subs but think I'll patronize them now just because the gun control bullies are in attack mode.

  • Angie Wallace

    11/04/2019 08:33 PM

    Haven’t received a newsletter, morning or evening ,since Friday. I’m wondering if the internet gods are unsubscribing your readers! I
    will sign up again but wanted to make you aware.

  • Amelia Little

    11/04/2019 02:55 PM

    I'm not a huge sub fan, and couldn't tell where Jersey Mike's is (I'd guess maybe New Jersey but you can't tell just by a name these days,) actually have never heard of Jersey Mike's. However, if I saw one while driving down the street--I'd probably stop in and buy a sub. Find a way to contact corporate for not bowing down to the bullying gun control folks. And, several years ago, when there was another upsurge about gun control, I did want to take away the guns of the fools who strapped rifles over their shoulders to go into any store or food place. I don't know what point they were trying to make, but I'm thinking they made the gun control point more than the right to carry point. Thank goodness they seemed to have gone back to wherever, and regular citizens with permits to carry, do so without making a scene about it (although this guy seemed to be a little over the top.)

    From the sanders thing-it seems that Joe Manchin might be one of the few democrats who seem to think it's important that he would vote, not along party lines, not according to someone else's agenda, but for the interests of the people who voted him into office? I would like to think his constituents pay attention to that, and laugh in the face of someone who would blast into town to make them never vote for a politician who looked out for their interests. The leftist/socialist candidates just seem to slipping further over the edge of the cliff everyday.

    I also hope we will see more and more arrests and convictions of antifa thugs. They've gotten bolder and bolder because they know in some cities, police have been ordered to stand down while they commit horrific crimes. But, as for the statement " because he doesn’t agree with somebody’s political views, not even necessarily those of the person he’s clubbing?" I maintain that a large number of these violent protesters don't have any political opinions, they are being paid to protest--and violently if they like--and do it only because it probably gets them $15/hr, plus travel expenses and food. And, really, it's not like their activities would interfere with the regular jobs they don't have.

  • Jim Spaulding

    11/04/2019 02:38 PM

    This verse, Hebrews 13: 5 and a dozen or so others, I keep written on a 3 x 5 index card in my and they go with me where ever I go.
    Thanks Reverand!

  • Norma Barth

    11/04/2019 11:47 AM

    Just want to say thank you for your informative and uplifting messages. May God bless you as you bless me. ??

  • Thomas

    11/04/2019 11:41 AM


  • Jerry Korba

    11/04/2019 10:46 AM

    Good to see Justice for the injured person beaten by Antifa Coward a start must keep prosecuting them. I am hopeful assets are taken from the coward for a long time. Good riddance to Beto what fraud. B Sanders came to Minneapolis they say along with Omar I think the small gathering was bolstered by a portion of Prince's band was performing Prince was big here in Minneapolis other than the same old garbage they trow at you one thing was highlighted for me Omar said she is proud of the son of a Jewish Immigrant meaning Sanders it seems while in Congress she used the forum of our Congress to rail against Israel and its people I am confused one day she finds Jewish People corrupt and unworthy of life the next day she is proud of them. The Minneapolis Mayor Omar Ellison Craig Klobuchar Smith now I understand the small group for Sanders and Omars being at Williams Arena and the U of Minnesota always a place where Communism and Socialism ideals have a place to grow was attended by so few. I continue to hope the U of M changes its Socialists Ideals; to teach the Fundamentals of Capitalism it makes for a better world. A word to the President of the U of M Capitalism keeps your University alive. We have a outstanding State outside of the Twin Cities Policticians get out and see it wear a disguise most people don't like you. They believe you are Anti American as I do also. A note to you Mike when Omar won and Ellison Smith Kobachar won I told anyone that would listen we would have trouble I am hopeful you read those comments look at Mlps.s Mayor a real beauty also Most states have problem cities we have its called the Twin Cities.

  • Vickie Fiorentino

    11/04/2019 10:19 AM

    Other than the prohibited areas, We carry our WEAPONS, not just guns, every where we go...I think we should take an exposed Machete into Jersey Mike's...that would draw some attention!

  • R. Saffell

    11/04/2019 10:17 AM

    RE: the article about the guy "improperly carrying" at Jersey Mike's begs the question...."what's wrong with it"?
    The answer of course is...….nothing.
    I'm a retire LEO. We *always carried in that manner. And if it works for some and not be it. It worked for me. Still does. And I strongly advise any liberal pundit to rethink any notions of "taking it away from me".
    A person carries his weapon as he is used to doing . And *No one else* has the right to say otherwise.
    The "complainant" Travis Akers is obviously a person who either does not know what he is talking about or a trouble maker.
    End of story

  • Stephen Russell

    11/04/2019 09:50 AM

    Jersey Mikes gun issue: The Gun control group is composed of veterans?
    Unless its fake news.
    I was stunned when I read it on Right Wing Folks, or Conservative Fighters.
    Anti gun group is veteran for Jersey Mikes?