May 31, 2018

Wednesday, President Trump fulfilled a campaign promise by signing the “Right-to-Try” law. It will allow terminally ill patients as a last resort to request experimental drugs that have passed Phase 1 of FDA testing. The law is very popular: there are already similar laws in 40 states, and it passed the Senate unanimously last August. However, in the recent House vote, it passed by only 250-169.

I’m honestly trying to understand the thinking of those 169 opponents, but I just can’t. One complained that the bill might give patients false hope. Uh, news flash: they have no other hope. They’re already terminal. Talk about meddling government overreach! Do they really think they’re doing these patients a service or kindness by blocking them from trying the one treatment that might save or at least extend their lives, so that when they die, their last words can be, “Well, at least I didn’t get my hopes up”?

If Congress members really want to help desperately sick people, then get the FDA to speed up the glacier-like drug testing process. In the meantime, at least now, terminally-ill Americans will be free to make their own decision as to whether the possible risk of failure or side effects outweighs the 100% certainty of death.


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  • Jeannine Beegle

    06/06/2018 08:01 PM

    If government wants to help then they should monitor the cost of medication. $3000.00 for one pill that fights cancer & that's after insurance & Medicaid. The Epi-pen is $400....for those with no insurance, the working class can't afford it, so they risk dying because the companies are greedy & government does nothing.

  • Dusty Lee

    06/01/2018 08:21 PM

    Mike, please try to get free INSULIN and supplies for type 1 Diabetes. My Grandson is a type 1 diabetic for age 12 and will be off of any assistance soon. If druggies can get drugs and supplies for free, so should Diabetics. Please help. Thx Dusty

  • Ruth Forester

    06/01/2018 06:58 PM

    Governor Huckabee, will this enable terminally ill people to try medications that might be currently in use in other countries, but not approved in the US? I've read of some who have had to leave the US to receive treatment with drugs not approved here. I think this would important, also! Thank you.

  • Sherry Stone

    05/31/2018 07:04 PM

    Mike, after reading your article on the Right To Try bill I can only think "how are the people going to afford these drugs anyway? I went to the doctor yesterday with rosasea on my face. The doctor gave me a prescription for a cream. When I went to pick up the prescription at the drug store, I was told it cost $2300. I was was shocked and left there without the medication. I just this month became eligible for Medicare but I cannot afford part D drug coverage. I never dreamed drugs could cost that much. I have since read an article that stated some skin creams for cancers can cost as much as $30,000. I live in Alabama which is a lower income state. The big pharma companies have no idea what it is like for us. Thank you for reading this. Sherry Stone