October 31, 2018

I hope you have a safe and happy Halloween.  It used to be a night when we were supposed to pretend to be scared of kids dressed as ghosts and witches.  Now, we have to pretend to be offended because they’re appropriating the cultural of Wiccans and members of the non-living community.


If you really want to be scared, turn off the horror movies on Netflix and flip over to MSNBC or CNN.  They’re presenting a 24-hour horror marathon called “Election Night!”  Instead of Jason or Freddy Kruger, it stars Nancy Pelosi as the next House Speaker; Elijah Cummings as Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee; for ironic comedy relief, Adam Schiff as the head of the House Intelligence Committee; and the ultimate frightfest, Maxine Waters in charge of Financial Services. And those are just a few of the terrors awaiting you and your pocketbook and the Constitution. 


If that “Nightmare in the Nation’s Capital” scenario doesn’t scare you, then you might already be dead and voting Democrat. If not, then arise, go to the polls and vote Republican!

Mueller update

Update on the rape allegation against special counsel Robert Mueller: the whole thing is starting to smell as fishy as the $2.99 flounder plate at a roadside diner in Kansas.  I wouldn’t normally link to HuffPo, but they did a pretty good job in tracking down all the rabbit trails of this story, from claimants and counter-claimants, neither of whom seem to exist, to documents that now appear to be fake (the Gateway Pundit site took them down), to the date of the alleged incident in Boston turning out to be when Mueller was serving jury duty in DC.


I commend the media for finally doing their jobs to investigate a wild accusation against a public figure. But they gave us these low standards in the first place. If the same outlets that quickly dived in with due diligence to debunk this story had shown similar skepticism over the past couple of years with other wild tales and accusations, rather than rushing to air/print them if they served the “correct” political agenda, then maybe crowds wouldn’t cheer when President Trump blasts “fake news.”  Few outlets have shown that kind of professionalism.  Instead, they reported first, corrected later (if at all.)  And they focused more scorn on Trump for calling them “fake news” than they did on themselves for airing fake news.

Even this HuffPo piece tries to differentiate this tale from other scandalous allegations with the caveat that in most high-profile accusations of sexual misconduct, there’s “a real, verifiable woman and some kind of corroborating evidence.”  Really?  Did a complete lack of evidence and an anonymous accuser stop Rolling Stone from printing the false UVA fraternity rape allegations, or other liberal media outlets from declaring the entire Greek system guilty?  When Sen. Diane Feinstein first tried to stop Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, it was with an anonymous allegation (when that didn’t work, Dr. Ford was forced into the public eye, even though she’d asked not to be.)  And in liberal circles, Kavanaugh will forever be presumed guilty, even though we’re still waiting to see even a shred of “corroborating evidence.” 



For all the liberal media outlets crying foul about this attempted smear of Mueller, most either sat quietly by or gladly joined in as sexual misconduct allegations were weaponized for political reasons, due process and the presumption of innocence were trashed, and accusations alone were declared to be proof of guilt, as long as they were aimed at the “right” people. 


When I mentioned this story yesterday, I added the warning it was impossible to know yet whether there was any truth to it, and I defended Mueller’s presumption of innocence until we found out more.  If the accusation had been against a member of Trump’s staff rather than the guy investigating them, how many of these outlets now fulminating over such low tactics would have said the same thing I did in his defense?


If the media really want to know why anyone believed or repeated this accusation with no evidence, it’s because liberal politicians and media figures have taught us to.  They even accused us of being complicit in rape if we dare to question an accusation, regardless of the lack of evidence. If you forge a dirty weapon like that, you can’t self-righteously protest only when someone turns it against your side. 

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Beto update

You’d think that before Texans voted for “Beto” O’Rourke on the claim that he’s an everyman who looks out for the little guy, they might like to know that he’s the son-in-law of a billionaire who, when he was in El Paso city government, acted as the “pretty face” of his father-in-law’s plan to bulldoze a lower-class neighborhood of small businesses and public housing and people with real Hispanic names, and gentrify it into a shopping and restaurant district.  Granted, it’s awfully close to the election for this to come up – it should’ve been mentioned long before now – but the New York Times decided it did qualify as news and printed it. 


As you might imagine, Beto supporters are furious…not at O’Rourke for doing it, but at the Times for reporting it.  The paper didn’t even consider that printing accurate, newsworthy information about a major Democratic hopeful might hurt his chances of winning, which is apparently what being the “newspaper of record” is about in many of its readers’ eyes.  They likened it to that time in 2016 when the Times covered James Comey’s reopening of the Hillary Clinton email investigation just before the election, as if it were news or something! 


This proves that when news outlets deny conservative claims that they’re biased and promote one side, not even liberals believe their denials.  If they did, they wouldn't get upset when they don’t promote their side.



This Is CNN 

CNN host Don Lemon declared that “I don’t see Democrats killing people over politics.” Fellow panelist Max Boot added, “There is nobody on the Democratic side who is engaging in the kind of dehumanizing language that Donald Trump engages in. There is nobody on the Democratic side who is encouraging violence like Donald Trump does.”


Uh, Mr. Lemon, Rep. Steve Scalise would like to have a word with you. 


I’m starting to suspect that “CNN” stands for “Concussion News Network,” since the hosts appear to be suffering from serious memory loss.



Graham weighs in 

This might have been what President Trump was hoping for by floating the longshot possibility of trying to end birthright citizenship with an executive order: Sen. Lindsay Graham said Tuesday that he will introduce Congressional legislation to do that.



Weight gain

It seems that there is no problem on Earth that liberals can’t blame on President Trump.  Liberal political activist and part time singer Barbra Streisand is even blaming him for making her fat.  She claims she’s so upset over Trump’s presidency that she stuffs herself with pancakes to comfort herself, and “Donald Trump is making me gain weight.”  I can see why she would be upset at anyone who promotes personal responsibility. But I can’t believe Michael Moore didn’t think of this first.


On the other hand, I don’t know how seriously to take this, since Streisand also claims to be considering moving to Canada if the Democrats don’t win the House.  How many liberal celebrities promised to move to Canada if Trump won the Presidency, and how many actually did?  Maybe we should tell them about the delicious Tim Horton donuts and poutine up there.



Enviroment update

Remember how the atmosphere was going to turn black and the world would fry from global warming because President Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Accords?  One year later, the EPA just released a report on greenhouse gas emissions in the US.  Thanks not to heavy-handed government mandates but to increased efficiency and free market reforms following deregulation, total greenhouse gas emissions in the US have dropped by 2.7% since 2016.  Emissions from large power plants dropped 4.5% since 2016, and are down 19.7% from 2011 levels.  These downward trends are expected to continue.

Meanwhile, many of the nations that stayed in the Paris Climate deal and slammed Trump for destroying the Earth have increased their greenhouse gas emissions.  Canada, Spain, the European Union, and China all increased their CO2 emissions in 2017, with the EU’s emissions up by 40 million tons and China’s by 120 million tons.  So if the atmosphere is getting dirtier or the climate warmer, don’t blame Trump.  The good news: according to Barbra Streisand, you can still blame him for making you eat pancakes and gain weight.




New reason to vote Republican

If you needed yet another reason to get off the couch and vote Republican, consider this: if Democrats control Congress, there will be no recourse to tech giants using their power to silence any voices they don’t like, and they are getting bolder and more blatant about it every day.


Latest example: the Christian pro-life news outlet LifeSite was given just 12 hours’ notice by its web-hosting company that their service was being suspended and they would have to move to another host, an almost impossible task in such a short time frame.  LifeSite claims the reason was a months-long campaign of complaints by Adam Flanders, who claims the site was implicated in a hate crime against a gay man.  LifeSite replied, “Flanders is a convicted sex abuser and homosexual activist who is angered over our reports exposing him and his past.”


Allowing host companies to throw legitimate news sites off the Internet because someone doesn’t like what they’re reporting would be like letting the electric company shut off power to a TV station that reported on a scandal at the electric company.  If tech companies continue abusing their power in this way, the only recourse might be to pass new laws limiting their powers or even declaring some of them public utilities - something I’d normally oppose, but through their aggressively partisan behavior, they aren’t leaving too many other options. 


But now, imagine trying to pass laws requiring fairness for conservative sites with Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.  With that image in your head, go and vote now, if you haven’t already, before someone in Silicon Valley decides that Republicans shouldn’t be allowed to access Google Maps to find their polling places.




Today’s Must-See Video  

I can’t believe that every two years, I have to remind people (not you, but people in the media) that polls are getting less reliable every year, and the only one that counts is the one that’s taken on Election Day.  The election is still a week away, and we’re already hearing that there’s an 86.7% chance (or whatever the latest number is) that the Democrats will take over the House.  I’d remind you that these same media outlets were telling us that there was a 92% chance that Hillary would win on the morning of the last national Election Day.  I remember watching the odds-meter on the New York Times website all through the day and evening as the needle on it slowly moved from Hillary 90% to Trump 100%. 


And yet, every election, the talking heads, needing something to talk about and being obsessed with odds and horse races, yammer on about polls and predictions as if they weren’t the original “fake news.”  Nobody ever remembers how wrong they were last time as they get caught up in what they say this time. 


But the combination of certainty and cluelessness is not just limited to polls. At the link is an expertly edited video showing media “experts” from August 2017 to now, parroting the same buzzwords over and over, declaring that Trump is at a “tipping point,” it’s a “bombshell,” he’s “in big trouble,” the “walls are closing in,” it’s the “beginning of the end,” and resignation/impeachment/arrest/mental breakdown are surely just moments away.  Meanwhile, Trump is still President, he’s enacted most of the policies he ran on, they’re working pretty darn well, and his approval rating is up.


So when you hear these self-styled geniuses asserting with similar confidence that the Democrats are going to win the House and possibly the Senate, remember: they haven’t been right about anything so far. 


You absolutely have the power to insure that the revitalized economy and America-first foreign policy continue, and as a fun bonus, make these arrogant political operatives masquerading as journalists suffer another two years of looking like over-caffeinated loons. 


All you have to do is get out of the house and vote Republican in the only poll that counts.






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  • Jo Gonzalez

    11/02/2018 03:06 PM

    Hi Mike, great comments today, your take on Halloween was hilarious, went to Halloween Party here, dressed as Pocohantas, everyone wanted to know about my DNA!!! We don't do "PC" in Texas!! Just handed out voting guide to large group of Hispanics, who have changed their Registration to Republican, and rejected the Bull Corn of the Left. Will Tuesday night ever get here!!!! Wonder if the Media will make us wait until 2-3 a.m. to admit we skunked them. God Bless & thanks of being a bright spot in our day. Loved the movie about Matt, important to me, as saw alcoholism in my Family, wish they'd had Matt's Salvation. Love your program!!

  • Judy Collier

    11/02/2018 09:27 AM

    Mr. Obama claims his administration is responsible for the great economy we are experiencing now. I, somehow, do not understand how he can do that. He was a junior senator, community organizer, no business experience and the list goes on....somehow I suspect he was just a figure head because they knew no one would question him because of his ethnicity. I believe the Democrat Party used him and they made the decisions and he just stood there and read the teleprompter. President Trump is an experienced and seasoned businessman with an incredible work ethic that should be admired by everyone and he knows how to get things done! I am proud of our president and his accomplishments and we pray for him, his family and staff everyday. Sarah Sanders is a strong woman and I know you and your wife are so proud of her.

  • Michael Galloway

    11/01/2018 08:56 AM

    You are so right in your article on polls before the mid-term elections. Seeing it in so many places that according to the polls the
    Democratic candidates are ahead in most places. Absurd. Look who most of the polls are conducted by and look at their inaccuracy. There are so many reasons (way too long of a list to name them all) to not vote for any Democrat candidate anywhere. They are truly liars and deceivers who say what they want their liberal audience to believe and try to trick moderates to vote for them. Do not pay any attention to polls but do go vote. And if you don't want to see our nation destroyed by the Democrat agenda- VOTE REPUBLICAN TO CONTINUE MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

  • Lori Giesler

    11/01/2018 07:24 AM

    Barbra Streisand.....I have offered to help her pack every time she threatens to move to Canada, but......still waiting. I am for sure voting but more than that am praying!

  • Carl Smith

    11/01/2018 01:12 AM

    you neglected to mention Bennie Thompson , leader of the Black Progressive Caucus , serving in the Congress since 1993 with no real legislative record will be Come Chairman of Homeland Security? I feel safer already.

  • Kathy Wingate

    11/01/2018 12:38 AM

    Where to begin? First thank you and your lovely daughter Sarah for your dissemination of information, we know we can believe...there is so much Fake News out there, it is disgusting!! I want to send Sen. Graham two thumbs up for supporting the POTUS in his effort to end the whole birthright thing, as I do believe it is a magnet to attract illegals to our country.
    I have already voted, and am vacationing with an old friend from Indiana, who I was horrified to find shortly after we arrived, has been brain washed by the Fake News, and does not support or POTUS...she has already voted, so I can't do much to help her, but do try to point out the truth when she tells a confused news item she's heard which is totally wrong. Please pray that she and others like her will wake up before the next election cycle, because she is an otherwise intelligent woman, who has been terribly mislead...I'm sure there are many more out there like her.

  • Gladys Hizer

    11/01/2018 12:36 AM

    The older I get, the more I pay attention to educating myself about politics. What surprises me about the politicians is their lack of knowledge of the constitution. Perhaps they don't choose to read an entire amendment like the 14th and educate themselves. Thank you and all the conservatives who educate me.

  • Helen Nees

    11/01/2018 12:01 AM

    Barbra Streisand has some nerve blaming Donald Trump for her weight gain. She has always been unhinged and suffers from an overactive fork. Put down your fork and get some exercise! Please change your address and move on to Canada so you can make room for the illegal aliens who can take your place breathing our Southern California smog filled air.

  • Don Hansen

    10/31/2018 11:10 PM

  • Robert Wayne Johnson

    10/31/2018 10:27 PM

    So, who in the Judicial System decided to move Whitey Bugler from one facility to another? Do you suppose he still knows "stuff"??

  • Avie Lewis

    10/31/2018 10:22 PM

    I enjoy your nightly chats so much. You have a God-given appropriate and funny sense of humor that is wonderful for helping the spoonful of political medicine go down.
    God bless you,

  • Twila Flowers

    10/31/2018 09:35 PM

    I am so frustrated with the political tactics and nasty comments I went to the polling place today and voted, REPUBLICAN. Just wish I could turn off and stop all the ads and people would be kind and thoughtful and stop this hatred that is spreading like a plague. I reckon that includes me and my unkind comments, sorry.

  • Judith Lyon

    10/31/2018 09:29 PM

    The stuff some democrats keep spouting, get to be more funny every day. He caused Barbara
    Streisand to eat pancakes and get fat. Give me a break. Much funnier than any sitcom on tv. Keep up the good work. Thanks

  • Elizabeth crouse

    10/31/2018 09:16 PM

    I have already voted Republican absentee. I am praying for honest leaders who live America

  • Brenda Brisson

    10/31/2018 09:14 PM

    Read and thank you for correct news and the amusement while reading.

  • Melanie Bruno

    10/31/2018 08:58 PM

    " might already be dead and voting democrat". You cracked me up! I really needed that today - thanks!

  • Charles H King Jr

    10/31/2018 08:43 PM

    Great coverage Governor. Keep it up. Always just enough humor to keep me sane as read the insanity of the media!!!! I pray that you have stirred enough non-participants to vote that we will "gain" on November 6.

  • J.e. john

    10/31/2018 08:34 PM

    Its time for christians and conservative organizations to get off of sites like facebook and the ip's that support them. Why help these people make money when they basically think we are deplorable terrorists anyway and or are not willing to support free speech.

  • Amelia Little

    10/31/2018 08:18 PM

    I guess the cnn people don't actually pay attention to their sweetheart democrats. They haven't seen the videos of good ol' maxine inciting people to (peacefully, cough, cough) get in the faces and disrupt the lives of anyone associated with the Trump administration, but your neighbors--speaking to already volatile antifa's, like that isn't going to end up bad. Or, maybe they didn't hear hilary say that CIVILITY CANNOT RETURN UNLESS DEMOCRATS win--hmmm....that sounds pretty much like she is admitting the left is acting uncivil--and, again, it doesn't take long for it to go bad. And, let me see, okay, holder just said they'd kick the Republicans--not kill or injure them. Of course, they probably don't think anyone has seen the words of these stalwart (cough cough) democrats that incite violence--because THEY certainly aren't going to air anything negative about them.

    I still think it will be interesting to see exactly WHO is behind the mueller accusations. And, really, that is secondary to the fact that the left just INSISTS he must be innocent, so quickly forgetting their mantra about the women must be believed. Maybe, the special counsel is needing some diversion--you know, to make up for the fact that there STILL is no Trump/Russia collusion, and the rocks they are throwing at anyone connected with Donald Trump seem to be coming right back at the democrats.

    I continue to just smh at the rocket scientists (that would be msm people, liberal/leftist/socialist democrats, hoolywood elite) who are blaming President Trump for everything. Really, just WHO was to blame for civil unrest, bigotry, racism, terrorist actions, school shootings, hurricanes and wildfires before Donald Trump came along? I guess they could, going along with their line of thinking, say that all this stuff started in 1946, so he has been to blame all along.

    I'm still waiting for the hoolywood elite to make their dramatic exits--they PROMISED they would leave if Donald Trump was elected. Now, that's been almost 2 years ago, and I've only read about one who HAS left (can't remember who or if this person was one of those who promised.) I've been waiting for whatever gem it was who said she was going to leave the US if there was a Republican CANDIDATE, to leave. She should have left the minute she was born, if that was her criteria. And certainly should have been on a plane out of here when she made the statement.

  • Cheryl Precourt

    10/31/2018 07:54 PM

    Yesterday I was uncertain regarding the "birthright immigration" issue. However, after further research and education, I find that I am in favor of ending "birthright immigration". Because other countries are actually promoting sending people here to have their babies because of the welfare benefits and social security they can receive it is no longer about the "freedom" America offers which used to be enough. Birthright immigration has lost its original purpose.