Evening Edition - January 22

January 22, 2020 |

I was going to headline this story "Schiff Lies Again," but then I remembered I'm supposed to be covering things that are news:

Politico, hardly a right-wing site, reports that Adam Schiff “may have mischaracterized Parnas evidence,” and by “may have mischaracterized” they mean, of course, “lied his tuchus off” about it.


In a letter Schiff sent to Jerrold Nalder summarizing some of the Lev Parnas “evidence,” he included a redacted text message from Parnas to Rudy Giuliani referring to trying to set up a meeting with “Mr. Z,” to support the claim that he was trying to arrange a meeting with Ukrainian President Zelensky to pressure him to investigate the Bidens. But an unredacted version of the text exchange suggests that they were actually referring to a meeting with Burisma energy company founder Mykola Zlochevsky, whom Giuliani refers to as “Mr. Z.” That makes much more sense in the context of the text exchange (hiring practices at Burisma.) But with the redactions, we weren't supposed to see that.

Democrats are trying to pass it off as a simple mistake, rather than a deliberate attempt to mislead. If so, then I guess it will have to be added to all the other “mistakes” made in the FBI investigations of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s campaign – those innocent mistakes made without any partisan intent that just coincidentally and miraculously, by random chance, always land on the side of harming Republicans and helping Democrats. As I’ve said before, it’s like flipping a coin 500 times and every time, having it land standing up on edge.


This court decision is good news for all Americans who value free speech, respect for others’ religious-political and religious beliefs, and protection of the actual meaning of words, like “hate group.”


Perhaps this will make government, media outlets and social media giants rethink the wisdom of treating the once important but now politicized and discredited SPLC as any sort of objective authority or hiring it to act as their contract censors.


Must-See Video: The National Republican Senatorial Committee released a video reminding us of what Trump’s “impeachment” is all about, in the Democrats’ own words, and assuring us that “a fair trial starts now” because finally, there are adults in the room.



Tweet of the Day! From Mark Hemingway of Real Clear Investigations: “I'm so old I remember when people said it's not a legal case, impeachment is political, rules are decided by the majority party, and stop talking about the right to face your accuser and rules of evidence.

I guess I'm at least six weeks old?”


In the never-ending competition among Democrats to decriminalize criminality, Joe Biden announced that as President, he would fire any ICE agent who tried to deport an “undocumented immigrant” (i.e., “illegal alien”) charged with a crime less than a felony, adding, “and I don’t count drunk driving as a felony.”


I wonder if the American citizens who have been injured or had loved ones killed by illegal alien drunk drivers who should've been deported would agree with Joe about the unseriousness of a drunk driving charge. In fact, it’s kind of shocking that he would downplay what a deadly weapon a vehicle can be, considering his wife and baby daughter were killed and his sons badly injured when their car was struck by a large truck in 1972.

“Huckabee” writer Pat Reeder, who never met the grandfather he’s named after because he was killed by a drunk driver, forcing Pat’s dad to go to work to support his mom and little brother instead of going to college, volunteered to write this story. But I told him we couldn’t print the kind of language he wanted to use.


News alert! We’ve found a celebrity who is not intimidated in any way about saying he supports Trump! It’s ultimate fighting superstar Conor McGregor.


Now, let’s see if Robert DiNiro threatens to punch him in the face.


Happy Ending Story of the Day: Sacramento police recovered a 1956 Cadillac Eldorado that was stolen from a garage and returned it to its owner. The car was a gift from Hollywood glamor goddess Rita Hayworth to Curly Bunfill, a movie stuntman who earned three Purple Hearts while serving in World War II. They’d met at a party, he danced with her, and she had so many beautiful cars, she decided to leave him the Caddy in her will. Her name is engraved in several places on it, and it’s won a number of trophies at car shows.

Bunfill said, “When that car is gone, part of me is gone. I just feel terrible.” But now, he has it back.


Oh yes, he’s still around to enjoy it. He’s 106 years old, and like his Caddy and his memories of dancing with Rita Hayworth, he’s still going strong.


Say, are you bothered by an overactive brain keeping you awake at night with too many thoughts? You’re in luck! Here’s a surefire way to shave off a few I.Q. points without the trouble and expense of undergoing a frontal lobotomy. Just listen to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez describe how owning a business works.


It involves the owner sitting on a couch while the employees (undocumented slaves and single moms, apparently) are literally dying making all the widgets that the owner sells until he inevitably becomes a billionaire. Seriously. I’m only scratching the surface, but just typing that brief summary so depleted my brainpower, I was starting to forget how to type. If “stupid” could be concentrated like Coke syrup, it would be like this.

And speaking of how socialists “think,” Project Veritas released another uncover video of a second Bernie Sanders campaign worker, this one a field organizer in South Carolina, who claims he can’t wait to take up arms and start a communist revolution, that he thinks Bernie should dissolve the legislative and judicial branches and make all the decisions, and that he’s looking forward to putting all the Republicans into gulags for “re-education.”


I find it strange how much these people love RE-education when I can see no evidence that they ever got an education in the first place.

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Comments 1-25 of 36

  • rodney burke

    01/23/2020 05:28 PM

    sedition, anarchy, what else is looming in Bernie's camp? The KGB? The Gestapo? Time to do some investigating and knock a few heads. This guy is running a criminal syndicate and doesn't even KNOW it. That is how out of touch Bernie is with the world.

  • Patricia Samodell

    01/23/2020 01:14 PM

    Agree totally they don't act as if they ever got an education. They sound good but their words are those that they just quote because they seem to be MORE EDUCATED that way. Then to boast that they pray is just that boasting. The more they flap their jaws the more under the gun they place themselves. I have a little education and seems common sense and maturity do lend a hand to seeing THRU their so called truths that are all MANUFACTURED LIES. THanksfor letting me Vent.

  • Susan M Klein

    01/23/2020 10:27 AM

    While I do read your newsletters quite often, I find they leave me with a lack of hope. So instead, I read my Parkinson Disease Post every time I can. They leave me hope that my life will be "normal" and can be productive. Maybe it's time for a Hopeful, positive Mike newsletter.

  • Judy Satterthwaite

    01/23/2020 09:40 AM

    Thanks for keeping us informed - especially with "behind the scenes " news that we would
    never hear about on the news.

  • Jerry Korba

    01/23/2020 09:22 AM

    With thoughts of President Trump cheating the 2020 election the dems. should be a bit more concerned with Russia China North Korea Iran and the rest of the world hacking into our election process that would be the more important issue than going after one guy. The Dems. use all the resources to focus on one guy while thousands of foreigners find ways to infiltrate the system just ask Obama about it in 2015 he knew about the interference and did nothing to stop it. That leads us today still cleaning up all the disasters Obama created. The Dems still have Schitt covered on them from Obama's neglect of election interference. Just 8 years of the Obama Administration that needs cleaning up his legacy is one America would like to forget.

  • Kevin Turnbaugh

    01/23/2020 09:14 AM

    Gov Huckabee, What little of the impeach joke I can tolerate, with either falling asleep or getting sick to my stomach; it is so obvious that the dems were just sore losers from 2016, that they will resort to anything to get rid of Trump. We The People need to retire Reps AOC, Shift, Waters, Omar, Tlaid, and especially Pelosi. Plus, Sanders and Warren ASAP.

  • michele sheehan

    01/23/2020 08:50 AM

    This was the best evening edition I’ve read in a long time! I laughed out loud and read parts to my husband. Thank you for your gift of humor and your fun and articulate style of writing, which, in my humble opinion, is superb. I look forward to the next addition. Keep up the good work!

  • amos kalicharan

    01/23/2020 08:42 AM

    What has me totally stupified about the Virginia Gun protest march/gathering is that there was NO black hooded Antifa protestors showing up to disrupt the protest. Good guys with Guns cause Bad guys to stay far far far away

  • Judi Hall

    01/23/2020 08:22 AM

    one of your best!

  • Lynn Miller

    01/23/2020 08:10 AM

    I find it amazing and incredibly sad, pathetic, that Americans of Jewish descent actually buy into communism leftist candidates and their ideologies in 2020. No sooner than the last of the Holocaust survivors have passed away, than their grandchildren start chanting leftist communist dogma and threatening violence against conservatives. Thanks public education for the great job you do teaching American and world history.

  • Larry Jennings

    01/23/2020 07:38 AM

    The mind can absorb no more then the bottom can endure! That was proven yesterday when Adam Schiff addressed the Senate for over 2 1/2 hours of lies, innuendoes, falsehoods, but no true facts!! It was too much for most of us to endure!!

  • Michael R Kreisel

    01/23/2020 07:32 AM

    Deporting illegal aliens is critical. They are criminals. They have shown theyt have no respect for our laws when there first act is to break the law. My 70 year old aunt has medical bills reaching 3 million dollars due to a head on collision. The cause of the accident was due to an illegal alien drunk driver who crossed into her lane. The 24 year old Hispanic died at the scene. His blood alcohol was over twice the legal limit. He was driving without a legal license, no insurance and no legal identification. My aunt has hired a lawyer requesting the sanctuary city of Chicago pay her medical bills. This is a battle that will take years and years. The battle will most likely out last her since she is not doing well with her recovery. So, whose footing her bills in the meantime. Her family and the tax payer. This did not have to happen if these illegals had some respect for our laws.

  • karen s aubertine

    01/23/2020 07:15 AM

    thank you Mike for the truth...

  • Dale E Ipema

    01/23/2020 06:44 AM

    Schiff has a memory problem that seems to rival Biden’s memory issues.


    I knew something was aright in 2014 when this happened. Some kind of deal was in the works at the time to get Hunter on the board of Burisma. We just didn’t find out about that part of the deal until much later. It was odd that Obama sent Biden to Ukraine. It was also odd that nothing was sent until long after Russian tanks breached far into Ukraine. Then, the US insulted an ally by capitulating to Putin. If only the Democrats saw the plank in their own eyes before pointing out the splinter in Trump’s-wait-what splinter? Ukraine wanted Biden to be investigated in its dealings. After all, it was Biden who forced the resignation of one of its top officials before any aid was given.

  • Ellen Hunt

    01/23/2020 05:52 AM

    Thank you for your concise reporting and helping me have hope that there are still voices of reason out there.

  • Richard Welch

    01/23/2020 05:47 AM

    I just love the fact Shifty Shift made the NRAs biggest selling point The Russians Are Coming!!!
    The reason the Russians are in Ukraine is Obama sat on his ass and let them take Crimea. He gave billions to Iran so they could get stronger and defunded our Military so we couldn’t stop them!!! ISIS was going to take forever to stop until Trump said go get them show me and the world what My Military can do!!
    We heard will never have 3% growth, never have 4% unemployment then we got Trump!
    4 more years and then run Don Jr !

  • Nancy Livingston

    01/23/2020 01:24 AM

    Please resubscribe me to the morning edition of Huckabee! I was getting it, and I keep asking to get it again. Wake up! I've asked MANY times! Please and thank you!

  • Maxine Oswalt

    01/23/2020 12:52 AM

    Scary stuff- the mentality of these Democratic deplorables!
    Thank you

  • Gail Benensohn

    01/23/2020 12:10 AM

    Thank you & God bless Governor! We really need a few chuckles these days. This too shall pass.

  • George Neiiendam

    01/22/2020 11:02 PM

    As always, Mike, you're right on target. I would add only that the socialist loving Democrats
    have totally forgotten, or maybe they don't care, that socialism was and is the favorite economic
    model of BOTH the fascists and the communists! (How could anything go wrong?)

  • Patricia Zachary

    01/22/2020 10:51 PM

    Socialism is a scary place. It’s as scary as Communism. With God’s help, we may never experience either one. Capitalism may not be great but it sure beats second place

  • Lloyd Richardson

    01/22/2020 10:19 PM

    Where is all the $$$ coming from for Bernie, Occasional Cortex, Indivisible, and the rest?

  • Linda Richmond

    01/22/2020 09:47 PM

    I love reading your morning and evening editions. You are truly one of a kind.
    I keep thinking about all the babies being born and the mothers and doctors are letting them die because they are unwanted. If a millionaire out there would fund an organization titled Children's Humane Society these children could be turned in like so many puppies to be cared for until someone comes by and adopts them. We need an organization like Peta that is a voice for the animals to be a voice for the helpless children that no one wants. How cam anyone sit back and continue to let this happen? God will judge us for having more compassion for an animal then for a human being.

  • Francis De Vita

    01/22/2020 09:46 PM

    Enjoy your mini columns
    I did not watch the impeachment hearings, rather I watched Netflix The Spy about Israeli top spy Eli Cohen . It’s said that Syria never returned his body to Israel after they executed him for espionage. Is that true ?
    Keep up the good work sir.

  • Mike Rajcich

    01/22/2020 09:23 PM

    Help me Mrs Pelosi
    Twiddle twaddle Twidel twome time for Adam Shifty to go home.
    Reminiscent of an old cartoon that taught us not to get in over our heads. We don't have wizards to bail us out.