February 27, 2020

I’m passing this reader comment on to you because it’s particularly well-articulated and speaks for many who have written to me about the lack of accountability in Washington, DC. It came in reply to my commentary on the FBI lying to the court about George Papadopoulos…

From Melana:

Ok, great! This is all well and good but WHEN IS SOMEONE GOING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! And yes, I'm YELLING! Flynn lied....he goes to jail....Schiff, Clinton, Brennan, Comey, Holder, Lynch, Obama, Biden, McCabe, Rice....et all LIE and they are out writing books making millions! Please, answer that question...when is someone going to be accused, tried and go to jail? Those of us with an ounce of common sense can see pretty darn clearly how this has gone in the past and will most likely go in the future. I no longer trust the FISA "secret court"....get rid of them; I don't trust the FBI, CIA, IRS, DOJ or any other agency. There is no "justice" in the United States any longer. The rich and powerful can buy what they want, say what they want and DO what they want (example from last night's debate: Bloomberg was happy to state he "bought" the House in 2018). I grow weary reading all the well-written articles like this one to realize you might as well be reading it sitting in the dark in a closet because no "light" will be brought to the situation other than to continue to hammer home the point that NOTHING WILL EVER BE DONE.

From the Gov:

I’m not so sure that’s true, though even if I thought it likely that none of those people would see the inside of a jail cell, I’d still feel obliged to report to you what’s going on from day to day. If they operated in complete secrecy, their efforts to destroy this country’s founding principles would be even more brazen and much more consequential --- quickly so --- believe me. (That’s why they did so much damage to the process when Hillary was assumed to be the next President: “Ha! No one will ever know what we’re doing!”)

Now we KNOW what they were up to, and still are. Unfortunately, they continue to have most of the media on their side, covering for them, which means we have to work harder to expose them, rather than conclude we're fighting a losing battle and get so sick of the whole thing that we just give up. That would be the worst thing to do –- the very thing they want us to do and are trying to get us to do. (How happy they would be if we said, "Millennials want socialism? Okay, they can HAVE it and then let them see how they like it when the nation goes bankrupt and they're eating the bark off trees!") I can think offhand of several reasons to be hopeful:

1. Hillary did NOT get elected. (By the way, have you noticed that every scandal seems to lead, in some circuitous way, back to her? Amazing, isn’t it?) This one's at the top of my list. Consider that if she had fulfilled her dream of becoming President, the curtain of secrecy would have been fully lowered and nailed to the floor, and we would never have learned about what was going on. Heaven knows what they would be doing now behind the scenes to cement their power forever. Thank the Lord that we dodged that bullet; it was the kind of ammo that explodes inside its target and destroys vital organs with no hope of recovery.

2. Trump DID get elected, in spite of The Swamp's lying and spying, and he’s likely to be re-elected (though we must never take that for granted!) To cite just one accomplishment relevant to my argument, he’s made great strides with judicial appointments, and he needs the opportunity to do much more in that area. In fact, that's likely the biggest reason of all that the left wants him gone.

3. With luck and hard work –- this is where we as Americans need to put our effort –- the House will change hands with the upcoming election, and we can get down to the business of reform after two years of Schiff and Nadler and impeachment madness. (This is so important. Consider that the Democrat-led House is currently working on the bill to re-authorize the FISA process; too bad Republicans aren’t in charge of that right now!)

4. At last we have an attorney general who is set on getting to the bottom of what has gone wrong and, like the President, has the strength to stand up to the partisan attacks against him, which will become even more vicious in coming months. His appointment of John Durham to quietly and methodically lead the criminal investigation into the FBI/DOJ/CIA and “Crossfire Hurricane” appears to have been a masterful move.

5. Along with Durham and his team inside the government, we also have investigators such as Lee Smith and John Solomon in the private sector who refuse to stop digging. As “60 Minutes” doesn’t do its job any more, we should be especially thankful for people like him --- and for their publishers. The success of podcasters such as Dan Bongino and numerous others also gives me reason to hope. Leftists certainly are fighting to control social media --- along with everything else they want to keep a lid on --- but what does not kill us makes us stronger.

That’s five reasons, off the top of my head, not to despair. Something else I just thought of: the American people. I think we still have enough voters with sufficient brains to see that the left has gone off the rails at 200 miles an hour. (Anybody who watched the lineup of Democrat candidates in Tuesday’s embarrassing train-wreck "debate" could see that.) And, instinctively, most of us still react with horror at the idea of a two-tier justice system and government authoritarianism in general. This next election will likely tell the tale. Don’t give up, Melana.

I’ll close with this helpful comment from Don:

Actions and comments about Roger Stone by Federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson shows that President Trump will need another 4-year term to just to drain the judicial swamp. How many more swamps are there?

From the Gov:

Thanks, Don. Four more years!

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  • Christopher Freund

    03/05/2020 08:49 PM

    I appreciate and follow you daily. I really appreciate your candor regarding most situations that arise, however on this one I feel a lack of backbone. We the people depend on patriots like you to light the fire to get things moving.
    The situation with the swamp will continue until justice is served. An unbalanced justice system is making people leary of broken promises by President Trump. The guilty MUST be convicted. If Lindsay Graham cant get it done through congress, thats one thing. But why does Judicial watch have to do all the heavy lifting and why is Trumps Department of Justice stone walling their efforts. Why isnt the President forcing the release of documents concerning Hillary?
    It makes no sense.

  • Kathy gibbons

    03/02/2020 04:08 PM

    I hope something happens because the previous administration are a bunch of criminals.

  • Leonard Lugo

    02/28/2020 08:12 PM

    yes, it despicable that wicked mob boss Hillary Clinton and her thugs laughs at the Law and shake their fists in God's face, For Now! God sees, they will hang themselves with their own rope! God promises that! We pray for the POTUS. Praise The Lord Jesus Christ!

  • Patty Dawson

    02/28/2020 12:40 PM

    I try to hold onto the hope that some of the Democratic leaders will soon pull their heads out of the swamp mud long enough to see that some of the garbage that is being promoted is not something "they", nor the ones who put them in office would support at ANY time! When did our elected officials quit thinking for them self? Is it because they fell into the "lavish" lifestyle that so many of the career politicians feel they are entitled to? May GOD help them, if it's not already too late.

  • Jean Primrose

    02/28/2020 11:18 AM

    Thank GOD for President Trump. He needs to be re-elected so he can continue, with Bill Barr & the others to really”drain the swamp”. Look what has been uncovered since he’s been in charge. If Communist Bernie Sanders or any of those Democrats are elected, besides ruining all of what President Trump has accomplished & putting us under a Communist leadership, all this corrupt exposure will be swept under the rug & more & more corruption will follow. WAKE UP AMERICA. TRUMP 2020 & keep America moving forward.

  • Timothy E Mika

    02/28/2020 11:03 AM

    Hello Governor Huckabee-
    Your comment above in point #3 concerns "with luck and hard work" . Please give your opinion...
    I'm a retired Senior but still active. I share Malana's opinion concerning frustration at the zero repercussions that the "Swamp inhabitants" seem to avoid. But, I agree with you on the positives that we on the Right do possess, and that "hard work" (conservative activism) must be our dedicated path. So, how can I - in your opinion - as a average citizen, best spend my time and efforts in an to secure Trump's (and all conservative candidates) re-election in the next 10 months?
    Door to door campaigning?
    get into a polling location team?
    Work in a local and/or state campaign office?

    Your thoughts would be appreciated, Governor.

  • David Koontz

    02/28/2020 10:41 AM

    It seems that all roads lead back to the Clintons and Obama. Its nasty business and bad precedent to prosecute former administrations. It seems horrible that we may have to go there. Further, prosecuting one of their own is considered bad form. Barr and Durham must proceed with precision and caution. They must make air-tight cases. With all the forces lined up against them, they have a very difficult job. My prayers are with them.

  • Kenneth Brack

    02/28/2020 10:04 AM

    Some have commented that a Republican House in the first half of the President's term did little to support him. But remember, at the time he was elected, many Republicans were opposed to him. That isn't true anymore. There is hope in the very great increase in support he has received from the Republican party. Think of the strong words and acts of the House Republicans on Schiff's committee fighting against impeachment; the unanimous vote against impeachment in the House and the nearly unanimous vote in the Senate. The only exception was probably a consequence of the Senator's fear of exposure of his own corruption.

  • Rhonda Spurgin

    02/28/2020 03:01 AM

    In your response to Melana you said we need to get a Republican House back. We had that the first 2 years of Trumps term and overall their performance was a huge disappointment! Tax reform was very welcome but they got nothing much done on healthcare. It appeared the majority of Republican representatives were as eager to derail the president as the Democrats were. I’m skeptical a Republican majority House would get much done. But maybe the anti-Trump tide has turned. Hopefully.

  • Darwin Drake

    02/27/2020 11:23 PM

    Seems to me it is going to take the conservative vote to get enough support to get some justice in this country. Money and the opportunity to gain power seems to rule at this time and the people who have the money and power prove that by their immunity to the laws of this nation. Too many suicides and mysterious deaths! One has to be careful how they go about investigating and making charges against these people. Maybe fight fire with fire but that could end up pretty violent before getting results. Remember the prohibition days? Lots of blood shed. I am old enough where I probably will watch it play out from heaven! Get out and vote so we get control back and enough power to clean up the swamp! Make America Great Again!

  • Gillian Blakeman

    02/27/2020 09:58 PM

    Thanks for the encouragement as to what is being done. I watch closely from Australia & pray. We have similar problems here. Thank God for our PM & DPM currently. I pray these elections are a tsunami of votes for Pres Trump & party. Blessings.

  • Jo Gonzalez

    02/27/2020 09:16 PM

    It is hard to see Criminals go free, when all of us know they are rotten to the core, The Swamp is huge, and powered by so much money. We laughed at graft & corruption in Mexico, only to find out our Country is rancid with corruption. The Media trying to Panic the Nation, at the moment, is atrocious. We have a long ways to go to root out all the rot, God willing the President's second Term can do it.

  • HCorey

    02/27/2020 08:54 PM

    The letter speaks for me. Right now I’m in a hotel trying to find “news”. My choices are CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, ABC, NBC, CBS. FOX News attempts to be impartial but it’s impossible to get impartiality from the other stations. When President Trump defends his use of social media to relay news that is not shown or is distorted, I believe him. How many people stuck in a hotel with choices available to them are not getting true reporting? Airports only carry CNN. I feel anti-Trump TV stations are brainwashing us in hotels and airports with choices they put on TV. Why don’t hotels & airports carry OANN, FOX Business?

  • Julia Anderson

    02/27/2020 08:36 PM

    Dear Mr. Governor, I look forward to getting to know you in Heaven!
    May Adonai the Lord God, continue to bless you and your entire family,

  • James Celius

    02/27/2020 07:33 PM

    Thank you for the encouragement. Even though we are skeptical we will trust that a higher authority will not let a great nation fall to Satan & crew.

  • Charlene Mann

    02/27/2020 06:55 PM

    Of course Weinstein is guilty of rapes, etc. and should pay the penalty. What really bothers me Governor is when athletes like Koby Bryant have been guilty of that and many other things, they are praised and lauded. Yes, we can all be forgiven but reading comments about Bryant at his funeral sickened me when he and others get off free because they are athletes. When I was growing up athletes were looked up to because the lived decent lives - - - no more.

  • Kathryn Blue

    02/27/2020 06:34 PM

    I want to say a heartfelt thank you for sharing your daily insights into the madness afflicting our great Nation. Your commentary has brought clarity as well as peace to so many of us struggling to cope with the hate and divisiveness so rampant in our society. So thank you Governor Huckabee. May God's grace continue to shine through you.

    Kathryn Blue

  • Leonard Lugo

    02/27/2020 04:38 PM

    yes, it despicable that wicked mob boss Hillary Clinton and her thugs laughs at the Law and shake their fists in God's face, For Now! God sees, they will hang themselves with their own rope! God promises that! We pray for the POTUS. Praise The Lord Jesus Christ!

  • Bo Ehrig

    02/27/2020 04:25 PM

    Thanks Gov for your great response.
    I would also like to tell you and others about a great podcast called X22 Report.
    It tells the truth and reads the Q boards. This has not been wrong in a year since I have been following it.

  • Steven Lechtenberg

    02/27/2020 03:55 PM

    You have to remember, we no longer have a constitutional republic, we have a political monarchy. Term limits will never work, let alone become an amendment. The best course is for us to demand accountability. Then we need to start taking away all there PERKS and BENEFITS. I think that as far as pay goes, the states they are elected to represent should determine their pay and what benefits they are entitled too. What does the speaker of the house need a government funded jet for, fly commercial like the rest do. Their pension fund is to die for, also their health plan that continues, at taxpayer expense, is another example of their excesses. There are so many more hidden perks that need to be exposed. That’s why everybody wants to run for office, to get in on the tax payer funded gravy train. If some of these changes can be made then we will find out who really wants to represent us and the country

  • Lynn Gross

    02/27/2020 03:25 PM

    YES! 4 More Years of President Trump with God behind him and a righteous Congress working with him, our country can become great again. 1 country under God makes US strong.

  • Robert McFate

    02/27/2020 02:30 PM

    If things keep going the way they are it might be time for those who swore the oath "to protect the Constitution against all enemies both forgiven and DOMESTIC" to act upon it!

  • Marlene Norton

    02/27/2020 02:14 PM

    Hope you’re right. I hear At the last minute Michelle O. Will run. Either Mr. O or Hillary as VP. The present crew poses little danger. If that rumor is possible, that’s a different story.

  • Rebecca kennedy

    02/27/2020 02:00 PM

    Thank you Gov for your insight & encouragement. We know that we are in a Gods hands & he has these corruption, coup cabal groups in his sights too. We are to trust Him because He’s got this!

  • Adam Adams

    02/27/2020 01:32 PM

    It’s not enough Mike. Can we realize some comfort from the actions we see and the ones you note - absolutely. Ever since I was a young boy I’ve heard that we live in a country that has without question the most incredible and best designed form of government in the history of the world. Do I believe that - yes, always and still today. But as incredibly intelligent as our forefathers were when they designed our government with all of its checks and balances, there were at least two things that they could not put into it that are absolute must for it to succeed as designed. Honesty and integrity are without question essential for this ship to sail as intended. We are, and have been lacking that on both sides of the isle for sometime. I won’t throw that blanket over all that represent us in Washington, but it covers many, Democrat and Republican. One just can’t go to DC and on $174k annually become a multi-millionaire in ten years w/out something awry. There’s to much money there, to many special interest funds, to many well funded lobbyist - to much money. That situation doesn’t cultivate best interest representation for the people. Those elected positions were not designed or intended to become self serving lucrative jobs for the election savvy candidate to camp out in for decades.

    The obvious argument to my rant here is to send someone different to Washington, elect representatives that possess the honesty and integrity required to better serve the people. But we’re often as voters not given much of a choice when it comes to candidates. It’s really pretty frustrating to see who makes it onto the ballot sometimes. So one votes the straight ticket and hopes for the best.

    I must say, I am certainly pleased w/the leadership, progress and representation that we’ve seen from President Trump and I pray for four more years of that. I’m just afraid we go right back to business as usual after him. There are certainly bright spots - Nikki Haley, Kellyanne Conway, and I think Mike Pence is a superstar. Your daughter as well, so smart, you must be very proud! I’m glad you do what you do too - it’s of great value to our society.

    Best Regards