NYT bias on full display

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August 27, 2019

I told you yesterday about the New York Times’ publisher accusing the White House of organizing a “coordinated campaign” to slander media outlets like the Times as biased just for covering this Administration “like any other: fairly, aggressively and fearlessly, wherever the facts lead.” 

Are you through laughing yet?

Western Journal (recently the target of a biased and misleading Times hit piece accusing them of being biased and misleading in their news coverage) took the front page of the Sunday edition of the Times where that diatribe appeared and circled 10 – count ‘em, TEN – stories, all negative about Trump. Click the link to see it, along with an analysis of how each story was professionally slanted, with great care going into the choice of wording for maximum derision.

To be fair, I should note that the entire front page isn’t all anti-Trump propaganda.  There’s also a puff piece about how Elizabeth Warren “went from pro-business to consumer advocate.”  How fair, aggressive and fearless of them!

Sorry, Mr. Sulzberger. When you make your bias that obvious, there’s no need for a “coordinated campaign” to point it out.  We have eyes, you know. 

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More bad headlines for the New York Times: it was reported Monday that their offices in New York are infested with bed bugs.  That prompted George Washington University associate professor David Karpf to joke on Twitter that "The bedbugs are a metaphor” for op-ed columnists like Bret Stephens.

That caused Stephens to react (some might say “overreact”) by contacting Karpf, who’s never even met him, accusing him of setting a new standard for incivility and inviting him to come to his house, meet his wife and children, and call him “bedbug” to his face.  Ironically, while hardly anyone saw Karpf’s initial tweet, Stephens’ over-the-top reaction prompted widespread comment, many of them pointing out that this was the type of reaction you’d expect from someone who’s crazy as a bedbug.

Want to hear something even more ironic?  By show of hands, when I wrote that the New York Times offices were infested with bedbugs, how many of you immediately thought I was talking about their editorial writers? 

All of you?  Yeah, that’s what I thought…

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  • Robin Gonsalves

    09/06/2019 12:45 PM

    WOW, slander and make crap up all day long about POTUS Trump and the one time someone says something about them jokingly the gloves come off! What will he wife be serving for dinner by the way? Anyone know?