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October 24, 2019 |

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After months of being excluded from the closed-door “impeachment inquiry” of the House Intelligence, Oversight and Foreign Affairs committees –- hearing only the selective leaks, lies and talking points orchestrated by Adam Schiff –- Republicans finally grew spines and said “enough is enough!” On Wednesday, they marched through the halls of the Capitol Building and down, down, down the stairs to the secure room –- a SCIF, pronounced “skiff” –- where the secret hearings are being held, and (horrors!) walked right into the room, disrupting the planned testimony of Pentagon official Laura Cooper, the person who oversees matters pertaining to Ukraine and Russia. What fun it would have been to be touring the Capitol that day and see history in the making, as apparently nothing like this has ever happened before.

No, I don’t mean the Republicans growing spines, though that happens all too rarely. I mean the organized disruption of a secret meeting. And they didn’t “storm” the room, as many in the mainstream press have reported. They calmly entered, following the lead of Minority Whip Steve Scalise, and sat quietly. They didn’t do anything to block the testimony; Democrats simply wouldn’t proceed with them there. As for the charge that they brought cell phones and other electronic devices into a “secure” room, it should be noted that this hearing had been specified as non-classified. According to Scalise, Schiff looked around and realized they weren’t leaving, so “he took his witness and ran out of the room.”


With gratitude,

Mike Huckabee



Hillary for President? AGAIN?!?

By Mike Huckabee

I have a general rule that I don’t comment on stories that are pure speculation because most of the time, it’s just a lot of wasted effort on something that never comes to pass (also, so much "news" these days is just baseless speculation that ignoring it saves me a lot of time and work.) But since so many people are now talking about the possibility of Hillary Clinton making a third stab at the Presidency, I’ll say a little about it, mostly to explain why there would even be an opening for her to do so.

First, some anonymous friends of hers have been quoted as saying she’s interested in running again. Well, thank you, Captain Obvious! Of course, she is: she’s thought she had a Divine right to the White House since she was weaned onto solid food. It couldn’t be clearer that it’s driven her around the bend thinking her obituary will eventually read “two-time presidential loser” instead of “First woman President,” particularly because of that second loss to Trump, when she considered both him and his supporters to be “deplorables” who are far beneath her. 

Since 2016, she’s floated about a thousand absurd excuses for her loss, none of which have anything to do with her own faults, and been directly or indirectly responsible for most of the divisive, expensive nonsense that’s torn America apart, from the “Russian collusion” hoax and its endless “investigation” to the corrupt Hillary supporters in the Deep State who covered up for her in 2016 and are now using the Constitution as Charmin in an attempt to undermine the duly elected President. 

In short, the chances of Hillary suddenly recognizing reality, developing a sense of honor, and giving up her selfish fever dream of being President are about the same as the chances of Miss Havisham from Dickens’ “Great Expectations” deciding to sell her moldy wedding dress on Craig’s List. So I don’t know if she’ll actually get in, but the idea that she’s burning with desire to should be a given.  

Putting aside that “predicting the future” business, here's a quick explanation for why any Democrats would actually want her in. They’ll never admit this, but it’s because of Obama. To listen to them moan and wail about wanting Obama back so much, you'd never realize just how much damage he did to the party.  Outside the media bubble that worshiped him, Obama's reign was seen as so divisive, destructive and in opposition to the will of the people that it literally hollowed out the Democratic Party. 

His job-killing regulations, forcing of Obamacare down people's throats, racially-divisive rhetoric, "lead from behind" foreign policy and more were so unpopular that over a thousand Democrats at various levels of office were voted out during his tenure.  It was particularly devastating for moderate Democrats in swing states.  Many of them were tossed out of office, leaving only those in the safest of far-left, deep blue districts.  It dragged the center of the party to the left while mowing down a generation of what might have been acceptably moderate future Presidential candidates. 

And that's why today, all they have is a few geriatric establishment vets still clinging on, like Hillary and Biden, and a crop of younger far-left nut cases with little-to-no high level experience.  Hillary thinks she has a chance if she steps in because even though she's an unpopular two-time loser, she's still just about the best hope they've got.  As President Trump might say: Sad!



I wanted to make sure you also read these comments:


Wednesday, President Trump announced that a (hopefully) permanent ceasefire has been reached between Turkey and the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), so he is lifting economic sanctions on Turkey.  Under the agreement, the Kurdish forces will move out of a roughly 20-mile area along the Turkish border, creating a “safe zone,” and Turkey will stop assaulting the Kurds.

I’m sure this will not stop the criticism of Trump from foreign policy "experts" whose solution was to keep sending other Americans’ sons and daughters to Middle Eastern nations where various factions have been trying to kill each other since the dawn of time, and making them stand between those warring people until the end of time. But at least it’s something different.

Incidentally, since we see so few examples these days of actual “fact-checking,” here’s a reminder of what it looks like:  There’s a meme going around social media of a photo of three American soldiers with their heads bowed, and the claim that they are “crying and visibly shaken” at the news that President Trump is pulling them out of Syria.  It’s headlined “The Result of Trump’s Betrayal!” 

That would be a trick requiring a time machine, since it’s actually a photo from 2011, showing tired soldiers resting in Kuwait before packing up to come home to the US.


There’s some potential good news in the outrageous case of the Texas father ordered by a jury to let his ex-wife give their seven-year-old son puberty-blocking hormones to transition his gender, even though the dad says he identifies as a boy when he’s not around his mother, who’s been telling him he’s a girl since he was three. 

After the case got national attention, including from me and Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted that the case, which seems to be an obvious example of child abuse, is now being looked into by the Texas Attorney General’s Office and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

There are more details at the link, including the chilling tidbit that the mother has asked the judge “to order her ex-husband to attend counseling that affirms transgender ideology.” I wasn’t aware that it was within the powers of the court to order American citizens to attend brainwashing sessions to replace their religious beliefs with transgender propaganda, but I guess if “Beto” can take away a church’s tax exemption for following the Bible…oh wait: he CAN’T do that, because it’s a blatant violation of the First Amendment.  



Bible Verse of the Day (KJV)

"And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house."

- Acts 16:31

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  • Thelma Kesl

    10/25/2019 09:25 PM

    I enjoy reading your comments on my computer and where I can have the print large enough that I can read it on my desk top computer. I will donate to your cause from time to time on line. I do not like all the mailings of the large envelopes prepaid in which is enclosed print I can no longer read with failing eyesight. Can you take me off your mailing list and save the expense that is totally a waste??

  • Amelia Little

    10/25/2019 12:59 AM

    I also got the impression that the GOP members who went to the secret room "stormed" the area (gee, wouldn't that make a great deal of noise, and alert security or something?) and "burst" into the room. I thought--did they bust the door down? Seems not. Anyway, I was in the car and had Hannity on the radio...just in time for some yahoo to be carrying on about the GOP interrupting the secret sessions. Part of a conspiracy group, you know, because this inquiry wasn't "secret." Anyway, his description included a bunch of middle aged white suprematist lemmings and he was incensed that they would be there. I can't remember all that he was carrying on about, I only listened about 3 or 4 minutes before I turned to some random ballgame on another channel. But, yes, it is in secret if the Republican members have no say, ask no questions, can't even look at information unless some democrat aide is sitting right there (probably holding the paper or ipad or whatever the information was on.)

    Am holding my breath (not really!!!) for the democrats to follow the (probably imaginary--in their minds only) road map they have been given to PROVE that President Trump committed treason or arson or God knows what they are going to label it as in relation to the Ukraine conversation. Never mind the vast number of people who were actually there who have said there was no "there" there.

  • Eric H Read

    10/24/2019 03:01 PM

    I am curious about the composition of the "secret" testimony being offered: Aren't any Republican members of the three committees involved included in what is going on?

  • Bruce Vanderhoef

    10/24/2019 01:03 PM

    When I hear Hillary's name mentioned, I think of the song, "They're coming to take me away, he he, haw haw,....... where I'll be happy to see those nice young men in their clean white shirts, and they're coming to take me away." Talk about repeating the same thing over and over.....expecting different results. That's just crazy man!

  • Cliff Newman

    10/24/2019 11:13 AM

    According to Ecclesiastes 10:2, those who follow left thinking are fools. It is time we the people once again banded ourselves together as a united people (under God) and prayed with our authority as believers [Ephesians 1:17-2:6] and bound the left thinking fools in the leadership of our Republic so Dad [God] can remove them.

  • Joan Paup

    10/24/2019 10:38 AM

    SO HAPPY to hear Republicans are FINALLY "Standing Up and acting together to stop the ridiculous "impeachment" attempt of the Democrats! Appreciate your information about this, Mike!!! Let the "Resistance" continue!!!!