October 10, 2020

One of the weaknesses of the bullying tactics of the left is that they believed that if they seized control of pop culture, sports, entertainment and the news media, they could tell all Americans what to do, say and think, and we would have no choice but to go along with it. They forgot that all those industries are, at bottom, capitalistic, and in such systems, the customers are always right, even if we’re not left. They depend on us to support their lavish lifestyles. When we get sick of being told what racists we are or listening to people insult America, our religious and political beliefs, and our intelligence, we can simply stop patronizing them and find something else to do with our time. As millions of us have.

That message might finally be starting to sink in. With movie revenues tanking and TV ratings plummeting for “woke” shows, pro sports and liberal cable news channels, some of these arrogant leftist celebrities might be starting to imagine themselves preaching their politics from a cardboard box in an alley instead of a mansion in Beverly Hills.

I mention this as a prelude to telling you that viewership for Game Three of the NBA finals took a plunge to 4.08 million from the record-low 4.5 million who watched Game Two, which itself shattered the record low of 7.41 million who watched Game One. At this rate, if there’s a Game Seven, it will be beaten in the ratings by reruns of “Green Acres” on ME-TV.

And just like magic, suddenly the bosses of the NBA seem to have decided that they made their point, the BLM moment in time was this past summer (emphasis on "past") and while America is, of course, still a horrible racist country, maybe next season there should be more basketball and fewer political messages all over the courts and on the players’ jerseys and in the fans' faces.

That would be a very smart business move. Although they might want to do it now while they can still afford new jerseys. And before all their former fans discover that “Green Acres” was a really funny show, and Arnold the pig never called his fans racists.

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  • John

    10/12/2020 10:28 PM

    It's not even about political correctness, it's about tyranny and ignorance by leftist low-lifes, plain and simple.

  • Gene Heidenreich

    10/12/2020 08:32 AM

    I had been a life long NBA fan and paid for many seats until this year. Now I am am disgusted and I cannot accept the anarchy and disrespect to our nation’s hero’s that the NBA promotes.
    We need laws and law enforcement. We do not need elite athletes supporting and promoting criminals looting cities in the name of racial justice.
    I wonder how much love the following generations of black athletes who aspire to play in the NBA will have for the Labron’s who are shrinking their future paychecks.
    News flash!! Profit sharing and the collective bargaining agreement require huge profits to cover huge paychecks. Shut up and dribble.

  • Melissa M Shorter

    10/11/2020 02:06 PM

    Amazing when their wallets start getting empty they get the message. Never watched basketball and the NFL and I broke up a while back. It's college sports or nothing.