September 7, 2016

When Donald Trump says he wants to “make America great again,” he’s implying that we’ve been greatly diminished in the world, and that’s hard to hear. We’d like to think that maybe it’s just words, just politics. Perhaps it’s merely a slogan designed to play on a feeling we have, out here in flyover country, that America isn’t as powerful on the world stage as it used to be.

No, it’s much more than that. This is the reality. According to 88 retired admirals and generals, our military has been hollowed-out in the face of burgeoning threats, and they are so concerned about this that they’ve signed an open letter endorsing Trump for President.

“For the past eight years,” the letter states, “America’s armed forces have been subjected to a series of ill-considered and debilitating budget cuts, policy choices and combat operations that have left the superb men and women in uniform less capable of performing their vital missions in the future than we require them to be.”

It goes on. As the Democratic Presidential nominee has been “deeply involved with, and substantially responsible for” the weakening of the military and the intensity of threats around the world, they call for a “long-overdue course correction” --- the election of Donald Trump.

When Trump speaks of serious national security matters facing our country, opponents accuse him of “fear-mongering.” But it’s about time somebody focused on them --- and pledged to do something about them. Hillary Clinton is, and will continue to be, too busy dodging reporters and subpoenas, destroying evidence, huddling with her lawyers and keeping all her lies straight to focus on the critical issues that she had a hand in creating, assuming she even cared to. The military would remain essentially unchanged from its current state, and these generals and admirals know it.

For more of what these military leaders had to say, click here.

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