August 28, 2019

No matter what IG Horowitz and Attorney General Barr think about the FBI's handling of the “Trump/Russia” investigation, Democrats in Congress and “insider” bureaucrats –- including, it seems, Trump-appointed FBI Director Christopher Wray –- circled their wagons a long time ago.

Lack of evidence against Trump won’t have anything to do with whether or not Congress hops off the impeachment train. No matter what they say publicly, it appears they’re strapped in for the ride. As Catherine Herridge reported on Tuesday, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Jerrold Nadler was pushing for their "official" impeachment probe weeks before special counsel Robert Mueller finished his report –- which, of course, concluded there was no case for Trump/Russia “collusion” (conspiracy) --- and months before he went on CNN and announced a “formal” impeachment investigation. Nadler said his timetable is to vote up or down on impeachment by the end of this year.

Herridge reports that according to newly obtained court records, the committee laid the foundation for impeachment proceedings against President Trump all the way back in March. “On March 4, 2019,” one document reads, “the Judiciary Committee opened an investigation into ‘threats to the rule of law,’ encompassing alleged obstruction of critical purpose of the Committee’s investigation is to determine whether to recommend articles of impeachment against the President.”

This is the same court filing in which Democrats asked for an expedited ruling on a subpoena for the former White House Mueller. (Of course, we all know how dismally that turned out.)

So, this filing occurred on March 4. And supposedly congressional leaders are working together on the impeachment issue, having signed various “memoranda of understanding” amongst themselves. But in mid-March, Nancy Pelosi told the Washington Post that she was against impeachment unless there was compelling and overwhelming EVIDENCE. (Emphasis mine.) She said that doing otherwise would divide Americans.

So, which is it, Democrats? I guess you’re covering all your bases, stealthily moving into position for impeachment if that’s what you decide to do, while making a public show of actually caring whether or not Americans might be divided. Since when haven’t you wanted to divide Americans? You divide Americans every chance you get. Anyway, that sure is what it looks like to me.



Now, to Christopher Wray. According to Paul Sperry at RealClear Investigations, it’s still like pulling teeth for Republican lawmakers and Trump administration investigators to get certain tightly guarded classified documents from the FBI and other intel agencies. These have to do with the origins of, and justification for, the FBI investigation of alleged Trump/Russia conspiracy. Sperry has compiled an inventory of these documents from information provided by “sources familiar with the material” (at least somebody is).

It is a treasure trove of amazing things, many of them having to do directly with John Brennan. For example –- and I would think this one is major –- there are agendas for former CIA chief John Brennan’s secret interagency task force meetings on alleged Trump-Russia collusion in spring, summer and fall of 2016. (Let that sink in: Brennan was running a “secret interagency task force” throughout 2016 to investigate a presidential candidate.) Envelopes containing these agendas were sent to national security adviser Susan Rice, FBI Director James Comey and Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Then there’s this: a classified document that Brennan hand-delivered to Obama in a sealed envelope; this contained information from someone Brennan described as “a critical informant from someone close to Putin” but who’s thought to just be one of Christopher Steele’s sources from his debunked “dossier.” This was dated August 2016. Still think Obama didn’t know what they were working on?

Then there’s an email exchange from December 2016 between Brennan and Comey, in which Brennan argues for the inclusion of material from the Steele “dossier” in early drafts of the task force’s January 2017 intelligence assessment, which furthered the narrative (with no evidence) that Vladimir Putin had personally ordered the hacking of Hillary’s emails to damage her chances against Trump.

There are numerous confidential source reports (“1023’s”), which summarize briefings between agents and assets/informants such as Steele, Russian mobster Felix Sater, Stefan Halper and Azra Turk. These last two are the ones who appear to have lured Trump campaign associates George Papadopoulos and Carter Page overseas, baited them with leading questions about Trump and Russia, and secretly recorded them. Also, there are said to be transcripts of recordings in which Papadopoulos “denies any illegal conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia.” Papadopoulos himself has said he told Halper this, but these prosecutors have no qualms about squirreling away exculpatory evidence.

Here’s an important one: queries that Susan Rice and then-U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power, or someone signing Power’s name, made to the National Security Agency between January of 2016 –- yes, that far back –- and January of 2017 to unmask the identities of Trump officials whose conversations were intercepted in recordings of foreign nationals. (Some of these logs are actually being kept under lock and key at an Obama Foundation storage site outside Chicago. Wonder what else is in there?)

In addition, there’s an Obama “interagency memorandum of understanding” signed by the FBI and CIA, that enables outside contractors --- possibly including Fusion GPS --- to gain “improper access” (as a court has ruled) to raw FISA data between November of 2015 (again, yes, that far back) to April of 2016. Let that one sink in, especially the “Fusion GPS” part.

The inventory goes on and on; these are just a few highlights. The full list is at the link below, and I highly recommend looking through it and being amazed at how much information is still being withheld from us. SO MUCH went on. The FBI, as led by Chris Wray, is determined that we don’t get to see it.

And, if I understand correctly, Wray doesn’t want BARR to get it. Look, William Barr is the attorney general of the United States; the President has given him the power to declassify everything he sees fit. If Wray won’t immediately turn every bit of this material over to him, and/or to John Durham, who has been charged by the attorney general with investigating the FBI’s activities regarding Trump and Russia, he should be fired.

The congressional investigators who are still trying to get this material are charged by the Constitution with oversight responsibility. If at this point Wray won’t turn the material over to them as well, he should be fired. Enough of this.


The Russia Investigation Documents Barr Seeks to Uncover | RealClearInvestigations

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  • grace bryson

    09/14/2019 08:27 PM

    seems like i am disappointed in you. i always thought you are smarter than most. MAYBE WRAY NEEDS TO GO??? Everyone of us knew he was a comey corrupt twin from day 1 EXCEPT YOU AND TRUMP AND PRES JARED. 3rd biggest mistake in hiring/firing was hiring Sessions & Wray and then only firing Sessions. Next biggest mistake was swamp barr to accompany corrupt wray

  • Kathleen Kemmer

    09/02/2019 04:21 PM

    Mike, I am so happy you accept emails, because I refuse to register on any social media site; they are all weaponized against patriotic Americans. I have been asking for months now why Barr hasn't demanded Wray turn over all those documents that he has been hiding. The deep state bureaucrats that are protecting him are still alive and lurking in the hierarchy. And why has it taken over 18 months for Andy McCabe to be indicted, according to Judicial Watch.

    Just want to say I think the Huckabee Legacy is a great one and you have a blessed family.



  • Jerry

    09/01/2019 08:33 PM

    I have mentioned for months Wray is a snake in the grass and don't expect much help from him he looks as he is on a drug that keeps him pretty much numb most of the day not a lot of light in those eyes.

  • Linda Olds

    08/30/2019 05:43 AM

    At least one of your readers has said that this resistance to letting the truth out is to protect Obama. OF COURSE it is! That's why Strzok and others were smirking and laughing when they were questioned about their doings.

  • Mike

    08/29/2019 08:30 PM

    If the President keeps FBI Director Wray around it will be just like former AG Jeff Sessions, nothing
    but regret and a disservice to conservative and justice seeking Americans who want the swamp drained as quickly as it can. Looks to me Wray may be part of that swamp, because the minute he tries to protect anyone and not turn over information to AG Barr, enough said. Get rid of him quickly and keep looking for an honest and ethical person to head up the FBI, if one can be found!
    The Democrats will continue to create the massive divide in this country and they have the anti-American mainstream media supporting them. Wake up America, nothing good about the Democrats or the mainstream media. Vote Republican in 2020, so hopefully this nation won't be destroyed with Democrats wanting to continue the agenda of their beloved and phony Obama and Hillary.

  • Joe Wilkerson

    08/29/2019 05:58 PM

    This is just not a can of worms, but a whole barrel of them. The dems are going to do their very best to get Pres. Trump impeached, no matter what. That is their goal. No matter what the pres. does it will never be enough. I look at the dems like I would look at the Palestinians and Pres. Trump as Israel who can never do anything right enough to satisfy them. I feel like one day the dems/progressives will get what they want and then they can take out their frustrations on each other. I am convinced the election of 2020 is the tipping point of right over evil. God put Trump where he is for a reason and will discharge him when He wants. I really want him to win this next election in hopes of saving a few more souls, but He may say enough is enough.

  • jack macdonald

    08/29/2019 05:37 PM

    Like the majority of your contributors, I had a gut feeling of dread when I first saw and heard Wrey on the news. My immediate thoughts were that this is another swamper. Trump has not had a great run with his appointees and associates. Wrey is about as lackluster and non dynamic as they come. Kind of reminds me of Sessions. I had hoped for someone to take charge and run a cleanup operation. That was needed to restore the public's faith in this institution. One more great big disappointment piled on all the others with this govt. I'm 79 yrs old and no longer feel this is the country in which I once took pride. jm

  • Sarah Faith Buntin

    08/29/2019 04:01 AM

    YES, I agree Christopher Wray needs to go! Why can't President investigate the entire congress? for Obstruction of Justice, They have done everything they can to try to keep him from doing his job. That is Obstruction of Justice. What the Democrats have been doing is a Conspiracy against Our President. Why can't Our President Trump order a raid on the Obama Foundation Storage Site Outside Chicago. Like The Democrats did to the Republicans homes and offices they were investigating? They sure wouldn't expect the good guys to play hardball.

  • Anita Ward

    08/28/2019 10:20 PM

    If Wray fails to fully cooperate with Barr, he certainly should be fired.
    It’s so obvious the democrats will not do what they were elected to do and continue in their attempts to destroy all good that President Trump is attempting to do and everything he has accomplished in spite of their opposition, their lies and interference.
    It is insane that the never Trumpers have created the horrible division that now exists in our country and no President should ever be faced with the lies President Trump has had to deal with. I do not believe there is another person that could have faced the kind of opposition President Trump has faced and still rise above all of it and continue working toward his goals for the GOOD OF AMERICA.
    The democrats are just too selfish to work for the citizens of our country. They are getting elected for their own welfare, not for the wellbeing of the citizens and they continue living an elite life at the expense of the tax payers!
    Term Limits! They should be forced to abide by the same laws they have created for the rest of our citizens with the same medical benefits and no more perks!
    The elected officials have taken advantage of their positions to the detriment of us and our future generations!
    Thank you for allowing my comment!

  • Carolyn Bell

    08/28/2019 08:06 PM

    I heard someone or read it somewhere that the person the FBI, CIA etc. was really protecting Obama! It is obvious to me that he was involved in all of this! I agree with you totally Mike-FIRE WRAY and the sooner the better! I really enjoy reading your newsletters! Thank you for boldly standing for the truth!

  • Daniel Burke

    08/28/2019 06:34 PM

    This is all so disgusting We are officially now a banana republic. Saddest of all is that when all is said and done nothing will be done no one will be held accountable . Pathetic

  • Rick Reinhardt

    08/28/2019 05:22 PM

    Good article... correctly stated! Thank you GOV

  • MangusColorado

    08/28/2019 04:29 PM

    Yes maybe Wray is just a short Comey or a imitation Hoover. Either way he is a lost cause and will be exposed by honest FBI agents and AG Barr release of classified documents? Shall Wray say goodnight?

  • Phil Stocks

    08/28/2019 04:00 PM

    President Trump should fire FBI Director Christopher Wray immediately.
    Not only Christopher Wray, but the person or persons who recommended that Wray be nominated as FBI Director.
    Christopher Wray clearly has no intention of cleaning up the FBI.
    All Wray has shown is that he is a deep state operative.
    Christopher Wray should be replaced by a career FBI agent who knows all the ins and outs of the FBI.
    A career FBI agent who is a patriot and is not afraid to kick butt, take names, fire people and prefer indictments.
    An FBI agent who has a spine like DOJ attorney John Durham.
    This has to be done if President Trump truly wants to "Make America Great Again."

  • Donna Louise Oglesby

    08/28/2019 03:25 PM

    I KNOW that Christopher Wray is a BIG issue and why the GOP can get NOTHING form the Main FBI offices, cauase he is the last of all the frauds that were tied to Clinton, and the ONLY one still there, working in the backround helping the Dems and the Clintons and Obamas and feeding them whatever they want, while obstructing the GOP at every turn, either hiding or shreading documents to further cover the Dems corrupted tracks. He many of BEEN a good man at one time, but doubt he is now, and has to go! I don't trust him!Then again I don't trust our Justice system either, cause ALL the corruption, Obama, Clinton, Comey, Clapper, Brennon, Sally Rice, Aba Aubdean and a bunch of others, are STILL WALKING FREE AFTER ALL OF THEIR CORRUPTION AND BREAKING OF LAWS. sO THE cLINTON TEFLON LAW IS STILL IN EFFECT!

  • Sandra Spellman

    08/28/2019 03:16 PM

    Obstruction blocks pro-Constitution/pro-United States cases against anti-American anarchists that have infiltrated our government. Obstruction burns time until the next election. Lets pray that the architects of the phony dossier are brought to justice as soon as possible before the next election.

  • Linda C. Furlong

    08/28/2019 03:15 PM

    Chris Wray should resign. We need an FBI director who will not protect corrupt agents.

  • rodney burke

    08/28/2019 03:01 PM

    yes Wray should go. We NEED all the documents. As for impeachment, they are about to get the world wide humiliation of their lives. If there WAS no evidence, there STILL is no evidence. What are they going to use? "I don't like his tweets?" I don't like the way he talks? I don't like tariff? Yep time for not only the popcorn but the pepsi and a dessert. And oh, prepare for some great laughs. When the senate sees what is going on and bounces it back to them.

  • Catherine Fortin

    08/28/2019 02:59 PM

    How can Nadler even think of impeachment without all this material that is being
    kept under lock and key? I even believe Trump is innocent and is being railroaded. I just wish this scenario would end.

  • Marilyn L. DeMarco

    08/28/2019 02:15 PM

    Unbelievable, these people including Hillary and Barry should be prosecuted and found guilty on these things. And they should be stopped from the continued witch hunt and harassment of our President and his family. This country is becoming unrecognizable. In Idaho the idiot courts have ruled for the state to pay for sex change operation for a prisoner.....What? I can not believe it! I hope our governor continues to appeal it, I do NOT want my money going for this! Ridiculous and Unacceptable!


    08/28/2019 02:09 PM

    Chris Wray needs to go. If it acts like rat, smells like a rat, and lives in the swamp than it needs to go down the drain with the rest of the swamp water inhabitants.

  • Joan Waters

    08/28/2019 01:40 PM

    When are the the REAL culprits going to be indicted, and when will the FBI and others be cleaned out? Can never understand why the Republicans are such wimps! Love your remarks and keep up the good work!

  • Marsha Hays

    08/28/2019 01:33 PM

    The Dems will always want impeachment. What else is new?
    Can’t get it together HAHA
    Jokes on them.
    We the People Love Him
    They might have a real war on their hands if it ever came to that. NEVER HAPPEN


    08/28/2019 01:26 PM

    I look forward to your newsletters. You spell everything for easy reading & understanding. This has been such a trying & stressful time for this country & the Presidency. Wray must go! Look at Gen. Flynn & others who were with the Trump camp & how so many lives were destroyed because of these (small #'s) of "swamp creatures." As soon as then Donald Trump came down the escalator, & started his campaign speeches about "draining the swamp", they knew who they were right to the White House. Hope Obama & others would be charged with something big! Wishful thinking on my part! Thank you!

  • Tom Broadbent

    08/28/2019 01:23 PM


    I do not understand why Christopher Wray has not been fired yet. I told my wife months ago--MONTHS AGO!--that Wray should be fired for not releasing these documents. After all, he was appointed by President Trump. So why is he stone-walling all of the requests for these documents. Yes, Wray should be immediately fired, and replaced with a Barr-like individual who is loyal to the Constitution, the Rule of Law, and to President Trump!