October 24, 2020


October 24, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee


The weekend is here, so take off your face mask and breathe easy: a new episode of “Huckabee” has arrived on TBN! Tonight, I’ll talk to Sen. Martha McSally about her hard-fought race and the Barrett SCOTUS vote. You’ll meet a couple who’ve truly gone to the mountaintop and back to strengthen their faith and marriage. We’ll have plenty of laughs from comedian Bobby Henline and some goofy news “In Case You Missed It.” Plus a chat with music legend Michael Omartian and his wife, best-selling author Stormie Omartian. We’ll top it off with music from Michael Omartian.

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The head of the DHS has issued a statement refuting Joe Biden’s claim that President Trump rips children from the arms of their parents at the border and refuses to reunite them with their families, probably while kicking the dog he’s been criticized for not having.

In fact, three government agencies are working diligently to try to reunite these families, but out of 485 children whose families they’ve been able to contact, not a single one wants their children to be sent to their home nations to reunite with them. They’d rather leave their kids in the US. I guess they haven't heard that we're an inferior, irredeemably racist nation where immigrants can't get ahead.

Also, it’s true that those detention centers (“cages for children,” in Democrat parlance) were built in 2014, under Obama. And for a good reason: in that year, an estimated 60,000 children were brought across the border. Authorities suspected that many were not related to the adults accompanying them, and that coyotes (the human kind) were bringing some of them for human trafficking. They were separated to put them out of danger of violence or sexual abuse from adult detainees. Biden surely knows this: the policy began when he was Vice President.

Even if the children were with their real parents, illegal border crossing must be the only situation in which someone can bring their kids along with them when committing a crime and have liberals insist that the kids should be put in the same adult detention center with their parents.

This is a serious and complicated issue that impacts many young children, and a lot of people in border enforcement and other government agencies are working hard to try to protect those children and reunite families while enforcing our laws. They deserve better than to have their efforts misrepresented and their motives impugned for cheap political advantage.


On his radio show Friday, Rush Limbaugh made an interesting point. In the last debate’s arguments over the COVID-19 (Chinese) coronavirus, President Trump made the case that we’ve learned a lot about how to treat the virus (all such things have a learning curve, a term I'm not surprised that leftists are unfamiliar with), the fatality rate has plummeted by 85%, the deadly effects of the shutdown are now worse than the disease, and we can’t just shut down the country indefinitely or we won’t have a country. Joe Biden was the prophet of doom, warning of a “dark winter” approaching with surging cases and blaming all 220,000 US deaths from the international pandemic on his political opponent.

Rush made the point that he didn’t think Biden understood what it meant to be a man – adding that this wasn’t a gender issue, because his comment also applies to adult women. He noted that there are many viruses, from AIDS to flu to the common cold, that we don’t have a cure or vaccine for. Many jobs, such as construction, are high risk. You can die in traffic just driving to work. You can come in contact with things that give you cancer, something that Rush knows only too well, but even battling life-threatening cancer hasn’t stopped him from doing his show. Every day, Americans get out of bed, leave the house and assume those risks because life goes on and adults have jobs to do. It’s important that their work get done and that their families get fed.

Rush pointed out that Trump is a leader, and real leaders can't just take months off and hide in the basement. He got the virus, kept on working while he fought it off, and is already back on a campaign schedule that would exhaust even his young staffers (I saw this myself when I campaigned with him in 2016.) Biden doesn't seem to comprehend that we can't all keep hiding in our basements until someone develops a vaccine, which he might refuse to take anyway thanks to Trump getting it done. That’s understandable: he’s spent 47 years in Washington as a do-nothing Senator and then Vice President. If he didn’t come to work, who’d even notice? And it certainly wouldn’t stop his paychecks from coming.

A personal observation I'd add: Remember when Trump and his associates got COVID-19, and many liberals reacted with unseemly glee and tried to shine a spotlight on how saying that Trump was going to learn a hard lesson when he and his staffers got horribly ill or even died. Well, I think they're all now past it -- even the one most endangered, Chris Christie, who spent some time in the hospital for caution due to his asthma, is now out. Nobody had fatalities or even serious illnesses. And for some reason, the Democrats aren't trying to call everyone's attention to it anymore.


Joe Biden has a plan for stopping the coronavirus. It involves wearing a facemask everywhere, like, forever.


I’ve written before about how radical politicians always give legislation names that nobody could possibly disagree with, so they can accuse Republicans of opposing the “Fresh Air Act” or “The Safe Toys Act” or the “Save the Puppies Act,” even if those bills actually call for turning our schools over to ISIS recruiters. Well, here’s a new Trojan Horse to beware of, and it’s called “The Equality Act.” Because who could be against equality other than a bigoted monster, right?

What it actually does is enshrine “sexual orientation and gender identity” as a protected class and health care providers as a “public accommodation.” It’s also vague enough about defining a public accommodation that churches, religious schools, synagogues and mosques could be included. It could devastate religious liberty by forcing religious organizations and hospitals to accept employees and behaviors and to perform services that violate their sacred beliefs or else face ruinous lawsuits.

If Democrats take over the Senate and Biden wins, he’s vowed to sign it into law within his first 100 days in office. Remember under Obama, when the Little Sisters of the Poor were sued in federal court to force them to provide contraceptives and abortion drugs to employees? Imagine that scenario on steroids.

Oh, and as long as the Democrats are taking away your First Amendment rights, they know they’d better take away your Second Amendment rights, too. Here’s how Joe Biden is planning to infringe on those as soon as he (God forbid) gets into office. It’s the kind of plan that could only be devised by someone who knows nothing about the Constitution and whose closest experience with guns is shooting off their own mouths.

Now, go out and vote to prevent this, and take everyone you know who agrees with you.


I'll say it again: Who needs Russia to interfere in our elections when we have our own media to do it?

Wednesday evening, Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe and FBI Director Chris Wray held a sudden press briefing about findings that Russia and Iran –- wait, not China? –- have been interfering on social media to influence American voters.

It seems Russia and Iran have been obtaining information about our voter rolls and sending fake emails pretending to be from groups such as the Proud Boys (which is NOT a white supremacist group), doing things that are nothing to be proud of such as threatening people to vote for Trump or else. They've determined that these were sent to damage Trump, and that makes sense, because why on earth would Iran be trying to help Trump when they hate him maybe even more than the American left does, if that's possible?

Ratcliffe and Wray were on and off the stage quickly without taking questions.

Yes, we need to get to the bottom of the foreign influence we find. But have our intelligence agencies considered the threats to the election right here at home? For example, have they looked into what our own media are doing to try to intimidate and suppress Trump voters?

On Wednesday, Tucker Carlson featured a story about Brandy Zadrozny, an NBC reporter who describes her job as seeking out “personal identifying information” about anonymous online Trump supporters and revealing their identities. She calls it “social media learn about a subject’s real life –- their family, friends, jobs, personal politics and associations.” As Tucker reported, such information might include “phone records, property records, even their Amazon Wish Lists.” This apparently is her job description.

The must-read story comes from REVOLVER NEWS, which deserves special commendation for being on top of some important stories lately. Darren Beattie of REVOLVER said of Zadrozny, “She’s up to no good.” Here’s how he described her “job”: “...She uses state-of-the-art proprietary technical tools to dig up personal information about anonymous Trump supporters online...She’ll do anything she can to unearth anonymous Trump supporters, basically so she can ruin their lives.”

"It’s disgusting and disgraceful,” he said, “even by modern journalism standards.” (I didn’t know modern journalism had standards.) These people “are not even acting as meaningful journalists [but as] as commissars and neo-Stasi, effectively, in order to crush the rebellion of the American people [associated with the victory of Donald Trump] against their corrupt ruling class.”

Beattie said that Zadrozny uses the term “disinformation” as a pretext to target and shut down Trump supporters. As he explained it, the use of this term “invites the force of our own national security apparatus to silence Trump supporters domestically.”

Again, who needs Russia and Iran to “meddle”?

Beattie sees “broader swaths of our own national security apparatus being repurposed and redeployed domestically to silence, suppress and destroy the energies associated with Donald Trump’s victory in 2016.” That’s not surprising –- they're desperate to avoid a repeat of 2016!

This “journalist” was a major contributor to a doxxing manual for her media colleagues called the VERIFICATION HANDBOOK, telling them how to target Trump supporters and what to do to ruin them. Just one example: she calls the Amazon Wish List “a gold mine for learning about what a person reads, wants, buys.” She’s teaching agenda-driven “journalists” HOW TO SPY ON PEOPLE in ways Big Brother never dreamed. Here’s a telling quote:

"My favorite kind of stories are those that reveal the real people behind influential, anonymous social media accounts. These secret accounts are less reliant on the algorithm, and more carefully crafted to be an escape from public life. They allow someone to keep tabs on and communicate with family and friends apart from their public account, or to communicate the ideas and opinions that for personal or political reasons, they dare not say out loud.”

In other words, you can run, but you can't hide. If this isn't SPYING, I don’t know what is. This is dirty stuff, dangerous territory.

Good news for Zadrozny: there’s plenty of demand and job security for dedicated, highly motivated anti-Trump employees in the media. If she somehow loses this job, she might want to study artificial intelligence and go to work for Facebook in Hate Speech Engineering. They have the same goals.

And since we love research, look at the garbage we dug up that Zadrozny is into. Gosh, we’re hard-core Trump supporters and didn’t even know what “QAnon” is –-Trump didn’t, either –- but she apparently does and explained it in a podcast for (yes) Lawfare. Here it is on the website for the (yes) Brookings Institution. Zadrozny and fellow NBC reporter Ben Collins must have enjoyed going on this so-called “Arbiters of Truth” podcast series on (get ready) “disinformation” on August 6 of this year to talk about what crazy far-right conspiracy theorists we Trump supporters are and how the “disinformation” we post needs to be taken off social media. They say QAnon is becoming “increasingly mainstream” (!) and even that the Trump campaign has been “courting” its followers.

We got through about the first 10 minutes of this idiocy before having to turn it off. Thanks, NBC News, for being such dedicated arbiters of truth! What’s your next Trump-related expose –- the growing white supremacy movement? We don't imagine you work very hard to get social media to take down the REAL disinformation coming from the left, such as their insistence that the Hunter Biden laptop story is most likely a Russian plot, their claim that there's proof the Russians hacked the DNC, and well, just about everything they say about Rudy Giuliani.

Ironically, the REVOLVER site is probably one that agenda-driven NBC News would LOVE to get shut down, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they were doing everything possible to limit its reach. They would, of course, label this reporting “disinformation.” But REVOLVER is doing a great job of revealing what in their words is “the true nature of the presidential election,” and I sure wouldn’t trust NBC News to tell me anything about that.



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  • Michael Minic

    10/26/2020 10:01 PM

    It's so, so easy to SAY "children in cages" and point to the U.S. and its current leadership as evil. It's really easy to SAY that Christians have to oppose this atrocity; it's an evil act of injustice, and how dare you call yourself Christian if you don't hate the same politicians that I do. (I have liberal friends who question the Christianity of conservatives because of this very issue.)

    But I find it much harder to BELIEVE that this superficial finger-pointing is sufficient to declare the truth. For a nation that takes in hundreds of thousands every year (no significant change from over 4 years ago), this doesn't make sense.

    To believe that we (as a nation) have deliberately separated these 500 or so children from their parents and hold them as prisoners, one would have to believe several doubtful things:

    1. You would have to believe that all of these parents are struggling to get their children back.

    2. You would have to believe that Donald Trump built "cages" (he didn't), or that the "cages" built during the Obama era are being used differently now than they were then (they aren't).

    3. You would have to believe that every child that comes through our southern border comes with a parent, or is safe. ICE and CBP officials have many times spoken about the children they have rescued from danger.

    4. You would have to believe that the Christian thing to do is to encourage people to hike hundreds of miles, some of them as foreigners in Mexico, to cross a desert and sneak across our border, AND drag their children along with them. I think the Christian thing to do is welcome people into our nation by encouraging them to enter at a port of entry or meet with people at our embassies around the world.

    5. You would have to believe that tens of thousands of U.S. officials who work at the border are all following orders blindly and allowing children to be treated as common criminals in jail cells.

    I hate it. I hate that there are children who have been put in this situation by cruel adults (the ones that brought them to the border illegally), and I hate that there are cruel adults accusing me of failing to act like a Christian because I won't stoop to bashing our civil servants, our military, our president, or the whole United States.

  • Jim Best

    10/25/2020 09:40 AM

    Always Love your opening monologue on Huckabee show- it is always the most sensible and well-worded TRUTH.
    Please don't alienate the many people who enjoy soy and almond milk with silly jokes, which detracts from the otherwise GREAT content of your show.
    Respectively, JB

  • Stephen Russell

    10/25/2020 08:59 AM

    No Mask forever NO
    sign Barrington
    ALL comers sign: Gen Public & HC types
    No Mask politics

  • Jerry Korba

    10/25/2020 08:21 AM

    Last nite show had a fun portion with the music maybe the future could have a 15 minute segment of songs from the past it was great, the comic last nite took a little getting use to as a ex military man maybe years ago i could have readily find the humor as I have become more passive in my old age I have found I can not blow off what our guys and gals have endured in battle. Follow the money seems as a long withstanding quote. The last debate, climate change a topic when the solar panels wind mills so many parts are made in where ?? China owns most of that industry and the Moderator choice directs me to why she choose Climate Change more dependence on China to sell to America. Also the to stop Oil production in our country to become dependent on opec countries to raise price on gasoline to promote the electric car went on a short road trip the other day and I' ve looked at the fields of solar panels and wondered how much energy do they produce in Minnesota with the less hours per day of sunlight, in the northern tier of our country and a lot of ice and snow covers these panels, how about Alaska where solar is available for only a few hours a day California uses solar and it is failing its state's needs and conditions for solar are the best. In the waste lands and deserts near the equator might be the spot where solar could be used I have been in the desert not much population of people there with the exception of sin city. Follow the money and it leads to CCP endorsed products. The pushers of Climate probably are funded by the CCP.

  • Renee Kendrick

    10/25/2020 01:55 AM

    There is also "The Crown Act" that has passed the house and is waiting for a vote in senate. It is supposed to eliminate discrimination against someone's hair/hairstyle.

    I guess any hair on someone's head is to be accepted as professional (subtle/serious) if the act passes. Get ready to see a lot of colorful bedheads in the future!

  • Amelia Little

    10/24/2020 09:41 PM

    Wonder how loud Zadrozny would scream if her tactics were used on HER? How about publishing her address, phone #, her relatives and their addresses?

    I get emails but more often (up to 10 a day) texts purporting to be from people like Donald J Trump Jr (and recently Donald J Trump) and lately Sarah Sanders. I can't respond to tell them my thoughts about this--I think I can only respond with donations. But, I delete them without even reading. I have NO IDEA whether or not this is really from the real person, or is it from people like zadrozny who is going after my information, or some dufus who is taking money I think I'm giving to the President's cause. So, sorry if the texts are really from the real Sarah Sanders, but this day and age--nope, not gonna participate. I'm living on a fixed income, rent rooms to meet monthly expenses and sure don't want to find out I threw my money away to some imposter.

  • Amelia Little

    10/24/2020 09:29 PM

    I occasionally see fb posts from some liberal (or, leftist) friends who still insist that children (I guess ALL children?) come across illegally only in the company of their parents. And, of course, are torn from their mothers' arms and put in hell-hole cages where , it would seem the living conditions are no better, and maybe worse than those from where they came. Some seem to think the children are left to die if they get sick and many are sexually assaulted on a daily basis by the guards. Am not sure exactly where they come up with this--and they sure haven't seen the facilities where the children are, and the schooling, recreation, dormitories where they sleep. I wonder, if conditions were as good or better at home, why would it be important for them to be here?

    pelosi and friends seem to also take time off--in order to not be in DC when there are important arguments, votes coming up. I'm sure that those who gathered at whatever resort they ran to probably spend their time coming up with things like the outrageous demands for a compensation bill, or how to obstruct the hearings for a SCOTUS nominee, or what can they come up with to distract us from being aware of all the successes President Trump and those who actually work in Congress have accomplished since Jan 20, 2017. I just wish it was widely published about the garbage the democrats are putting in this latest bill which, I would certainly hope the GOP would vote down. It's only reported about the GOP refused to pass the bill which would SEEM to be about helping the citizens. And, of course, pelosi and friends get on camera to tell everyone that the GOP is preventing their getting financial assistance.

  • Frank Remski

    10/24/2020 07:29 PM

    Just a small typo: ...things have a learning curse, a term I'm... I think you meant "curve"

    and realizing this, I agree with your statement. Frank

  • William Fuhrer

    10/24/2020 06:40 PM

    On TCM at 1 today was a advertisement from THE FILM FOUNDATION saying all film should be preserved

  • Floyd Unger

    10/24/2020 06:00 PM

    Thank you

  • Dave Newbry

    10/24/2020 05:18 PM

    How about someone doxing Zadrozny? Fair is fair.

  • Vaslav Nijinsky

    10/24/2020 05:16 PM

    What we don't have, anymore or never had: a telephone(we even pulled the plug on the ONLY one we EVER had ~ into a socket in the wall). As for a "smart" one: "Fuhgeddaboudit!" ~ Tony S. Cut the wall TV cable years ago; now stream only to our Roku Mensa TV, have Desktop PCs(all WiFi), w/ wireless mice and keyboards. Have NO online SM accounts. Perform all comms via email. Online purchases are paid with PayPal, NO CCs. Guess that makes us a free-spirited, independent-thinking, unconventional, nonconformist, aka "mossback", albeit a callow, ddg one. ;-))

  • Mike Horst

    10/24/2020 04:56 PM

    Mike, As always your commentary is with pinpoint accuracy. Folks the REAL virus is called Joe Biden, Comemalla Harris, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, Gov Cuomo, Mayor De Blasio of New York. These people and many other Democrat leaders are the real plaque and virus in this country. They are ready to destroy this country in favor of their power, their prestige, their eliteness at OUR EXPENSE. I don't know about you but they are not going to get it done on my watch as long as I draw a breath in the United States of America

  • Jerry Korba

    10/24/2020 04:53 PM

    As our country is be bombarded with propaganda from the MSM CCP Democratic Party Harris and Biden deny what they have said 30 days ago call people liars after the proof and truth is put directly to the public. Government leaders compromised by Foreign operatives scream and holler about what a Horrible country we are and the country has enough people that believe them is astounding. If the keys to White House are turned over to Harris and Biden then AlI have to say its been good to know ya America you had a great run,as the Country will sink deep into the Abyss people can leave New York City the State of California If this Administration turns the keys over to Harris and Biden where can Americans go within 100 days the nation will be NY California destroyed.