Trump offers unique food stamp proposal

February 15, 2018

Trump Derangement Syndrome has become such a pervasive malady that it may be time to add it to the DSN (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). There is seemingly nothing that President Trump says or does that doesn’t send TDS sufferers into spasms of foul-mouthed fury, from cutting taxes to lowering unemployment to praising the troops. Latest case in point: what seems to be a fairly brilliant innovation for the food stamp program.

The White House just unveiled a proposal based on popular “cook-at-home” services such as Blue Apron. People on supplemental food aid could enroll in the program and instead of getting all their benefits in the form of a debit-like card that lets them buy food, they would receive regular shipments of food direct to their doors. The boxes would include staples such as pasta, juice, canned goods, cereal and peanut butter.

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This innovation would eliminate a number of problems with the food stamp program. It would help cut fraud by people who use their EBT cards for things other than food. It would reduce costs both to consumers (the government could get the food wholesale rather than individuals having to buy it retail) and to taxpayers (it’s estimated that it would save $129 billion over a decade.) It would help create jobs for American farmers and food producers.

It would even solve problems liberals have long complained about, by helping eliminate “food deserts” (the alleged lack of stores selling healthy food in urban areas) and obesity among the poor (by sending healthy food direct to their homes instead of having them buy fattening processed foods (remember the whole Michelle Obama school lunch kerfuffle?) It would help working single parents by saving them shopping time. We know it could work because the government already directly provides food to students and seniors. And it wouldn’t eliminate choice, since part of the benefits would still come on an EBT card; it would just replace some of them with convenient deliveries of healthy staples.

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This proposal is such a win-win-win-win, it’s hard to believe nobody’s suggested it before now. So what’s not to love? Only one thing: it was suggested by (cue the scary music) the Trump Administration!

The proposal was immediately attacked from the left as a “risky scheme” (trademark registered) that would “threaten families’ ability to put food on the table” (how, considering it would literally deliver food right to their front doors, which I have to assume are fairly close to their tables?) Like cutting our taxes, delivering healthy food directly to the poor is somehow going to make people DIE!!

As an experiment sometime to find out just how pernicious the effects of TDS are, the Trump White House should announce that it’s arranged for magical unicorns to fly over America, pooping out $20 bills, just to see how many liberals will run to the CNN cameras to declare that it’s a horrible thing that will kill us all.


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  • Doris Shenberger

    03/08/2018 12:37 PM

    Great idea. Let's go with it!!! This Prez. will go down in History as
    Top of All!! Mike, I love your e-mails.

  • Randal R Radabaugh

    02/24/2018 12:09 PM

    DSM? Well, Sir, as a veteran since 1987...and a former beneficiary of VA medicine and Psychiatry....
    That DSM is full of POPPYCOCK Sir. All 6 of them.
    Sir, if you look closely to DSM 5 and DSM 6, you will learn,
    in conjunction with the mental health act, And as it has happened to myself
    in 2015 and previously.
    Any one who refuses treatment,or does not consent to treatment, IS MENTALLY ILL!
    There is NO Medical Science to BACK up anything in the mental health's DSM's.
    It is all opinion. Mental Illness is a metaphorical disease.

    I was taken to an ER in 2015. (Spring-summer).
    My third trip to ER in 72 hrs after being released from a major Heart Attack and surgery.
    Well, while I am in the ER, I am given two pills.
    I ask what they are. Attivan or something.
    I said I did not want them. They insisted I take them.
    I took one...and they insisted I take another.
    40 mins later I am drugged.
    SWAT breaks in and SWATS me in the Hospital while drugged on a recliner.
    While there for a heart attack mind you. 3rd one too that weekend.
    I wake up in a PSYCHE Ward again.
    In a padded cell, no water.
    Bruises all over me, I mean all over.
    Scabs and scratches untreated.
    So again, I am forced into treatments and wards for my MEDICARE FUNDS,
    when after 30 yrs of VA psychiatry I figured out mental health is a scam. 100%.

    I report this to Ohio Atty General Mike DeWine's office.Medicare and Medicaid Fraud also.
    Only the Atty Gen replied..I have no rights, what they did to me was legal.

    So have fun pushing Baphomet/Baal open Eugenics, Phar,m-a-keia, Sorceries on unsuspecting populace.
    I am a true believer in Jesus Christ, and this world is chock full of antichrist deceptions.
    As in Earth is not a globe, does not move, I went and looked for myself.

    Calduceus is Baphomet/Baal----Medical Symbol is ruled by a dark prince buddy...better wake up.
    30 yrs of seeking help in medicine and doctors, proved fruitless....why? Name one cure?

  • Dusty Harris

    02/22/2018 09:52 PM

    I have been saying for years that SNAP benefits needs to be run just like the WIC program! People need to go to DHS for the vouchers. The vouchers have a list of qualifying foods that can be purchased and even ounces, such as 16oz cheese. The family will still receive a maximum dollar amount that can be spent per voucher. The families can only purchase what is on the voucher. This is how WIC has worked for years so why can't we do the same for the food stamp program. Also on a side note. I appreciate Trump working on the box food idea but I have worked in the commodity distribution for 7 years. We never have enough volunteers to box the food. Trucks delivering to the office seemed to run late frequently. The parking lot was not big enough for all the families to come one one day for the distribution. Plus just try to calculate how much we are paying in salaries to do the distribution. In my opinion it needs work. So how can we expect to use this current poor commodity process to increase the work load. How much more tax payer dollars are being spent to box, deliver, distribute and warehouse these harvest foods. The WIC process eliminates all of these hurdles. If you like my suggestion please CALL your Congress!

  • Raymond Reed

    02/22/2018 12:47 PM

    Trump professes Christianity as do you.
    Food stamps ? -
    What about Pauls statement about this command -
    It applies to everyone !
    II Thessalonians 3: 10 -12 (KJV) ?

  • Jackie Necaise

    02/20/2018 10:11 PM

    That is an excellent idea but it won't happen because there are too many abusers of the ebt and too many rich people making decisions for all of us who have had to struggle in our lives. I grew up in a family of twelve children. We did receive commodities every month, cheese, peanut butter, powdered milk, canned luncheon meat, ... ( that is what it was called then) and we were very happy to get it. We are all healthy still so it didn't hurt us not to have OUR CHOICE of what we wanted to buy, including steaks, seafood, cigarettes ( yes!) beer ( yes!). Not all store keepers care about legalities.