March 24, 2018

Yesterday, President Trump first threatened to veto that horrific $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill, then reluctantly signed it, saying he had to do it because of the necessary military spending increase, but warning that it’s the last such bill he’ll ever sign.

If the furious reaction from Republican voters on social media (see James Woods’ response at the link and the commenters on my pages) are any indication, that’s probably true. There’s a good chance that signing that bill was the equivalent of the Republicans signing their own suicide note. It could cost them the Congress, and if it does, there’s little doubt Trump will be impeached (Michael Moore is already rallying Democrats by telling them they’re selecting the jury for Trump’s impeachment). Even if he survives that, it could easily be the last spending bill written by a Republican Congress that he'll ever see.

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The last thing the GOP needed when they were trying to make the case that it would be a disaster for the Democrats to retake Congress was to do something just as bad if not worse than the Democrats would have done. But you could tell from the gleeful smiles on Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer that they couldn’t have looted the Treasury any better themselves. As one critic pointed out, at least when the Democrats blew nearly a trillion dollars on a useless, pork-laden “stimulus bill,” they rewarded their own supporters. The Republicans managed to shower money on Democratic darlings like Planned Parenthood and gun control while shortchanging their own supporters’ priorities, such as the border wall.

Some conservatives are trying to make lemonade out of this rancid citrus fruit by noting that there’s still a chance for Republicans to use reconciliation rules to write a sane budget and pass it before the election. Maybe that will be enough to sway voters, the way passing the tax cut helped soothe the fury over their betrayal on repealing Obamacare (which is again funded by the new spending bill.) But with this much fury this close to the election, I wouldn’t bet the farm on it. And trying to explain that it’s similar to previous spending bills Congress has passed without reading them to avoid an artificial shutdown deadline won’t wash: voters gave the Republicans the Congress and White House to end business as usual, not continue it.

Don’t get me wrong: I still think it’s of paramount importance to keep the Congress out of Democratic hands. Handing that power back to a Murderers' Row of Common Sense like Pelosi, Schumer, Bernie Sanders, Maxine Waters, Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren so they can block the desperately-needed course corrections from their disastrous policies really would be like signing a suicide note. I will campaign like crazy to prevent that. But there’s no question that Republicans who voted for this monstrosity have made the task of holding Congress exponentially more difficult. I also do not envy them when it’s primary election time.



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  • Dawn Iglesia

    03/29/2018 11:36 AM

    Thanks for the hilarious "Zell" stories. It made me sad that he has passed. I would really have enjoyed meeting someone with that sense of humor.

  • Clark Dickerson

    03/28/2018 06:16 PM

    I'm very sad & mad that Ryan, McConnell - & now President Trump have abandoned us. The first two have no "balls" & the President is losing his grasp of what is important & the guts to stand up & say "no" to the swamp.

  • Charles

    03/28/2018 09:55 AM

    I don't understand. I thought with a republican executive and legislative branch we could finally get some conservative legislation passed on a consistent basis. They had a few hours to read over 2000 pages and they vote yes? so called conservative republicans sending my tax dollars to pay for abortions? Trump realizes this and does not veto? Strike that "I don't understand" comment. I understand all too well now. The swamp is not only surviving, but thriving.

  • Marilyn Madore

    03/27/2018 12:28 PM

    Thank you again Governor for common sense commentary regarding Republicans. I am beginning to believe that they do not want to be re-elected, they do not want to lead. So we are let down yet again. But what are the alternatives? If we vote Republican, nothing gets done, if democrats take power back, the President gets nothing done. We need a complete overhaul of government. The two party system doesn't work anymore. Perhaps only a supernatural move of God can heal this land. -Marilyn Madore

  • Stephen Russell

    03/27/2018 10:52 AM

    Why GOP & DNC should merge, proof, the Estd GOP & DNC AGREE Its a Bloc vs the Voters for Trump & allies.
    The budget was planned IN Secret & then given little time for others to react.
    Yes sign for the Military , wall, & kill Planned Parenthood, otherwiseVeto.
    The Estd makes OUT on OUR Backs.
    Purge Congress & Senate.
    Voting wont Help, have to change DC System IE Pay to Play
    IE Cong has to Pay to get choiceComm seats in the House to the GOP,DNC & we lose.
    Change the System inside,
    NO Union style"dues" to get choice Comm assignments.
    A-Z House & Senate.

  • Blanca Zayas

    03/26/2018 08:19 AM

    I'm still with my president. I have faith in my Lord and Savior that good will come out of this. I know our president Donald Trump knows what he is doing. Other's and I that are Christian have to pray for our president and his staff that they will make the right decisions. We have to trust Our heavenly father (God) even when we don't understand. If one person my faith is strong is with God I've seen him move many mountains in my life to many time not to believe. We have to have a lot of faith and patience to know that God is with us he will never forsake us. Stay humble even when we don't understand. Blessings to all God love's you and so do I.

  • Richard R. Perschke

    03/25/2018 03:07 PM

    Am wondering who/what to vote for now!

  • Patrick Titterington

    03/25/2018 01:38 PM

    To me, this bill being passed has convinced me that EVERY member who voted for it definitely does not have the well being of this country in mind, nor his constituents. This has only proved to me what I have been thinking for some years; ALL politicians lie! I started out in life in a Democrat family, changed to Republican during the Carter years. Now, I am thinking of becoming non affiliated with the Republican party. I guess I will be an independent. As a disabled veteran and retired military, I am starting to feel those years spent in the military could have been better spent elsewhere, the Lord knows we have been lied to and ignored for a long time.

  • Robert John Shipley

    03/25/2018 01:25 PM

    The great betrayal! Thanks Republicans I'll never vote for you again. Benedict Arnold's

  • Charles L Wilson

    03/25/2018 11:44 AM

    Mike, agree this spending bill was dispicable and for a week advocated for it’s veto. In the end we hired our President to make these decisions. I believe America’s military must be strong to face the future threats and to, if possible, negotiate peace. The fickle 4 who put this bill together without their rank in file more likely than not blackmailed our President with if vetoed all the defense funding would come off the table and THAT would have been the end of the US! We have the dominos lined up now and now is the time to show strength and with this $700B appropriation the world is on notice that we are getting ready and we are coming! Pampaoe and Bolton are soon in place and May is coming! If NK falls, Iran and Humas falls! Iran will never finish it’s nuclear program without NK and Humas will lose all funding. When Humas falls Palestine will come to the peace talks with hat in hand. Finally, once those dominos fall Abbas, Russia, and Turkey will be delt with once and for all! God is in control and although Donald was slapped in the face with this bill he listened to God and turned the other cheek so he could get what was the most important!

  • Peter Pierce

    03/25/2018 09:03 AM

    The problem is that we let the Republican Party convince us that it was counter productive to spin off the Tea Party to a separate party. It didn’t do any good at the time to support the republicans and by now we would have a strong conservative constitution honoring party and the rhinos and the professional republican politicians would ether be gone or aligned openly with their friends the liberals.

  • Tricia Kennemer

    03/25/2018 05:53 AM

    God's got this. He does.

  • Shirley koockogey

    03/25/2018 05:33 AM

    It doesn’t make sense to me if people vote democratic,back to the same thing we are trying to get rid of so I suggest a third party such as ,Conservative party which I am already signed up to.

  • Clinton Curtis

    03/25/2018 03:04 AM

    I just don't understand what's going on at all with the Republican leadership, well lack of leadership. Don't they understand what we want ? Are they that spineless? It's just so hard to believe

  • Arlene Parks

    03/25/2018 12:19 AM

    I like the way you bring to our attention to things in our nation that need to be changed. But, I'm frustrated by not knowing how to help implement the changes that are needed. Such as, corrupt politicians still on the payroll. And, guilty political office holders, who break the law, and continue to receive government paychecks. What can we citizens do about these injustices?

  • PK Mitchell

    03/25/2018 12:17 AM

    with a "republican" bill like that, who needs the democrat party? that was the most liberal bill i ever heard of... no wonder schumer and pelosi were soiling themselves with glee.

    Im getting a real "read my lips" feeling here... reminds me of the time i voted Bush 1, then after his lying, went and voted Perot/Independent for the next 25 years.

    The republican party is just as liberal as ever... they might as well join back up together (rep and dem) into one big party again, just like the old days.

  • Mary Busam

    03/25/2018 12:01 AM

    Well, I guess then that the timing of this ridiculous march by wet behind the ears teenagers, bought and paid for by progressive liberals came at a good time. Trump supporters are rallying big time and they know that we have got to steer clear of Democrats in Power, in order to keep our Constitutional rights intact.

  • PK Mitchell

    03/24/2018 11:43 PM

    with a "republican" bill like that, who needs the democrat party? that was the most liberal bill i ever heard of... no wonder schumer and pelosi were soiling themselves with glee.

    Im getting a real "read my lips" feeling here... reminds me of the time i voted Bush 1, then after his lying, went and voted Perot/Independent for the next 25 years.

    The republican party is just as liberal as ever... they might as well join back up together (rep and dem) into one big party again, just like the old days.

  • P Meehan

    03/24/2018 10:30 PM

    GOP just lost the midterm and I think you know it. I cannot believe he did this.