September 14, 2020

About a week ago, I brought you THE most important pre-election story of them all, about Democrats readying for a possible “coup,” and linked to this piece by Michael Anton in AMERICAN MIND. Since we presented it as a must-read, I’ll link to it again here to make sure you don't miss it.

Since its publication, that piece has created quite a stir –- at least among conservatives –- and Mark Levin had Mr. Anton on his FOX News TV show on Sunday.

It’s true that the Democrat Party and the media (but I repeat myself) have no intention of allowing President Trump to be re-elected, no matter what. They will do anything within their power, legitimate or otherwise, to stop it from happening. The tradition of Election Day has been rendered almost moot as it is, with early voting starting this year even before any scheduled presidential debate (if they happen at all), along with the horror of widespread, essentially uncontrolled mail-in balloting.

As we discussed, they’ve twisted the whole plot to make it seems as though TRUMP is the one who will resist the will of the people, as though it’s TRUMP who will destroy the public’s faith in the system, when they are the ones openly doing those very things. They hide their activity in plain sight.

They're the ones who plan to count the ballots until they win. If Biden wins enough electoral votes after the first count, they will somehow head off any recounts. If Trump wins, they will count, and count, and...”find” more ballots...and count again until Biden miraculously has just enough electoral votes, and then the counting will be over. Recall the quote often attributed to Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, who may or may not have said it: “The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

Anton, who was a member of the National Security Council under Trump and is now a senior fellow at the Claremont Institute (“Recovering the American Idea,” which is a good idea) and a research fellow at Hillsdale College, has a new book out that might be as much of a must-read as his “coup” commentary, called “THE STAKES: America at the Point of No Return.”

I don’t think I have to tell you that we’re very close to that no-return point on numerous fronts right now. Specifically, though, Anton is talking about the threat of one-party as opposed to two-party government, the looming prospect of locked-in blue-state rule, as in, say, Oregon, but coast to coast. Yikes.

Of what the left is already doing to advance the “coup,” he says, “There are ten or twelve data points one could point to. To me, the strongest is when Hillary Clinton herself, who lost to Donald Trump in 2016, said, ‘Joe Biden should not concede under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.’” Presumably, Hillary was talking even about a 50-state Trump landslide. She does not care what the voters want, only what “their” voters want.

Anton said that of all the times there have been recounts, he can think of only one in which the Republican ended up pulling ahead, and that was in 2000 for George W. Bush in Florida, when the Supreme Court finally had to step in and stop the process.

Biden himself has talked about getting the military involved to “drag” Trump out of the White House. Disgraceful. And we had the story last week about the two former Army officers who wrote an open letter to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, advising preparation to deploy an active-duty combat unit to remove Trump from office on January 20, 2021, should that be necessary. (Fortunately, Gen. Mark Milley responded that the military would play “no role” in any transfer of power.)

Anton had a message he hoped would get passed along to everyone in the military, so here’s where we can all do out part. He is hoping that every military officer, current or former, will get the word out to “friends who are loyal to the U.S. military, who are loyal to the Constitution,” to “knock off” this kind of talk. “And if someone tries to whisper in your ear that this is what you need to be doing in January of 2021," he said, "tell them to BUZZ OFF, and that you are loyal to the Constitution, you are loyal to your oath and you are loyal to the American military that was founded literally in the American Revolution and is one of our cornerstone institutions that defend our freedom.”

Amen. Got that? Please spread this message to everyone you know who's serving our country in the military.

Levin tied Democrats’ effort to use the armed forces this way to that thoroughly-debunked piece in THE ATLANTIC that said Trump had called them contemptible names. Anton, who worked around the President a great deal during the first 14 months of his administration (including visits to military bases and all foreign trips) and never saw anything from him but deep respect and admiration for our troops, agreed that this was part of the strategy. “It’s impossible for me to believe that he could have said something like that,” Anton said. “I think that story is completely made up.”

He explained that they’re able to get away with making it up because they just about control the media (FOX News and conservative sites like this one being the exception), including cable, broadcast, pop culture (Hollywood, music, etc.), and social media. He discusses this in his book, calling it “the megaphone.” The left hold the megaphone. These institutions push out the narrative, he said, which is that “Trump is illegitimate, Trump was elected by the Russians.” Those who find out the contradictions and try to enlighten others are de-platformed. Big Tech is heavily into muzzling anything pro-Trump this year.

This is why millions of Americans STILL think Trump “colluded” with Russia. If (when!) Trump wins, they’ll rehash the same “Russia Russia Russia!” routine. Who knows how many phony “dossiers” are being passed around right now?

Levin and Anton also discussed something quite interesting in Bob Woodward’s new book. Now, I wouldn't believe one thing Woodward said about Trump, but this is an anecdote about then-Secretary of Defense Jim Matttis. According to the book –- which I’ll remind you is anonymously sourced –- Mattis, along with former Director of National Intelligence Dan Coates, discussed possibly “colluding” with some Cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove Trump. It might be that “7th floor” officials at the FBI weren’t the only ones contemplating an “insurance policy.” And here, it involved top-level military. This sort of thing used to be unimaginable.

It’s another reason why this message needs to get out to our military, now, at all levels: Do not allow yourselves or others within your ranks to be used in such a way to subvert the Constitution and the will of the voters. It will mark the end of our republic if you do.

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  • Chauncey M Freeman

    09/19/2020 04:00 PM

    President Trump MUST step up and be counted BRAVE and WISE. He must in some way protect our LIBERTY. Insofar as the election is concerned, and since we know that The FBI cannot be trusted, President trump should order Military Personnel to man all Voting Places to Guard Against A Sure Democratic move to discount the votes. If he fails to do this then the handwriting is on the wall, WE SHALL LOSE THIS ELECTION and therefore The United States will surely see A Second Civil War break out in The United States. So many criminal activities have been supported by The Communist News Network "CNN". This too must be addressed, and NOW. New Laws need to be passed by The Supreme Court that Address Those News Networks that spread Lies and Hate among the American People. EVIL must be eradicated at the Stem before it has time to grow out of control.
    Senior Chief, United States Navy, Retired

  • Stephen Clayton

    09/16/2020 10:05 AM

    It's past time for the Democrats, who have now fully embraced socialism and are endorsing the Communist-like insurrection going on in too many BLUE states and cities, to lose big in the upcoming elections. I hope that President Trump has the power to generate an executive order to prohibit voter fraud on a national level: 1. Clean up voter registries and register only those with proof of citizenship and residency, 2. Require government-issued photo ID to register and vote, 3. Allow only solicited Absentee ballots only for those who are overseas and unable to vote at the polls - all unsolicited mail ballots will not be allowed, 4. All poll voting will require paper-trail ballots in case a recount is necessary, 5. Secure and foolproof, witnessed counting of ballots to prevent errors, 6. Police and/or National Guard presence at all polls to eliminate intimidation by Antifa and BLM thugs, 7. Set a deadline of 11/10/2020, for counting Absentee ballots for one week after the polls have closed and ensure that overseas, military ballots are expedited to meet that deadline. 8. Signatures on Absentee ballots must be verified using the signatures that are on voter registration records. 9. All voter names will be put into a national, on-line data base along with birth dates and social security numbers to prevent multiple votes. 10. Those who commit voter fraud will be fined $10,000 as well as serve one year in prison for each separate occurrence.

  • Jerry and Andrea Tucker

    09/15/2020 07:12 AM

    Thank you for your updates on the upcoming election. We truly enjoy your e-mails. What's the best site to confirm the Christian beliefs of the candidates in our nation/state/local areas?

  • William Paul Appelt

    09/15/2020 12:15 AM

    Excellent commentary!
    Hard to believe that "they" wish to use the military in a way that resembles third world countries. If not right away but could be persuaded to morph. One person to watch is the wannabee witness Vidman(spelling but you know) in his military uniform and his twin brother... Sounds like a bit of imagination but you never know with major funding, Hillary and TDS movement to never accept.
    With the criminals being released, more room for more deserving criminals.
    Please stay on it, our best education for their propaganda!

  • Joyce Davis

    09/14/2020 10:07 PM

    I’m very concerned that this wonderful country is over already. The dems and media won’t give up until they have complete control. Whether now or in 4 years. Even if (God forbid ) Pres Trump looses they will see he never has a moment of peace as long as he lives. I only hope to be with my Lord by then.

  • Steven Lechtenberg

    09/14/2020 09:19 PM

    I have been telling everyone for months now that the democrats will steal this election away from us. The DNC is caught in a vise, the radical left on one side and their BLM, antifa and other assorted radical groups on the other. The way they can ease this vise and get free is to deliver a victory, at any cost. The consequences for the DNC are unthinkable if they loose this election, they monsters they created will turn on them. They are basically SETTING THE TABLE NOW. Evening showing up to vote in person will be challenged in states that use voting machines. The best way to vote is the good old paper ballot. I doubt we will ever know who won this election, the more chaos the democrats can throw up the better. So be ready for anything goes after the 3rd of November

  • James Evart

    09/14/2020 08:51 PM

    I am hoping that the President is also taking steps to protect the voters at the poles with federal enforcement against intimidation of voters by the Left. It is legal to do so in protecting the rights of citizens to perform their right to vote.

  • Ida M. Lee

    09/14/2020 08:50 PM

    Love U dearly, Mike. But ur transcripted messages are too verbose and I'm anxious to get to the numb. On TV, U R fantastic. Work on being a little more succinct in your daily communications which are tres important! What was Anton's main message in a sentence?

    Warm regards, Ieda

  • Vicki McTague

    09/14/2020 08:18 PM

    I can understand that the President must keep on topic when he meets with governors but was there any discussion with the California governor concerning the extreme restrictions on the Churches there?

  • Linda Wolfe

    09/14/2020 07:06 PM

    With all that's going on, wouldn't surprise me if real soon there is a mass exodus all over the world.
    That is what some of us call the RAPTURE. Bill Gates 's problem of "over-population" would be solved. In the mean time we must be about our Father's business of building HIS Kingdom.
    You know America has murdered over 60 million babies, promoted sodomy, tolerated the ACLU
    and much more, so, some day God's Judgement is coming if we don't REPENT . Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall. Whoever rewards evil for good, evil will not depart from his house. JEHOVAH GOD , have mercy on America.

  • Yvonne Carson

    09/14/2020 06:38 PM

    I think we all can see that PRAYER is our only hope---God only is our hope to stem the tide of the Marxist overthrow of our country. Please, everyone, pray every day!

  • Robert McFate

    09/14/2020 04:47 PM

    Members of the military and vets may have to stand by their oath but not in a way that will make the DemonRATs happy!

  • Margo Brown

    09/14/2020 04:41 PM

    I'm not hearing anyone referring to President Trump appropriately as the COMMANDER IN CHIEF of the military! If the military had to 'drag' President Trump from his constitutionally elected office, they would be 'dragging ' their own BOSS out! I'm a Retired Navy Officer, and this is outrageous talk about the COMMANDER IN CHIEF of the Armed Forces!

  • Margo Brown

    09/14/2020 04:40 PM

    I'm not hearing anyone referring to President Trump appropriately as the COMMANDER IN CHIEF of the military! If the military had to 'drag' President Trump from his constitutionally elected office, they would be 'dragging ' their own BOSS out! I'm a Retired Navy Officer, and this is outrageous talk about the COMMANDER IN CHIEF of the Armed Forces!

  • Gary L. Shelby

    09/14/2020 04:31 PM

    I used to vote a straight Democratic ticket from 1970 forward to 2008 when Obama illegally occupied the Presidential Office( I never voted for him). I have not voted Democrat since. I totally support the Trump (voted for him in 2016) re-election. I think that if it comes to a head, the ballots are recounted and recounted and recounted again, the courts have to make a decision and "Crazy Nancy" is allowed to enter the President's chair, she will declare a "State of Emergency" and not vacate the office when Trump wins. The military should not be used to occupy the White House by anyone. God Bless all of our leaders, and God bless America!

  • Rhonda McNabb

    09/14/2020 04:18 PM

    I don't watch the news. I try not to get on Facebook too much. I look just long enough to keep up a little bit with what is going on. I do read your emails. Honestly, they encourage me when I feel like there is no encouragement. Well, that is up to this point. i feel like there are so many people out here who are like me. Scared. I am a Christian. My Hope is not in this world. After reading this email I just have to there hope for Trump? If he wins this election is there a way for him to remain in office. In my heart I believe Trump can outwit these people who are so against him and our country as we know it.

  • Jewel Howard

    09/14/2020 03:49 PM

    Aren’t there any republicans who help count the election votes?
    Is it just all democrats who are in control of the election?

  • Michael

    09/14/2020 03:49 PM

    A very gloomy picture has been painted for November 3rd and after. Seems like We that People, we the Patriots may get cheated, ran over, etc. by the crooked, dispicable Democrats and the lying mainstream media. So if President Trump doesn't win when it looks like he rightfully should and the Dems continue to cheat and count ballots until Biden-Harris, what are We the People and Patriots to do? I don't know how it won't lead to a civil war!! Will our military be on the side of the People and Patriots? Governor, I understand that We the People need to vote in person, but such a gloomy picture of a coup, election fraud, etc. seems more than possible if not inevitable, what is your advice??

  • Wanda Magdalen

    09/14/2020 03:43 PM

    Beautifully explained Governor! We would never believe that the President ever said that about our Military, but there are those out there that listen too much to the Left and start to have doubts, which is so sad!
    God Bless you! ??????

  • Mary Caldwell

    09/14/2020 03:38 PM

    There is enough early voting and absentee ballots to all be counted within two days after the election. Unless you are so lazy that you probably can’t even get to work on time. Shameful !

  • Betsy Raper

    09/14/2020 02:52 PM

    I am very frightened about this election. I am praying for President Trump to be rected for 4 more years.

  • John French

    09/14/2020 02:25 PM

    The only way the atrocities that have been committed to not rear their ugly heads again is punishment with full extent of the law. All of these politicians, past presidents on down the chain need to go through a military court process for their attempts of a coup. If they are not publicly executed for their crimes, you know as well as i,because of the extent of their attempt to over throw our Government they will or someone or group will try themselves. If they see that no punishment is forthcoming,there will be no deference. Thank you for your time. John French Cpt. Ret. Vermont army national Guard.

  • LeAnn Kathman

    09/14/2020 02:08 PM

    Normally your posts don't scare me. This one does. The DEM party is willing to kill innocent people, destroy cities, ruin the economy to get their party in office. I believe Trump will win, and will win with popular vote and electoral college. At that point I think his very life is in grave danger and who know what else they will do. I pray nightly for President Trump's health, strength and safety. I believe God put him in place to save America and I pray God will keep him safe and save America.

  • Fiorella Weaver

    09/14/2020 01:50 PM

    The top brass thinking about a coup should know that the anarchist are simply using them as "useful idiots" and they would be the first to be eliminated, should the leftist/communists win. Study history!

  • Tina Wilson

    09/14/2020 01:47 PM

    Hi Mike, First of all, all of your newsletters are awesome! What I just read is very frightening, and I believe we all are going to have to take a much bigger stand than we are right now if we want to see life continue as we know it. I'd like to know more about what to do; I'm only one person. Thank you for all that you do, and your daughter also. One thing that I do do is pray very hard.