August 27, 2020

One of the most moving speeches on Wednesday night of the Republican Convention was given by a man named Sam Vigil. Sam who? This soft-spoken gentleman is not famous and certainly never thought he’d be speaking to the nation, but he came to speak about being touched by crime, as his wife Jackie was killed in their own garage during what was apparently an attempted carjacking.

They lived in Albuquerque, which he said is “one of the most violent cities in the country.” Most homicides go unsolved. In a sad irony, Jackie had immigrated from Colombia, known for violence, to seek a better life in America.

For eight months, the overwhelmed local police made no arrest in Jackie’s murder. But after President Trump launched Operation Legend this July, the FBI took over the case and in just days, they arrested four people, with the fifth arrested later in Texas on unrelated charges. Mr. Vigil thanked Trump for delivering justice for his wife and “for all the other innocent victims of violent crime.”

"I know he will never stop fighting for justice,” Mr. Vigil said, “for law and order, and for peace, security and our communities.”

Watching this in context of all the violence happening around the country, I thought that, more than anything, this election comes down to order and freedom vs. chaos and the resulting loss of freedom. The President wants us to be able to go about our lives in safety, whether it’s from a carjacking in Albuquerque or a vicious assault on the streets of Seattle.

The other side WANTS chaos, as they think that, one way or another, it will keep Trump from another term. But notice that they’re suddenly becoming more subversive about this, saying publicly that they are against violence. This is because polling shows that violence by BLM and other groups appears to be backfiring. Their plan to blame Trump isn’t working.

Even their friends in the media are trying to help, but they blew their own cover, right on the air.

Democrats don’t care how the violence is hurting people, just that it might be hurting then in the POLLS. The practice of going into restaurants and bullying diners is especially not playing well. So even Biden has (finally) come out and said he’s against violence. Even though nobody even brought it up during their convention, he and Kamala Harris will say whatever they need to now.

There are other ways the left thinks chaos can help them ultimately get what they want. For example, they can send the message that the riots we see in major cities will spread to all of America if their side loses.

They even blame Trump for their own acting out. One of my staffers said she was reminded of her niece having a tantrum when she was in her “terrible two’s,” screaming at her mother, suddenly shrieking wildly, “YOU MADE ME THIS WAY!” Imagine a two-year-old (!) with that kind of instinctive understanding of how to make her mother feel guilty for what she herself was doing. We are dealing with emotional two-year-olds, trying to manipulate in just the same way.

Give in to them, and that’s how they'll get their way with EVERYTHING –- by creating chaos and threatening escalation if we don’t appease them. They’re using race as the pretext for this, and they’ll take the conflict as far as they think they have to.

Prof. Glenn Reynolds at PJ Media came to a similar conclusion: “The left wants it to be about black vs. white, immigrant vs. native, etc. Trump’s making it clear that it’s about people who are constructive, productive, and generally happy, vs. people who are destructive, parasitic and generally miserable, and that that difference transcends things like race. This is a huge, underappreciated –- and very traditionally American –- message. By promoting it at this crucial time, Trump may very well be saving America.”

Amen. That’s what it will come down to. Americans can’t go about their lives and be productive and happy under the constant threat of chaos.

Hillary Clinton recently brought up another way that chaos can help her side get what they want. Remember at the 2016 debates when she was “horrified” that Trump wouldn’t promise to accept the upcoming election results (when he had no way to anticipate how they might conceivably be messed with)? Here’s what this ghoulishly hypocritical woman says now.

So, Biden should not concede “under any circumstances.” Putting Biden in the White House is simply “an organizational challenge,” even if America has clearly elected Trump. Imagine the chaos THIS creates. It shows she cares nothing for “democracy” and what Americans want, only power.

A commentary in Wednesday’s WALL STREET JOURNAL called “Mail-in Voting Could Deliver Chaos” describes the mess that could happen with mail-in balloting and one candidate simply refusing to concede. The WSJ has a paywall; but one of the authors has posted it.

Also, check out Dan Bongino’s podcast from Wednesday, Episode 1331, starting at 34:15.

The WSJ article greatly worries Bongino; he says to “get ready for the idea” that we won’t have a result even by December. But by FEDERAL LAW, the dates for the election and Electoral College voting are set in stone, and THE CONSTITUTION sets Inauguration Day as January 20. Period.

Mail-in ballots do not change this, but they must be postmarked no later than Election Day, in this case November 3, to count. Of course, the “mailbox” hoax is already being used ahead of time to discredit mail-in results, even as Democrats have pushed for mail-in voting.

State electors are supposed to resolve disputes six days before the Electoral College meets (this year, December 14), and if they can’t, the STATE LEGISLATURE has those six days to resolve the matter. If it can't, THE STATE FORFEITS ALL ITS ELECTORAL VOTES.

It’s easy to see how, at the state level, Democrats might mess with this system in key swing states to affect the electoral vote count. And even if Trump is inaugurated, they’ll say they “really” won, using the electoral chaos they created to delegitimize his second term, just as they used the “Russia” hoax they created to delegitimize his first term.

RealClear Politics goes into even more detail on what could go wrong with mail-in voting.

No wonder Democrats have pushed so hard for this. Anyway, get ready for anything. These people will sit by while violence destroys cities and gets people killed as long as they can blame it on Trump --- the very one who (unlike them) is genuinely interested in making life better and more productive for Americans.

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  • cynthia chauncey

    09/08/2020 09:29 PM

    Aloha Mr. Huckabee, I have sent a comment about this before but thought it was worth a second time because I really think this election will be a very big problem. I know a lot of states have polling places still but many will be voting by mail. Here in Hawaii it’s all mail in ballots. The Dems have tried every dirty trick to take the President down so I really believe that they will try to steal this election. They are desperate and will do anything. I don’t know what can be done but I know something bad is coming.

  • Mike Horst

    09/08/2020 04:17 PM

    Mike, It is good that the US Constitution has some safeguards to prevent the crooked criminal Democrats from stealing the election. I truly believe President Trump will be re-elected. Most of all he deserves to be re-elected based on his phenomenal achievements, unbelievable stamina and strength to outlast the scumbucket Democrats. The only thing that will prevent it is the lying propaganda by the Lamestream Media, the lying, pandering, gaslighting Democrats. I'm banking on God's power thru prayer, that common sense will prevail with most voters seeing thru the non stop lying by the left. It is just beyond my understanding why the Democrats think it is their divine right to control the federal government and everything else. The Democrats have continually demonstrated over the past 4 years why none of them should ever be elected to anything including dog-catcher! Democrats are bullies, they are spoiled, and they get a pass on virtually every crime they commit. It is way past time that they are kicked out of Washington D.C. and put out of power. America needs to realize how critically important that it is that President Trump and the Republicans win their respective elections on 11-3-2020!

  • Linda LuGene Williams

    09/01/2020 11:03 PM

    You are very encouraging in these difficult times. Your smile, sense of humor and positive manner are all very refreshing. Thank you so much. PLEASE write a book about the leavening effect of the Christian ethic on societies!!

  • Del Vanderbeek

    08/29/2020 05:21 PM

    The democrats and the news media are the reasons for all of the dishonesty and hypocrisy in America. My hope is that it will backfire and make them look like fools in the election.

  • Modree M. Smith

    08/28/2020 09:37 PM

    Gov. Huckabee, on the survey you sent asking for opinions on President Trump's speech last night,
    there was no choice for my comment! His speech was way too long and I prefer he doesn't mention Biden's name so often! Thank you for being there and always giving a fair, balanced; intelligent opinion!

  • Ann Bruce Pineda

    08/28/2020 07:41 PM

    Brother Mike, what would we do without your vigilance and your sense of humor? I vote by absentee ballot. I have to register again and again for each election to show that I still live in El Salvador, my husband's homeland. I thought I had to mail my registration with the local post office but you should see all the mail piled up there because the SAL the airport of El Salvador has been closed to all but special flights. I didn't notice the small print and couldn't vote in the primaries. I also have to send a copy of a photo ID with my ballot. I use my passport and do not think a driver's license should be accepted because lots of undocumented immigrants have a driver's license. If the Dems manage to get approval for mail-in ballots, please be sure they have to follow those same requirements or even more if you can find some stricter than those of Arkansas. Please share the message that 40 Days for Life starts in September and ends in November. God bless you and your family.

  • Allison Derby

    08/28/2020 11:59 AM

    I'm not so worried about absentee voting but mail out ballots to everyone on a voters list will be disastrous. Most of the press and the Democratic Party don't talk about the difference is mass mail out ballots and absentee voting. Their is integrity in absentee voting. I feel very strong about my vote not being diluted as will happen with the mass mailing of ballots. Dishonest individuals will be able to go a post offices and get ballots out of the trash where all the junk ail is disposed of. Will the Democratic Attorney Generals have the final say so on whether their states go forward with the mass mailing of the ballots or is their a way this can be prevented or is this just going to happen?

    Allison Derby Jr
    York, Al.

  • Amelia Little

    08/28/2020 07:26 AM

    A fellow on one of the msm channels has called on good ol' joe to step up NOW, and stop these peaceful protests (because of all the damage all that peace generates, I guess.) One could wonder whether or not this would be part of the plan--when he speaks up, the command from the real handlers (of the blm and the democrats) will make all the rioters go home. Then, see!!!! good ol' joe has stopped the rioting, and President Trump has not--so elect joe!!! I also wonder if people will think the mayhem and destruction will stop immediately if the election was to go for biden. Of course, with their tactic to not have a final count until after Jan 20 (unless they can manufacture enough votes for a Nov 3 or Nov 9 victory for biden) that wouldn't happen until after Jan 20.

  • Steven Lechtenberg

    08/27/2020 09:56 PM

    The democrats have already tarnished the upcoming election. The legal angles they will work to get this election thrown into their court will be staggering and uncomprehending. The court actions alone will tie up the results till who knows when. As long as they can stall the results until January 20th they will have achieved one of their objectives, Trumps term is over then. Then nasty Nancy will become president, if the dems still control the house. Then the free for all will begin in the house. It will take at least 26 states to decide this election. And in the mean time if the violence going on now is bad, just wait until after this contested election. The mobs will be bigger and more organized, this is their practice run to see how the law enforcement community will react. Defend yourself, fat chance, the drums will have you carted off to jail while defending the PEACEFUL PROTESTORS. All we can do is vote the right way and hope it is more than enough to defeat this diabolical scheme the drums are hatching. I am a proud veteran and still honor my oath. These violent democratic brown shirts will have their hands full in my neighborhood

  • Sharon James

    08/27/2020 08:12 PM

    Ok. That’s it. You don’t know how hard this is for me but I’m giving up MLB and NFL. They have to know that cancelling games and kneeling for the National Anthem have a consequence.

  • Christine M Pratscher

    08/27/2020 06:48 PM

    I just love your articles but I wanted to let you know that OAN covers the convention uninterrupted. Just an FYI.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Mary Lee Sprague

    08/27/2020 05:53 PM

    I am bothered any time someone says that someone else "doesn't care." It is probably true, but we don't know that person's heart and mind so I'd rather people say "It appears that ....... doesn't care." or "they are acting like they don't care." I feel like my governor doesn't care about me, but he would deny that. But he can't deny the actions he's taken that hurt people in my situation.

  • Donald Tygart

    08/27/2020 05:19 PM

    Just a minor thought (of which I have aa lot). If for some strange reason Biden does win, I am thinking he will get in front of a microphone and, if Universities and Colleges are not yet fully open, demand it to happen. This would end the majority of the violence - in those streets - as it is primarily caused by students without direction. My thought would be for President Trump to get out in front of this - IF they aren't opening this fall - by demanding the very same thing early and often. Considering who / what Administrators generally are - this IS a possibility?

  • Jacquelyn Etchison

    08/27/2020 05:13 PM

    I’m concerned about what the Democrats will do when they lose. Didn’t they recount the votes each time a Republican wins? What a scary time. We’re seeing scripture come to pass.

  • Norma Barth

    08/27/2020 04:55 PM

    Only God and prayers can help us now. ??

  • Timothy Broman

    08/27/2020 04:54 PM

    THIS is the best, most to-the-point warning to America.

    How can this message, and the other speeches by African Americans and Hispanics who have spoken the truth so simply and compellingly, get their messages to the grass roots over the next few months?

    The Republicans and all honest citizens should spend all effort and resources on spreading the truth.

  • Anne Amato

    08/27/2020 04:51 PM

    In MN, many areas have had mail-in ballots for years. Are they secure? NO!
    1) No such thing as "Local Mail" at many post offices; so all mail goes to Minneapolis FIRST to be "sorted", then comes back to city & town post offices for further sorting for local & rural routes.
    2) If one does not PAYand mail "Registered or Certified-Return Receipt Required, have no clue if your ballot gets to polling place on time...or at all.
    3) Mail-in ballots CAN be personally delivered to County polling place...but there is no way to find out if your ballot is counted, correctly counted...AND a person can deliver up to 3 mail-in ballots.
    4) There is NO identification requirement when delivering the ballots....they REFUSE to see any!
    QUESTION: If an organization such as AARP is REQUIRED to see a PHOTO ID of people filing income tax returns, their Social Security Cards...and any Social Security numbers for people ON the return....why is Voter ID not a requirement to VOTE?????

  • Ramona Hamilton

    08/27/2020 04:13 PM

    Thanks for the suggestion of CSPAN. I want to hear all the speeches and have been watching Fox Cable, which of course is better than the other stations. But still I missed Burgess Owens' speech last night and some others. I do not care to hear the opinions of Chris Wallace, Juan Williams, and Donna Brazil. I was horrified at her last comment last night which ended the broadcast. I'm sure some of the panel were stunned. I cannot understand why Fox hired Donna after she lied during the last presidential campaign and was fired from CNN.
    I enjoy reading all your newsletters, but especially these about the convention. I don't see how any one could possibly vote for Biden after hearing the differences between the two men. I just wish every American could see the RNC convention. I thought it was magnificent and made my heart burst with pride and brought tears.
    Thank you for your dedication and love for America and for the contribution of your wonderful daughter Sarah.

  • William Taylor

    08/27/2020 03:49 PM

    Sent from my iPad

    Begin forwarded message:

    From: Bill Taylor <[email protected]>
    Date: August 27, 2020 at 1:50:32 PM CDT
    To: Tim Scott <[email protected]>
    Subject: A request from Alabama

    ?Mr. Huckabee

    I have come to appreciate you and your perspective. Overall I support President Trump and his direction for the country. However, I respectfully ask that you try to convey to him a concern/request that I have. I hope that tonight, in his acceptance speech, he will accept a challenge to speak to both sides of the law & order vs. justice issue.

    Many Republicans emphasize law and order as if that includes justice. In a perfect world it does but it’s not so clear in our imperfect world. You do not have law and order when a policeman puts his knee on a man during his arrest and causes his death.

    Here is the challenge. Will President Trump & Republican leadership humbly say “This country cannot have law and order if we do not have justice for ALL of its people and this includes the ‘George Floyds’ of our country. Black Lives Matter because ALL lives matter”.

    These statements, I think, would help transcend the divide in America. With need law & order and justice in our country. Don’t make us choose only one. We need both!

  • Linda Orf

    08/27/2020 03:38 PM

    It worries me that Hillary is advising Biden never to concede. Deep Pocket Clinton’s May know a boat load of judges they can extend a deep pocket too should it come to a court determination for the outcome of the election.

  • LeAnn Kathman

    08/27/2020 03:12 PM

    I will vote at the voting booth to be sure my vote counts. If people are voting TRUMP they should do the same. The Dems scare me half to death. God save us one and all.

  • Glenn Bradbury

    08/27/2020 03:05 PM

    I hope and pray that after President Trump wins back the House he will pass legislation for more severe penalties for promulgating fake news and dereliction of duty by government servants of the public. Special scrutiny should be exerted in convicting Mayors and Governors who are proved to be derelict in their duty.

  • Robert Carter

    08/27/2020 03:01 PM

    I have seen contrasting reports this morning:
    First, my phone news tells me that many network affiliates and independent stations covered the RNC last night. Also, that Gov Newsom was asked this morning about his ex-wife's speech last night, to which he responded, "I'll defer to the next question, please."
    Later, my phone news (back to normal ?) said that the audience last night dipped to only 15.7 million for night three.
    They might just be "getting it" - first, the truth, then from DNC headquarters.
    Just maybe it's two steps forward, but only one step back - God is good, all the time!

  • Bette Grube

    08/27/2020 03:00 PM

    Amen Mr Huckabee!

  • Linda Wolfe

    08/27/2020 02:49 PM

    Someone PLEASE freeze george soros USA assets to stop him from paying the rioters. He should be forced to pay for rebuilding all the places these paid rioters have destroyed. He should also be charged for the murders the rioters have committed !