February 25, 2019


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Today's Commentary ---  Ken Starr on the FBI: "WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE?" -- Tennis great Martina Navratilova under fire for commenting on trans athletes  -- We Watch The Oscars So You Don't Have To  -- 2020 Campaign Slogan Suggestion --- Insane scenario resurfaces -- The truth behind "Democratic" socialism -- Big salute for Rep. Adam Kinzinger -- A common symptom of Trump Derangement Syndrome   -- Evening Edition -- Daily Verse


When special counsel Robert Mueller’s report comes out --- and most accounts say it will be soon --- it most likely will read like a prosecutor’s opening and closing statements, one-sided arguments devoid of exculpatory evidence. In that respect, it should make fine reading for the most wild-eyed anti-Trumpers out there. But they’re just going to have to wait. That’s because to satisfy the special counsel statute, the report is to be given only to newly-confirmed Attorney General Bill Barr.

According to former independent counsel Ken Starr, President Trump’s lawyers haven’t even seen it yet, so their side of the story has yet to be told. Starr, a former solicitor general and federal judge in addition to being the independent counsel in the Bill Clinton case, was interviewed by Mark Levin for Sunday’s LIFE, LIBERTY & LEVIN.

The independent counsel legislation under which Starr worked was different from today’s special counsel statute; it had provisions that, in Starr’s words, “put a pretty heavy thumb on the scale” towards impeachment. (I would add that with the bill House Democrats want to pass to offer ironclad protection to Mueller, they show they’re willing to do anything they can to put that thumb back on.) It seems they worship Mueller as a god, while in the case of Ken Starr, they demonized him, with the media camping outside his door day and night. “It’s very nice of them” to leave Mueller alone, Starr said wryly. He said that for this kind of cooperation, there must have been what he called “a treaty of peace” with the various media outlets.

Mike Huckabee

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Tennis great Martina Navratilova under fire for commenting on trans athletes

By Mike Huckabee

Ever since the Obama Administration made it its mission to force transgender bathroom rights onto schools, I’ve been warning about how this trend would negatively impact women’s rights. For some reason, many feminists made a choice of siding with the leftist trend and betraying their own gender. Now, even some feminist leaders are being targeted and ostracized for daring to point out the obvious: hormones, psychology and (optionally) surgery do not turn a male into a 100% female, and denying reality is destroying women’s sports.

All over America, girls who have worked hard for years to win athletic scholarships are being left in the dust by trans competitors who were born male and now “identify” as female. In many cases, the frustrated girls and their parents have been shamed into silence if they dare complain. But anyone who doesn’t live in fantasyland can tell that students who go through puberty as males develop muscle tone, upper body strength and stamina that gives them an unfair advantage over girls.



We Watch The Oscars So You Don't Have To

By Mike Huckabee and Pat Reeder

Last night at the Oscars…Oh, who cares? You didn’t watch it, and neither did I.

Fortunately, I have someone on staff who did. I say on the “Huckabee” TV show that “We read the news so you won’t have to.” Well, our staff writer and resident pop culture historian Pat Reeder ( ) watched the Oscars so I wouldn’t have to. We all salute him for his sacrifice. Here’s his report...



2020 Campaign Slogan Suggestion

By Mike Huckabee

I confess that often, when I hear a leftwing politician trying to make a persuasive case to voters, I think, “Is this person really that stupid, or do they just think the rest of us are?” That particular spidey-sense is really tingling over the current claims about voters being furious at Republicans for giving them a tax cut and maybe rewarding Democrats who promise to undo it.

Here’s the premise: Voters are shocked that they’re getting smaller income tax refunds this year than last year. They’re so angry that they will surely vote Democrats back into power and get those refunds back up again.



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Insane scenario resurfaces

By Mike Huckabee

Say, remember when some people on the right were conjecturing that President Obama might declare martial law and refuse to leave office? They were roundly ridiculed by the mainstream media as crazy, tinfoil hat-wearing, paranoid conspiracy lunatics. 

Well, CNN just published a serious op-ed by a Georgetown University law professor titled, “What if Trump refuses to accept defeat in 2020?”  Yes, it's the exact same premise.

Here’s a more realistic question: “What if liberals refused to accept defeat in 2016 and it drove them absolutely batty?”  Because I think that’s how we got articles like this.  Here’s another question to ponder: “How far around the bend are they going to go after their unending public displays of brain-drooling lunacy insure that Trump wins again in 2020?” 

(In fairness, CNN adds a disclaimer that the views expressed in op-eds do not necessarily reflect the opinions of CNN or its employees.  But I think it’s safe to say this one does.)


The truth behind "Democratic" socialism

By Mike Huckabee

Today’s top Democrats are competing fiercely with each other to see who can embrace the most aspects of socialism without admitting to being a socialist.  Some try to split weasel hairs by insisting that “Democratic” socialism isn’t really socialism.  That’s why all Americans owe a debt of gratitude to Democratic candidate for Chicago city council, Ugo Okere. 

Okere helpfully explained that “Democratic” socialism, which he embraces, “is about democratic control of every single facet of our life.”  And this is a good thing because “government is led by the people, not by big corporations, not by multibillionaires, and working people actually have control over who we elect to be our politicians, over how elections work, and over how our government is structured.” 

But that’s not all: government should also manage our relationships:  “Democratic socialism even extends to our relationships and how we treat each other. (It looks) at the world through a socialist-feminist lens, in how we treat people who are black, who are brown, who are femme, who are non-binary, who are gender-nonconforming, and who are working class.”  So the government would also decide how we should treat each other and enforce that, too.

Who better to have control over every single facet of our lives than government?  Right off-hand, I’d say…how about us?  You know, individual Americans, making our own decisions about how to live our lives without the government ordering us what to do in excruciating detail?

As horrifying as Okere’s dream to “radically transform the way the world works” may be, we all owe him thanks for being honest.  He’s not pulling the kind of bait-and-switch that snookered Venezuelans. He’s telling us right up front that “Democratic” socialism is no different from any other form of authoritarian socialist state-control: it will take away your freedom and try to dictate every facet of your life. 

He further brags that his campaign “is literally making socialists, and I’m proud of that.”  I would hope that after hearing him describe with such surprising candor what “Democratic” socialism really is that he would create far more Republicans and Libertarians.


Big salute for Rep. Adam Kinzinger

By Mike Huckabee

How about a big salute to Illinois Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger?  He’s not only fighting to secure the border in Congress, he’s literally fighting for border security on the border…as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Wisconsin Air National Guard, currently deployed to Arizona. 

Rather than complaining about having to do his duty, Kinzinger says he loves it and is proud to serve: “When drugs come into Arizona, they end up in Illinois. To protect this country from, frankly, all the drugs that are coming over, is awesome.”

In a time when far too many Congress members prefer to put on blinders and deny reality, it’s great to know that there is at least one person in Washington who has hands-on experience at protecting our borders.  Now, if only his colleagues would at least visit the border and ask the people living there if they think border security is a “manufactured crisis.”


A common symptom of Trump Derangement Syndrome

By Mike Huckabee

If there’s one common symptom of Trump Derangement Syndrome, it’s that no matter what President Trump does, it’s always wrong, even if it’s something his critics want or previously endorsed.  And so this week, we had the weird spectacle of LGBTQ activists attacking Trump for launching a campaign to make other nations decriminalize being gay.  It’s a bit hard to follow their logic, but apparently, Trump is being insincere or self-serving or just wants to poke Iran or isn’t inviting the right activists to the meetings or something.  Anyway, the upshot is that it’s more important to oppose Trump and keep up the narrative that he hates gay people than it is to help him stop other nations from throwing gay people off tall buildings.

In that same spirit, it’s more important to keep up the drumbeat that Trump is a white supremacist than it is to acknowledge that before he ran for President as a Republican, he won awards from the NAACP and was praised by Jesse Jackson, and he’s since overseen the lowest black unemployment rates in decades.  I think the absurdity of this narrative is summed up in hilarious fashion at Herman Cain’s page with this headline about Trump’s speech at a White House reception for National African-American History Month:

“President who supposedly hates black people joins black people to celebrate black people.”

On that subject, Laura Ingraham had an excellent panel discussion about whether the left is starting to panic at the thought that black Americans are seeing through all the cries of “racism” and noticing what Trump is doing to improve their lives.


Evening Edition - February 22

By Mike Huckabee

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


Daily Verse (KJV)

"A man's gift maketh room for him, 
and bringeth him before great men."

– Proverbs 18:16

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  • Faith Theophillus

    02/26/2019 01:18 AM

    Re the article: The truth behind "Democratic" socialism
    --- he will keep making 'socialists' because even though he is being direct and honest, there is 1 piece that is being missed / unrealized / left out:
    the people who are being swayed by the concept think that
    --they will be taken care of according to what ((indent) they believe) will happen - including the deceptions they are fed,
    NOT that they will lose any ability to make any decisions for themselves / different than what the socialist decisions will be.
    --they are so desperate to be taken care of, that they don't care, like the people who are willing to give up their rights so they can be protected by Mommy and Daddy Gov't from big bad reality...

    Since none of them have truly lived under ''any other form of authoritarian socialist state-control'' (or been taught about it) they don't realize that ''it will take away your freedom and try to dictate every facet of your life.'' ...they have no point of reference!!!

    They need prayer and educating...

    Can Pres Trump do (ie) monthly TV spots - like the SOTU, for say 1/2 hour, where he can show video of what is
    happening @ the border, and Venezuela, etc? OAN has an Illegal Alien Debt Clock (see )
    and ...
    That would open an eye or 2!
    The fake news isn't going to tell the truth, and too many watch only that.

    Barring that, would love to send them - 1 way ticket - to the socialist country of their choice. If they want back in, they should earn the $ to get back, and start as an immigrant on line behind everyone else who has been waiting.

    Oops, just woke up...too much to hope those dreams become reality!...............................