March 28, 2018

A few months ago, Michael Wolff’s book of unverified rumors about the Trump White House, “Fire and Fury,” topped the best-seller list and made him a hot talk show guest. But now, Wolff has given an interview to the Vassar Political Review in which he basically admits that it’s just a thick slice of baloney between hardcovers.

Wolff is quoted as saying that he “investigate(s) nothing” because his job “has nothing to do with truth.” Instead, his job is to “take what I see and what I hear and write that in a way that readers can come (as close) as possible — as close as I came — to the experience of doing this.” It’s not clear what he means by “this,” since he also admits, “I'm not a political journalist. I'm not, frankly, all that much interested in politics… I'm barely a journalist, actually. I am a writer.”

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So maybe he means that by reading his book, you are experiencing what it’s like to listen to stories told by someone who doesn’t know what he’s talking about or care whether it’s true. Pretty smart of him to wait until after the book sales died down to admit this. Although buyers who feel burned might want to research the history of people who bought the book “A Million Little Pieces” or the Milli Vanilli album.

In the meantime, someone who talks about politics without being a journalist or knowing or caring about politics, and who thinks his job has nothing to do with the truth, can always find a lucrative position at CNN.


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