August 8, 2017


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Today's Commentary:  Hillary lost because of accurate news  -- California: left of left -- The root cause of poverty -- ISIS secret unit targets UK -- The RAISE Act  -- News Bits 


While President Trump is out of the White House for an unexpected vacation (rumors are swirling that it was to scour the residence for listening devices), we can catch up on some news that went overlooked. Like the fact that while Democrats mock Trump for blasting “fake news,” they were actually quite paranoid about it themselves. So much that on Election Day 2016, FBI agents were reportedly monitoring social media sites to try to counter any “fake news” that might have made Hillary Clinton look bad.

This carries some pretty rancid odors of Big Brother and politicizing intelligence agencies to monitor and chill free speech. But there doesn’t seem to have been any widespread, Russian-sourced disinformation. They apparently forgot that Hillary’s biggest worry wasn’t fake news, it was accurate news. This may be the first election that some think was unfairly altered by the Russians releasing the truth about the Democratic candidate before people voted.

Then again, this story comes from CNN, so the whole thing might be fake news.


Mike Huckabee



California: Left of left

By Mike Huckabee

California’s government is now so leftist that far-leftists are under attack by ultra-leftists for not being uber-leftists. Case in point: there’s a petition to recall Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon for not backing single-payer government health care. But Rendon does back it…in theory. He just recognized the reality that it would cost an estimated (lowball) $400 billion a year, or more than twice the entire current state budget. But just as Rendon’s critics believe they are whatever gender they feel like today, they believe in creating their own reality and have no patience for politicians who recognize actual reality. If you start rejecting ideas that only work in theory, you end up becoming a conservative. That way lies sanity, and there’s no room for that toxic nonsense…or toxic “sense”…in Sacramento these days.


The root cause of poverty

By Mike Huckabee

If someone is poor, is it because of some failing of their own, like not working hard enough or succumbing to temptations like drink or drugs? Or is it due to some circumstances they were born into and can't control, like institutional racism or class prejudice? A new Kaiser Foundation study discovered that the way you answer that question might depend on…well, your circumstances.

White Evangelical Christians, Catholics and Republicans are likely to believe that living in poverty is related to lack of personal responsibility (Republicans believe that about 2-1.) Atheists, black Christians and Democrats blame it on your circumstances (Democrats by about 3-1). Of course, the answer isn’t that simple: some people born to privilege end up on Skid Row and some born in ghettos end up in mansions. Read the article to get a more detailed portrait of the findings. But bear in mind that someone's answer to that question likely says more about the way they view the world than about the real root cause of poverty.



ISIS secret unit targets UK

By Mike Huckabee

Here’s a “good news/bad news” update in the war on terror. First, the bad news: a report by the Times of London claims that a secretive unit of ISIS is training British citizens who want to join their fight at a camp in Syria, then sending them home to launch jihadist attacks in the UK. This is reportedly the same unit that trained the terrorists who pulled off recent attacks in Paris and Brussels. It's more evidence that we don't just need to vet people who want to come into America, but also those who want to come back.

The good news on the terrorist front: according to a senior State Department official, President Trump's new strategy against ISIS in Syria is working, and their defeat has “dramatically accelerated” in recent months. Click the link for details of those changes and their results. Although I would think that simply not announcing to the enemy when you plan to pull out would be a big enough strategy change to show some serious results.





By Mike Huckabee

It didn’t get much notice, but during his Saturday radio address, President Trump announced what he called the biggest change to immigration policy in 50 years: under his proposed reform bill, the RAISE Act, new migrants and immigrants would not be allowed to access welfare programs for five years. As with all Trump reforms, this will be greeted with howls of outrage, even though virtually every other nation on Earth has similar policies that favor immigrants who contribute to their new hosts’ economies rather than draining them.

But if you want to come to North America and immediately become a financial drain on your host, then the good news is that there may soon be a new nation of California that will take you in with open arms and open borders and provide you with every type of welfare benefit, until it goes broke in about six months.


News Bits

It’s said that “Dog bites man” isn’t news, but “Man bites dog” is news. Since these are the dog days of summer and news is slow, I’m going to assume that “Mailman pets dog” is newsworthy enough to report.



I don’t know which is least likely: that HBO will order another season of “Girls” or we’ll see the return of the Stasi, the old East German secret police. But either way, Lena Dunham will have a job.



Bulletin: late night comic ventures out of bubble, discovers rest of world is not an L.A. cocktail party.



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  • Susannah Cruz

    08/08/2017 12:36 PM

    the root cause of poverty was well written. I have been commenting about immigration and getting our unskilled to work. And have had some good feed back. it goes somewhat like this. If we can bring in immigrants to do unskilled labor, why can't we do this for our own unskilled, high school dropouts, out of work citizens, that are homeless, unemployed,on welfare, living with girlfriend who collects welfare. There many, inner cities, counties, where there is no work for them. Why can't we bring them to the job, house them, pay them a good wage and when work is done send them home. (like we do to immigrants) or if permanent job, housing would be temporary. I would rather we give incentives to employers (from welfare) or the HB2? to get these down and out people to work. And the money would stay in the US. Some people say they will not do it. But if we take them to the job and house them, wouldn't they do it. I believe in welfare for work, But the job has to be where the unemployed are. Does this make sense? I am a Trump support. Not a Liberal at all. Or socialist.

  • Frank Ladd

    08/08/2017 11:12 AM

    Mike, When Calif becomes its own entity, we better start in the planning of building a fence around its borders with the rest of the USA. WE don't want Calif to become a funnel for the illegals coming to our country.