March 16, 2019

As of this writing (the wee hours of Friday morning), “The Brains Behind Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,” by “Mr. Reagan,” was up to almost 1.5 million views after being posted for about a week. I’d like to think I had a hand in some of that.

Here’s more about the organization called Justice Democrats, which was behind the “casting” of AOC to be the new representative for the 14th Congressional District, covering parts of New York City. For those not yet convinced that Mr. Reagan’s claim is more than a wild conspiracy theory, here’s an article in which the head of Justice Democrats boasts of their plan to do just what he was talking about –- on a large scale across the country. Of course, she doesn’t refer to AOC as a “puppet,” but in the interview it becomes clear that all the new faces they select will, in effect, function that way.

The interview appeared at, so no one should be surprised that the slant is NOT “Oh, no! Look what radical leftists are trying to do to game the system and take over the government!” It’s more like, “Oh, wow!! Look what our wonderful friends, the progressives at Justice Democrats, are doing to try to game the system and take over the government! You go, Justice Democrats!!” 

Consider just the title, “Meet Alexandra Rojas, the Executive Director of Justice Democrats Who Helped Elect Your Favorite Congresswoman.” And who might that be? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. And, yes, they are serious. The article is by Madison Feller, a staff writer covering news, politics and culture.

Once again, a women’s magazine is “mainstreaming” leftist politics, this time by informing me who my “favorite congresswoman” is. AOC is one of my least favorite congresswomen, coming in for that honor just behind Reps. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, both of whom also happen to have been endorsed by Justice Democrats. Apparently, anti-Semitism is fine with them.

In this interview, Rojas, 24, explains that she got into politics in 2016, starting as an intern with the Bernie Sanders campaign. She met other young ‘progressives’ and started a PAC called Brand New Congress. In January of 2017, they created another PAC, Justice Democrats, and had quick success in the 2018 elections, endorsing 65 candidates who ran on “a progressive social agenda.” With AOC, she says, they “were there from the very beginning –- literally put out a call for nominations, someone suggested we reach out to her, and worked with her all the way until she ultimately won her primary.”

The “call for nominations” is what Mr. Reagan referred to in his video as the “casting call.” It really was like that. They looked at about 10,000 people to see who “fit” their idea of a young, energized, socially ‘progressive’ candidate.

“When you see folks like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,” Rojas explains, “that’s a literal case study of the work that we do. And so, in 2020, we’re hoping to double down on competitive primary elections and compete in districts across America to help elect a new, diverse generation of leadership to Congress.” These new leaders will be pushing policies such as the Green New Deal, Medicare For All, abolishing ICE, and free college. It’s also important that candidates not run on corporate PAC money.” (Justice Democrats happens to be a PAC, not a corporate one but surely just as well-funded as any of those –- can you say George Soros?) “We’re really dedicated to electing a mission-driven team that is not thinking about their political ambitions but is running on the policies to transform America.”

The article does mention that Justice Democrats’ strategy of mounting numerous primary challenges is getting “mixed reviews” within the party. Can you say Nancy Pelosi?

Rojas goes on to say that her PAC worked closely with about 12 of the candidates they endorsed. “There was a lot of work in terms of campaign launch, campaign management, field programs throughout the entire 2018 cycle.” She worked on AOC’s field program for the last two months of her campaign and helped run the texting and volunteer programs. Now, they’re working to build “infrastructure”; she flies around the country “to places like Texas,” where she’s “interviewing potential candidates on the ground” to mount a primary challenge to Rep. Henry Cuellar, who apparently isn’t far enough to the left for them.

After all, that’s the goal: a very far-left Congress. I should say that’s the interim goal, because the ultimate goal is just what Mr. Reagan said it was: to top it off with a far-left President. “The Democratic President is only going to be as progressive as however progressive their Congress is,” Rojas says, convolutedly. (“Progressive” is the word she uses consistently. Of course; we know there’s nothing actually progressive about leftist policies, which are demonstrably disastrous; my use of that term is simply in quoting her.) In other words, they want to lay the groundwork in the form of a far-left Congress, which will free up the new far-left President to do all the crazy things they are now quite openly planning to do.

Remarkably, Rojas actually veers towards an idea with which conservatives can agree: that “everyday people” should be involved in politics, not just the wealthy and politically-connected. She might not even realize that this is what the founding fathers --- and, wow, would she hate that paternalistic term --- had in mind. But her group goes way beyond what they ever envisioned in terms of organizing for vast political power. Ironically, Justice Democrats recruits “everyday people” to promote the very policies that would wipe out constitutional freedoms that we take for granted.

Think that has occurred to her or that she would even care? Of course not. She thinks of her list of far-left policies as the means of “fixing America.”

Rojas refers to “shifting the Overton window.” In case you don’t know what that is, the Overton window is the range of ideas tolerated in public discourse --- the range of policies that a politician can recommend without appearing too extreme and risking his office in the current climate of public opinion. In other words, this is the kind of “climate change” leftists WANT. And, of course, if the window shifts far enough to the left, it shuts out the right, so that politicians who talk about individual freedom, religious liberty, free speech, border security, the 2nd Amendment and protection of the unborn --- even the just-born --- are the ones who are considered crazy-extreme. This is the brave new world they are after.

A postscript: a couple of mornings ago, I tuned in to WBAP Radio in Dallas and caught the last few minutes of what host Chris Salcedo was saying about the Mr. Reagan video. I enjoy listening to Chris, but what I heard on this particular day concerned me. He said he found NOTHING WRONG with what the Justice Democrats are doing; he only wished Republicans were doing the same thing! Now, I didn’t have the full context of that remark, so I’ll give him some benefit of the doubt. I think he meant simply that we’ve got to focus on winning, just as they do, and that we don’t push hard enough. True.

But if we’re “casting” for the new faces of conservatism, we need to do it much differently. While the left is looking for lots of energy and the right demographics, we need lots of energy and the right MINDS. We need many more common-sense people who can inspire voters with the way they articulate their positions. Sorry, leftists, but most Republicans are too smart to accept airheads like AOC, let alone to consider them “their favorite congresswoman.”



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  • Anthony M Serena

    01/01/2020 01:28 PM

    So sad for my children and grandchildren. Satan is on the prowl. Wake up children of Got before you are enslaved by evil.


    01/01/2020 04:16 AM


  • Thomas Nicolai

    04/29/2019 12:37 PM

    This is an important read, particularly for those of us on the conservative side. We need to know what kind of tricks the progressives are up to. Unfortunately too darn many of the people just don't seem to want to know, or just don't care. I don't understand why so many people are not aware of the danger these groups pose. It starts with the education system, since we no longer teach civics or anything useful about how our government is supposed to operate. And what they do teach is a lie. I always pass these articles along and home someone will wake up and see what the rest of us see. Thank you for your work and vigilance.

  • Morena G Hauser

    04/28/2019 01:00 PM

    AOC needs a one-way ticket to Venezuela to understand what a blessing is to be an American citizen in good standing, one who pays taxes and works for a living in a nation where freedom of speech allows you to keep your head and talk to a man eye to eye without being hit or submitted as a third class citizen as most Muslim countries. Her NY City's constituents are well represented in her: lots of noise and just air, in that brain.

  • Vernon Hinz

    04/27/2019 12:33 PM

    Reading this on AOC, if you read world history, what is going on here with this bunch of so called progressives is exactly what happened in Russia and the rest of Europe during the 1920's and 1930's along with all this political correctness baloney

  • Anne Turner

    04/27/2019 11:05 AM

    I have just returned from a trip to Hungry, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, and Romania. These countries, after induring the dictatorships, and extreme socialism of Communisim for some forty years, are the most dedicated of capitalists. Their strides under the return of the means of production to them and their freedom of expression in full force, are amazing. They respect the US and admit to needing our help, protection and encouragement. With the exception of Tito who was somewhat benevolent, in Serbia, they were under cruel, repressive governments, where the hierarchy enjoyed the great life and the people misery, with outright starvation in some cases. I travel with a company that believes in providing speakers and interactions with the local people, not just sightseeing. It was an amazing experience. If all Americans could have that experience they would realize, as others do, how fortunate we are and frankly, the DNC would suffer incredible losses. We are not without stain in our history, but we try to make it right. Incidentally, I never heard, or saw the word Trump. They hate Russia and are fearful of them. I am an intelligent woman, with a suspicious nature. I was not brain washed. I saw with my own eyes. So, DNC, don’t even try that one.

  • LeAnn K. Kathman

    04/24/2019 11:55 AM

    I post the link to 'the brains' video at least 10 times a week. I'm hoping people hit it and watch. If the people of NY re-elect her there is no hope. She's a loose cannon.

  • Jack Tyler

    04/23/2019 10:14 PM

    AOC is an actress-pure and simple. And this proves it!

  • Carol Huffman

    03/19/2019 01:02 PM

    I need you, Mr Huckabee to tell Americans like me, what we can do to get back control on the rules .. They dont seem to apply to both sides. Things seem to be forced down our throats, as if we have no power. Where did our power go? Why cant we stop the crazys!! for example, Dems DEMANDING Tax returns on Trump or threatening to prevent him from running if he doesn't provide them.. How about the Dems that owe taxes getting their act together and paying their bills. How about ALL politicians showing their taxes.. OR this terrifying possibility that we will loose the Electoral Block. It is very scary to think that the high, dense populations like NYC , Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, Seattle, could make all the decisions for the rest of the Country. They don't live like we live. They don't think like we think, and I would NEVER want to be like them. We are in trouble!! I'm looking for specific ways , WE THE PEOPLE can make a difference and force their hands. SPECIFICS PLEASE!

  • AlomaJean Grein

    03/19/2019 08:44 AM

    Thank you for making KNOWN what GOD has had HIS prayer warriors praying about. Keep up the great work and I will support you in prayer.

  • Billie King

    03/18/2019 11:07 PM

    I enjoyed the commentary and I too think AOC is too much of an Airhead to ever be my favorite Congressperson.

  • Frank A Prager

    03/18/2019 05:10 PM

    I appreciate you work in exposing the "AOC" movement.

    I pass them along to several other like minded friends.

  • Linda Olds

    03/18/2019 04:00 PM

    I wondered how someone as stupid AND ignorant as AOC could be I know she's a puppet. AOC is also rude, arrogant, and spouting crazy, impossible ideas (from someone else). This is what the Democrats decided their base wants. Could they be outsmarting themselves? I hope so.
    As for Beto (Bozo?) and Biden, how can they stand up to foreign leaders if they can't stand up to people requiring them to apologize for everything they say that may not be PC? I think Biden is worse, apologizing for saying that Mike Pence is a decent guy!
    Gillibrand and the other women candidates are saying that men and women are equal, but women are better somehow, so we need a woman president.
    Out of all of these Democrats, whether they're freshman reps or presidential candidates, there's no one with any real ideas on how to run the country.
    I hope voters understand that in 2020.

  • Robin Ticker

    03/18/2019 11:47 AM

  • Stephanie Price

    03/18/2019 09:53 AM

    Dear Governor Huckabee,

    Thank you so much for your informative emails and tv show. I agree with you completely! I have always thought that AOC and her two anti-Israel cohorts were Soros plants. AOC may appeal to the young that don’t think for themselves anymore but she doesn’t have a brain in her head!

    There are videos on YouTube from a muslim program from Minneapolis in which Omar is interviewed. She absolutely trashes America and tries to justify terrorism. Talk about something that will bother you about someone running our country! Even more shocking was the number of Somali immigrants living in Minneapolis. There must be at a minimum of 40-50K there now. There is even a somali tv station.

    One last thing, Christians are the most persecuted religion on the face of the earth. Over the last three weeks, 130 Christians have been killed and there has been nothing said on the news. All I see are islamists and CAIR screaming Islamaphobia. No wonder Christians are afraid of the influx of Muslims. It is very sad that this country has come down to this.

    Thank you for speaking up and praying for your safety,

    Stephanie Price
    Kingston, TN

  • Bill Medart

    03/17/2019 10:49 PM

    The Republicans need to quit going with 30 year term candidates and start grooming "new blood" for the party. This is a new generation that does not listen to "old people" any more and would rather have someone close to their own generation. I'm not condemning seasoned politicians, but these seasoned people need to have ideas benefiting the newer voters. Everything free is not the way to convince voters because someone always has to pick up the bill for all the freebies.

  • Joe Jadick

    03/17/2019 09:15 PM

    From the day AOC took office, I was surprised how aggressive she became and how Pelosi seemed to accept AOC challenging her leadership. Perhaps, Pelosi is not afraid of AOC herself but is afraid of the power hidden behind the curtin.

  • Judi Fey

    03/17/2019 07:58 PM

    Who is funding this? More Soros?

  • Linda Orf

    03/17/2019 07:05 PM

    No doubt this guy is serious and probably has the main stream fake media already to push everyone through. Social media is also willing to help out, which means we the people need to be more alert, more engaged and ready to show up for every vote.

  • Robert Blaski

    03/17/2019 06:44 PM

    Sung to the theme song from "Green Acres"...
    Green - New - Deal is what I'd like to see.
    Bernie Sanders is the guy for me.
    Windmills spreadin out so far and wide.
    Scrap the planes, take a train thru the countryside.
    dut, dut, du du du dut, dut...
    New York is where AOC lives.
    I just adore the speech she gives.
    "Brand new houses built for me and you.
    No more cars will be clogging Park Avenue!"

  • Joanne Schmidt

    03/17/2019 06:14 PM

    I heard Bill O'Reilly tell Sean Hannity on the latter's radio show the other day that a mere SIX companies own 90 PERCENT of the communications industry. Not so many years ago, it was 50 companies. When our communications are in the hands of a monopoly, group think is inevitable. So much for a free press when it's ONE press.

  • Dean Michael

    03/17/2019 02:46 PM

    Great follow up article. This whole idea seems crazy. But, it is crazy smart as long as they colored inside the lines. There is a group of us doing something similar on the conservative side. You can check us out here:

    Our founder, Bill Luznicky, would love to talk to you about what we are doing. Shoot me an email for his details. (Or dig around on the website)

  • Nancy Holt

    03/17/2019 12:35 PM

    Pretty concerning.

  • Glenda Allen

    03/17/2019 12:19 PM

    Scary times. Justice Dems are also in Santa Fe NM. But thankfully they’re being strongly challenged by public petitions, strong Sheriffs, supporters of Pro-Life, oil and gas lifeblood, and Cowboys on Hirseback. We just need strong candidates for State and Federal legislatures.
    Conservatives better band together behind our Common Sense President and stop being the stubborn 12 who encourage “trickle-down politics” that intentionally demean our President.

  • Kevin J Cook

    03/17/2019 12:12 PM

    I bet this creep also had another well known democrat casting tool, its called the casting couch.