January 12, 2018

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi isn’t backing down from her claim that the Republican tax cut is “Armageddon” and “the worst bill Congress ever passed.” She was asked to respond to the tidal wave of companies announcing raises, bonuses and new hiring thanks to the tax cut (the latest is Walmart, raising starting wages to $11 an hour, with bonuses up to $1000 per worker and expanded maternity, family leave and adoption benefits).

Pelosi dismissed those raises and bonuses as "insignificant," claiming they were just for PR and "so pathetic," and that the raises and bonuses amounted to “crumbs.” Why does her use of the word “crumbs” remind me of a previous era's clueless aristocratic leader sneering that if the peasants don’t have bread, then “let them eat cake”? (As for her blasting companies for cutting workers back to 32 hours a week, that was in response to Obamacare, a genuinely terrible bill that she forced onto Americans; but she might not know that since I'm still not sure if she ever read it.)

Do you know what I would call “pathetic”? The history of Nancy Pelosi and her party when it comes to helping those workers. The record-setting years of stagnant wages, slow growth and crippled job creation that they tried to pass off as the “new normal,” as if their own dunderheaded policies of high taxes, crushing regulations, open borders, America-last trade deals and lack of enforcement of illegal immigration had nothing whatsoever to do with the suffering of the working class.

Know what else I would call “pathetic”? A self-styled champion of the working class airily dismissing those workers’ desperately-needed raises, bonuses, new benefits and increased 401K contributions as “crumbs,” when she and her husband have an estimated net worth of nearly $30 million. A study found that while traveling on military jets over a two-year period (which cost taxpayers $2,100,744.59, but at least was for security reasons), she ran up $101,429.14 for in-flight expenses, including food and alcohol (I doubt that was necessary for security). I wonder, does she consider $101,429.14 to be “crumbs”?

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Personally, I would say that "crumbs" is an appropriate term for well-heeled liberals who claim to care about low and middle income working Americans but back policies that harm them, vote against a tax cut to help them, and sneer at the size of their raises. I hope that before working class voters let the media bamboozle them into returning these arrogant crumbs to power, they will remember just what it was like to live under their job-crushing policies and exactly what they really think about you “deplorables.” After all, they don’t exactly make their contempt a secret.



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  • Gerald Baber

    01/28/2018 02:05 PM

    stop an think of this if you give 1000 workers $1000 that means you give away 1,000,000 dollars that is a large crumb even to pollosi I wonder if she gave any of her staff a raise or bonus probably not , when you start looking at like these company's just put a hugh amount of money into the economy. The dimms wanted that money for themselves not the people.

  • Gayle Davis

    01/26/2018 08:52 AM

    Nancy Pelosi along with Rosie O'Donnell, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Hillary Clinton, Meryl Streep, Joy Bahar, Ashley Judd (The infamous NASTY woman) along with a few others...give women a bad name...STUPID! I am dumbfounded as to the longevity of these magpies and their ability to continue to have a public forum. Nancy Pelosi needs to retire to the Palm Springs bubble world of golf, leisure and plastic surgery and leave the rest of the country to those of us who actually work for a living, pay for their own health insurance and fly commercially!

    The recent black designer dress protest (how much did those dresses cost?), another bright and non-impactful female idea of the Hollywood elite, has the world shaking in its boots! A better solution would have been the voicing of the affronts at a time of occurrence when it counted before other young women were molested. But as Miss Judd said, according to a magazine interview, to her old friend Harvey..." when I win the Academy award you will stop this behavior". Yes Miss Judd you are NASTY WOMAN...and STUPID...but hypocritically wealthy!

  • Nancy Andrews

    01/22/2018 02:09 PM

    Thank you for writing your article about Nancy Pelosi is pathetic. I also think you need to include in this is Maxine Waters and Chuck Schumer and Jeff Flake. Nancy Pelosi’s words reminds me of Hillary Clinton's words about Trump Supporters as “Deplorables”. Do these Democrat’s think that the American public does not know what these words mean? We do, and I am very offended by the Democrat’s and their words as much as DEMOCRAT’S are offended by Trumps words. I am not always happy about what President Trump Tweets, but I am sure he gets as frustrated with stupidity and nonsense that both of these parties have done and are doing. At least with President Trumps Tweets, the news organizations cannot construe President Trump’s words.
    I would like to see the Congress and Senators live on $11.00 an hour. They will see that $1000.00 bonus is really something special to the American people and it isn’t considered “CRUMBS”. It shows me that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have no idea what a bonus of a $1000.00 means to middle class people. Watching your 401K (which is our retirement) to lose significant over the last 8 years and now 401K’s are making money. . If anything we have lived for 8 years in Armageddon and with insignificant wages and the American people got crumbs from the previous President.


    01/20/2018 09:29 AM

    I am in favor of a "New California" in large part due to watching the irrational political scene in present day CA.

  • Kent Wallace

    01/18/2018 09:45 AM

    Reminder to everyone how Nancy made sure minimum wage raise did not apply to American Samoa where she and her husband have a Tuna processing plant!!! No crumbs for them! LET THEM EAT FISH GUTS!

  • David Peterson

    01/16/2018 09:53 AM


  • Todd Matosic

    01/15/2018 11:13 PM

    Mike you have to do all you can to get Sessions out ASAP...this country needs you!

  • Marcia Carrasco

    01/15/2018 04:40 PM

    Nancy as well as others in the house n senate should only be allowed 6 terms with no re-election. And no paycheck after retirement. Normal everyday citizens who work regular jobs don't have that paycheck when they retire. They may have a pension, 401K and the SS check. Look how much $$$ the gov't could save by cutting those payckecks off after those officials retire!
    PELOSI has overstayed her term. She needs to retire. She's just an arm on the darkness that's ruled the planet for eons keeping us under their control. The new earth is being born. The datkness is going away.
    As for other things, the continual wildfires n mudslides in CA should be a wakeup call to "Follywood" elites! Get rid of the porn crap, molesting, violence in films, tv n music videos, etc that brainwash us...Until they change I feel God will keep knocking on their doors via mother nature. Global warming is just crap nonsense to try n brainwash us into thinking we are the cause for that. Same goes for tornado alley. Big farms that grow, harmful GMO crops and poison the soil with Monsanto products eventually poison us and kill the bees. Again tornado alley is another message from God to stop the poisons n go back to organic farming with non GMO crops. Makes a heck of a lotta sense Mike. If God wanted us to have GMOs n poison the soil he'd have created that in the beginning.
    Love you. Angel blessings to you and your family. So very proud of the great job Sarah is doing. God bless her 10 fold!

  • Tracy Henderlight

    01/15/2018 09:28 AM

    Her use of the word "crumbs" to describe what is a significant raise to many is just another indicator as to how out of touch she and Washington are with the real lives of working class America.

  • Charles M

    01/14/2018 07:13 PM

    Arrogant, insufferable Nancy sneering about "crumbs" for the little people is a Hoot. How much of a raise and bonus did her husband's company (Dole ?) give their employees? Anyone hazard a guess?

  • Betty Lou Sabo

    01/14/2018 06:30 PM

    I always enjoy hearing your comments on whatever is happening and seems like I always agree with you! You're up to date, professional yet amusing. You're awesome!

  • John Parker

    01/14/2018 02:01 PM


  • Mark Hagey

    01/14/2018 12:29 PM

    If this financial help called crumbs by some is even true ,even the crumbsl, can be very significant. The lady that came to Jesus for healing for her daughter said the crumbs that fell from the children's table was enough for her. I know this was Jesus she was talking about but what if the same principle applied for people now getting help financially with bonuses, pay raises, and lower taxation for them. Monetary help needed and a deliverance coming from this financial help could turn out to be enough and just what they need!.

  • Doris Hickey

    01/14/2018 09:57 AM

    Amazing that this President is making companies come back here again to give decent jobs now. That this liberal media by passes this today WHY? See even today on Fox Wallace show he has on 3 anti Trump on his panel? Russia is brought up again and the President talking and yet so far Mueller and group have no real evidence of any real collusion and yet Hillary and her husband who took all kinds of money from Russians? How this whole investigation has started now on Trump was it a set up or not? Ask the people now getting these raises and bonus money what they think of Pelosi and the Democrats who want to keep letting in millions of illegals to vote for them in the future and those trying to get in here for years sit on a list. No, just go to Mexico and come on across and be here and now as much as 40$ get welfare paid by those of us here for years and worked our buns off? Amazing.

  • Kathy Proctor

    01/14/2018 12:20 AM

    Nancy Pelosi has long outlived her usefulness in Washington, if she ever really had any. She really, really, really needs to go home! Her pushing Obamacare, with the admission that even she hadn't read it or even had a clue what was in it, is one of the most disgraceful things that has ever happened in the government!

  • Sherry Diane Terry

    01/13/2018 05:14 PM

    Governor Huckabee I appreciate the info about the unnecessary expenses Ms. Nancy runs up at taxpayer expense. She really hasn't been looking well. I honestly believe the stress of her job and her age have finally pushed her over the edge. She for the good of our country needs to retire.

  • Paul E Avizinis

    01/13/2018 04:19 PM

    Interesting choice : Make America Lame Again...MALA...Sure sounds like Spanish to me...translated "bad".

  • Diane Woodard

    01/13/2018 02:22 PM

    Mike, you are so correct. Pelosi has long been out of touch with reality (as are most Dems) but for the life of me, I cannot understand why she continues on in congress.
    She is so "goofy" and continously shows her lack of mental stability and/or even common sense.

  • Kirk Irish L. McCluskey

    01/13/2018 01:31 PM

    Pelosi is a brain dead idiot that lies all the time , she should be removed from Congress .

  • James Robert Huffman

    01/13/2018 11:21 AM

    I totally agree with you Mike and here's hoping the majority voting this year will side with the conservative Republicans.

  • Frances Bennett

    01/13/2018 10:15 AM

    Pelosi supports causes that make her feel important, that make her think she is smarter than everyone else, because she thinks she understands what people need. She thinks she is the next President. But she does not know what the poor want or need. Pelosi is a privileged woman playing at politics, condescending to think she knows what is good for the unwashed masses.

  • Reba Frenzel

    01/13/2018 09:41 AM

    We need term limits in congress. She is a prime example of someone who has lost touch with people and needs to retire.

  • Roberta B. Schuetze

    01/13/2018 08:45 AM

    I do not understand why she keeps getting elected. She is a disgrace to the office that she holds. Oh I think you daughter is wonderful. Thank you for all you do for this country. Roberta B. Schuetze

  • Daryl Bennett

    01/13/2018 12:48 AM

    This is yet another 'crumb' of the the FRUITCAKES from Caliweirdville there are more fruits and flake there than there are in a box of Kellogg Cereal.
    This sputtering foolish another reason there needs to be a mandatory term limits on anyone in a congressional office. Give them 3 strikes and Your Out! Washington the District of Confusion wasn't intended to be a life long endeavor to make someone profitable at the expense of the citizenry.

  • Hugh Riley

    01/13/2018 12:45 AM

    She is the reason we need term limits!!!

  • Hiram Skeggs

    01/13/2018 12:17 AM

    Mr. Huckabee:

    I enjoy your commentaries. This one is no different. You are dead on. I can't believe that almost half of the voters are as ignorant acting as they are. These voters tend to believe what Pelosi and Shumer put out is the truth when there is so much concrete proof opposite of what is being said.

    On another note, your show is wonderful and uplifting to watch. Thank you for what you and the people that work with you do. Your show is a shining beacon in a sea of darkness.

    May God continue to bless you and each of those that assist you.

  • Glen Mitchell

    01/12/2018 10:33 PM

    The tax cuts are great start for long term growth and prosperity. There are other things that that can impact how long it will last unless you
    feel as some do that success is measured by how much money you have. Also to be considered is the country stable or divided and do we
    have the Human Capital. Companies look at this in their expansion plans. Even today we do have enough qualified people to fill the jobs and
    there must be a good immigration system that allows us to bring skilled employees or we will go elsewhere. Watch what Amazon does with
    their second headquarters. Have a great day and please show respect for someone that has a different view.

  • v irginia collins

    01/12/2018 10:04 PM

    why do people keep voting someone that has probably never worked a day in her life she is sick minded

  • Janet Hepp

    01/12/2018 09:10 PM

    Her comment about the “crumbs” really angered me. It may not seem like much to her wealthy eyes, but to a young single parent with children, every penny is precious. Again, a good reinforcement of the tunnel vision of the Democrat elites who have absolutely no idea how “crummy” people live and survive from check to check.

  • Nancy Iverson

    01/12/2018 09:07 PM

    I must admit it angers me every time I read how much of taxpayers money is spent frivolously by our elected officials, such as Nancy Pelosi. I admire Pres. Trump' s use of his salary, the cuts, both him and his wife have taken as compared to Obama. I really don't understand how these liberal leftist politicians refuse to see the good Pres. Trump has accomplished in one short year!

  • Don Endicott

    01/12/2018 08:43 PM

    Thank you for explaining plainly what I believe is the idiotic garbage Pelosi and her fellow democrats and the media are putting out. I just hope and pray the voters of the United States can see through it and keep them from gaining a majority fo years to come.

  • Glenda Williams

    01/12/2018 07:57 PM

    Thank you, Rev. Huckabee, for letting God use you in a powerful way in helping to make America Great Again. You were the first choice of my husband and I for president but it is best for you that you did not win. President Trump has had to take too much agitation from the left each and every day. Sarah has had to take a lot from the mainstream media reporters, too. The left will never give up until a significant number of them are behind bars. They lost so much with their plan to kill off 6.5 million people and take over the world. God will have the last word on this!

  • Joe Lyddon

    01/12/2018 07:26 PM

    Pelosi... So pathetic...

    I have thought for several years... "I wonder how she got there with the brains of a 3rd. grader?".
    ... and I STILL wonder how she did it... Well, there are other ways, I presume... but...

    It amazes me how a person can be DUMB!

    Now that she's read all of the ObamaCare bill, I wonder if she really thinks it has done any good... What was expected it to do?

  • LIZ!

    01/12/2018 07:09 PM

    Pelosi has no idea of what Armageddon is all about. Maybe she should locate a KING JAMES version of the BIBLE & read the book of Daniel, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Isaiah, John, Romans, & Revelation, , then we can talk about Armageddon.

  • Teresa Lown

    01/12/2018 06:57 PM

    I love you.... you and Sara are so right on all the time! Proud of you and Sara.....she is a chip off the ole block and handles herself so well. Pelosi is a disgrace to America and feel she should be investigated as well as everyone else soaking our government whether they are Dem or Rep! Please do not give up....America needs you and Sara. Great to see America rising up with our values...GOD BLESS THE USA!!!!

  • Teresa Lown

    01/12/2018 06:55 PM

    I love you.... you and Sara are so right on all the time! Proud of you and Sara.....she is a chip off the ole block and handles herself so well. Pelosi is a disgrace to America and feel she should be investigated as well as everyone els soaking our government whether they are Dem or Rep! Please do not give up....America needs you and Sara. Great to see America rising up with our values...GOD BLESS THE USA!!!!

  • Elaine M. Liming

    01/12/2018 06:55 PM

    I live in California and listening to Pelosi and Sneaky Feinstein is not pleasant. Both need to retire and we voters in California need to select better men and woman for Congress. Having the repetition of being a leftist state is not comforting either.
    I encourage my follower voters in my state to vote in 2018 . Start by looking at a person's character; look into their backgrounds; study what they say and if they but people before money and ideas. Find out who is backing them. Know the candidate well before you vote.

  • Teresa Lown

    01/12/2018 06:52 PM

    I love you.... you and Sara are so right on all the time! Proud of you and Sara.....she is a chip off the ole block and handles herself so well. Pelosi is a disgrace to America and feel she should be investigated as well as everyone els soaking our government whether they are Dem or Rep! Please do not give up....America needs you and Sara. Great to see America rising up with our values...GOD BLESS THE USA!!!!

  • Margaret Kost

    01/12/2018 06:51 PM

    Governor, You are spot on, on this article and many others as well. I too believe Nancy never read it either. You are a spokesperson for millions of Americans. Dr. Langley's comments are 'true' too. Why are entertainers and sports celebrities [I state 'celebrities' loosely] along with CEO's, insurance executives and politician's valued with awe and more respect than our physicians. This world makes not much sense anymore. It is a positive thing that there are people like Mike Huckabee to speak the truth. Keep on keeping on!!!

  • skip ga.

    01/12/2018 06:45 PM

    Ask Nancy Pelosi how much money did her and obama give the American citizens while they had the same control as president Trump has to work with. The answer is they too from the workers and gave it to non workers and themselves.

  • Billie R Hayworth

    01/12/2018 06:25 PM

    How is it that dimwits like Miss Pelosi get to first base? They are dumber than a bag of hair, as the Fonz once said.
    That poor woman couldn't put an intelligent sentence together if we promised her a bigger jet! She's hopelessly ignorant and yet powerful. Those are two of the most dangerous traits in people. Dear God, help us and bring those awful people down so they can't stop what YOU, Father God, have put into motion! Your word is irrevocable!

  • Brian Jacobs

    01/12/2018 05:52 PM

    I can think of a better word than pathetic but common decency wont allow me to use such language here.

  • Karen Budak

    01/12/2018 05:37 PM

    Nancy Pelosi...... Those Crumps are welcomed in my account anytime! My husband and I live on less then $22,000 a year and $1000 is like a wonderful thing, more groceries, more bills are paid on and a piece of my mind is made more mellow! Everything that comes out of your mouth is nasty and divisive and it is due time you step down and get the hell out of Politics. You embarrass me as a elderly Woman and I am younger then you! The poor White Guys you insulted were your co-workers and that to me would be harassment in so many ways, you need to be brought up on charges! GET OUT OF POLITICS OLD LADY!

  • Carolyn Ayres

    01/12/2018 05:34 PM

    The "media outlets" and I use that term loosely...shut up about the trivial stuff and talk about the "real stuff" that makes a difference in the lives of the American people. I could care less about the President's choice of has not been proven that he said it. This is fake news and for those of you who are suppose to be on his side, just shut up and go on with the business of educating the public about the the important news. I am so embarrassed that Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh and Chris Crock spent all day talking about A Hole conversation. You are wasting our time and I'm not going to listen to you when you do this. It is bogus and you are playing right into the hands of those who are continuing to throw up smoke screens...this is bogus so shut up about it.

  • Carolyn Ayres

    01/12/2018 05:23 PM

    Nancy Pelosi is truly pathetic just like the others who are constantly lying to their constituents. The sad part is that her constituents are not smart enough to understand the truth. Do the research and know what is true and what is a lie. She has stayed too long at the fair. Stick a fork in her, she is well done.

  • Paul Diemert

    01/12/2018 05:18 PM

    I have to wonder when Nancy gave her last pay raise to her gardener, house keepers, drivers, and other domestic help?

  • Stephanie Cannady

    01/12/2018 04:39 PM

    Namcy Pelosi has NO room to talk like that when their Family “Tuna Company pays, or was oaying their American Somoan Island workers “slave wages.” Then after the Tsumani hit the island there was little of their company seen on the island to help those in need. So “let them eat crumbs” or a trivial raise to hard working AMERICANS truly means NOTHING to her. Typical CA or NY Democratic response from the party of “stealing from the needy!” Pelosi and Feinstein NEED TO GO!

  • Victoria Hardesty

    01/12/2018 04:26 PM

    Mrs. Pelosi has lost touch with reality, if she ever had one to begin with. The people lapping up the "crumbs" from the tax cuts in higher wages and better benefits are the very people who are supporting her luxurious lifestyle. She owes them, they don't owe her! Maybe if she had to exist on Obamacare herself, she'd learn to read before she voted. Why is it so many elected officials like Pelosi seem to feel we are working for them instead of the other way around as it should be. She works for WE THE PEOPLE. Thankfully Mr. Trump does understand and embrace that concept.

  • Dr. Mildred Holcomb-Allen

    01/12/2018 04:26 PM

    Honestly, I fail to see how this person continues to be a "leader" for the American people! She cannot even comprehend that lower taxes means that people can have more money to spend in the economy! SMH

  • Carol Mathews

    01/12/2018 04:09 PM

    Dearest Nancy her time has passed. If she and Chucky would just "retire" America would be great again everywhere. I am waiting for just one Dem to break loose and truly vote their conscience and let government work they way it should. Bipartisan under Trump. Can you imagine how far it could go. Dems the party of "NO" obstructionist cry babies letting their constituents suffer for lack of backbone.