October 1, 2017

This will come as shocking and sad news for fans (and for HGTV), but Chip and Joanna Gaines have announced the upcoming season of their smash hit show “Fixer Upper” will be their last. The show has made the couple into beloved TV stars, wealthy entrepreneurs, and easily the most famous couple in Waco, Texas. So why walk away at its peak? Because unlike many celebrities, they know that some things are more important than TV stardom.

They say their family is healthy and their marriage has never been stronger. But their lives aren’t led by fame, money or pop culture, they are led by Jesus Christ. They said, “This is just us recognizing that we need to catch our breath for a moment. Our plan is to take this time to shore up and strengthen the spots that are weak, rest the places that are tired and give lots of love and attention to both our family and our businesses."

I’m sure all their fans wish them the best, even if they’ll miss the show. Here’s hoping they enjoy the rest and the time with their family, and will someday decide to return to TV if it again feels right for them. Television not only needs the kind of entertainment they offer, it’s in even more desperate need of role models like them.


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  • Karla Jamison

    12/26/2017 01:08 PM

    You are so right about their show.
    They are wise to know when to rest and who takes to restful place. Our Lord Jesus

  • Karla Jamison

    12/26/2017 01:08 PM

    You are so right about their show.
    They are wise to know when to rest and who takes to restful place. Our Lord Jesus

  • Vicki Kuhl

    10/08/2017 04:22 PM

    I haven't had a chance to watch this past season so I am actually looking forward to "two" more seasons with this lovely family. I should say, as long as Chip doesn't eat any more cockroaches! Www! Gag...wish the best for them and hope someone picks up the torch to carry on the values.

  • Audrey Skarness

    10/06/2017 07:27 PM

    It was announced one place that Ms. Gaines had developed a new type face cream and she was going to make her millions off of the product, so she had no need to repair houses any more.

  • Helen Feldman

    10/06/2017 03:33 PM

    This couple is an inspiration to all who value what life has to offer. They live their values, something so many have forgotten to do, even those in their senior years. We used to learn wisdom from them, but so few offer it any more. Best of luck and good health to the Gaines family.

  • Darlene Durling

    10/06/2017 10:21 AM

    This move to end their show for now reflects their obedience and devotion to God. I congratulate them for blending entertainment with sound values and principles.
    We need more role models like them!
    Although I will miss them, I admire their decision and wish them well.

  • Marcia Patrick

    10/06/2017 08:32 AM

    I will dearly miss their show but love how they put God and family first. God Bless Jo and Chip and their family.

  • Richard Moulton

    10/05/2017 11:27 PM

    It is always awe-inspiring to see people operate in the areas of their giftedness. Chip and Joanna have been a great example of that dynamic and they have inspired many of their viewers.

  • Joy Kusek

    10/05/2017 10:07 PM

    I'll miss them so much, but they're right in stepping back and taking a breath. They have too many irons in the fire.

  • Ann

    10/05/2017 09:00 PM

    My parents flipped houses in the 70s and I wish they could have seen Fixer Upper. The values of family working together and restoring history were the focus of our family as well. They are a great example of proud Americans focused on their dreams with Christ and family at the center. I hope my children can find the same focus in their lives!

  • Pamela Wolf

    10/05/2017 07:27 PM


  • Ruthi Dworak

    10/05/2017 09:59 AM

    I totally agree. Maybe they can run in syndication. Their ideas never get old.

  • Aleta Payne

    10/05/2017 07:16 AM

    I will miss them. They were so inspiring and you could see how they were lovely people.

  • Patricia Garbush

    10/04/2017 11:17 PM

    What a great family show. We learned so many things from this delightful family. I pray they have a wonderful life..

  • De Ette Moon

    10/04/2017 06:29 PM

    I agree with you Mike. Their roll modeling was an important part of the show.

  • Tom Proffitt

    10/04/2017 04:50 PM

    Very disappointed with their partnering with Target. I know they wouldn't want their children in a Target bathroom with a pedophile or peeper, or Jo in one with a rapist. But it's ok with Target, no questions asked. But, they will call a cop for you after the molestation, rape, peeps... damage is done. Join the boycott. Wish Chip and Jo would too.

  • Chuck Dunkle

    10/04/2017 03:52 PM

    I'm a guy and a real man------I love the show and the down to earth way they present the make overs. Going to miss the show. Was really entertaining!

  • Chris Gerbert

    10/04/2017 03:29 PM

    Well, there was another 'rumor' that they were splitting up and yet another one that Joanna was leaving the show because of another business that she had. So, if they are both leaving the show.. to be led by Jesus Christ into their next adventure, that is ok. There happen to be several other TV shows on the same HGTV network that are just like theirs.... and several that are very similar. The public won't be disappointed beyond an initial remorse.

  • Marsha Barnett

    10/04/2017 02:06 PM

    Sadly the person fired at CBS most likely will not “ get “ why she was fired. She will ultimately act like the comedian who turned it as abuse against herself. Namely her first amendment “ rights” That she unfairly lost her job by stating her right to speak out. We need all of us to pray for our country evil is rampant and determined to destroy America

  • James A White

    10/04/2017 01:11 PM

    I salute them for knowing Who their Real Boss is. I believe they actually know, honor and love Him, Christ Jesus! Thank you, Mike, for the truth about Chip and Joanna. Really appreciate you.

  • Sharon locey

    10/04/2017 12:01 PM

    These two are great roll models for all, just want to thank them for the wonderful show and
    know that God will bless them even more. At least they knew it was time to leave and do want God has plan for them.

  • Lina Striedel

    10/04/2017 12:01 PM

    So very glad to know the real reason they are leaving the show. I so enjoy watching it every week. So much fake news has been put on the internet about them. That's such a shame for such a fine family or any ones family for that matter. I wish them well for the future.

  • Olehippie

    10/04/2017 11:53 AM

    How dare they put faith and family before fame and fortune. What on earth can they be thinking? We all know that doesn't matter any more. SORRY can't stop laughing when I try to be a liberal moron. God bless them and their family. Humanity will miss them on TV, but will remember them always in our hearts.

  • Janice Short

    10/04/2017 11:27 AM

    Chip & Joanna's show is the best on TV, not just on HGTV. I wish them & their beautiful family much success. They are already successful with their love of Jesus Christ & their sweet family & each other.

  • Kathy Edson

    10/04/2017 11:22 AM

    AMEN, Mr. Huckabee!! The USA desperately needs role models like Chip & Joanna! They were/are a great testament to Jesus - that is why people were SO drawn to them (even if most people didn't realize what the "draw" was!! We, as Jesus followers" need to continue to pour out His love and compassion onto a broken world! Blessings!!

  • Patricia Blesse

    10/04/2017 10:49 AM

    I am very happy to see people who have high priorities! I love you this couple and pray blessings upon them and their family.


    10/04/2017 10:16 AM

    My wife Becky and I have seen most, if not all their productions.
    Thank God for a TV Program that brings warmth to your heart and a smile to your face.
    They will be missed.


    10/04/2017 10:11 AM


  • Gretchen Smith

    10/04/2017 10:01 AM

    I so enjoy a clean, family show. They are great examples of a loving hard working couple with beautiful children.

  • Daniel T Winfield

    10/04/2017 09:22 AM

    Thanx for telling us about them. The Net has terribly distorted the situation, even to telling us they are divorcing, and she's leaving him to start her own show, and focus on sales of a skin cream. It turns out the skin cream is the one offering t his false info, to get you to read their fake news which transitions into a skin cream ad, here's how to get yours, send $$$ to... From what I see the Net is now run by demons from the world of greed and lying. Your voice is terribly needed, Mike. Please do not succumb to temptations to use what you are doing to get rich. I read you because you tell the truth and tell it like it is. period. If you change, I am gone.

  • Cynthia Frith

    10/03/2017 09:55 PM

    Spot on with your assessment of the Gaines couple. I will miss their homey elements not only in their actual
    "fixer upper" sessions, but they have allowed us to meet and watch their beautiful kids grow up-complete with all of their animals on the farm. Lunch time will not feel the same, but I've learned so much about revamping ones living space.
    Few people know when to say enough, time to stop. The Gaines family will survive and be stronger for their decision.

  • Barbara

    10/03/2017 07:40 PM

    Your thoughts and thinking are what I support. So sorry HGTV is leaving for a while,it's so inspiring. Family grow so fast and now is family time. Enjoy and come back to us.

  • F. Donald Parsons

    10/03/2017 03:08 AM

    We love Chip and Joanna's show! So sad to see it go, but sure can understand their need to ease their lives a bit. They've got a growing bunch of kids that will be needing a LOT of more complicated love and attention as they grow older. God Bless them.

  • Deb Handy

    10/03/2017 01:06 AM

    Love Chip and Joanna! Love how they live, happiness shows all around them and their cute family ??

  • Glenda Sowders

    10/02/2017 11:57 PM

    I agree with Susan and Elizabeth. I will miss Chip and Joanna, but I'm glad they are taking the time to give Jesus more of their time and put Him first! I love when their children visit the sets with them. They are so cute.

    Looking forward to your new TV show on TBN this coming Saturday. To plug your show a little more - it's on at 8 PM ET/7 PM CT. Sounds like it is going to be very refreshing!Thank you for keeping us apprised of current events from a Biblical aspect.

  • Susan Perez

    10/02/2017 08:39 PM

    Chip and JoAnna Gaines are a refreshing couple. I like it that they do a large cased opening at a reasonable cost instead of putting in a huge, expensive beam in order to open a room up. The house still has a total transformation in the end, but at a reasonable cost. I love that they are Christians and are bold examples of a godly marriage. They have fun and yet show such tenderness for their children and include them in their career activities in many ways. This show has been a blessing!!

  • robert smith

    10/02/2017 08:21 PM

    God bless you. Enjoy your program. I read you are going to team with Target Why? They support every thing progressive ie. pro/choice. same sex bathrooms, gay marriages transgenders

  • Elizabeth Spencer

    10/02/2017 07:49 PM

    As much as I'll miss them. I'm praying the Blessings of Christ Jesus upon them, their kids and businesses ! May they continue to be Salt and Light wherever they go !

  • Lisa M Hirschfeld

    10/02/2017 07:35 PM

    God bless them for putting their family first before money and fame.

  • Carole Leandra

    10/02/2017 07:21 PM

    I still wear my I Like Mile t-shirt and was disappointed that you didn't run again. But, I think you're doing a fantastic job of keeping us informed of the truth and so is your daughter. Still a fan!!!

  • Janice Brown

    10/02/2017 06:37 PM

    Good for them. Their children do not need to be exposed to the negativity of the media.

  • Elaine H Jones

    10/02/2017 05:58 PM

    Fixer Upper happens to be a favorite for my husband and me. We have missed an entire year due to flooding in Louisiana in 2016 and staying where the show was not available to us. We feel like they're friends of our; kids down the block (we are a mature couple), and not seeing them has hurt us. I'm sorry they're leaving, but I understand the reasons why. We both wish them evey blessing

  • Anita Moore

    10/02/2017 05:36 PM

    Fixer Upper is actually my favorite show on television and this news makes me sad, but it is evident that Chip and Joanna have Christ as the center of their home, that the decisions they make revolve around what He leads them to do. I shall really, really miss them. Praying for them that God will continue to pour His blessings upon them as they make future decisions regarding their family and their businesses.

  • Jenni Korthuis

    10/02/2017 05:36 PM

    I do like Fixer Upper and we have enjoyed watching on hgtv. However I am disappointed in their partnership with Target. What about Walmart or Hobby Lobby?? This really changed my opinion of them!

  • Patti Priest

    10/02/2017 05:22 PM

    Better is one handful with peace and tranquility, than two hands full of toil and chasing the wind. Ecc. 4:6. This verse guided my husband in our business many years ago and I hope affirms the Gaines as they are obedient to what God has called them to.

  • Nancy Reed

    10/02/2017 05:18 PM

    Love this talented and fun and loving couple. Glad they have their priorities in the right place.

  • Elizabeth Shelton

    10/02/2017 05:00 PM

    I have been enjoying Chip and Joann for years. I love their style and believe they are making good choices for their family. Hope to see you back maybe in some other type of DIY show. God bless your family, as long as you stay in God care and plan all will be well.

  • Dwain Christophersen

    10/02/2017 04:30 PM

    I would encourage everyone to read their book "The Magnolia Story". They do a great job chronicling their life together.

  • Beverly Willingham

    10/02/2017 03:27 PM

    I admire both of them for being able to recognize that they need to take a break and also for having the courage to do so. This is so rare nowadays, and I give them a "thumbs up" for being willing to make the lifestyle change.

  • Lesley Sifers

    10/02/2017 02:45 PM

    There was a reality show called Jon & Kate Plus 8 several years ago. That couple went way off the rails but it seemed to me that Kate, especially, was enjoying the money & fame at the expense of her family. Of course, Jon was no prince either. I respect Chip & Joanna for their decision and think it is for the best. They don't need to deal with all the Facebook creeps who want to tear them down!! God bless them and keep them!!