Christian woman fired after revealing her vote

September 21, 2017 |

Remember the good old days, when Christians were told it was crazy to oppose same-sex marriage because it would never have any effect on them at all? Tell it to the Christian woman in Australia, who was just fired for putting a filter on her personal Facebook page that read, “It’s okay to vote no” on an upcoming referendum on same-sex marriage.

Her boss accused her of being homophobic, espousing “hate speech” and being "a risk for the wellbeing of the children we work with,” just because she’s a Christian who admitted she isn’t voting for same-sex marriage. The boss admitted that she is a “bigot” against Christians, but implied that that’s okay because being “bigoted” against same-sex marriage rights is worse and "it is not okay to vote no."

So in case you’re keeping score, liberals believe in freedom of speech – unless you’re opposing anything on the LGBT agenda. Or suggesting that men and women are different. Or defending conservative views on a college campus. Or voting in a way they disapprove of. Or asking Hillary Clinton a tough question. Or saying anything at all that leftists don’t want to hear. Then it’s “hate speech,” you’re a fascist, and it’s okay to fire and/or assault fascists to silence them.

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You might think I’m overstating the Kafkaesque reasoning of the boss in this story. Click the link to learn more. Like, that I’m not overstating it. At all.



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  • Paul Hunter

    09/23/2017 02:37 PM

    Blessings on you, Governor!
    I would love to see an authoritative explanation regarding why the Bill of Rights specified Freedom of Religion as a foundation right for America. The mis-application of Jefferson's "separation of Church and State" comments should be addressed in view of the European history of the Founding Fathers of state-sanctioned (or mandated) church "denomination" affiliation.
    To not allow the acknowledgement of God in the public domain, or to deny a public official the freedom to profess belief and trust in God, is a travesty.
    I believe that Satan loves to see Christians put in chains while non-believers dance on the rooftops of courthouses and government buildings across America!
    Thank you for your voice and influence. I'd appreciate any comments.
    Blessings! God Bless America!

  • Cheryl Jongeneel

    09/22/2017 03:19 PM

    This is the horror of life in America these days. They kept a food fanatic out; they need to keep our PC program out as well.

  • Susan Fox

    09/22/2017 01:53 AM

    Governor, I appreciate you tremendously. Ever since the media and Hollywood "romanticized" same sex marriage, and the Supreme Court ruled ABOVE their pay grade to "legalize" it, suddenly we have a literal FLOOD of hatred FROM the LGBTQ folks and those who are afraid of them, and all kinds of sexual confusion and perversions have erupted across America like sewers blowing sky high. Even our smallest, and most vulnerable children are being drowned in it. I sure hope the Aussies will vote NO. IF they fall for the PC nonsense, their whole country will be awash in the same kind of hatred and sick child recruitment that American LBGTQs are flooding us with.