September 25, 2020


On his Fox News show Thursday, Tucker Carlson shined a spotlight on how out of control the power-mad enforcers of arbitrary coronavirus “safety” measures have become. It’s obvious that in some jurisdictions, exerting power over certain groups far outweighs any objective standards of safety or any consideration for the Bill of Rights.

At that link is the segment from Carlson’s show, featuring absolutely shocking (in the first case, literally shocking) footage that as he rightly says, makes you question whether we are still living in America.

The first part is a video of a mom in Logan, Ohio, who was watching her son in a sports event when a large cop and a couple of other people, presumably from the school, came over to tell her she was in violation of the state mandate to wear a face mask. She said she has asthma and can’t wear a mask. Besides, the event was outdoors, and she was sitting well away from anyone else in the sparsely-filled bleachers, and the mandate applies only indoors and in places where social-distancing is impossible.

Nevertheless, when she refused to put on a mask or leave, the cop grappled with her, handcuffed her, TASED her (the jolt also shocked a nearby child on the metal bleachers) then forcibly hauled her away under arrest. I don’t know what’s more shocking: the taser, the behavior of the cop and officials, or the fact that so many other Americans just sat there quietly watching this outrage.

Here is more about the story, with a link to the police department’s response. They claim she was not arrested for nor wearing a mask but for criminal trespass, because she refused to leave (note: because she refused to leave a public event where the mask mandate did not apply. Try again.)

I’m normally not a big fan of lawsuits, but I hope she has a real shark lawyer. The same goes for the church in Moscow (as Tucker points out: Idaho, not Russia) where worshippers were handcuffed and arrested for singing hymns at an OUTDOOR worship service.

In what I hope and pray is the start of a new trend that will inspire churches like the one in Idaho, the Capitol Hill Baptist Church has filed a lawsuit against the DC government, arguing that its never-ending ban on gatherings of over 100 people (even outdoors with masks and social distancing) places an impossible burden on the fundamental First Amendment right to freedom of religious expression. The lawsuit points out that DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, who refuses to let churches hold services, has given her approval to mass anti-police protests and even appeared among a crowd of tens of thousands of protesters on June 6 and called the event “a wonderful thing.”

The DC church is being represented by the Texas-based First Liberty Institute, which defends religious freedom rights. Click the link if you’d like to learn more and maybe contribute to the legal expenses.

I’m glad to see Americans finally standing up and saying “no more” to this partisan tyranny hiding behind the name of “public safety.” If you can safely attend a protest rally, you can safely attend a worship service. Those who defend the protesters by claiming it’s their First Amendment right might want to read a little further in that Amendment.

This also drives home how vitally important it is that President Trump appoint a Supreme Court Justice who cares about protecting the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and that the Senate confirm that person with all possible speed.


Excellent news: President Trump says he will sign a “born alive infant” executive order requiring doctors to provide medical assistance to babies born alive during abortions.

As the story notes, Democrats blocked a bill to do this in the Senate, arguing it was “redundant.” So if it’s already the law, they should have no objections to Trump putting it into an executive order.

Incidentally, it is already the law that everyone, from homeless people to crooks shot while assaulting police, must receive life-saving medical treatment. There should be no question that would also apply to innocent babies born under any circumstances. Unfortunately, too many people in positions of political power (like the Governor of Virginia) have tried to deny that basic right to babies born during abortions. They’ve had their moral compasses crushed by the ton of euphemisms (“freedom of choice,” “reproductive justice,” etc.) employed to obscure that we’re talking about standing around and doing nothing while a living, breathing human being struggles and dies. At that point, the only “choice” being made is the choice to be a heartless monster.


From our “Voter Fraud Is A Rightwing Myth” File: Authorities investigating election issues in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, found nine mail-in military ballots that had been discarded. All nine were votes for Trump.

Skeptics may scoff that it’s “only nine ballots,” but those would be nine US military members who would’ve been disenfranchised from selecting the commander-in-chief who has the power to send them into endess, pointless wars or not, just as every fake vote cast disenfranchises a real voter. Also, we don’t know at this point how many ballots were discarded, only that nine were recovered.

As the linked story notes, this follows a report of three trays of mail, including absentee ballots, being found in a ditch in Wisconsin.

For those who dismiss the Pennsylvania story because it’s “only nine ballots,” we have news that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has filed 134 felony charges, including election fraud, mail-in ballot fraud and tampering with a government record, against four people in an alleged scheme to steal a Democratic primary election in Gregg County in 2018. In that race, incumbent County Commissioner Shannon Brown was losing to his primary challenger by a handful of votes until mail-in ballots put him five votes ahead, and he went on to be reelected.

Brown is now facing 23 charges with the others filed against three associates. Paxton says the accused engaged in a scheme to swing the election by targeting young, able-bodied voters to cast ballots by mail by fraudulently claiming the voters were “disabled,” in most cases without the voters’ knowledge or consent. 239 of those ballots bore the signatures of just five people supposedly helping the voters fill them out. The investigation came after the challenger smelled a rat and sued, noting that over a third of the ballots cast were by mail and 29% claimed to be disabled, which must make Gregg the most disabled county in Texas.

It’s interesting that as the Democrats are denying mail-in vote fraud exists, we keep getting evidence that it does and is largely used by Democrats (ahem…New Jersey!) In this case, it was (allegedly) used by a Democrat to cheat another Democrat out of an election win! You’d think that would at last raise their concerns about voter fraud.

But then it appears Democrats might be getting concerned about their big “everyone vote by mail” push blowing up in their faces, since they’re changing their position faster than Joe Biden has on…well, name any issue. They’ve been pushing hard for universal voting by mail (not requesting an absentee ballot, but just mailing out blank ballots to everyone on the voter rolls, which would flood the nation with easily-falsified ballots (again, see “New Jersey.”) But now, they’re urging their voters to vote in person.

Previously, the cover story fed to the media for why Democrats had to vote by mail was that while the coronavirus doesn’t spread at leftist protests and riots, it’s wildly contagious among people in masks standing six feet apart in orderly polling station lines. But now, there’s a new cover story: if Trump loses to mail-in voters, he might refuse to leave office and institute “fascism,” something he’s never threatened and that is laughable coming from the people who’ve given us masked thugs threatening people with violence if they don’t vow allegiance to the thugs’ political views and vote the way they’re told.

Stacey Lennox at PJ Media suggests a more believable reason for the sudden flip-flop: while Republicans are listening to Trump (and me, I hope!) and planning to vote in person, far more Democrats say they plan to vote by mail. And while that does make voter fraud easier, they suddenly realized that mail-in ballots are far more likely to be disqualified because voters on their own are more likely to fill in the ballots incorrectly.

Naturally, the Biden campaign denies that they’ve never encouraged anyone to vote by any particular method. So the advice to Democrats remains what it has always been: Vote early and vote often.


This week was Small Business Week, and if you’re wondering what the government did to help small businesses survive the endless shutdowns that the government forced on them, the answer is still “nothing.”

Senate Republicans already have a bill that would extend the Paycheck Protection Program and give desperately-needed relief both to workers and businesses. But House Democrats under Nancy Pelosi refused to work with them, adopting a “take it or leave it” attitude toward their own $2.2 trillion bill that spends far more than the Senate wants, much of it on liberal wish list items that have nothing to do with helping struggling Americans. But they have had plenty of time to waste on partisan garbage like writing and promoting a bill to reign in the President’s powers that they know is such a dead duck in the Senate that they aren’t even bringing it up for a vote.

Rep. Steve Chabot, ranking Republican on the House Small Business Committee, took to the House floor this week to remind his colleagues that American workers and small businesses are hurting, and that he has a bill they could pass immediately that would free up $137.5 billion of unspent PPP funds, as well as other measures to make it easier for Americans to get emergency relief. It fell on deaf ears: the House Democratic leadership blocked that bill.

Rep. Steve Scalise says that House Republicans are filing a discharge petition to try to force Pelosi to allow the bill to be voted on, and some rank and file Democrats who are facing tough reelections are reportedly panicking over what appears to be a plan to make Americans keep suffering and hope they’ll blame it on Trump at the polls. I wonder, if Nancy Pelosi and a handful of party-before-country leaders weren’t standing in the way, how many votes would that bill get?


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  • Ruby Draper

    09/28/2020 09:38 PM

    I love your take on the news. Thank you for giving the right information. Keep up the good work!

  • Elizabeth Houghton

    09/27/2020 11:50 PM

    I'm more certain with every passing day that the only way to get overbearing governors and mayors off our backs is to hit them with very expensive lawsuits. I certainly hope there will be an avalanche of those--get them in the wallet and see how fast their opinions change.


    09/27/2020 01:55 PM

    Under the title 'Madness', it turns out the ''cop' was not even that! He was an on-site security guard for the school. Crazy!!!!

  • Lewis Combs

    09/26/2020 08:30 PM

    So you “cannot vote for Trump” for whatever reason.
    What is the consequence? Re-worded, what difference is there whether he wins or the other guy wins?

    First, anyone who votes for “the other guy” or votes for a third candidate, or does not vote at all, moves the nation one notch towards the package that goes with the other guy. “The Guy” hardly matters. The package means everything.
    In the last 100 years, 272 million Civilians have been MURDERED by Socialist, Marxist or Communist governments, not counting military deaths. Yet the Democrats want Socialism for America. We can be the next Venezuela! There is not a single example in history of a socialist nation where the people were better off after a very short period of socialist rule (or Marxist, or Communist, as they are all closely linked) A vote against Trump is a vote for Socialism and what follows.

    The gay agenda that has been forced on our nation is a travesty. We are to love the people, no matter what, but to be required to endorse a lifestyle that is unnatural, unhealthy, and condemned in scripture is wrong. They never wanted simply to be allowed to live as they wish, and with every advancement of their agenda they have pushed for more. No man belongs in the same bathroom or shower as my wife, daughter, or granddaughter, no matter what his excuse is. Ignoring and rewriting science to pretend that gender is anything other than what one is born with is evil and destructive. Prescribing drugs and surgery for children and teens rather than providing counselling which seeks only what is best for the person is child abuse and we should be allowed to say so without being labelled homophobic. Truth is not allowed on social media or even pulpits if it conflicts with the gay agenda. A vote against Trump is a vote for more gay and transgender bullying and intimidation, not just from those communities, but from the law enforcement community when it is directed by Democrats.

    The issue of right and wrong regarding Abortion hinges on a person’s opinion of at what stage a fetus is a “human being”. At what stages is the termination of that life the private decision to be made by the woman carrying that child? For the Governor of Virginian and a growing number of Democrats, that child can be born and breathing and still be killed. We all know that is murder. Democrats have repeatedly blocked legislation intended to require that babies born alive during a botched abortion be given proper care and treated like the newborn human that they clearly are. They are ok with “exposing” him or her and setting that child aside somewhere until it expires from neglect. Somehow that is better than sticking scissors into its brain stem to end his or her life. A vote against Trump is a vote to more and more extreme approved methods and excuses for ending human lives. Like Hitler said, the lame, mentally deficient, elderly, or undesirables are expendable. Get ready for it.

    The role of judges is clearly established by our founding documents. The ever increasing practice of Liberal Judges is to legislate from the bench, which is patently unconstitutional, even if we like the specific ruling. The danger of course is that we lose the power of “we the people” when it is co-opted by activist judges, even to the point of overriding referendums properly voted in by a majority of people in a jurisdiction, which in practice has been negated by one or several unelected judges exceeding their legal authority and getting away with it. With growing frequency, liberal causes that cannot get what they want through legislation because “we the people” don’t agree with their agenda, find sympathetic judges and achieve their agendas by illegal legislation from the bench. Of greatest impact of course is the make-up of the Supreme Court. A vote against Trump is a vote for swinging the Supreme Court back to a majority of jurists who do not believe in our constitution nor in the oath they took to support it.

    Our right to free speech is protected by the constitution. Nonetheless, it is being trampled upon by many who do not want to allow any position other than their own to be presented. People are even losing jobs because of using a pronoun that is grammatically correct but does not correspond to a person’s current preference as to their gender identity. Speakers and students are forbidden, or stopped by physical or verbal assault, from presenting ideas contrary to the ones preferred by some vocal portion of the community. Any speech that expresses negative thoughts about ideas or behavior of certain individuals or groups is labelled hate speech and is condemned and often forbidden. Social aps consistently censor speech that is contrary to their preferences, sometimes labelling it as “hate speech” without providing a definition of same, but often censored with no explanation. Yet any violent speech by or promoting jihad or Muslim extremism is carefully ignored and allowed to remain on site to do its considerable damage. A vote against Trump is a vote to continue losing your personal right to express ideas contrary to those of the ruling segment.

    The extreme and first time ever success of this nation has depended in huge measure on people living under and abiding by “rule of law”, yet in more and more Democrat-run jurisdictions, laws are selectively enforced or ignored, to the point of recently several public officials participating in violent interference with the transporting of convicted immigrants, apparently for the sole reason that they were immigrants (albeit illegally here) and should not be subject to the laws of this nation into which they illegally immigrated and claim to want to make their new home. If the Governors, mayors, and commissions get to choose which laws to obey, the trend will keep spreading, until laws become simply the tyranny of the strongest… or anarchy. Sanctuary cities and states are illegal and destructive on many levels. A vote against Trump is a vote to continue to empower and encourage the lawlessness of many Democrat politicians.

    There is no excuse for violence in our towns and streets, yet Democrats on national and local levels refuse to condemn the current ongoing riots, refuse to take responsible actions to control or end such violence, and some deny that riots are not even happening. They are encouraging more of the same, yet there is no legitimate connection between the rioters and the civil issues that they have hi-jacked. It is sufficiently documented that Antifa and BLM are deliberately provoking and conducting violence, and have stated goals including the unravelling of this nation and of the traditional family. A vote against Trump is a vote to facilitate the unravelling of this nation through violence and chaos, even without factoring in the clearly enumerated and similar goals of the radical Muslims throughout the world, including throughout this nation.

  • Gail Denham

    09/26/2020 11:31 AM

    Thank you - thank you - thank you - for bringing up all these issues - we want everyone to envision or see this mom being hauled away at a ball game - people being handcuffed because they were singing OUTSIDE at a worship service. God help this nation. The power-hungry state politicians have gone made with power. Keep hammering away with news, stating the obvious, but also being humorous in the process. And today - let's pray with all those in the Capitol mall with Franklin Graham

  • ruth egan

    09/26/2020 11:03 AM

    I am a retired elementary teacher. Watching BLM and Antifa still remind me of "PlayGround" duty, or just Playpen and Sandbox. The USA Toay headline fr the weekend edition reads "Anger, frustration turn into violence" referring to the Briana verdict. Do we have any more adults left in the country?

  • Molly McDonald

    09/26/2020 10:44 AM

    I just learned this morning you have a Morning Edition. I’ve only been getting the Evening Edition. How can I be able to get the Morning Edition along with the Evening Edition? I look forward to your words everyday. In fact, you’re pretty much the only news I “listen” to. Thank you for writing these editions. Your devoted reader, Molly McDonald

  • Robin Rebhan

    09/26/2020 10:03 AM

    Question: What do the Democrats mean when asking If President Trump will concede to peaceful transition of power? IS there an agenda behind this?

  • Claudia nelson

    09/26/2020 08:36 AM

    The links for the story about the tased mom and the church singers are missing. Please send because I am very disappointed I can’t watch these for myself.

  • BIll Hudson

    09/26/2020 08:13 AM

    The recent Joe Biden campaign adds on TV seems to be a 180 degree reversal of things previously spouted by the Democratic Party along with the old adage of "a chicken in every pot" . Joe now seems to be for everything Trump has accomplished and further he supposedly has a plan, which to my knowledge has not been explained or demonstrated, that will solve all our problems. The Democratic Party Platform does not seem to support all of these statements. So which are we to believe the evidence of 30 plus years of Biden in government or what he says today off a teleprompter to be elected? To me history is a great educator but maybe that is why the Democrats so desperately want to erase it.

  • Shelley Jordan

    09/26/2020 03:55 AM

    I have viewed the face mask as a means of changing “who we are” and “controlling us” when rioters not wearing but enforced elsewhere.
    I don’t see how the mail in ballots (except absentee ballots that people signed up to receive) can be a legal form of voting. I can understand how it is fraudulent in multiple ways. I am praying for this evilness to stopped!

  • Vaslav Nijinsky

    09/26/2020 01:18 AM

    We have steadfastly refused to wear a "face diaper" anyplace but the OR, where sterility is paramount. When any venue has had the temerity to challenge our qualifications to "opt out" of this deep state nonsense, we have quoted the CDC to the effect that they are appropriate only for those suffering from the Wuhan Xi CCP virus scam to prevent them from spreading it via coughing or sneezing. We further add that our personal physician concurs. If anyone has then been so foolish to question who that person might be, we reply: "You're looking at him." As our own counsel, we then add: "Case closed. Court adjourned."

  • Gregory Weinman

    09/26/2020 12:33 AM

    Actually Governor, God is first in the 1st amendment as He should be. His creation comes next followed by aggregartions of His creations (speech, press, assembly, and petition)

  • Carrie Parks

    09/26/2020 12:05 AM

    As I watched this mother being forcibly handled as if she was a threat, just made me sick to my stomach. What country is this???!! Are we living in a communist country?? And the "Karen" that is putting her hands on her should be ashamed of herself. I am just sick over this and also over the man getting arrested for singing at church! I am beyond mad about this! I hope that both people sue the pants off the mayor, govenor and the "Karen" who felt it was her job to police the bleachers. This is just too insane. It seems like it's a war on law abiding citizens and those in the Christian faith but boy oh boy, don't dare arrest Antifa terrorists or BLM terrorists! I pray daily that President Trump will win re-election and squash all these terrorists groups and the Democrat swamp rats starting with Pelosi and ending with AOC!

  • Jerry

    09/26/2020 12:05 AM

    As more evidence comes out about the Biden crime family the more scarce Joe‘s appearance and questioning will be. He remembers some of the big thefts he has done he doesn’t know what is going on today 6 months ago he didn’t have a clue about the China virus today he now knows how to manage it just watch trump how we are handling it now.after 6 months of trying to to stop it joe all of a sudden has some answers a large number of the casualties came form old people’s Homes where the flu pneumonia or cancer was taking their life and they catch the China virus and it hastened their demise as it spread faster than a badly managed California forest that caught fire

  • Carrie Parks

    09/26/2020 12:05 AM

    As I watched this mother being forcibly handled as if she was a threat, just made me sick to my stomach. What country is this???!! Are we living in a communist country?? And the "Karen" that is putting her hands on her should be ashamed of herself. I am just sick over this and also over the man getting arrested for singing at church! I am beyond mad about this! I hope that both people sue the pants off the mayor, govenor and the "Karen" who felt it was her job to police the bleachers. This is just too insane. It seems like it's a war on law abiding citizens and those in the Christian faith but boy oh boy, don't dare arrest Antifa terrorists or BLM terrorists! I pray daily that President Trump will win re-election and squash all these terrorists groups and the Democrat swamp rats starting with Pelosi and ending with AOC!

  • Peter Klekosky

    09/25/2020 11:23 PM

    Haven’t received a Morning edition for a few days,what’s up?

  • Frank Chavez

    09/25/2020 11:22 PM

    I seem to recall the noise made by the left made about the votes with the hanging chaff, called them " disenfranchised voters". So I guess if the votes are for the current president, this term does not apply to our servicemen?

  • William Schlumpf

    09/25/2020 10:46 PM

    I say a simple solution to voter fraud is to impose a mandatory 10,000 fine and 3 years in jail for each count. Destroy nine ballots and pay $90,000 and get 27 years of free room and board. Destroy 100 and pay $1,000,000 and get 300 years. It's simple math even a leftist could figure though perhaps not Brian Williams. And leftists couldn't object because they claim voter fraud is a myth. Problem solved!

  • June Swezea

    09/25/2020 10:17 PM

    Great update. Did you know we are trying to flip Hawaii red in this election? There are caravans for Trump and sign waving rallies on every island. MAGA 2020


    09/25/2020 09:47 PM

    Voter fraud is occurring in my state of North Carolina; it is being pushed and fraudulently new rules have now been placed by our corrupt governor and attorney general who changed the rules in secret; now they are pushing for ballot counting up to November 12 I believe; anyone with eyes can see what they are doing; God help us with this election; I am fearful of what the dishonest, no integrity Democrats will do to our state ........

  • Richard Boultinghouse

    09/25/2020 09:12 PM

    The links to TC's bit as well as other links are not working tonight. You're right about a Shark lawyer.

  • Carl T Smith

    09/25/2020 08:26 PM

    We are constantly being told to Follow the Science? OKAY! the CDC website, the go-to for all scientific Knowledge? The CDC web site issued a report stating that 94% of the COVID-19 deaths recorded were 'WITH' COVID while the 6% were BECAUSE of COVID. At the time the survey was taken the death toll was 180,000 +_ 10%.that means that at that point the ACTUAL DEATH TOLL was < 10,000 BECAUSE of COVID-19! When they further break out the statistics it proves the Elderly, Black or Brown, Nursing Homes, and over 60+ years were all WITH COMORBIDIT( heart disease, Diabetes, Obesity, Compromised Immune systems. Why is this still a story? Can you say the MEDIA NEEDS a CRISIS to direct the voters attention AWAY from the poor candidate the left has put forward and they are still SMARTING from being SO wrong in 2016 and like the petulant Children they are emulating don't like being wrong and HATE BEING CORRECTED. BTW I'm watching Tucker right now and he had mentioned it--LETS SEE HOW LONG the Propaganda ARM of the PROGRESSSIVES can continue to ignore?

  • Jerry chandler

    09/25/2020 08:12 PM

    Mike. What is your take about George Soros supporting liberal elections. I’m sure you heard about how Newt Gingrich being told not to talk about Soros on Fox

  • Jo Cluck

    09/25/2020 07:53 PM

    The words hurled about at nominee SCOTUS was bad and I expect to hear worse there but the display a the Supreme Court when our President and Mrs. Trump were respecting RBG was the most disgraceful I have ever seen. Same with the put up parody of President Trump in Paris when he was leaving to go to the cemetery. What in the world has happened? Do all of these people have only hate in their hearts and no compassion for the death of anyone? Trying to watch the video of mother being tasered was terrible and handcuffing singers of Christian faith? ....when is it going to stop? Disgusting that people in the stands at that game sat and never bothered to either yell stop or step in to see if they could prevent her being harmed. Yes, I hope she gets the maximum allowed by the law. Masks are unconstitutional to begin with and this is fuel for the fire!