October 24, 2017

In recent years, we’ve had to suffer far too many stories of violent leftist thugs on campus interrupting meetings, shouting down speakers and declaring anyone who disagrees with them to be a racist, fascist Nazi undeserving of free speech rights. Too many times, college administrators have turned a blind eye to such outrageous behavior, or worse, blamed the people they attacked for holding opinions that "provoked" the attackers.

But as with the NFL and the movie industry, regular Americans got fed up with having their values attacked and their beliefs insulted and started voting with their wallets. Alumni have let college administrators know that until the free market of ideas is reopened, their checkbooks will stay closed. And maybe at long last, the tide of totalitarianism is finally turning.

First, the Berkeley PD was allowed to do its job and keep order at a speech by conservative Ben Shapiro. Now comes this very heartening story from UC-Santa Cruz. When a handful of foul-mouthed loudmouths tried to shut down a College Republicans meeting with the usual horse leavings (Screaming that “Fascist white supremacists don’t have free speech rights,” claiming the meeting made them feel “unsafe,” etc.), both college officials and fellow students reacted in the exact right way, by standing up to the tantrum-throwers to defend the fundamental right to freedom of speech. That includes a Democrat from the student newspaper, who said he was “embarrassed” by the protesters, who “give all of us a bad name.”

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Read the full account of the confrontation and its aftermath. It might help restore your faith in Millennials (some of them, anyway). And if you have kids heading for college soon, maybe you won’t feel as if you’re sending them off to a socialist militant indoctrination camp. Well, providing you send them off to the right college.



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  • tom jeffs

    10/25/2017 01:01 PM

    Mike: why not ask Sheldon Adelson to put up $25million annually to turn California and New England from deep blue to bright red ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    he can put $1 million up for EVERY Ivy League school plus EVERY University of California campus to fund the Young Republicans starting with an off-campus storefront and a conservative school newspaper - - - - - - -

    and Mr & Mrs Adelson will be happy to provide this funding - - - - - - -

    simple - - - - - - -