April 27, 2018


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Today's Commentary: Congratulations to Kate and William but what about Alfie? -- Dr. Ronny Jackson withdraws -- El Paso school officials under fire  -- "Normalizing" Trump  -- Too much news! Here's the "Scandal Round-Up" -- Additional commentaries


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Congratulations to Prince William of Great Britain and his wife Kate, who officially introduced the nation to their third child and second son Monday. Across Britain (and among Royal watchers worldwide) people celebrated, shared photos of the adorable baby boy and placed bets on what his name will be. Which is fine, because the arrival of any baby should be a time of joy and celebration.

Tragically, there has never been a starker illustration of the difference in importance placed on two babies' lives than you’ll see today in Britain, where two big news stories are the official celebration of the birth of a royal baby and the heartbreaking battle of two everyday parents to save their baby from being condemned to die by that same government’s arrogant health care system. On the very day the nation was celebrating the Royal baby, the UK government was removing the life support system from 23-month-old Alfie Evans and stationing a line of police to keep his frantic parents from trying to move him to another hospital that would grant him care.


Mike Huckabee

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Dr. Ronny Jackson withdraws

By Mike Huckabee

I’m sorry to report that White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson, President Trump’s pick for the new head of the VA, has “regretfully” withdrawn from consideration due to what he calls “completely false and fabricated accusations” that have become a distraction. Among them were claims by Democrats that Dr. Johnson was nicknamed “Candyman” because he gave staffers he traveled with the sleep aid Ambien to help with jet lag without filling out the prescription paperwork and that he crashed a government car after getting drunk at a party (Johnson says he has “no idea” where that claim came from.) The White House slammed Sen. Jon Tester of Montana, the ranking Democrat on the Veterans Affairs Committee, for publicly airing allegations that hadn’t been fully investigated.

Jackson has been the official White House physician for three Presidents over 12 years, and somehow in all that time, after being repeatedly vetted and working in the public eye, none of these wild accusations ever surfaced until he was named by Trump to run the VA. As recently as October of 2016, in the last of several glowing performance reviews, President Obama wrote of him, “Ronny does a great job - genuine enthusiasm, poised under pressure, incredible work ethic and follow through. Ronny continues to inspire confidence with the care he provides to me, my family and my team. Continue to promote ahead of peers.” Seems odd that nobody ever told Obama that his doctor was a drunk driver and a drug pusher.

Now, despite these wild accusations, he’s back at work as the President’s trusted physician, but will not be able to insure that our veterans receive the kind of top quality care that Obama verified that he provides. Why, it’s almost as if his real offense was just being chosen for a Cabinet position by Donald Trump. And now, Democrats who’ve spent over a year blocking and obstructing Trump's nominees for suspect or unconstitutional reasons, or none at all, can go back to complaining that there are still so many government positions that haven’t yet been filled.


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El Paso school officials under fire

By Mike Huckabee

Officials at a high school in El Paso, Texas, are under fire for allowing students to leave class Friday as part of a nationwide anti-gun protest, during which one student was struck by a car and killed.

This terrible tragedy has caused angry parents and others to accuse the school of allowing favored PC politics on guns to override its responsibility to keep students safe. Some even say there’s “blood on the hands” of the school officials, just as the NRA has been blamed for kids dying in school shootings. Naturally, school officials don’t like being blamed for deaths that they were not directly responsible for. They claim the students were safely transported to the stadium for the protest, but this student apparently used the event as an excuse to sneak away and meet friends in the park, and he was killed when he tried to cross a highway illegally.



"Normalizing" Trump

By Mike Huckabee

Monday, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (11 Republicans, 10 Democrats) voted to advance the nomination of CIA Director Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State to a full Senate vote. It was touch-and-go for a while, with Democrats and some recalcitrant Republicans threatening to block the nomination. But in the end, after many last-minute twists, the vote passed, largely thanks to Sen. Rand Paul switching his opposition to support and a rare bipartisan gesture by Democrat Chris Coons of Delaware, who switched his "nay" vote to “present” in deference to Republican Sen. Johnny Isakson of Georgia, who was away to deliver the eulogy at his best friend’s funeral and would have had to return to DC to vote. Coons may be drummed out of Washington for placing human decency ahead of cheap, cynical political advantage, but he deserves a salute from the rest of us.

The opposition to Pompeo has been so nakedly partisan, it borders on the ridiculous. He’s been attacked as unqualified for being a Christian (a blatant violation of the ban on religious litmus tests for public office.) He’s been accused of being a far-right radical and war hawk (which didn’t seem to be an issue when the very same Senate confirmed him as CIA Director by a two-thirds vote.) He’s incredibly well-qualified, and he’s already made great strides on denuclearizing North Korea before he even has the job. The argument that Republicans blocked Obama doesn’t hold water. Republicans opposed Obama’s policies, but they mostly gave him the team he wanted (Paul even voted to confirm John Kerry as Secretary of State!) Yes, they blocked Obama’s SCOTUS pick, Merrick Garland, but that wasn’t a Cabinet appointee who would leave when the President does (or much earlier, if Trump’s history is any guide); that would have been an outgoing President tilting the balance of the Court for decades to come. Yet some Democrats felt pressure from their far-left base to deny Trump his nominee just because, as one put it, that would be “normalizing” Trump.



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Too much news! Here's the "Scandal Round-Up"

By Mike Huckabee

There’s so much breaking news on the FBI/DOJ/State Department legal mess that instead of concentrating on any one revelation, we're just going to do a “Scandal Round-Up.” And even then, we won't get to it all today.

In case there’s anyone out there with half a brain who actually believes Hillary didn’t break the law by mishandling classified materials, Judicial Watch has finally obtained a trove of emails that should set them straight. Yes, she deleted (or attempted to delete) 33,000 of them, but JW has 281 pages, many of which relate to conversations with then-British Prime Minister Tony Blair. At least 10 of them contain classified information that has been redacted to protect national security, though they once passed right through her unsecure server. According to Judicial Watch, many deal with sensitive negotiations about the Israeli-Arab conflict.



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