March 23, 2018

If there’s one sure way for Congressional Republicans to tell whether or not they should support a bill, it’s to look at the reactions to it from Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. If they predict that it will bring about Armageddon and kill millions of people (i.e., the tax cut), then it’s probably a great idea. If they are smiling so hard they look like a pair of Jokers, then run, run like the wind from it.

Unfortunately, that lesson didn’t sink in. Yesterday, after allowing all of 17 hours to read a bill of over 2200 pages, the House and then the Senate voted to pass a $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill that explodes this year’s deficit by $800 billion. It had Pelosi and Schumer practically dancing with glee that the “era of austerity is over” (and they define “austerity” as the trillion-dollar annual deficits under Obama!)

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The only hope at this writing is that President Trump will veto it and order Congress to try again, as he's threatening to do. He originally tried to sell the pittance in the bill for a border wall as a “start,” but if the Democrats take over in November (the odds of which are greatly increased, thanks to the anger and disillusionment this bill will generate among Republican voters), then the border wall will be over before it starts.

We knew that there would be more spending in some areas (military, infrastructure), but with a Republican majority in both Houses, you’d think there might be at least some attempt to cut spending elsewhere to balance it. Instead, the bill explodes discretionary spending as well, tossing around money for everything from "promoting breastfeeding" to an extra $12 million to give raises and bonuses to Senate officers and employees (I will refrain from making reference to the "government teat.")

And why is all this new spending necessary? At a time when the economy is finally growing at better than anemic rates; when private sector jobs are coming back, unemployment is dropping to historic lows and millions of people are leaving food stamp programs; and when the real estate bonanza around DC is finally ebbing due to the exodus of federal workers, why is it necessary for the government to spend ever more money? We’ve long been told by liberal economists that deficit spending is good during a slow economy to “prime the pump.” That’s highly debatable in itself. But why are we pumping the deficit money pump twice as hard during boom times?

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Right now, liberal news channels are pushing gun control by lecturing us that we need to think about the welfare of our children. But their chances of being shot in school are actually microscopic. Meanwhile, we’re burdening the futures of every last one of them with insurmountable debt, and nobody blinks an eye.

And are the voters who sent the Republican majorities to Washington getting what they were promised? There’s a pittance in there for a “border wall,” which actually amounts to some electronic security and a few miles of new and repaired “fencing,” the type you can see through (and that’s already routinely passed through with wire cutters), all amounting to a total of about 93 miles of a 1,954-mile border. I suspect anyone wanting to come in illegally will figure out some way to get around that.

Sen. Rand Paul, who fought the bill to no avail, observed ruefully that Republicans are conservative when they’re out of power. But once they’re in power, America has no conservative party because Republicans vote to increase spending, and Democrats agree while complaining that it’s still not enough. In this case, even the Democrats can’t complain that it’s not enough.

If the Republicans want to send a message to voters that it truly doesn’t matter whether they lose the Congress in November, then they might as well just forward this bloated spending bill to every email address in the land.



UPDATE:  The bill was signed by the President.



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  • Tracey Powers

    03/25/2018 07:40 PM

    I am Absolutely Outraged at the Republican Party for their continued , out of control spending of our hard-earned tax dollars!!! They might as well hand in their resignations now! God help us in November!

  • Karen Dixon

    03/25/2018 11:49 AM

    So disappointed in Congress and our President...??

  • Bonnie J Smith

    03/25/2018 09:50 AM

    President Trump Can and Will you reverse your decision to sign this bill and veto it? You know we should always go with our gut feelings. I am praying for you. You need God's Strength in every decision you make.

  • Charles M

    03/25/2018 08:57 AM

    That Omnibus Bill reminds me of the philosophy behind those Online User Agreements - read a gazillion pages of legal gobbledygook then click on "Agree" ...if you want your treat. POTUS wanted his treat, but he will find out later what he agreed to, like they all did with Obamacare. Like people with a credit card obsession, they can't ever go cold turkey off the spending spree...but eventually they pay the price.


    03/25/2018 06:21 AM

    Every Republican that sign that bill should be primaried we need to get rid of all Republicans and put in all conservatives.

  • Diane Whittington

    03/25/2018 01:12 AM

    SO upset he signed this bill. He should have vetoed it and told the Congress to start over. This is not what I expected for my vote. 2200 pages nobody read. When will this insanity stop? Mr. President, shame on you. You are now part of the swamp.

  • Linda Eubanks

    03/24/2018 05:11 PM

    I am appalled that this bill was not vetoed! Can not believe President Trump caved!!!!!

  • don winstead

    03/24/2018 05:09 PM

    Oh yes, I forgot about the sanctuary cities, believe thats dead also!!!

  • don winstead

    03/24/2018 05:06 PM

    I THOUGHT HE SHOULD HAVE VOTED NO! Just as things are picking up, they pass another spending bill, and guess the wall will be discontinued also. I also heard that the VETERANS CHOICE PROGRAM FOR HEALTH CARE will not be around long either!! is the president abandoning everything he promissed the conservative faithfull I think within the next 10 years , we will end up with one party, and that would be SOCIALISM !! That's about all the kids in school college, are learning Sit back and relax because old UNCLE SUGAR'S GONNA take care all your needs!!! What a Joke!

  • Joe Lyddon

    03/24/2018 04:19 PM

    Whatever happened to the Movement to:
    1. Allow time for EVERYONE to be able to READ & Understand ALL BILLS before voting?!

    2. Presenting a simple English concise, short, description of the BILL that can be quickly read and easily understood BEFORE VOTING is ALLOWED?!

    It appears that The Desired tactic to pass a Bill (that they know probably would not pass), is to purposely INFLATE the Bills with all kinds of mish/mash gobbley GOOK just to make the bill NOT TO BE READ as well as NOT understood easily!

    This is part of the SWAMPLAND that is in CONGRESS... that should be cleaned up!!

    NO BILL should EVER BE VOTED on if it cannot be easily read and understood!! PERIOD!!

  • Robert McFate

    03/24/2018 04:01 PM

    Want to bet that even if they had the time to read it less than half would even understand it? You have to have a background in legalese to understand anything passed by congress now!

  • Beth Dean

    03/24/2018 02:59 PM

    Fake Promises?????

  • Robert Emmerick

    03/24/2018 02:57 PM

    Veto! This is not Good This is very bad this only continues the wrong direction Americans want to get away from. P.S. Just Build the wall what's the problem also remember Guns save and protect lives just like a hammer is a tool it's how the user uses the tool that makes it Good or Evil. !!!!

  • Russ Mignani

    03/24/2018 02:28 PM

    Every republican in congress who voted for this spending bill should be voted out of office!! Obama's rein was so bad it gave the republicans a hold in congress and now there going to see the people once again vote them out of power. What morons!!!! Get rid of the controlling dynasties that these long term people have had and put some new blood in that have to work not delegate. I'd love to see a congress that comes together twice a year to vote n go home and work for a living. Like they do in Texas! I think the invention of air conditioning is what keeps the cesspool of politicians in Washington all year long. Who would like to spend a summer in DC without it. What I'm so frustrated about is the president really isn't draining the swamp. After all he still has Obama hold overs that work for him that are leakers and are against him. Fire them all asap and put people in with integrity in that are for his agendas in their places!!!!!

  • Ann Gallagher

    03/24/2018 12:59 PM

    I am very angry w/the Republican Congressmen(women?). Our President is a very strong and wise man. Think of the things that could have been accomplished by now. I do not like many of his ways (firings!!) rude and crude - but we still need to support (pray for) our President. God has raised him up for a time such as this. Also Vice President Pence - such a Godly man. Also beautiful Melania!! Doesn't she deserve and need our prayers. God is on throne, folks! Our duty is to PRAY! (I'm 90 years old and very tired of all this political filth, but God's Word does say that in the latter days, things will wax worse and worse. So Jesus is coming soon! Keep your eyes focused! Sunday (Easter) is coming - we Serve a Risen Saviour! (I enjoy your TBN program and your daughter does a wonderful job!)

  • Jeffrey L Beckwith

    03/24/2018 12:26 PM

    This Omnibus Bill just passed by The House and Senate and Signed into law by President Trump and I have read this Omnibus Bill it is so full of Pork it's ridiculous. If PresidentTrump was so against this Bill besides his reasons why he signed this Bill into law , like building up our military and partially funding border secuity and start building a 76 mile stretch of a border wall (I favor those parts of it),then why did He Sign it??? This Bill, however is filled with Pork Barrel spending in areas like for Planned Parenthood,funding for Sanctuary Cities, and giving foriegn governments money for their border security(Why should our tax dollars fund these areas??). This really angers me as a voter that these aears are being funded with this Bill and this is not what I voted for at all. What ever happen to America First??? I have seen Republican Congressional Representatives and Republican Senators(I know how they voted believe me) which ones are in favor of this Omnibus Bill and a great deal of them are RINO'S - America take notice and Vote these RINO'S OUT THEY ARE DANGEROUS FOR AMERICA THIS I CAN TELL YOU!!!!

  • Jeffrey L Beckwith

    03/24/2018 12:12 PM

    This Omnibus Bill just passed by The House and Senate and Signed into law by President Trump. If President so against this Bill besides his reasons why like building up our military and partially funding border secuity and start building a 76 mile stretch of a border wall (I favor those parts of it). This Bill, however is filled with Pork Barrel spending in areas like for Planned Parenthood,funding for Sanctuary Cities, and giving foriegn governments money for their border security. This really angers me as a voter that these areas are being funded with this Bill and this is not what I voted for at all. What ever happen to America First???I have seen whichSenators and Congressional Representatives are in favor of this Omnibus Bill and a great deal of them are RINO'S - America vote these RINO'S OUT THEY ARE DANGEROUS FOR AMERICA!!

  • Jeffrey L Beckwith

    03/24/2018 12:07 PM

    This Omnibus Bill just passed by The House and Senate and Signed into law by President Trump. If President so against this Bill besides his reasons why like building up our military and partially funding border secuity and start building a 76 mile stretch of a border wall (I favor those parts of it). This Bill, however is filled with Pork Barrel spending in areas like for Planned Parenthood,funding for Sanctuary Cities, and giving foriegn governments money for their border security. This really angers me as a voter that these aears are being funded with this Bill and this is not what I voted for at all. What ever happen to America First???I have seen which in favor of tis and a great deal are RINO'S - America take notice and Vote these RINO'S OUT!!!

  • Ronald schulz

    03/24/2018 12:06 PM

    Just discusting, that's all I can say.

  • Catherine Baldwin

    03/24/2018 11:06 AM

    The President let us down... with help from our party... the people have done all we can to support them and they kick us in the face..we give them the power and they say we didn’t have time to read it? And then signed it... That is what Nancy said isn’t that why we voted against them?..I am saddened and mad. #you blew it!

  • Cordell (Corky) Axelson

    03/24/2018 10:42 AM

    I keep hearing that “we have to get rid of the filibuster rule”, to which I tend to agree. But if we do, what happens when the other side is in control? Maybe nothing different except the speed of our downfall, as so many Republicans seem to be a bit more Liberal leaning, more Progressive leaning than Conservative. We will just keep getting more Progressive and less Effective as a country.

  • Judith V Mcinnis

    03/24/2018 10:34 AM

    Why have the Democrats been so successful in getting a spending bill that largely supports THEIR position rather than that of President Trump's? Why won't Republican Representatives and Republican Senators fight the Democrats every step of the way in writing a spending package??? I am VERY afraid that the 2018 election will result in giving the Democrats their majority. IF that is the case, the Democrats will proceed to undo every good action that President Trump has achieved AND heaven help us all!

  • Ray DeAngelis

    03/24/2018 10:28 AM

    Please don't make me sorry I voted for Trump .What the hell is he thinking . This is the worst thing he's done ,besides all the twitter B.S . He has fallen right into the Democrats control . He just made himself a joke . The Republican party is -SHAMEFUL -throwing it all away. Totally Feed Up .

  • Bertram B Smith

    03/24/2018 10:16 AM

    My first reaction was revulsion! My next despair! Persident Trump was correct to sign the bill. We must have a strong military to protect this country. Without that, our country will not stand. This country is in bad shape. Hopefully, we are beginng the process of improving on all fronts. As much as it hurts, let the Left and media celebrate. This effect will not last as long as that of a strong military.

  • John B Chambers

    03/24/2018 09:59 AM

    President Trump should have vetoed the bill.

  • Dolores Tatton

    03/24/2018 09:43 AM

    I would have preferred he not sign the bill but under the circumstances with regard to the world and our depleted military, I can understand why he chose to. We need to calm down and not play into the Democrat's play book.

  • Ashley Holtam

    03/24/2018 09:33 AM

    President Trump was put in this position by the republican congress, both house and senate. He had to sign the bill in order to fund the military. It should not have been put to him by the republicans as it was, they should have stopped the democrats from all of their non-discretionary spending. The reason for the sequester, in the first place, was to put a stop to overspending. However, the sequester, which was initially put in place by the democrats, it was obama's idea, also put the squeeze on the military and so the republicans took it off for this bill. However, the republicans were too weak to battle the democrats and prevent them from all their spending in this bill. So since they all did such a wonderful job, what did they do? They gave themselves a pay raise, along with their staff. However, if we get rid of the republicans and vote democrat, then just as Ann Coulter said, Mr Trump will be impeached. So we have to stay on course, get rid of the republicans who have been in office too long (come on term limits) and definitely NOT vote democrat!

  • Renee Deaver

    03/24/2018 09:32 AM

    I guess President Trump knows we need a strong military for when the Dems enact martial law as soon as they take power again and we become a socialist nation.
    I couldn’t be more disappointed. Trump hasn’t bowed to the Dems or even to our a hole Reps all this time- why did he choose yesterday to do that? My vote will never matter. I quit.

  • Jan DeMarco

    03/24/2018 07:40 AM

    Another dysfunctional move by the Senate. Does Trump even know what's in that bill? Where was McConnell & Ryan, did they leave Trump holding the bag as they left DC for home? Where is the itemized list of spending? Didn't anyone summarize the 2,000+ pages for the President's review? I don't know about you, but if I left my boss hanging, I would be the one hanging by morning.

    We, the voters, understand the GOP DOES NOT have the Senate majority with the filibuster rule. We also understand the military is in desperate need of funding. However, the process they used, wait until the last minute then shove something, anything into law, is not how the voters expect Congress to work. We need to vote them out of office.

    How long is McConnell going to let the need for 10 Democrat votes to rule the roost? We understand it would be a risk to change the filibuster rule, in the now likely event the GOP looses the Senate and/or House majority. I think they should have taken that risk, and put in a budget which is consistent with Trump's agenda.

    As much as I would have liked to have seen a Veto, it would have caused a government shutdown, and frankly I have no confidence McConnell & Ryan would have been able to handle a veto.

    I hope there is still a way President Trump can stop some of the ridiculous spending in this bill. As always, it is up to the voters to purge the system.

  • James T Bryson

    03/24/2018 07:34 AM

    This omnibus fiasco was above all, infidelity. Infidelity by the majority party, infidelity by both the house and the senate, infidelity by the "deceitful four" and finally, and most destructively, infidelity by the president.

  • Crystal Hollon

    03/24/2018 07:08 AM

    This bill is a travesty!!! President Trump should have vetoed, no question about it! I had faith that when I voted for President Trump he would be the tough, no nonsense, never back down, non-politician business man he promised to be... He said he would MAGA and we are still funding Planned Parenthood, not building the wall, not defunding sanctuary cities/states, not revoking DACA, no cut backs to unnecessary agencies, and none of the Education Department proposals passed- some were movement in the right direction. I'm truly disappointed in the GOP and in President Trump! I think this is the beginning of the end for both... President Trump made threat to veto and backed down under pressure from the GOP leadership, now his promises and threats have no value. Conservatives will continue to be door mats and drag the President with them. So sad, frustrated and angry at the state of our great Nation!!! Feeling no hope that things will ever change or improve. #OUTRAGE

  • Bettye Carnahan

    03/24/2018 04:56 AM

    I'm too depressed about the spending bill to leave a comment. I just hope someone knows something that I don't.

  • marvin w kruger

    03/24/2018 04:32 AM

    We the people must not get too emotional about what this President did. I don't like it, but...... we need a strong military!! This is just the beginning. With a Republican in power I have hope of change and for the future of our republic. With a Democrat in charge.....I have NO hope.

  • Linda G. Egnal

    03/24/2018 03:25 AM

    It is quite disheartening that President Trump did not veto the bill. Still, he was raised up to be President of the United States for such a time as this, and we have to trust that the Lord knows what He's doing. Republicans will probably be so upset by this that they may not vote or may not vote Republican ticket - which will make Trump's job harder to drain the swamp, get the wall built, take care of all the other myriad issues that need his attention and focus - including DACA, immigration, gun control, Planned Parenthood. I pray - and will continue to do so - that our President does, indeed, PRAY, before making any decision in the future. I just can't fathom why he would give away so much to the left...

  • Darlene Yamane

    03/24/2018 01:13 AM

    I am soooooooooooooo very frustrated with the Republican party. I'm 62 and am truly weary of all the promises given to get into office, and then all the ignoring of what constituents want once they are in office. I support spending for the military, for veterans and for our national defense. That should always be a given. Raises? Raises in pay? Raises in pay for government employees or for those who work for politicians? NO! NO! NO! I have not had a raise in over 3 years. I'm divorced and have no retirement, but God has taken care of my needs (my needs, not my wants). Americans, and this includes almost ALL politicians greatly confuse needs and wants, and have come to think that wants = needs. NOT so! I read something about money for breastfeeding. Really??? How in the world did our ancestors survive and develop this country without all the ridiculous "necessities" that Americans now have? My hard earned money is being thrown away, and I don't take vacations, or eat out on a regular basis or own a new car, etc. I'm very discouraged, and am thankful that heaven is my home, and this life is temporary!

  • Allen M Swatsworth

    03/24/2018 01:01 AM

    Gov Huckabee, I just finished watching Tucker Carlson and as "Mad as Hell and I'm Not Going To Take It Anymore". The complete congress, House, Senate, Lobbyists, head of every department, agency and all need to be FIRED immediately. While I have lived through a government shut down as a temporarily unemployed Civil Servant and member of the Military I would far rather have lived through another one than to see our money be so tied up by the Democrats and stupid Republicans. Tucker indicated that while border security got 1.6 billion, he said that not one cent of that was authorized to build any thing. If that is true then what good did signing the stupid budget do President Trump. I have voted Republican all my life and had planned to do so again this year. However, I'm afraid that I can no longer vote for anyone that is running for office. They all lie and only care about staying in power and find more ways to lie, cheat and destroy America.

  • Bonnie Cockrell

    03/23/2018 11:44 PM

    There are no words to describe the anger I’m feeling. Trump blew it and let us down and let the “screw you Americans” of a congress get their way. Our votes didn’t really matter after all. They don’t care what We the People want. No amount of scolding will effect the “sell out” Republicans. It’s time for a 3rd party.

  • Carl

    03/23/2018 11:24 PM

    I can't believe That he betrayed his voters, He Constantly promised us that he would so many things to Help Americans and he and his republican cronies in both the house and senate caved into the democratic godless party. You gave them everything they they wanted while your voters who, your followers, you stabbed in the back!!! You MR President are the problem, you are the swamp, you are just like every other President who comes up with a MASSIVE BILL and expects it to be read ASAP, and then you go and throw AMERICA away, you waste our tax dollars, that our Grate, grate, grate grate, ...................grandchildren will now be paying because you have put us deeper in debt. I know the Bible says that we are to Pray for our leaders, I will continue to do so but You lost my vote and my families also.

  • Rebecca Wogan

    03/23/2018 11:24 PM

    President Trump should have vetoed the bill. He made a big mistake in not doing so. However, I do understand why he signed it; he did it for the military. I can't be angry with him for that. I am very upset about what Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell did to us in this bill. We expect this from the democrats. When I heard that the President was considering vetoing the bill, I was hoping he would and yet I too thought of our military. I called Speaker Ryan's office and left a message. I will also be emailing him along with Senator Mitch McConnell. We MUST let them know how upset we are and we are watching. We also need to call our representatives on a regular basis. We have to pay attention to who we are voting for and don't put the same ones back in office if they aren't doing their job. We can look up their voting record. We have a few great conservatives in Washington but we need more. Please don't give up on our President; he really does want to do the right thing. He still has a heart for America like we haven't seen in a long time in a president. Write to him and let him know how you feel about his signing this bill. As bad as this is, it isn't the end. Remember God is in control and nothing is impossible with God. Somehow He can bring good from this. Let's trust Him and pray for our president and his administration along with Congress.

  • Donald G. Davidson

    03/23/2018 11:22 PM

    Mike: Just who is it that writes these 2000 - 3000 page pieces of legislation that no one (especially legislators) reads?

  • Mary Westcott

    03/23/2018 10:55 PM

    I am very sorry to hear that the President did not veto this bill. It sounds like the foolishness of Obamacare, where no one had time to even read what they were signing. I would like the President to challenge every Congressman and Senator to each submit a draft of a specific balanced budget bill that they would support - perhaps a 3 to 5 year budget that is balanced by the third or fifth year. A required format could be presented so that allocations to various departments and line items could be compared and analyzed among the 535 submissions. (Senators and congressmen could have the option to work together in self-constructed small groups providing every individual in the group signs off on the submission. In this case the submission would be weighted by the number of participants.) This should be a job requirement that will effect their salary for non compliance. If they don't want to do the hard work of balancing the budget by the deadline established, then they should not be paid. Once the deadline is reached and the submissions are analyzed (yes analysis would be a huge job), we might be surprised how much we could agree if we were forced to live with a balanced budget. Every American has to make difficult choices every day. We are a creative people. We can find ways to economize government bureaucracy (it is like cutting overhead), cut waste and fraud, and eliminate/combine/modify (a weaning process in many cases) benefit programs which are disincentives for people to take responsibility for their own welfare. (Most welfare is accomplished best by local organizations which can offer mentoring and demand accountability.) These are the kinds of things that businesses must do to be competitive. This is what every American who voted for President Trump was hoping for. Many programs that seemed good are now thought of as entitlements, but, unfortunately, have turned out to be counterproductive. Take, for example, the tremendous growth in student loans. We want to encourage our students, but why is this the federal government's job? How about we insist that colleges work with students to find jobs to earn their way through college, so they don't graduate with a huge debt. Colleges would soon learn to streamline their programs to the most effective and essential elements. There are several colleges which already operate this way. Right now the whole approach in congress is "I will vote for your pork if you will vote for mine". There is no incentive to balance the budget. Until we go to zero base budgeting which is required to be balanced, we will continue to dig a deeper hole until our economy implodes. May God help us!!! I would like to see the President discuss this approach with leading think tanks like Heritage Foundation, and after receiving expert advise, challenge the leadership of Congress to step up in a bipartisan effort to get the budget balanced. I would like the President to say he was ashamed to sign this budget, and he will not disappoint the American people again, and neither should Congress. If he can inspire members of Congress to step up rather than shame them, we might have a chance. We all should and could be winners.

  • Jennifer GEHRI

    03/23/2018 10:30 PM

    I am so absolutely disappointed in the fact that, President Trump, signed this bill.I feel like he let every Republican down that voted for him.I have lost my faith in President Trump. I haven't had much faith in the Republican party in over a year. Now I have no faith in them at all.It seems the only one that had any love for we Americans at all was, Rand Paul.Why even bother to vote. Neither side cares about America.They just want to line their pockets with tax dollars.Very sad,American.

  • Charles M

    03/23/2018 10:06 PM

    President Trump will pay dearly for not vetoing that pile of crap. Not only will Republican voters abandon the candidates and incumbents this year, but when, presumably the Democrats take over the House in November thanks again to the Republicans in Congress, they will impeach President Trump. Failing that impeachment by some miracle, he will not be re-elected to a second term like Bush 41. I am sick to my stomach today - I really thought he would announce his veto in that news presser today...he had support for a veto and I can't believe he blew it. He may as well enjoy his golf, world travel, and his family - game over, Swamp won. We get to live with it.

  • Richard Dellwo

    03/23/2018 09:41 PM

    I believe that our LORD Jesus the Christ placed Donald Trump in office. He is my representative and I have faith in his decisions. I can not know everything that he knows and what made him decide as he did. God is leading his leadership in the United States of America.

  • Karol K. Reed

    03/23/2018 09:33 PM

    I have to trust that President Trump knows things that we don't know. 1. He may have felt it necessary to let North Korea know that our military will be bigger and stronger than it has ever been. If he meets with them by May the "yes" vote may be partly for that reason. 2. Our military needs and deserves the best equipment and support we can provide if they are going to put their lives on the line. They deserve better pay. 3. "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush." The Dems don't want the Wall built so they will never fully fund it. At least the Wall can be started on Monday and once President Trump starts something he will finish it. There are ways to complete it once it is started. 4. President Trump also has demonstrated a willingness to help DACA and they can now see
    how little the Democrats really support them. These are some of the reasons I can see for his choice to pass the budget. Karol Reed. P.S. I love you and your brilliant daughter. God Bless you all!

  • Jack Staples

    03/23/2018 09:11 PM

    Yes he should have vetoed the bill!

  • Kathi

    03/23/2018 09:01 PM

    He lost my vote.

  • Marilynn Baket

    03/23/2018 08:53 PM

    I am not happy either however, I will still support President Trump. I think he was backed into a corner with the threat of no military spending. I happen to also think that Ryan and McConnell are dems in disguise. The dems will use this for talking points in the midterms. They didn't have anything before but now they can blind the people in their stupidity to vote for them again. I am beginning to think that it didn't matter that we gave the Republican house and Senate to them. They have done nothing.

  • dede

    03/23/2018 08:34 PM

    No need to worry about outside forces destroying out BELOVED USA ....we are being destroyed financially from within. May God forgive us one more time.

  • Eddie Byrn

    03/23/2018 08:01 PM

    I understand that Trump signed the bill even while having reservations about it. Also, I understand that he will not do it the next time. I see the situation as a lot of BS from Trump. That is stating it mildly. For the next presidential election, I hope someone better than Trump comes along as a candidate. (An aside: It is my observation that no matter of what political persuasion a voter is, most voters are merely fools at best.)