December 6, 2020

December 6, 2020      

Good evening! Today's Evening Edition includes:

  • Ilhan Omar: Reading is fundamental
  • Media Bias Is As Obvious As “A-B-C”
  • Under fire
  • From The “Who Coulda Seen It Coming?” Desk
  • "Tax the rich"


Mike Huckabee

Ilhan Omar: Reading is fundamental

By Mike Huckabee

“Squad” member Rep. Ilhan Omar, whose understanding of economics is on the level of a four-year-old’s understanding of astrophysics, tweeted out an article by explaining her proposal to cancel all rent and mortgage payments due since April 1 and have the government reimburse landlords and mortgage holders for their lost income.

She apparently didn’t bother to read the article, which went on to detail some of the many problems and disastrous unintended consequences of such a bill. I'm linking to this story so she can find out now, just in case she subscribes to my newsletter.

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Media Bias Is As Obvious As “A-B-C”

By Mike Huckabee

Remember back in March when we shut everything in the world down to “flatten the curve” so we’d be able to open everything back up by Easter? I get it that we’re told to “listen to the scientists!” but it gets hard to do when the scientists themselves don’t agree and when sometimes they tell us something that they totally reverse a short time later. Early on, we were implored to NOT wear a mask. I remember Dr. Anthony Fauci, who was considered the expert on all things Covid and the Surgeon General speaking at a press conference urging that only medical professionals wear a mask. Remember we were told that it was very dangerous for us to wear a mask if we weren’t medical professionals because we’d be more likely to touch our faces and if we wore a mask, we would DIE!

We were told to disinfectant everything we touched because the virus lingered for days on surfaces of the things we touch.

Somehow, we were told it would be safe to go to Walmart or the supermarket, but if we went to a small boutique where only a couple of people were in the store, we would surely DIE!

Churches closed, but casinos didn’t. You were not permitted to get a mammogram or have a tooth pulled, but you were allowed to have an abortion because in someone’s twisted mind, an abortion was essential, but church or having a cancer screening wasn’t. We were told to stay away from large groups, but if we rioted or looted a store or tossed bricks at a police officer, we’d be safe. It was about that time that much of the general public realized that Covid was serious, but some of the political figures ordering us about as if we were 3 year olds in potty training were not trying to control a deadly disease as much as they were trying to control us.

We were ordered to wear the very masks that we had just weeks before been told would kill us. We were told no need to spray the groceries or boxes delivered with disinfectant as it wouldn’t be helpful after all.

Let me be clear-Covid is real and it kills people. I’ve lost several friends who have died from this hideous disease including a dear friend who is a pastor’s wife in Arkansas and who once worked for me as an executive assistant in the Governor’s office. Aaron Wilbourn, a wonderful Christian gentleman who was a great songwriter, performer, and comedian, and who was a regular in our theater to entertain our studio audience died a week ago from Covid. One of my own sons came down with it, and while having some symptoms of fever, sore throat, and cough, was able to get treated early and effectively and avoided a hospital stay or severe consequences and he was very careful to always mask, sanitize and social distance. He had to isolate away from his 3 children and pregnant wife to avoid exposing them.

When it comes to the seriousness of Covid, I don’t believe many of the politicians who order the rest of us to avoid travel or socialization but who go out and eat, get haircuts, travel for vacation and even show up for big events. I don’t need their hypocritical demands. I will wear a mask, avoid personal contact, wash my hands and keep distances because I believe what’s happened to my friends even if I DON’T believe what hypocritical officials say since they themselves don’t believe anything they say. The cases and deaths this week are higher than they have ever been. Don’t be foolish or careless. But next time you get to vote, don’t vote for mayors and governors who tell you to do what they are unwilling to do. They think we’re peasants and they are princes and princesses. They aren’t. But even the peasants have the power to rise up and demand that leaders live by the same rules they impose on the rest of us.

Under fire

Black university officials at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are under fire after it was revealed that they paid Robin DiAngelo, white radical and author of the book “White Fragility,” $12,750 to speak at a “diversity event” while paying the event’s black speaker, Austen Channing Brown, only $7,500.

On the bright side, it sounds as if students actually did learn something for once about “white privilege.” They learned that it’s a concept that’s made some white leftists quite wealthy.

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From The “Who Coulda Seen It Coming?” Desk

In Minneapolis, where city leaders sided with rioters over cops, drove their officers into resigning and retiring, and thought defunding the police department was a smart idea, violent carjackings are up 537 percent from this time last year. In one incident, an elderly woman was struck in the head. In another, the would-be victim sped off, but the carjackers fired three bullets into her car, traumatizing her. And carjacking is just one of many categories of crime that are way up.

Surprisingly, replacing police with social workers doesn’t seem to be working. The 100% Republican-free city council assured us that a “holistic approach” would work better than just having a bunch of cops enforce the law. I assume that “holistic” refers to all the bullet holes in that woman’s car.

"Tax the rich"

It’s often been said that one of the hallmarks of socialism is that only the very rich can afford it. In that spirit, for the socialist on your Christmas…sorry, “winter holiday” gift list, Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’s online merchandise store is offering a “Tax The Rich” sweatshirt for only $58.

You’ll be pleased to hear that it’s “union printed” and “gender neutral.” You might be less pleased to learn that if you can afford $58 for a sweatshirt, then you are in the income bracket that “Democratic” socialists classify as the “rich” who should be taxed more.



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Comments 1-18 of 18

  • Floyd Unger

    12/07/2020 12:43 PM

    Excellent and thank you Mike Huckabee

  • Jerry

    12/07/2020 09:52 AM

    I wonder if everyone is as excited as I am to renew our relationship with Iran and China after they bombed us with the China Virus and I can't wait to ship more jobs out of the US and into the loving arms if China. I just can't wait to throw money into a Climate Change effort while small business dry up and completely disappear Gee When can I get a chance to have illegal invaders come into our large corporations labor force and so I can subsidize them housing and food stamps and medical assistance all while on a fixed income Seniors should be jumping up and down over that consideration although I contest that. After all Pelosi does not care about the Seniors she would like the idea of cutting off medical service to people over 75 make more room for the illegal invaders January 20th will be a day like Dec 7 The Bombing of Pearl Harbor Biden and Harris are about to bomb America.

  • Stephen Russell

    12/07/2020 09:29 AM

    Lockdown Revolts coming:
    Done random
    NO Science behind\
    Pure politics.
    Lives ruined
    Effecting our kids
    Fodder for foes
    Elites dont care.
    Dble Std.
    Seed for Civil War 2

  • Lloyd Richardson

    12/07/2020 09:15 AM

  • Mary McCauley

    12/07/2020 01:20 AM

    I did manage to get a tooth pulled last February before I got really sick for 3 weeks. Maybe I had the C-virus and didn't know it. I found medical people crazy and freaking out.

  • Frank Charles

    12/06/2020 11:15 PM

    Mike please read Habakkuk and tell people on your show about it or discuss it

  • Carl T Smith

    12/06/2020 11:05 PM

    Excellent take on the GOVT. being the expert. I have heard the meme "If it saves only one Life" till I'm physically Ill. How many idiots does it take to fill a News Studio? the CDC's website has some interesting info that never seems to surface. The latest is now the 'Experts' are now questioning how the Virus Spreads? My minuscule research in the air we breathe is interesting. We Inhale CO2 at 0.04% concentration and Exhale at 0.4% CO2. To the uninitiated, that's a minuscule amount but it's huge when you take your Next Breath. I like to compare it to breathing into a plastic bag. If you have a large enough bag you will not go to the hereafter as fast as using one that just covers your head. Then consider the Bacteria you exhale? If it can escape the mask when you exhale what makes you think it will stop a particle that is 0.04 Microns in size? Ask yourself Why Dr.s wear a mask in the operating theater? It's NOT to protect them from you! Common Sense has Fled the scene when the EXPERTS figures shutting down the economy and Isolating Children from social growth and expecting Parents to do what the schools normally do and still try to earn a living Is the NEW definition of INSANITY.

  • Leland Logan

    12/06/2020 10:48 PM

    Thanks Mike, I always enjoy your perspective and truth. It is a pleasure to read your daily e-mail.
    God Bless,



    12/06/2020 10:30 PM

    Omar and her followers are about to get a rude awakening of what is happening right now. GM is a major fiscal battle with its Cadillac and GMC Truck Dealers. They are demanding that GM buyout their dealerships due to the fact they cannot afford the implementation needed for the arrival of the Electric Vehicles in the near future. Those stimulus packages already signed into law cost 3 Trillion Dollars of borrowed money with various amount interest due on them. Janet Yellen demands and get the authority to raise taxes and remove the Trump Tax cuts, what you are going to see a small recession immediately go into a Major Fiscal Depression that would make the 1929 Stock Crash look nothing at all.

  • R Reedy

    12/06/2020 09:14 PM

    How are Australia and New Zealand dealing with COVID? Are they successful?

  • Greg Dawson

    12/06/2020 08:44 PM

    Hi Mike,
    RE: Media Bias Is As Obvious As “A-B-C”

    I'm tired of They and them "The Media" Blah Blah Blah. I want names. I want the very people who are generating the BS (Bernie Sanders) and I want to or I want some one to confront them face to face and have them, they, those whoever the heck they are and have them tell them or me face to face where they get their information and the authority to TELL us how to behave.

    I am a free American citizen well over 21 years of age. I will conduct myself as I have for over 66 years in a legal fashion, but I won't succumb to some lefty Governor's (Kate Brown) fever dream for dominating her subjects with no cause or authority. She needs to keep her dreams of domination in her bedroom.

  • Jim Stone

    12/06/2020 08:08 PM

    Mike how come I am not seeing anyone with a voice not trying to organize non violent peaceful protests to demand honest and transparent election results. I wish the American people would rise up, we are not doing enough to fight this scam.

  • Charles Norman Diers

    12/06/2020 07:41 PM

    Here’s Socialism in simple terms even AOC could probably understand. In my humble opinion, Socialism not unlike our own current social safety net programs in America already are like a great big cookie jar full of free cookies per se. In the beginning there’s plenty of free cookies for everyone. The Government on behalf of the cookie makers are constantly providing and making free cookies to meet everyday needs, supply and demand. Eventually and for various reasons the cookie supply begins to fluctuate significantly and nearer the bottom more often than not. The cookie makers constantly struggle to maintain and replenish the free cookie supply. Unexpectedly, it’s quickly becoming a reality that now there are more cookie takers than cookie makers. Things like open immigration and the increasing amount of socialist dependent Freeloaders naturally expect and demand more and more free cookies. At some point the system begins to fail and eventually collapses. Thus, the big free cookie jar is forever empty. Even those working cookie makers are unemployed now struggling. Beforehand and arguably they were expected to give more and more than they actually and realistically could give. At that point it’s too late for everyone concerned and cookie chaos erupts. It’s all inevitable, but was definitely a great ideology while the cookies lasted.

  • Linda Wolfe

    12/06/2020 07:40 PM

    There was no need to close things. The Dembos only want to control the population. Tell me I can't sing ? I will do it anyway. Put me in jail, I will sing there. God has opened jail house doors before. Those idiots are about to see GOD's JUDGEMENT !!
    I would like to have a T-shirt with a whole bunch of little donkeys headed toward a big FAN
    Watch out folks, something is about to HIT THE FAN !

  • William Fuhrer

    12/06/2020 07:37 PM

    It is very sad that the CATHOLIC brand has been so watered down by some Catholic universities that Catholic Universities do not teach clearly that LIFE is SACRED.


    12/06/2020 07:28 PM

    I think it is fair to conclude that Ihlan and AOC are just two no nothing's that have been promoted beyond their capabilities and is time for someone with a spine to tell them so and apparently it's not Pelosi. Someone needs to tell them to sit down and shut up. Children are supposed to be seen and not heard. People who voted for them need to seek evaluation for stupidity disorder.

  • Jim Bryant

    12/06/2020 07:23 PM

    Isaiah 5 said it best..
    Woe to those who call evil good
        and good evil,
    who put darkness for light
        and light for darkness,
    who put bitter for sweet
        and sweet for bitter.

    22 Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes
        and clever in their own sight.

  • Charles Simmons

    12/06/2020 07:02 PM

    Nobody ever said that it’s smart to be Democrat. Democrat's only criteria for membership in their cult of gullibility is adherence to utterances of lofty sanctimony, all wrapped up in circular non-sequiters.