October 3, 2019

You know the California state government’s Trump Derangement Syndrome has entered terminal stage when even the Los Angeles Times editorial board is telling them to back down already and stop wasting taxpayer money on ridiculous, unconstitutional, partisan nonsense obviously aimed at "getting" Trump:

Nice to see them agree with me, common sense and the Constitution that the judge who threw out that idiotic law was right.  Now, let’s see some liberal editorial boards also point out how wrong it was for a federal judge to uphold Harvard’s double standard against Asian-American applicants because too many of them studied too hard and letting in all who qualify would mess up their perfect racial diversity mix.

Astoundingly, the judge agreed that this doesn’t amount to a racial “quota” system and that Harvard’s policy treads so lightly, it doesn’t reach the level of discrimination. No, it just assures that there aren’t too many Asians on campus, but how could anyone call that racial discrimination? 

What a load of “woke” horse droppings.  Let’s hope that the Supreme Court sees this for what it is – straight-up discrimination against Asians - and drops it into the trash can where it belongs. In the meantime, if it’s any consolation to the plaintiffs, the “elite” universities like Harvard are doing their best every day to prove that they’re overpriced and overrated, their "rigorous" admissions standards are a joke (want to pay to be on the rowing team?), and you can get a better education for less money at any number of schools. Like a $10,000 designer jacket made by slave labor in the Third World, you’re just paying for the name.   



Reminder: Today, October 3rd, is “Bring Your Bible to School Day,” promoted by Focus on the Family.  And to ease your fears, no matter what anyone might tell you, it is neither illegal nor unconstitutional for a student to bring a Bible to school.  You can learn more about it at the link, along with (and it’s sad that this even has to be included) a link to a FOTF page explaining why you have the right to bring your Bible to school.

If you’re seeing this too late to participate today, I would also like to point out that every day of the school year can be “Bring Your Bible to School Day” because your Constitutional rights don’t apply just one day out of the year. 

“The More You Know…”



It isn’t often that you see something so inspiring that it moves you to tears during the course of a murder trial, but that’s what happened yesterday in a Dallas courtroom.  Former police officer Amber Guyger was sentenced to 10 years in prison by a jury for shooting and killing her African-American neighbor, Botham Jean.  Guyger claimed she’d come home tired after a 13-hour shift, mistakenly parked on the wrong floor, entered the wrong apartment and mistook Jean for an intruder.  While activists from Black Lives Matter were expressing outrage that Guyger didn’t get a harsher sentence, Jean’s 18-year-old brother Brandt made a victim impact statement.

Instead of assailing Guyger, he told her, "I don't want to say twice or for the hundredth time how much you’ve taken from us. I think you know that. I don't even want you to go to jail. I want the best for you because I know that's exactly what Botham would want."  He said he forgave her and hoped she would devote her life to Christ.  He then crossed the courtroom and hugged her. 

There have been many racially divisive things said about this case, some legitimate and some cynically intended for political advantage.  But for one moment, all of that took a back seat to two human beings: one brought to her lowest point by a tragic mistake, and the other terribly wronged, but offering forgiveness and kindness in the name of Christ instead of anger and condemnation.  It was a rare and moving glimpse of humanity at its very best.

After the trial ended, the judge also hugged Guyger and gave her a Bible and some words of encouragement.  She told Guyger, “You haven’t done so much that you can’t be forgiven. You did something bad in one moment in time. What you do now matters."

While most people praised the victim’s brother for showing compassion, there was widespread criticism of the judge for doing so.  Typical comment from Atlantic columnist Jemele Hill: “[T]his judge choosing to hug this woman is unacceptable."

Odd, I thought liberals wanted judges who showed compassion to defendants?  I suspect that the criticism is motivated more by hostility to the judge's faith than her actions. I'd point this out to them: the jury had already rendered the verdict and the punishment.  The trial was over.  The judge had acted completely professionally, and her role in the trial was now finished. At that point, it was just one human being showing compassion for another.

What I would say to the people attacking the judge is this: If you feel yourself filling with rage at the idea of one human being showing compassion for another human being, then maybe it’s time you reassessed your own humanity.   


The House Intelligence Committee put out a statement in response to the New York Times story that Adam Schiff’s staff aided the “whistleblower” in forming his/her complaint two weeks before it became public:

“At no point did the Committee review or receive the complaint in advance...the Committee did not receive the complaint until the night before the Acting Director of National Intelligence’s open hearing before the Committee.”

This claim smells fishy, considering Schiff tweeted out accusations against Trump that seem to come straight from the whistleblower complaint weeks before it was made public.

Well, you know what? I don’t believe Schiff’s denial of wrongdoing.  So I demand that Schiff and all members of his staff, his personal attorney and all his family members immediately release all their emails, texts, handwritten notes and phone records of all communications, incoming and outgoing, professional and personal, for the past five weeks.  I also want recordings of their phone calls because how can we trust that they haven't altered any so-called "transcripts?" 

I also demand that everyone involved be subpoenaed for questioning about those communications and all other contacts and communications with anyone else during this period under penalty of perjury! Anyone who doesn’t fully comply within four days is obviously guilty of obstruction, which is treason, so they must immediately be put into solitary confinement to await summary execution!!!

…And thus ends today’s episode of “Talk Like a House Democrat!” I thank you!



UPDATE: Demario Davis of the New Orleans Saints has responded to the NFL fining him $7,000 for violating the “no personal messages” rule by wearing a headband that read, “Man of God.”  Be sure to read his terrific full response at the link, but in short, he explains that he was confused about the rule because he’d worn it before with no repercussions. But because the Bible tells us to be submissive to authorities, he is changing it to a bandana that conveys the same message without words: it has a cross on it.  He also explained that it makes no difference because “‘Man of God’ is written on my forehead whether I wear the bandana or not. You’re going to see God’s mark on my life. The life we are meant to live in Christ will speak for itself; it will stand out.”

It’s great to see an NFL star who really is setting a great example for kids.  And I can understand why he was confused by the NFL’s “no personal messages” rule, if a “Man of God” bandana gets you a $7,000 fine but socks depicting the police as pigs are perfectly okay.


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  • Nelda White

    10/05/2019 12:01 AM

    I guess my comment somehow got erased.

  • Nelda White

    10/05/2019 12:00 AM

    You remember how the democrats were telling everyone how much our economy has been helped and will be helped by illegal immigrants, well, if this is true, then California should be one of the wealthiest states in the country and should be a showcase of loveliness or could they be mistaken?

  • rodney burke

    10/04/2019 04:03 PM

    speaking of demands. Let's start with Schiff and all his staff, being removed from the house and put in confinement pending.... Rotten to the core? doesn't describe him at all.

  • Francis Xavier Rullan

    10/04/2019 11:11 AM

    RE: “Talk Like a House Democrat!” Every day you bless me with sanity by way of your communications. My sincere thanks - especially for releasing stress that would otherwise build inside of me because of the lies perpetrated on us in the name of politics.

  • Jeffrey Medler

    10/04/2019 10:24 AM

    It's 1984 in NYC. It is now punishable with a fine of up to a quarter of a million dollars, to use the words "illegal alien" when referring to an illegal alien. First amendment anyone?

  • Jerry

    10/04/2019 09:26 AM

    It seems long ago President Trump thought our Intelligence Agencies and Police Agencies may have some corrupt activity against him Let's take a peek at the heads of these departments does Brennan look as if he is above board how about Clapper what do you think about him Comey McCabe Rosenstein would you trust them with your estate? My opinion of them may be the same as President Trump's opinion of them only I will get on a limb and say the rot inside of these agencies are showing decay and the smell of decay are starting to prove President Trump opinions are unfolding before us the American People. I had always hoped for these agencies to be honest and for all people not just a political group after all most Americans believe in honesty and fair play if trust in our police and our judges can not be trusted put a fork in us we are done finished caput. MAGA KAG

  • Margaret Kohlsaat

    10/04/2019 09:20 AM

    Thank you for plain spoken commen sense, a dash of humor, filled with God's grace. An excellent recipe for successful and happy living! God Bless!!

  • Audrey Skarness

    10/04/2019 08:29 AM

    If more folks would give hugs instead of hatred, this world would be a better place.


    10/04/2019 08:07 AM

    Mike I look forward to your Newsletters every day as I am so discouraged with the behavior of the Democrat Party. As a matter of fact tears are running down my cheeks as I am writing this. I am 82 years old and I can't believe how far our country has fallen from God and His ways and it grieves me. We have a President that has accomplished more than any other in my lifetime and he has done this under circumstances that would have crushed most people.

  • Robert W Gauer

    10/04/2019 12:37 AM

    This is a great edition. and I appreciate it so much. Thank you- this is news I do like to read.

  • Henry Tenenbaum

    10/04/2019 12:31 AM

    This was a great edition. Thank you sir,


  • Patricia Austin

    10/04/2019 12:06 AM

    When a NFL player upholds his belief, even tho he is fined is a great show how he was brought up to stand up for your beliefs and how to treat others. Sure shows up the kneeling crew! I am so proud of this young man, and he won't be sorry, others will follow!

  • Dusty

    10/03/2019 11:53 PM

    Gov. there are people now upset per the judge hugging this young woman who did not mean to kill this man at all. Very terrible mistake she made. I believe this judge could tell this and I so admire her for doing what she did and hugging her and the young brother of the man killed his being able to walk up to her and hug and say he forgave her. She made a stupid mistake that night and later maybe she can explain more of why? Had she ever had to shoot her gun before. Sad for all involved this was not a trial where someone meant to kill. In the wrong apt and so quickly she made a decison she was not safe. Admire this judge and what a fantastic son this mother has and no doubt her other son with God. How can we all learn from what happened in that court.?

  • Jimmy Humphrey

    10/03/2019 11:32 PM

    More lip service, it really is boring. God Bless y’all.

  • Gail OBrien

    10/03/2019 10:34 PM

    Thank you! ..I love your sensibilities and humor!!!! Keep it up! And huge kudos to your daughter who has been such a wonderful example of a strong woman!

  • Anne Amato

    10/03/2019 10:16 PM

    After hearing Brandt Jean speaking today to Amber Guyger today, I was very moved....and I was also so grateful to hear what he said--it restored my belief that there really ARE people in this world who really are living their Christian faith and are unafraid to act and show their faith in public.

    With reference to Demario Davis, the above same thing can also be said.

    Following are partial lyrics from a song on an album called "Echoes" with vocalist Matt Maher.....which I think applies well to both the above:

    "Though I'm filled with questions why; I still know I'm not abandoned.
    Though I suffer in this life; I still know I'm not forsaken.
    Forgiveness for my enemies; Mercy and grace, I am set free
    The price of love is paid in full.
    His blood poured out, how beautiful.

    Take all the breath from my lungs
    You'll hear the rocks crying 'Glory to God!'
    Take everything that I've got
    And you'll see two empty hands lifted up
    You may silence me--You may silence me--You may silence me...
    But the Cross forever speaks!"

    (Album: "Echoes"; Vocalist: Matt Maher)

  • Gwen Collins

    10/03/2019 10:11 PM

    What would we do without you!!! Keep up the good work.

  • Gwen Collins

    10/03/2019 10:10 PM

    What would we do without you!!! Keep up the good work.

  • Anne .turner

    10/03/2019 09:40 PM

    Those moments in the courtroom of the murder trial could count toward repairing race relations more than anyone pontificating. That is what bothered the lefties. They don’t want race relations to get better. That is an important cog in their victim wheel. Gosh, if every one hugged in times of crisis, what would there be left to run on?

    On a second front. It could be even anti Trump people are getting tired of the constant beatings he has to endure and the huge waste of taxpayer money. It is amazing how POTUS keeps functioning. I wonder if the progressives realize the precedent they are setting. If a .dem should win, that person’s life will be scrutized from birth. Everyone has a sin or three in their lives. Every remark will be parsed. Of course the media won’t print it but with the internet it will be out there. Let’s say it’s Warren. Can you imagine what will be said about her fashion sense, none. I wonder if her husband is pure as the driven snow. How about children? If it’s Biden there will be a field day. Lots of good pickings there. It’s not right but it’s human.


    10/03/2019 09:13 PM

    Congressional Prayer Conference of Washington DC Calls for Cooperation with All Worldwide Prayer Partners to a Special Repentance Prayer for America
    Contact: Pastor Wiley Drake, 714-865-8132

    WASHINGTON, Oct. 29, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Congressional Prayer Conference is offering the following avenues of prayer to Pray America back to Repentance and a closer walk with God through Jesus:

    1. "Telephonic Prayer Session" daily, Monday through Friday, 1-605-468-8016, Access code 399430# at 9:00 AM EST

    2. 24-hour "Live" Prayer Request Line, 1-714-865-8132

    3. "Live" Upper Room Prayer Vigils daily at 12:00 noon and 8:00 PM EST, 1-714-522-7201

    4. E-mail for written prayer targets: [email protected]

  • Adrian Rehak

    10/03/2019 07:33 PM

    LA Times said they would like to see Trump's tax returns. Does anyone think Hillary would have shown her tax returns? Of course not. How would she explain the many millions she "earned" from the Clinton Foundation?

  • Diane Rowlands

    10/03/2019 07:01 PM

    I don’t trust Schiff at all. I can’t believe he is in charge of the impeachment inquiry. Isn’t there a way to get him off the committee?