October 21, 2020

Meet the unbiased moderator of this Thursday’s final Presidential debate.

She’s an NBC reporter with long ties to the Democratic Party, who once asked President Trump if he had ever worked for Russia, who quickly deleted her Twitter tweets after being chosen, and who is known for being caught on camera tipping off Hillary Clinton’s spokeswoman about a question she was going to ask. The New York Post quoted a senior White House official as saying that they consider her an activist, not a reporter, and that the press corps views her the same way they would if Nancy Pelosi or AOC walked into the room.

So, pretty much your stand Presidential Debate Commission choice for moderator. The Wall Street Journal has a good diagnosis of what went wrong with the Commission: like so many things, it started out with good intentions, then became a “creature of Washington’s political class,” and now, it’s hopelessly partisan. Their suggestion:

“This year should be its last as the arbiter of debates. If it won’t go away on its own, the next GOP nominee should refuse to cooperate and negotiate the rules and timing of the debates in 2024 with the Democratic nominee.”

I second that. To let them continue picking the moderators would be like a football team letting all the referees for the big game be chosen from the other team’s cheerleading squad.

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  • Augustine Samuel

    10/21/2020 08:38 PM

    You have a great site. Praise God. First of all, Covid-19, Climate change, and Race have been dealt with in the first two debates so they should be left out. All of Kirsten's efforts to protect Biden will be frustrated in Jesus' name. May the fear of God fall upon her all through this night and tomorrow. No more questions on white supremacy etc. Come on RNC stand up and question the debate commission on this bias.

  • William Kempner

    10/21/2020 06:45 PM

    A joke. The press is no longer capable I f neutral journalistic standards. CHRIS Wallace was as good as we could expect. And he wasn't up to it!! Stephanopoulos?? He worked for Bill Clinton. Susan Page?? Helped with Pelosi's book. SO CROOKED!! THEY PISS ON YOUR LEG ANX TELL YOU ITS RAINING!!!

  • Gideon Rosenberg

    10/21/2020 03:53 PM

    The other day I wrote about the debate that CNN reporter, Candy Crowley was the moderator, whereby she defended Obama over Mitt Romney on a question of foreign policy. That was back in 2012 Presidential debate, and we see how that turned out. The fix is in, President Trump is to debate Joe Biden and the moderator Kristin Welker. UNFAIR, it will be like a tag team match.

  • Alma Mullaney

    10/21/2020 03:43 PM

    The state of these debates is so very disgusting ! Biased with rude moderators. I admire President Trump for being able to keep a modicum of his cool when being attacked on these debates. I think that Joe Biden is probably hiding out and studying the debate questions that he has already been given by this moderator. She did it with Clinton and I believe she will do it again !! I am still undecided if I want to subject myself to this debacle.

  • Cheryl D Oconnell

    10/21/2020 03:37 PM

    This is the Dems at their finest... trying once more to tip the scales in their favor... I believe they should have a moderator that **IS** unbiased ... like Ben Shapiro... he would be fair and would reign in confusion... would ask pertinent questions that people actually want answered... but most importantly he would be fair... something it seems the Democratic party simply can not be