April 16, 2019

The brilliance of President Trump’s suggestion that he might bus illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities just becomes more apparent by the minute. Calling their bluff was all it took for the liberal creators and proponents of sanctuary cities to start melting down in public like ice sculptures on the Fourth of July. 

“Compassionate” California leftists such as Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Gov. Gavin Newsom must have sent their aides to fetch thesauruses to provide them with new words for how OUTRAGEOUS it was for Trump to suggest that we send illegal immigrants to states and cities whose leaders said they would be welcome with open arms because they contribute so much more to the community than they cost.  Here are just a few terms they hurled at Trump:


Pelosi: “Cruel,” “cynical,” “despicable,” “criminal”…Newsom:  "unserious," "illegal," "asinine," "sophomoric," “ludicrous,” “petulant,” “sophistry,” “insulting,” “immoral,” “pathetic,” “demoralizing,” “un-American” and “illegal.” 


Methinks he doth hyperventilate too much. 

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Funny that he should mention “illegal.”  Some Trump opponents are trying to make the case that it would be illegal for the government to transport illegal immigrants to blue state “sanctuary cities.”  If they’re such sticklers for obeying federal immigration law, then why did they deliberately defy federal immigration law to declare themselves “sanctuary cities”? 


If you really wanted to be cynical, you might entertain the suggestion by some on the right that Democrats really don’t want these people moving to their cities because they’ll bring all the problems and burdens of taking care of them with none of the increased Democratic electoral votes of turning states they were bused from, like Texas and Arizona, blue. 


But they can howl all they like.  All it’s doing is exposing what a load of virtue-signaling, “not in my back yard” hypocrites they are.  If you think what Trump did was “asinine” rather than brilliant, then consider that he’s made Sen. Cory Booker sound like Trump himself, warning that letting a lot of unvetted illegal immigrants into sanctuary cities will make Americans “less safe.”  I’ll pass on the easy comment of calling him a racist, the way leftists did to Trump, and just point out the bright side: it would hardly be possible to make most leftist-run cities any less safe than they already are.


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In fact, Trump’s trolling is so powerful that behold: he’s apparently even managed to turn Cher into a Republican!



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Comments 1-9 of 9

  • Robert Deplorable Baublitz

    04/17/2019 09:55 AM

    Dear Mr. President,
    Please follow through on your idea to bus illegal aliens to do called “sanctuary cities” until they until they start enacting, not just mouthing, legislation according to the Founders intent.
    Thank you.

  • Frances webster

    04/17/2019 09:44 AM

    We have a sanctuary city that is near me which prompts me to ask: If illegals are transported to sanctuary cities (which is a hoot) are they eligible for pick up, detention, and deportation if they put one toe outside said city’s border?

  • Marie Harner

    04/17/2019 08:41 AM

    What are their plans to do with them ? Just turn them loose in the southern states? I heard some of the Democrats say that it would cost to much to bus them to sanctuary cities that there need to be more detention centers built. Does that not cost money? I heard some say that they would be to far from the judges. Wouldn't it be cheaper to appoint new judges and set them up close to these cities?

  • Judith L Godwin

    04/16/2019 01:10 PM

    I even had to look up sophistry! Ha! Ha! Ha! Love it when the liberals, "we're the ones who care" backfires!

  • Rev. George Miller

    04/16/2019 12:53 PM

    If we examine US history we see an equivalent in the past to what the sanctuary cities and states are doing. In the 1830's South Carolina tried to "nullify" federal law (the 1828 tariff that was hurting the South while helping Northern industry). President Jackson threatened to send in the army to collect the tariff. Looks like President Trump is finally taking action like his predecessor did.

  • Rosalie Gilliland

    04/16/2019 12:43 PM

    President Trump really exposed the liberals with this strategy. I watched a couple of internet news sites interview people on the street in Europe and Canada about taking a refugee into their homes. Of course, the virtue-signaling liberals were all for it, then had heart attacks when the interviewer presented Mo - a large, 30-something homeless refugee. It was hilarious, and quite revealing, to see them stutter and stammer, and make every lame excuse imaginable not to take Mo home with them.

  • Linda Aiken

    04/16/2019 12:19 PM

    I believe Donald Trump is God's anointed for this time in our country. I heard a quote not long ago that went something like this ... A man IN GOD'S WILL is immortal until God is finished with him. God has a plan and Donald Trump (like him or not) is in it.

  • Theresa Carver

    04/16/2019 11:44 AM

    I guess we don't have to mention that Obama sent 45,000 Somali refugees to Minnesota.

  • Stephen Russell

    04/16/2019 11:18 AM

    Dems made thier bed when they planned sancturary cities & states, U Own IT Dems
    Its ALL you.
    Remedy the border issue or Suffer
    Lead or follow.