The Democrat Memo

February 12, 2018 |

President Trump had said he was inclined to okay the release of a response from the Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee to a memo outlining FBI abuse of FISA warrants to spy on his campaign, but after seeing it, he decided against it. Trump said the response was long, political and contained numerous classified and sensitive passages revealing intelligence sources, methods and more that would have to be redacted, and then the Democrats would accuse him of censoring it. So he sent it back to the House to rewrite into releasable form. In response, Democrats were said to be “fuming,” and Nancy Pelosi and others called it proof that Trump has something to hide.

First of all, since when are Democrats these days not “fuming” about something or other? Ever since the 2016 election, they’ve been like a stubborn campfire that refuses to go out so you can get on with the hike. Last week, Hillary Clinton said she gets “overwhelmed” a dozen times a day by what Trump does. (Good thing we didn’t put her in the most important, stressful job in the world if she gets overwhelmed every time she looks at CNN Headline News). And the President does have something to hide: it’s called “classified information.” I understand that they don’t grasp that concept, having tried so hard to make someone President who allowed classified information to leak to at least five foreign countries and Anthony Wiener’s unsanitary laptop.

To be accurate: Trump did not refuse to release their response. He just sent it back to the House Committee to rewrite into some form that won’t endanger national security. Do that, and CNN can be flogging it 24/7 before you know it.

For those trying to keep score of the Democrats’ ever-shifting position on this issue, here is the latest timeline: First they were fuming that the Republicans wanted to release a memo that they claimed contained classified information that would harm intelligence agencies. Then we found out it didn’t contain any such thing. Now they’re fuming because Trump told them NOT to release classified information that would harm intelligence.

How about if everyone in Washington agrees to be more careful not to endanger national intelligence, but also not to insult our intelligence?

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  • Darlene Estlow

    02/21/2018 12:31 PM

    Thanks, Mike. Keep up the good commentaries.

  • David Potter

    02/20/2018 11:35 AM

    Where is the Democratic memo in response to the “Republican” memo from the House Intelligence Committee? It was so urgent that I thought they would rewrite it and turn it around in short order. Or have they now decided it would hurt them more than help? We should insist on seeing their rebuttal. There is mounting and clear evidence to even the casual observer that everything they are doing is designed not to further the interests of the U.S., but to resist and obstruct. The tide (pod) is turning against them and they don’t want to eat it, so they still have some sense left.