April 30, 2019

Two Massachusetts district attorneys have filed a lawsuit to block federal ICE agents from entering courthouses to detain illegal aliens when they show up for various legal reasons.  The DA’s claim ICE is violating their right to come and go about their business, and call it “an assault on our justice system.” 


I can’t imagine the case going very far above the “liberal activist Massachusetts judge” stage before it’s tossed out for violating the supremacy of federal law.  But it’s worth talking about just for what it shows about the thinking of Democratic Massachusetts district attorneys – people who should be among the top experts on the law.  They not only seem to think that local laws take priority over federal law, but that people who are in the US illegally, some under deportation orders after multiple previous deportations, have a right to come and go wherever they want, including courthouses.  The mind reels.


Let me try to put that into terms that everyone, even a Northeastern liberal, should be able to understand.  Let’s say that you really want to see the Barbra Streisand concert.  But it’s hard: it costs a lot to get in and you don’t want to wait in the long lines.  So you just sneak in over the fence.  You’re caught a few times and get ejected, but you keep sneaking back in.  Finally, a security guard spots you heading for the concession stand, grabs you and hands you over to the cops to arrest you for trespassing. 


Question: If you decide to sue the guard for interfering with your sacred right to purchase Goobers and a Coke in a place you had broken the law to enter, had no legal right to be and had already been removed from multiple times, what are the odds that any lawyer would take that case? 


And what are the odds that Barbra Streisand would perform at your fundraiser? Because I bet she’ll perform at fundraisers for a lot of Democrats who are promoting the exact same idea, only they’re not protecting people's right to break into her concerts for free.


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